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Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans


Time Insurance Company

John Alden Life Insurance Company
Assurant Health is the brand name for products underwritten and issued by
Time Insurance Company and John Alden Life Insurance Company.
Assurant Health
Staying power you can count on
An insurance plan is only as reliable as the company behind it.
For health insurance you can depend on, insist on a track record
of expertise, strength and commitment.

Long-term stability and success in any business takes expertise. Tracing its roots back
to 1892, Assurant Health has focused on individual medical insurance longer than any
company. Throughout its long history, Assurant Health has earned a solid reputation for
health insurance know-how.

A company's strength is most important when it's time to pay benefits. A.M. Best,
the highly respected insurance rating source, consistently rates Assurant Health
insurance companies1 A- (Excellent) 2—affirming their outstanding ability to meet
claims-paying obligations.

Assurant Health specializes in you. While many health insurance companies focus
on large businesses, Assurant Health's commitment is to individuals and
families. This commitment makes it a leader and innovator in individual medical
insurance—and the best choice for those who buy their own health insurance coverage.

Expertise, strength and

commitment—together they
mean staying power.

Assurant Health is the brand
name for products underwritten
and issued by Time Insurance
Company and John Alden Life
Insurance Company.
Source: A.M. Best Ratings and
Analysis of Time Insurance Company
and John Alden Life Insurance
Company, July 2007.
The Health Savings Account (HSA) Solution
Lower Premiums + Tax Advantages = Greater Savings

With health care costs increasing year after year, many people responsible for buying their own
health insurance find that conventional plans with low deductibles and high premiums are impractical.
But going without coverage is unacceptable. An HSA program that offers premium savings and
tax advantages may be the perfect solution.
The HSA solution combines a high deductible insurance plan with a tax-favored savings account.
• Selecting a higher deductible plan provides premium savings.
• Paying for medical expenses with pre-tax dollars from the account provides tax advantages.
• What you don’t spend on expenses you can save for retirement!

An HSA is a tax-favored savings account set up for you and your family. Tax-free deposits can be
made to the account. Then you can use the funds to pay for current and future health care expenses
or accumulate them to supplement retirement income.
• The money deposited and the earnings on the deposits are tax-free.
• Withdrawals to pay for qualified medical expenses are tax-free.
• Unused balances roll over from year to year.
• At age 65, withdrawals for non-medical expenses are penalty-free but taxed
based at current (typically lower) income levels.

Conventional Insurance vs. Medical Expenses Payable with HSA Dollars

High Deductible Plan with HSA Following is a partial list of medical expenses which
The money you save on premiums with a high deductible can be paid for with your tax-free HSA funds.
plan can be put into your tax-sheltered HSA to grow For the complete list, see IRS Publication 502 at
tax-free year after year. You own the HSA funds and
choose how to spend them. • Acupuncture • Hearing aids
• Alcoholism treatment • Long-term care insurance
• Artificial teeth • Medications
HSA • Bandages • Nursing home fees
• Birth control pills • Psychiatric care
• Breast reconstruction • Smoking cessation
surgery program
• Chiropractic treatment • Special education
• Contact lenses • Sterilization
• Crutches • Surgery
• Dental treatment • Vision correction surgery
• Diagnostic devices • Weight loss programs
• Drug addiction treatment
• Eyeglasses
Conventional Plan High Deductible Plan
Premium Premium and HSA Contribution • Fertility enhancement

Assurant Health and its legal entities are not engaged in rendering tax or legal advice. If tax or legal advice is required, seek the services of a qualified professional.

The Assurant Health HSA Solution
Flexible, Affordable Coverage + Integrated Account Services = Greater Satisfaction
Assurant Health enhanced the HSA concept by creating an HSA program that provides broad,
HSA-qualified coverage with plenty of options to design a plan that meets your needs and budget.

Assurant Health HSA Plan Highlights

Speedy Plan Approval Worldwide Coverage, 24 Hours a Day
Apply through our exclusive ExpressYESSM It doesn’t matter whether you’re nearby or
program and expect a response in less than far from home –– you’re covered.
48 hours. Many applicants receive approval Initial Rate Guarantees —
and can print an insurance card on the spot!* Up to 36 Months Available
Lifetime Benefit Maximum up to $8 Million You’ll lock in your premium rate for at least
With OneDeductible, you can choose the the first 12 months. With many deductibles
amount of protection you want—with options you have a 24-month rate guarantee –– and
up to $8 million. the option to extend it to a full 36 months!
Your Choice of HSA Plan Types Your Choice of Doctors and Hospitals
• OneDeductible HSA plans offer You'll have access to some of the largest and best
simplicity. With a single deductible for participating provider organization (PPO) networks
the family, covered expenses for all covered in the nation. And no referrals are necessary to
family members, including prescriptions, see a specialist. You’ll find our PPO plans provide
are applied to one common deductible. the most value for your health care dollar.
Once this deductible is met, the plan pays Take Care with Preventive Services
benefits for all covered family members.
With coverage for preventive services, you can
• SaveRight HSA® plans provide greater monitor your health with regular check-ups.
premium savings which you can use to It’s better to catch and treat any problem in
increase your HSA contributions. the early stages.
Emergency Room Care at Network Rate
Care includes the services of the facility and
supplies. Benefits for covered emergency services
are always paid at the higher network benefit
percentage –– even if you are out of network.
No Limits on Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
With no daily dollar limit when confined in
an ICU, you’ll have the peace of mind you
need at a critical time.

* ExpressYES is subject to full underwriting.

An outline of coverage is available from the agent or the insurer.
Please refer to the outline of coverage for a description of the
important features of the health benefit plan.
This brochure provides summary information. For a complete listing of
benefits, exclusions and limitations, please refer to the certificate of
insurance. In the event there are discrepancies with the information in this
brochure, the terms and conditions of the coverage documents will govern.
Assurant Health HSA Account
Service Choices
HealthyDiscount Both of our HSA account administration
HealthyDiscount rewards you for maintaining services offer the convenience of integrated
your good health by providing 10% off your claim payments. Choose the service which best
renewal rate or by extending the 24-month meets your other administrative account needs.
rate guarantee to your new renewal rate.**
HSA Fundamentals for Free
Ongoing Coverage for Your Children With HSA Fundamentals, you deposit your
Regardless of age or student status, your covered HSA money in an interest-bearing account.
children can remain under your plan until they You can set up the account to automatically
marry or are no longer primarily dependent reimburse you for out-of-pocket costs every
on you for financial support. time a claim is paid, or you may leave your
money to grow tax-free in the account until
Conversion Privilege for Your Family you request a release of funds. There is no
Should your spouse or child become ineligible administrative fee.
for coverage under your plan, he or she may
Comprehensive HSA Tools
obtain a similar plan without having to provide
proof of good health. HSA Tools provide extensive account services
for easily managing your HSA funds.
Expand Your Coverage Services include:
Add dental insurance, life insurance or other • Easy online claims payment and
coverages –– affordably and conveniently. account tracking services
No additional application or underwriting is • A Visa® debit card
required and one bill covers your total premium. • A line of credit option to help
cover expenses
• Tax-free interest on HSA funds
• A mutual fund investment option for
** You must have the 24-month rate guarantee to choose the
extension at renewal. those with larger account balances
• Online access to helpful medical and
prescription drug information.
Visa® is a registered trademark of VISA International Service Association.

For more information on HSA Tools and

HSA Fundamentals, see the HSA Account
Services brochure, Form 29697.

Assurant Health HSA Plans
Compare the benefits available with the OneDeductible HSA and the SaveRight HSA Plans.
OneDeductible HSA Plan (plan also available without an HSA)
Plan Design Unless otherwise noted, all deductibles, maximums and benefit amounts are applied per person and are reset each January 1.

Deductible Individual plan: $1,100, $1,600, $2,100, $2,850, $3,750 or $5,000

Amount you pay toward covered expenses before the plan pays benefits Family plan: $2,200, $3,200, $4,200, $5,700, $7,500 or $10,000
Select an underlined deductible and you'll receive a 24-month per family
rate guarantee — with the option to extend it to 36 months!
Benefit Percentage 100%, 80% or 50%
Percentage of covered expenses the plan pays after deductible

Coinsurance 0%, 20% or 50%

Percentage of covered expenses you pay after deductible

Coinsurance Out-Of-Pocket Maximum $0 to $2,500 depending on coinsurance

After this maximum is met, the plan pays 100% of covered expenses Family coinsurance out-of-pocket maximum is two times the coinsurance
out-of-pocket maximum and is met collectively by two or more persons.
Outpatient Services Maximum None — the plan pays benefits to the lifetime benefit maximum
Annual maximum amount paid by the plan

Lifetime Benefit Maximum $3 million or $8 million

The maximum amount the plan pays per person

Outpatient Benefits Benefits are subject to the selected deductible and coinsurance unless otherwise noted.
Prescription Drugs Covered — and when you use participating pharmacies, you receive
Coverage is for the price of generics or for the price of brand name significant discounts
prescriptions when a generic is not available at a participating pharmacy.
Mail order service is available.

Preventive Services Benefits for preventive services, as for all covered services,
Mammograms, Pap tests, PSA screening, fecal occult blood tests, flexible are subject to deductible and coinsurance unless otherwise noted.
sigmoidoscopies, colonoscopies, newborn screening tests and diagnostic Covered – with no special limits
follow up for hearing loss, and childhood immunizations*
Other covered preventive services Up to $1,000 in benefits
Physical exams, laboratory tests and tuberculosis tests • Optional First-Dollar Preventive Services Benefit — see page 8 for details
Office Visits Covered
Evaluation, diagnosis and management of illness or injury, and allergy shots

Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Services Covered

X-rays, ultrasounds, CAT scans, MRI, lab tests
Outpatient Hospital, Surgical Center or Urgent Care Facility Covered
Facility and supplies
Professional Ground and Air Ambulance Covered
Service to nearest facility equipped to provide appropriate care

Emergency Room Covered

• $75 emergency room fee — waived if admitted to the hospital
Health Care Practitioner Services Covered
Doctors, surgeons, assistant surgeons, anesthesiologists, physician assistants
and nurses
Outpatient Physical Medicine Up to $3,000 in benefits
Physical, speech and occupational therapies; cardiac and pulmonary
rehabilitation; treatment of developmental delay; chiropractic services
Home Health Care Up to 160 hours

Inpatient Benefits Benefits are subject to the selected deductible and coinsurance unless otherwise noted.
Inpatient Hospital Covered
Semi-private room, intensive care, specialty units and miscellaneous supplies
Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Up to 90 days
Subacute Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Facilities Up to 90 days
Transplants Covered
• Kidney, cornea and skin transplants covered as any other service
• Transplants such as bone marrow, heart, liver and lung covered as
any other service when performed at a designated transplant provider
• Up to $10,000 toward travel expenses to a designated transplant provider
• Up to $10,000 toward donor expenses as available
• For transplants other than kidney, cornea or skin that are not performed at
a designated provider, the lifetime benefit maximum is $100,000 per person
Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Inpatient and outpatient benefits are paid at 50% up to $2,500
• Coinsurance applies to the out-of-pocket maximum

6 *N
 ewborn screening tests and diagnostic follow up for hearing loss are not subject to deductible or a waiting period.
Childhood immunizations are not subject to deductible, coinsurance, copays or a waiting period.
SaveRight HSA® Plan

$2,200, $3,000 or $5,100

Family deductible maximum is two times the deductible
and is met collectively by two or more persons.

100%, 75% or 50%

0%, 25% or 50%

Other Services
$0 to $3,000 depending on coinsurance Both plans also provide benefits for:
Family coinsurance out-of-pocket maximum is two times the coinsurance
out-of-pocket maximum and is met collectively by two or more persons. • Covered complications of pregnancy
$15,000 or $25,000 (All outpatient benefits are subject to this maximum) • Dental injuries
• Diabetic services
$2 million • Durable and personal medical equipment
• Hospice care and related counseling services
(inpatient or home care)
Covered — and when you use participating pharmacies, you receive • Parenteral drug therapy
significant discounts
• Reconstructive surgery
• Maximum: $2,000 — for brand and generic combined — or
no annual maximum • Sterilization ($500 lifetime maximum)
• Treatment of TMJ/CMJ ($1,000 lifetime maximum)
Covered — with no special limits
Non-Network Services
If you use providers outside of the network,
Up to $500 in benefits — after you have been insured for 12 months
you are subject to significant additional costs as
Covered indicated in the chart below.



Up to $1,000 for one trip NON-NETWORK DEDUCTIBLE

Individual Family
• $75 emergency room fee — waived if admitted to the hospital OneDeductible Selected individual Selected family
HSA plan deductible + plan deductible +
$500 $1,000

SaveRight HSA Selected individual 2x individual

$50 per visit for up to two visits plan deductible + non-network
• Chiropractic services are not covered
$1,000 deductible met
collectively by
Not covered 2 or more persons

$100 per day for up to 50 days Individual Family

Up to 30 days OneDeductible
$6,000 $12,000
• Includes up to $10,000 toward donor expenses as available
• Related outpatient services are subject to outpatient maximum SaveRight HSA
$8,000 $16,000

See page 10 for additional information.

Not covered

The amount of benefits depends upon the plan design components selected, and the premium varies with the amount of benefits. Plan design components are not available 7
in all combinations. Additional provisions may apply. OneDeductible HSA and SaveRight HSA are also available without a PPO network (SaveRight HSA — Rider 2847).
Optional Coverages Make it Yours
Take a plan and make it your own with these optional features and supplemental products.

Maternity Benefit Dental Insurance

This benefit pays 100% of covered routine This fee-for-service plan pays cash benefits that offset
maternity services after you meet your selected the cost of routine, basic and major dental services.
maternity deductible –– for any pregnancy that With Assurant Health Dental Insurance, you:
begins after the 30-day benefit waiting period. And • Choose a plan –– Basic or Plus
the benefit can pay for itself, even before the $5,000
• Visit any dentist
or $10,000 maternity deductible is met, by giving
you access to significant network discounts on • Receive quick cash benefits –– sent directly to
doctor and hospital bills. you, or to your provider if you prefer
The maternity benefit is not available with SaveRight HSA plans. • Can retain the coverage even if you choose to
Covered complications of pregnancy remain subject to the plan discontinue your individual medical coverage
deductible and coinsurance.
First-Dollar Preventive Services
Your Assurant Health HSA plan provides benefits Here are a few benefit examples: BASIC PLUS
for preventive services. Add this first-dollar Wellness Services
benefit option and you’ll have $500 per person Two visits per person each policy year.
per calendar year for preventive services –– before • Exams, x-rays, cleanings $25/visit $75/visit

your deductible is met. This benefit is available Basic Services*

on OneDeductible HSA plans once you have been Payments are 50% of the listed benefit
in the first policy year.
insured for 12 months. Remaining preventive • Deep sedation/general anesthesia $ 50 $ 100
services are covered subject to deductible and – first 30 minutes
coinsurance up to the annual preventive services • Amalgam filling – three surfaces $ 40 $ 90
• Extraction – erupted tooth or exposed root $ 20 $ 60
benefit maximum. • Reline complete denture (laboratory) $ 50 $ 145
Life Insurance Major Services*
This term life insurance product is available Payments are 20% of the listed benefit in the
first policy year, and 50% in the second year.
to everyone on your individual medical plan
• Inlay — metallic — two surfaces $ 125 $ 330
–– you decide who will be covered. The options • Crown — resin $ 125 $ 450
are: primary insured only, spouse only, primary • Retreatment of previous root canal $ 105 $ 250
insured and spouse only, dependents and primary therapy — bicuspid
• Clinical crown lengthening — hard tissue $ 150 $ 300
insured and/or spouse. • Complete denture $ 135 $ 375
Life Insurance face amount options are: • Crown $ 125 $ 375
• Maxillary sinusotomy $ 335 $ 825
• $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $150,000 or $200,000
for primary insured or spouse Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Services
A lifetime benefit of up to $500 is available for
• $10,000 or $25,000 for dependents ages one each person beginning in the third policy year.
year to eighteen years • Temporomandibular joint arthrogram $ 90 $ 275

• $2,000 for dependents ages two months to * Combined Annual Benefit

one year The maximum calendar year benefit for
Basic and Major Services combined is: $ 1,000 $ 1,500
An accidental death benefit equal to two times
the face amount is included. And, an accelerated
benefit equal to 50% of the face amount of the Dental-Vision Discount Plan
policy is paid if a covered person is diagnosed
This plan provides discounts on services from
with a terminal illness and has a life expectancy
a nationwide network of dental and eyewear
of 12 months or less.
providers. You’ll save 15% to 50% on dental
Accident Medical Expense services and 10% to 60% on eyewear.
This benefit pays first in the event of an injury— Discount programs are not insurance coverage. Time Insurance
before you pay any copay, access fee, deductible Company and John Alden Life Insurance Company have contracted
with a third party to provide the benefits of this plan. Actual
or coinsurance. You select the benefit amount: costs and savings may vary by provider and geographical area.
$500, $1,000 or $2,500.
Optional coverages are available at an additional cost. SaveRight HSA Life Insurance—Riders 2961 and 2963. SaveRight HSA Accident Medical Expense Benefit—Riders 2844 and 2883.
OneDeductible Accident Medical Expense Benefit—Riders 4014 and 4017. The dental insurance plan is a separate contract: 035-TX and 065-TX. Additional provisions may apply.

Join thousands of Assurant Health customers SelectSolution –– benefits for accidents,
who have employed SuiteSolutions to pay critical illnesses and more
deductible and coinsurance expenses. SelectSolution can cover the amount you would
otherwise pay out of your pocket toward injury
Available through membership in Health Advocates
and/or critical illness expenses. Additional benefits,
Alliance, SuiteSolutions is most popular for its cash
services and discounts are also provided.
benefits that can protect you financially should
sudden, serious medical needs bring sudden, Accident Medical Expense Benefit
significant medical bills your way. • Benefit options: $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000
per insured, per accident
Two membership levels are available. • $100 deductible per insured, per accident
With both, you:
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit
• Can select a benefit option that covers some Up to $25,000 for the primary insured and
or all of your upfront deductible or total up to $1,000 for the spouse and each child
out-of-pocket amount
Weekly Accident Indemnity Benefit
• Receive cash benefits –– sent directly to you,
70% of basic weekly salary to a maximum of $250 per
or to your provider if you prefer
week, for up to 52 weeks for the primary insured only
• Get the same full benefit no matter what
doctor or hospital you use Critical Illness Expense Benefit
• Can retain the coverage even if you choose to Benefit options: $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 for the primary
discontinue your individual medical coverage insured and spouse. Covers life-threatening cancer,
heart attack, stroke, paralysis, renal failure, coma,
SecureSolution –– benefits for accidents major organ transplants and loss of sight/speech/hearing.
SecureSolution can cover the amount you would (Selected benefit option must be the same as Accident Medical Expense)

otherwise pay out of your pocket toward injury Identity Network Child Safety Services
expenses, and also provides additional accident Pre-registry of children using photos and descriptions
benefits. Identity Theft Benefit
Accident Medical Expense Benefit Up to $2,500 in financial relief, including reimbursement
• Benefit options: $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 for related costs, lost wages, legal fees and expenses
per insured, per accident Travel Assistance
• $100 deductible per insured, per accident Emergency medical, financial, legal and communication
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit assistance, plus a multilingual information service
Up to $10,000 for the primary insured and up to available before and during travel, for members
$1,000 for the spouse and each child who are traveling 100 or more miles from home
Weekly Accident Indemnity Benefit Discounts
70% of basic weekly salary to a maximum of $250 per Up to 60% off items such as health club dues,
week, for up to 52 weeks for the primary insured only hearing aids, hotel reservations and travel packages

With SuiteSolutions, you can feel more sure about selecting a higher deductible and/or total out-of-pocket amount — and taking advantage of the lower
resulting premium. Ask your agent to use the chart below to show you how SuiteSolutions can help you plan financially for unplanned medical expenses.


Deductible amount $ Deductible amount $
Coinsurance out-of-pocket amount + $ Coinsurance out-of-pocket amount + $
Total out-of-pocket amount $ Total out-of-pocket amount $
SuiteSolutions benefit amount ––– $
Remaining out-of-pocket amount* $

Premium $ /year Premium with SuiteSolutions fee $ /year

Total out-of-pocket amount + $ Remaining out-of-pocket amount + $
Total cost to you $ /year Total cost to you $ /year

*Add $100 deductible for an accident.

AGENT: Sample cost comparison charts are available in Find A Form on the Assurant Health Sales Web site:
Accident Medical Expense benefits are reduced by benefits payable under any other insurance plan. Critical Illness Expense benefits are not available with
child-only plans. Accident and critical illness benefits are underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, a member of American
International Group, Inc. (AIG). Fees paid for membership in Health Advocates Alliance are used for benefits, marketing, distribution and administrative
expenses. Assurant Health may also realize some benefit from these fees. Supplemental products are available at an additional cost. SuiteSolutions plans
are separate contracts. Discount programs are not insurance. Additional provisions may apply. 9
Plan Provisions
Maximum Allowable Amount Utilization Review
The maximum allowable amount is the most Authorization is required before inpatient
the plan pays for covered services. If you have a treatment and certain types of outpatient
non-PPO plan or you have a PPO plan and use procedures. Unauthorized services will result
a non-network provider, you are responsible for in a penalty of 25% of the charge (up to $1,000).
any balance in excess of the maximum allowable Benefits for unauthorized transplants will be
amount. reduced by 50%.
Network Services Benefit Waiting Periods on Certain Treatment
When you use network providers, covered Benefits for certain types of treatment are payable
charges are discounted and never exceed the after the benefit waiting period listed here:
maximum allowable amount. • Surgical treatment of tonsils/adenoids –– 3
Non-Network Services months
Emergencies • Surgical treatment of bunions, hemorrhoids,
Covered services are always paid at the inguinal hernia (except strangulated or
network benefit percentage –– even if you incarcerated), varicose veins –– 6 months
are out of network –– subject to the maximum • Sterilization –– 30 days
allowable amount. Benefit waiting periods are waived when this plan
Non-emergencies is replacing other similar in-force coverage.
Covered services are subject to the non-network Pre-Existing Conditions
deductible, the maximum allowable amount A pre-existing condition is an illness or injury
provision, a 20% benefit percentage reduction and related complications for which, during the
(except the 50% option which has no additional 12-month period immediately prior to the effective
reduction), and the increased non-network date of your health insurance coverage: 1) you
coinsurance out-of-pocket maximum. See the sought or received medical advice, diagnosis, care,
Non-Network Costs chart on page 7 for details. treatment or prescription drugs or 2) symptoms
Medically Necessary Care were produced that would have cause an ordinarily
Treatment must be medically necessary to be prudent person to seek diagnosis or treatment.
covered. Medically necessary services or supplies Benefits are not paid for charges incurred due
must be: to a pre-existing condition until you have been
continuously insured under the plan for 12 months,
• Appropriate and consistent with the diagnosis
unless the condition was fully disclosed on the
• Commonly accepted as proper treatment application. After the 12-month period, benefits
• Reasonably expected to result in improvement are paid for a pre-existing condition, unless the
of the condition condition is specifically excluded from coverage.
• Provided in the least intensive setting without
affecting the quality of medical care provided.
Maternity Benefit (optional feature)
The maternity deductible is separate from the
plan deductible. Once the maternity deductible
is met, the plan pays for covered maternity
services (whether or not the plan deductible
has been satisfied).
Prescription drugs are covered under the plan
prescription drug benefit. If conception occurs
during the first 30 days of coverage, routine
maternity charges will be excluded.

Exclusions Summary
No benefits are provided for the following:

• Charges incurred due to a pre-existing condition • Charges for sex transformation, treatment of
until you have been continuously insured for sexual dysfunction or inadequacy, or to restore
12 months unless the condition was fully or enhance sexual performance or desire
disclosed on the application • Over-the-counter products
• Illness or injury caused by war, commission of a • Drugs not approved by the FDA
felony, attempted suicide, influence of an illegal • Drugs obtained outside the United States
substance, or a hazardous activity for which • The difference in cost between a generic and
compensation is received brand name drug when the generic is available
• Routine hearing care except for newborn • Treatment of “quality of life” or “lifestyle”
screening and diagnostic follow up; routine vision concerns, including, but not limited to: smoking
care; vision therapy; surgery to correct vision; cessation; obesity; hair loss; sexual function,
routine foot care or foot orthotics dysfunction, inadequacy or desire; or cognitive
• Cosmetic services including chemical peels, enhancement
plastic surgery and medications • Treatment used to improve memory or to slow
• Charges by a health care practitioner or medical the normal process of aging
provider who is an immediate family member. • Testing related to the diagnosis of behavioral
Immediate family members are you, your spouse, conduct or developmental problems
your children, brothers, sisters, parents, their
• Chelation therapy
spouses and anyone with whom legal
• Prophylactic treatment
guardianship has been established.
• Cranial orthotic devices, except following
• Custodial care
cranial surgery
• Charges reimbursable by Medicare, Workers’
• Experimental or investigational services
Compensation or automobile insurance carriers
• Charges in excess of the lifetime maximum or
• Growth hormone stimulation treatment to
any other benefit maximum
promote or delay growth
• Charges for non-medical items
• Routine dental care, unless you choose the
• Charges for alternative medicine including
dental insurance option
acupuncture and naturopathic medicine
• Non-surgical treatment for TMJ or CMJ other
• Charges related to health care
than that described in the contract, or any related
practitioner-assisted suicide
surgical treatment that is not preauthorized
• Any correction of malocclusion, protrusion, Additional SaveRight HSA Exclusions
hypoplasia or hyperplasia of the jaws • Behavioral health (mental/nervous disorders)
• Charges for educational testing or training, and substance abuse, including related
vocational or work hardening programs, prescription drugs
transitional living, or services provided through • Chiropractic services
a school system • Home health care
• Diagnosis and treatment of infertility • Maternity
• Maternity and routine nursery charges unless
you choose the maternity option
• Pregnancy, maternity and other expenses
related to surrogate pregnancy
• Storage of umbilical cord stem cells or other blood
components in the absence of sickness or injury
• Genetic testing, counseling and services

For more information, or to apply for
coverage, contact:

Assurant Health
501 W. Michigan
Milwaukee, WI 53203

About Assurant Health

Assurant Health is the brand name for products
underwritten and issued by Time Insurance
Company (est. 1892), John Alden Life Insurance
Company (est. 1961) and Union Security
Insurance Company (est. 1910) (“Assurant Health”).
Together, these three underwriting companies
provide health insurance coverage for almost
one million people nationwide. Each underwriting
company is financially responsible for its own
insurance products. Primary products include
individual, small employer group, short term
limited duration and student health insurance
products, as well as non-insurance products
and consumer-choice products such as Health
Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement
Arrangements. With almost 3,000 employees,
Assurant Health is headquartered in Milwaukee,
Wis., and has operations offices in Minnesota,
Idaho and Florida, as well as sales offices across
the country. The Assurant Health Web site is
Assurant Health is part of Assurant, a premier
provider of specialized insurance products and
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Assurant Solutions and Assurant Specialty
Property – have partnered with clients who
are leaders in their industries and have built
leadership positions in a number of specialty
insurance market segments worldwide.
Assurant, a Fortune 500 company, is traded on
the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol
AIZ. Assurant has more than $20 billion in assets
and $7 billion in annual revenue. The Assurant
Web site is

Product forms 253-TX, 376-TX, SIG: 015.002.TX and SIG: 016.001.TX

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