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The Leading European

Business School

Core Courses
1st Semester

3 rd Semester

2nd Semester

Accounting for Managers

Contemporary Management
Economics for Managers

Financial Management
Marketing Management
Human Resources Management

Quantitative Business Analysis

Business Research Methods
Strategic Management

Specialization Tracks 4th Semester

Finance & Banking
- Banking Asset & Liability
- Investment & Portfolio
- Islamic Finance

Global Business
- Entrepreneurship
- Project Management
- International Finance

Global Marketing
- International Marketing
- Consumer Behavior
- Integrated Marketing

5 th Semester
Finance & Banking

Global Business

- Credit & Retail Risk Analysis

- Elective 1
- Elective 2

- International Marketing
- Elective 1
- Elective 2

Global Marketing
- Service Marketing
- Elective 1
- Elective 2

Seminar and Competitive Intelligence

Elective Courses
Performance Appraisal & Compensation
Employment Relations ( Labor Law )
Enterprise Risk Management
Leadership and Team Building
Marketing Research
Logistics Management
Islamic Finance
Credit & Retail Risk Analysis
Investment & Portfolio Management
Banking Assets & Liability Management

Human Capital Development

Project Management
International Finance
International Marketing
Behavioral Finance
Derivatives Market
Consumer Behavior
Integrated Marketing Communication
Service Marketing
Contract & Trade Finance

Change Management

Cross Culture Communication & Negotiations

International Business Law

Financial Markets & Institutions
SME Banking

The Leading European

Business School


Master of Business

Program Overview

The program is designed to improve students capabilities in analyzing managerial problems and taking intelligent
and resourceful decisions.
The program allows students to move forward to a successful management career and to be leaders in the
complex and fast-paced business world by acting with determination, sound judgment, and integrity.
The program encompasses study of real world situations and helps students to acquire both breadth and depth
of knowledge.
responsibilities of business.
The program has drawn on the excellence of the French educational traditions normally followed by Groupe
ESLSCA while integrating the best of business education in Europe and the USA.
The program constantly embraces the recent innovations and trends in business education around the world.
The language of instruction is English, qualifying graduates to pursue employment opportunities in multinational

Program Objectives
To prepare students for leadership positions in an international environment by providing them with the basic
These skills include:
Analysis and problem solving

Critical and creative thinking

Taking initiatives and calculated risks

Managing change

To provide students with the ability to adopt and practice high professional standards and ethical conduct.
To give students an integrated perspective of the functional areas of business and the economic, political, legal,
To provide a global perspective and an in-depth understanding of the global business environment and practices.
To prepare students to use contemporary technologies, to understand the strategic role of information and
communication technologies in contemporary business practice.