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While America Slept!

In the United States today, our Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and
Judicial Branch are controlled by decadence, corruption, greed, and self interest.
Yet, we do not heed Mark Twain’s advice – “The true measure of insanity is
repeating past mistakes and expecting different results.”
There is a movement in the United States, as I believe was demonstrated in
Alabama, Virginia, and Massachusetts. This movement is the change the current
President talks about, but does not really comprehend. President Obama believes
he is the CHANGE and the WE in “Yes WE can.” President Obama is wrong. The
CHANGE and the WE is the slow waking of the silent majority of America.
First, who is WE and just who is the silent majority?
The WE and silent majority are hard working Americans. WE are the
foundation of this great country. The silent majority financially support the United
States Government, State Government, County and City government. We care for
our family, our church, and our community. We complain little and realize that the
world is not a perfect place. We know our limitations, and we truly do not know how
to submit bills, laws, or regulations for vote in our government. For over 200 years
we have trusted lawyers, judges, and politicians to take care of those matters for
us. We supported these people with our tax dollars to provide a comfortable living
and retirement for their service. We had hoped these people would reciprocate.
Our trust has been broken. The current level of government across this nation is
decadent, corrupt, and politics for personal financial gains.
The rising of the silent majority!
News reports and the White House relay information via media, that the last
Presidential Election and current elections are reflections of anger and people want
change. It is my opinion that President Obama and media are truly underestimating
the silent majority. It is my belief that even though it is slow, it is a surety that the
American hard working poor silent majority is waking up. The silent majority paid
attention when a dark horse politician suddenly took a Presidential election from
well established politicians. It is a fact that the dark horse was well funded, well
marketed, and an established corrupt politician. The difference Capitol Hill, White
House, State Capitols, Local governments, and lobbyists don’t see is that the silent
majority realized they do have the power to make changes. When the silent
majority elected the dark horse President they realized it was their power to make
or break a candidate and their vote did count.
What is the Change?
How many times after the election of John F. Kennedy, when the silent
majority wanted and elected a young and new fresh look after decades of dower old
ideas, did you hear people say they didn’t vote because their vote really doesn’t
count?. The silent majority didn’t really care about Washington and politics because
they were working at a good job, making a livable wage, and enjoying a comfortable
retirement. Since America was working, comfortable, and looking forward to years
of retirement, they didn’t pay attention to dark skies of politics. America had the
best education, the best health care, and the best lifestyle in the world. The silent
majority fell into a deep sleep of contentment. The filth of greed and corruption ate
its way through the values and trust we gave all politicians. Politics became a
lifestyle, not a service. Politicians are entrenched in a lifetime of self gratifications,
not service. The change in our life as the result of our sleep has started shaking the
silent majority to its core. The silent majority is rising from a slumber that changed
them from the best in the world to the working poor. The silent majority no longer
make a livable wage. WE have almost the worst education and worst health care in
the world. WE no longer have a spendable income. WE have become the
indentured servant to Financial and Corporate interests. “WE owe our soul to the
Company Store.”
The CHANGE of Awareness!
When WE started to wake from our sleep and saw this black change in our
world, WE knew we must start to make changes. WE must get back our dignity. WE
must free ourselves from this indentured slavery. WE must take back the United
States before this great country is turned into another third world nation. WE must
not allow control of our spirit, creativity, and intelligence by the power of greed and
self gratification by ignorance.
WE are awaking to take back our governments (Federal, State, and Local).
WE are awaking to realize our trust in representatives is no longer valid. WE are
awaking to recognize the power of the people and the power of our vote. WE are
awaking to demand representatives remember this is a service position and that
service is to the people of the United States. WE are awaking to understand our
power as a UNITED people. WE are awaking in recognition that every one vote can
and will make a difference. WE are waking to the awareness of our changed world.
WE are awaking to the awareness of our power. WE the silent majority, the working
poor class of the United States, are the CHANGE.
What CHANGE is required?
The first change is beginning. The first change is removing all incumbent
politicians sitting in every elected office. The other change must be the following.
All elected positions must be given term limits. All elected positions will remove
exclusive perks such as preferential, fully paid, and retirement guaranteed health
plans, retirement plans, private banks, exclusion from prosecution for criminal
activity, and tax evasion without penalty. All elected positions must provide a
public Resume` or CV published to establish competency and experience for the
elected position. All elected positions must provide a public plan to govern. This
public plan would not be marketed or produced public rhetoric, but must include
measurable goals and objectives. This public plan would include direct measurable
actions. A person running for Governor of Florida for example (Alex Sink) would no
longer be allowed to say, I will bring jobs to Florida. The candidate would provide a
list of proposed manufacturers, the type of positions, the estimated wages of
positions, and the type of manufacturing. The candidate might also provide new
manufacturing in the State and how new manufacturing will be financed. A
candidate should no longer be elected based on vague promise, but concrete,
presented, and public facts. Don’t tell me, show me. Media marketing should not
elect a candidate. Racism, gender, age, and looks too often elect the wrong
candidate. Media marketing needs to be limited to a name and public presentation
of the above stated competency public disclosures. No candidate can run without
providing the above CV. Candidates can mail, email, twitter, facebook, other
internet markets, paper, TV, billboard, or any type of media market these written
presentations. No photo, age, race, or gender should be allowed in any media
presentation. The candidate should be elected on the plan and competency by an
informed voter not elected as a media American idol. “How often have I heard, well
he looks good in a suit.”
The Power of CHANGE!
Mahatma Gandhi said, “WE must be the CHANGE we desire in the world.”
This one man did make vast changes in the world because he understood just who
the WE are. Mahatma Gandhi understood how to CHANGE. Martin Luther King Jr.
understood WE and he understood how to CHANGE.
Both these men understood CHANGE is not through violence of masses,
because the CHANGE comes from within. CHANGE is individual like fingerprints.
WE need not wear the same clothes, live in the same houses, attend the same
churches, worship the same God, drive the same car, or have the same income. WE
are all different with different needs and wants. WE know we are unique. CHANGE
is achieved by changing our way of thinking and way of doing business. CHANGE is
a silent thing like the silent majority. It is strength of mind, not force. CHANGE is in
our power. CHANGE is ours to control and not give away. “Yes WE can!” is our