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The Illustrated Guide to Technical Analysis Signals and Phrases

by Constance Brown
Today's most authoritative and reliable technical trader's reference
The Illustrated Guide to Technical Analysis Signals and Phrases provides you with a
comprehensive volume of key chart patterns, timely trading market signals, and popular phrases.
Compiled by Constance Brown, one of today's most successful technical analysts and traders, it
More than 275 illustrated examples of valuable chart patterns and market timing signals
Patterns listed alphabetically, grouped by subject and variable degree of probable success
Clear notations to highlight market reversals and points of interest
Indicator comparisons using identical stock symbols and time periods, allowing you to easily
discover your own indicator preferences
Actual charts from Pfizer, Microsoft, Amazon, and other leading stocks, along with economic
and market indices, bonds, currencies, and more
Charts and patterns that illustrate popular phrases, such as "closed below the low of the day"
The Illustrated Guide to Technical Analysis Signals & Phrases gives you quick access to
hundreds of popular chart patterns and trading market signals. It will help you to quickly recognize
and act upon profit opportunities in today's markets.
Everything is here, including:
Oscillators and oscillator comparisons
Weak and strong divergence patterns
Gann time forecasting charts
Point-and-figure charting
Fibonacci confluence charts
Market entry signals
Trend lines
Volatility bands
Elliott Wave patterns
And much more
The Illustrated Guide to Technical Analysis Signals and Phrases is the most comprehensive
visual library of technical chart patterns, signals, and market timing tools ever published. A
compilation of more than 275 chart patterns and signal variations, it supplies traders, investors,
and money managers with a valuable source of original ideas and applications, charts and
techniques used by some of the top producers in the industry, and guidance on how to tell the
difference between weak and strong market signals.
This innovative reference demonstrates the visual appearance and characteristics of chart
patterns, signals, and timing tools and demonstrates how veteran traders have applied them in
real market conditions. Clear and straightforward, it will allow you to:
Focus closely on individual indicator characteristics, for example an indicator confirmed by
volume versus price pattern
Carefully evaluate signal character between methods to study reactions on both market tops
versus bottoms

Easily discern dozens of high risk market turns based on price pattern, or calendar date cycle
Study charts from right to left to help determine the past significance of signals
Make comparisons between major oscillators across similar markets, to more easily allow
signal formations to be evaluated
Increase the value of your trend analysis by utilizing smarter pivot points, arcs, and
unconventional internal price channels
View examples of technical analysis applied to long-term periods of fundamental data, to
highlight where traders stand now in relation to history
A variety of technical trading methods are demonstrated to show how their application in actual
trading conditions. You can study the source of a trendline and the minor anchor points selected
when an indicator makes complex tops and simple V bottoms. Eighteen market entry signals are
detailed, in addition to demonstrations of numerous reversal and continuation signals. Charts
show volatility bands, volatility measurements, and several examples of the VIX Volatility Index.
The Illustrated Guide to Technical Analysis Signals and Phrases will provide you with hundreds of
new ideas and avenues for understanding and applying market charts, regardless of time interval
or global market. It will change the way in which you approach your trading day, by improving
your chart recognition abilities and making your approach more straightforward and well-informed
than ever before.