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Oral Expression

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Name: _____________________________ Tutor: ________________________________

Date: ______________________________ Title of Work: __________________________

Criteria Points
4 3 2 1
Made movements Very little
Movements seemed No movement or
Body or gestures that movement or
fluid and helped the descriptive ____
Language enhanced descriptive
audience visualize. gestures.
articulation. gestures.
Holds attention of
Consistent use of Displayed minimal
entire audience with No eye contact
Eye Contact the use of direct eye
direct eye contact eye contact with
with audience.
with audience. audience.
Student delivers open
Student clearly
and closing remarks Student does not
Student displays uses either an
Introduction that capture the display clear
clear introductory introductory or ____
and Closure attention of the introductory or
or closing remarks. closing remark,
audience and set the closing remarks.
but not both.
Delivery is Delivery is in Delivery is either
Good use of drama
patterned, but does bursts and does too quick or too
and student meets
Pacing apportioned time
not meet not meet slow to meet ____
apportioned time apportioned time apportioned time
interval. interval. interval.
Makes minor Tension and
Student displays Displays mild
mistakes, but nervousness is
relaxed, self-confident tension; has
Poise nature about self, with
quickly recovers
trouble recovering
obvious; has ____
from them; displays trouble recovering
no mistakes. from mistakes.
little or no tension. from mistakes.
Use of fluid speech Satisfactory use of Displays some
and inflection inflection, but does level of inflection Consistently uses
Voice maintains the interest not consistently throughout a monotone voice.
of the audience. use fluid speech. delivery.
Total ____

Notes and Comments:

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D. Brown/2009

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