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Review of Related Literature and Studies

The purpose of this chapter is to present the numerous literatures
and studies with a view of making them a strong background for the
problem under study.
Foreign Literature

Margaret McWilliams (2009) in her article Fundamentals of Meal

Management stated that, food is emerging as both sources of comfort
and a potential threat to health. Unfortunately, food habits may gradually
over the years contribute to long term health consequences, such as
obesity and heart disease. Weight control is the significant public health
issue at the present time, because of the relationship between obesity
and such condition as diabetes.

Food sometimes carries health risk in the form of microorganisms

that cause illnesses that may strike quickly and briefly.Other food borne
illness may continue for an extended period or even cause death.Todays
consumers are faced with the problem of feeding themselves in a way
that adds pleasure to their lives and also promotes good health and that
task is a challenging one in todays complex world.

This literature is closely related to the current study for it

directly mentioned the possible effects or sickness in our body of not
eating healthy food, and it serve as guide to the students who are
residing in the dormitories to become aware of their eating habits in
order to avoid all the possible sickness cause by eating unhealthy food.
This article aims to help the readers to know that having healthy eating
habits is the best for the body.
Roger J.H. King(2007) from the book entitled Food and Philosophy,
asserts that to eat well would means to consume sufficient calories,
vitamins, minerals fiber, and whatever else is needed to function well as
a human organism.
In order to function well ashuman beings, people need to provide
proper and healthy eating habits for themselves, if not they will not able
to function well. The students need to acquire the proper health and
nutrition to perform well in their studies.
According toKristin Kirkpatrick, a dietician, in her article at
Huffspot Healthy Living, eating a healthy food is 100 percent guaranteed
to prevent a person's risk of disease, promote weight loss or result in
health ramifications.
Thus, it is stated that whatever healthy food had been taken, it is a

guarantee that to have fitter and healthier body.

In an article written in Medical News today (MNT), a good diet is a

nutritional lifestyle that promotes good health and healthy eating means
consuming the right quantities of foods from all food groups in order to
lead a healthy life.

To have a have a healthy eating habits according Prof. Daniela

Jakubowicz and her team, stressed that when we eat our food may
matter as much as what we eat. Eating balanced diet - or a good diet means consuming from all the different good groups in the right
quantities and nutritionists say that there are five main food groups whole grains, fruit and vegetables, protein, diary, and fat & sugar.

Local Literature
As Dr. Wilma A. Hurtada (2010 ) quoted One of the very nicest
things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are
doing and devote our attention to eating.

Most of the college students are all busy doing some paper works
and school activities, others are busy in reviewing. They cant find to take
a break and others do not have time to findsomething to eat, because of

such things. Some students are residing in the dormitories thus, its rigid
for them to find a place and time toeat, thus, resulting to skipping meals.

Skipping mealsdirectly affect their physical and mental health and

sometimes it can be a reason of absences in school and poor academic

As Dr. Hurtada said, whatever we are doing we must stop in

order to eat. One thing is, our brain would not function well if we
did not eat, how can we focus on studying if our stomach is empty?
What will happen on your academic performances? Is skipping
meal will help you to excel in your studies? No it will not, it will just
weaken your body and mind. Therefore in order to keep up with
your studies you must eat regularly to feed your stomach and

According to Dr. Rita Louise Ph.D (2010) Eating like a thin person
is not about starving yourself (anorexia nervosa), nor it about bingeing
and purging (bulimia). The answer can be found by examining your
beliefs, your habits and your attachments to food,
Eating must be balance, not to be engage in excessive or
uncontrolled indulgence in food or drink, and not to be deprived from it.

The study is intended to encourage the students to have a healthy

eating habit and to teach them the proper and just way of eating.
Foreign Studies
ElisaZied(2010) a dietitian, conducted a research that shows that
the students can learn better when they are well nourished. Healthy
eating has been linked to have higher grades, better memory, more
alertness, faster information processing and improved health which lead
to better school attendance. While, unhealthy eating habits can
negatively affectlearning.
Students who eat breakfast are more likely to be in school and
participating. Skipping breakfast has a negative impact to learning, thus,
it makes the student inactive in class and unhealthy. Without proper
nutrition and inadequate calories, students will not have the energy to
power their brain and body, resulting learning problems and health
The study conducted by Eliza Zied, did not cover the possible
resolutions that will help the students to attain a healthy eating habits,
but in the study undertaken, the researchers will identify the
resolutions for acquiring healthy eating habit.
Researchers of Oregon State University conducted a study on the

eating habits of nearly 600 college students, mostly freshmen and found
that most of the students were not even eating one serving of fruits or
vegetables a day.
One of the factors many of the college students prefer to eat the
less food they can take during the school hours to save more money for
their wants. Thus the college students are not healthy. The study
conducted did not point out the alternative ways for the students to
attain healthy body and mind. The study undertaken will make a way to
help the students to become healthy both mind and body.
Tzu-Hsing Wen, Wei-Ling Tchong, and Gregory S. Ching(2009)
conducted a research that eating is much dependent on the employment
status of the people and other individuals eating habits would be much
related to their background demographics.
The study conducted asserts that the eating habits of the people
may depend on their financial status and on the customs of their
environment. Same with the subject of the study undertaken, the
students residing in the dormitories, their eating habit may depend on
their financial capacity and on the availability of food sources within
their environment.
According to the study of Gregory W. Phillips, shows that the

students who are able to eat breakfast have a higher success rate on
their exams than those students who did not take their breakfast. This
study also provides a platform from which to strongly encourage college
students to eat breakfast as a method of augmenting their study
strategies and maintaining a healthy positive life style.
The study undertaken will also encourage the students to attain a
healthy eating habit because this will also benefit their mental health,
making them active and sharp, and to pursue a healthy physical body.
From the words of Ashley Koff, a dietician, learn to make a better
quality choices for a healthier life. She seeks to improve the quality of
nutrition choices available and consumed, and believe that a better
quality nutrition choices are the key to optimal health.
Having an optimal health is a choice. Choose to have a healthy
eating habit and a healthy lifestyle can guarantees a healthy body as well
as a healthy mind.
Local Studies
Barra, Louella (2004) made a study on the second year HRM
students from the University of the Philippines (UP) and they find out
that most of the students have healthy preferences for food, they
preferred healthy foods especially vegetables and fruits. The students

were influenced that good eating habits can positively affect their
academics. Thus, the students know the relationship of good eating
habits and healthy lifestyle and its positive effects to theiracademic
The study to be conducted is similar to the study stated above. The
study aims to learn the eating habits of the students and its effect to
their mental health physical health, while the study stated above covered
only the effects to the mental health, thus, it did not cover the effects to
the physical health of the students.
There is a High percentage of underweight respondent of
underweight in the study conducted by Dr. Panlasigui(2009).
Adolescence is a period of great time for directing youthful energy and
preparing boys and girls to become productive and confident adult. The
two most frequent nutrition deficiencies to happen in adolescents are
inadequate energy (there is not enough food quantity) and low iron( the
quality of food is poor). Access to food maybe not enough due to poverty,
seasonal food supplies, or inequitable intrahousehold allocation
patterns. During adolescence taking healthy food is important because
it fuels a growth spurt during which1 15 to 25 percent of adult height is
achieve and 45 percent of skeletal development occur in adolescence .

Adolescents lack not only knowledge about advantages and

disadvantages of taking certain foods , but an understanding of the
impact of their eating habits of their current and especially future
health and well being.
Some of the behaviors of adolescence that pose risk to their
health are smoking and too much drinking of alcoholic beverages and
unprotected sexual intercourse. Drugs, tobacco and alcoholic beverages
have been shown to suppress appetite. Alcohol drinking may also
replace the consumption of nutritious food. Knowledge about improving
adolescents awareness of health and disease through health education
campaigns is the first step in resolving this problem.
Adolescence are more concerned about their body image in
some reports Filipino teenagers are having over consciousness about
their weight this may affect their food intake and dieting. There is high
percentage of adolescents including the underweight , interpret
themselves as fatter than they actually were by BMI standards and
wanted to work out and lose weight.