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The Duke University Talent

Identification Program, USA,
has partnered with ASSET to
identify and serve academically
-gifted students in India.

Grades 3 - 10
English | Maths | Science | Social Studies | Hindi Register Now!
Test dates: August 2-5 / December 6-11, 2010
Advance Registration Deadline (Early Bird): March 1, 2010
Duke University Talent Identification
Program partners with to identify students
for their Talent Search

What is Duke TIP?

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a non-

profit educational organization that is recognized as a worldwide leader in
identifying and serving the educational needs of academically talented
youth. Duke TIP provides resources, recognition, and research to talented
students, their parents, educators, and schools for the development of the
students’ optimal educational potential. Since 1980, Duke TIP has served
over 2 million students.

Duke TIP is an affiliated program of Duke University, which is currently

ranked as one of the top 10 universities in the United States by U.S. News &
World Report. Duke is one of the most competitive universities in the
country and its various Schools (e.g. Medicine, Business, Public Policy, and
the Environment) are among the best in the world.

Duke TIP in India Mission

The Duke TIP India Talent Search offers academically talented students in
India an opportunity to better understand their academic capabilities and
how to most effectively develop their optimal educational potential.

Talent Search Overview

The Duke University TIP India Talent Search identifies academically “Duke TIP in India has opened up a new
talented students from across the country, primarily using the ASSET test. world for [my daughter], making her
We understand that academically talented students need special more confident, more independent, and
motivation and support. We will help them grow by providing the widening her horizon tremendously. “
opportunity for above-level testing, resources, and encouragement so that - Parent of TIP student in India
them may continue challenging themselves academically.
The Talent Search
Eligibility & Timeline
Students who qualify for the Duke TIP India Talent Search will be eligible
for benefits such as: Students scoring at the 95th percentile or
higher on the in-level Mathematics, Science, or
Recognition: receipt of a Certificate of Merit
? English portion of the ASSET examination
taken in July-August will be invited to
Out-of-level testing : the opportunity to take an out-of-level ASSET test
? participate in the Duke TIP India Talent Search.
and receive a diagnostic assessment of intellectual ability
Spring Register for July/August
Interactive seminars : participation in Duke TIP Webinars conducted by
? ASSET test
university faculty and graduate students July/August Take the in-level,
base ASSET test
Duke TIP in India Family Newsletter : information and practical advice
October If eligible, register for the
for parents and guardians of academically talented students
DUKE TIP India Talent Search
Educational Programming : participation in distance learning options and
? November Receive Duke TIP India
the opportunity to apply for Duke TIP Summer Studies Program in India Family Newsletter

December Take the out-of-level, second ASSET test

January Notification of out-of-level test

Disclaimer: Duke University TIP is a well constructed program for students of Grades 7 and 8 and their having scores and diagnostic profile
chosen ASSET is a measure of ASSET’s credibility. Please note that Duke’s TIP selection process is very intensive If eligible, apply for Duke TIP
and the ASSET score is one of the steps of this process. The decision of the total number of schools to involve is a February
decision by the Duke TIP team and simply taking ASSET may not make you eligible for the Duke TIP program. educational programming
1st January , 2010
To Letter
The Principal
Subject: Invitation to participate in the ASSET Advance Registration Opportunity - Early Bird, 2010

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Greetings from the ASSET team for a very Happy New Year 2010!

In 2009, we took the radical step of offering ASSET only to schools who take it as a “full school” or “full class”. We did this to help schools
derive even more value from the ASSET diagnostic analysis as the data becomes truly 'representative' when the full class or school
takes the program. We are happy to share that more than 850 schools (with 315,000 students) took ASSET in 2009.

This gives us the confidence to work even more closely with schools that value our initiatives to improve student learning through year-
long improvement programs. It is heartening to note that almost all our partner schools have used the ASSET data and support
programs in innovative ways to achieve improved student learning. 180 schools have sent us a detailed account of the Impact of
ASSET’s diagnostic and benchmarking insights to improve student learning. 8 schools have been profiled in this brochure. What is most
impressive is the sheer amount of effort put in and the clear results demonstrated within a short period of one or two years. Some
examples of how schools have used ASSET and allied services this year include-

Using the Year-on-Year analysis to track the impact of initiatives on an on-going basis.
Integrating Teacher Sheets into teacher’s lesson plans.
Displaying ASSET Question-a-Day(AQAD) on AQAD boards and discussing them with students on a daily basis, thus making
“critical thinking” a daily activity.
Using the Test Generator software and its online question bank to quickly generate weekly, monthly and term tests.
Building remedial plans for specific misconceptions through visits of senior team members from EI under the Relationship
Enhancement Program(REP).


As a part of our 2010 Advance Registration – Early Bird benefits, we are offering students a “personalised booklet” that will help them
work on specific questions related to their weak skills identified through ASSET. The book is being offered free of cost to every child if
the school registers before March 1st with 30% advance. Other initiatives like REP visits (2 visits), Test Generator, ASSET Question-a-
Day, Teacher Sheets and the Question Making Competition will continue in 2010.


Recognising the benchmarking capability of ASSET, Duke University, USA is partnering with ASSET for its Duke Talent Identification
Program. ASSET scores will be used as the selection criteria for participation in the Duke University TIP Talent Search.


EI is offering a 6 month distance learning program for teachers of grades 6 to 10 at a fee of Rs 5000 per teacher. The course will have an
exam at the end with a certification of successful completion. The course is being designed keeping in mind the practical – application
oriented approach that teachers are looking for to help them integrate CCE effectively into their regular teaching –learning processes.
The best practices of schools that have been using CCE will also be shared with teachers who sign up for the course. For details please
write to

2010 ARO details

Schools will have to continue to register as Full Class or Full Schools in 2010. The cost of ASSET in 2010 is Rs 350 per student for the core
subjects of English, Math and Science (Classes 3 to 10) and Rs 135 per subject for Social Studies (Classes 5 to 10) and Hindi (Classes 4 to
8). The registration deadline is March 1st, 2010 with 30% advance to avail the Early Bird benefits indicated above.

We look forward to your continued active participation in ASSET, and rededicate ourselves to helping every student in your school learn
with understanding!

With regards,

Sridhar Rajagopalan Sudhir Ghodke Vishnuteerth Agnihotri

Managing Director Director VP - Test Development

ADVANCE ASSET offers a year-round engagement approach with schools and effective planning can be done if we can get an
REGISTRATION exact picture of the number and location of schools registering for the ASSET and allied services program.
BENEFITS Therefore we offer schools the opportunity to confirm their registration for ASSET by paying 30% of the total
-EARLY BIRD amount as advance before 1st March, 2010.


! Students and Parents:
Personalised booklet for students to help them work on their weak skills EARLY BIRD ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS
identified under the ASSET diagnostic program. The booklet is offered FREE to all
students of schools registering for ASSET, subject to their school registering 1. Registration of Full Classes or Full
under EB. School for the ASSET program. School
! Students and Teachers: Summary Form to be filled with
ASSET Question-a-Day: One Question sent daily via email to every class that tentative numbers for the chosen
registers for EB. classes for the academic year 2010-11.
! Teachers: 2. Deciding to take 3 (core) or 4 (Core +
- Access to Test Generator Software and online Question Bank SS/Hindi) or 5 (Core+SS+Hindi) subjects.
- Relationship Enhancement Program: 2 visits to the school by senior EI team 3. 30% advance to be paid along with
members who will help schools use all the services offered and provide the filled up School Summary Form
support to build remedial plans for identified misconceptions by March 1st, 2010.
- Teacher Sheets and Misconception CDs
! Teachers and Management:
Class-wise, section-wise, student-wise analysis with year-on-year comparison if ASSET is being taken for more than one
year. Benchmarking with over 1000 schools and approx 15,000 students per class makes the analysis very comprehensive
and accurate.
! Price Benefit:
ASSET is offered at Rs 350 per student for three core subjects with a 10- 15% Test Admin Fee benefit depending on the
number of students registering. Schools registering after the ARO deadline will be charged Rs 400 per student with Rs 30
offered as test admin fee.


STUDENT RANGE 200-799 800 - 1599 1600 and above

TEST ADMIN FEE 10% 10% 15%

ADDITIONAL FREE Student Personalised Booklet Student Personalised Booklet Student Personalised Booklet
WITH 30% Test Generator for the full [Test Generator for the Test Generator for the
ADVANCE BEFORE school or classes participating full school or classes full school or
MARCH 1st, 2010 in EMS for the year participating in EMS classes participating in
for the year EMS for the year
+ +
AQAD via email AQAD via email AQAD via email
+ + +
REP (2 visits) REP (2 visits) REP (2 visits)
+ + +
Teacher Sheets (soft copy) Teacher Sheets (soft copy)] Teacher Sheets (soft copy)
A Laptop worth Rs 25,000 A Laptop worth Rs 25,000

Please Note: Schools that register under FC-FS (full class or full school) who cannot get their full class or full school to participate in
ASSET will be refunded their advance payment after deducting a processing fee of Rs 5,000 and their registration will be cancelled.

The Balance amount (70%) should be paid latest by July 7th, 2010 for Summer Round schools and September 30th, 2010 for Winter
Round Schools. Schools that delay payments might not get the test papers in time to conduct the test



2 transform
ASSET is India's leading skill based diagnostic test taken by over 300,000 + students annually
from 800 + schools. Sign up for ASSET and accelerate improvement in your school.

Questions that test real understanding


Analysis is an “eye-opener” RA





Full School participation deepens analysis


Focus on specific misconceptions
Specific suggestions given for improvement FOR + ASSET

Question making support to teachers


ASSET clearly pin-points the specific skills where the school needs to focus its precious
time and energy to accelerate improvement.

! Diagnostic, skill based test not competitive (applicable for whole school)
! Questions designed to test concepts underlying the curriculum
! Rigorous question making system ensures very high quality of questions
! Multiple choice format drills down to specific misconceptions
! National benchmarking clearly shows patterns allowing prioritization

! Assessment FOR Learning instead of Assessment OF Learning
! Clarity on specific misconceptions saves teacher’s time
! School management gets a yearly picture of academic progress
! Successful efforts can get highlighted enhancing teacher morale Diagnostic Tool
! Questions aimed
at all children
! Feedback allows Year-on-
Year comparison

Scientific Approach
! Rigorous pre-testing
! Misconceptions targeted

Skill v/s Content

! Feedback skill-wise
! Aimed at application not rote



4 transform

ASSET analysis benefits for Principals and Top Management

! Bird's eye view report gives overall picture
! Year-on-year comparison can show actionable patterns
! Allows Principals to track teacher effectiveness
! Group schools can compare inter-group performance
! Best practices within groups can be identified and shared
! Visibility of the results of school efforts helps all stakeholders

ASSET analysis benefits for Teachers

! Complementary insights of patterns from their own classrooms
! Misconception analysis saves time for teachers
! Feedback from ASSET Schools can build a strong best practices compilation
! Customised analysis folders provide personalised feedback to teachers

ASSET analysis benefits for Students

! “ASSET MyBook” - a personalised question based booklet that helps students to
improve their weak skills
! Personalised feedback helps students work on their strengths and weaknesses
! Parents and teachers can help students focus on specific areas
! Students encouraged to self-learn and improve every year

Analysis of the MOST DIFFICULT Questions

%age of your students %age of ALL schools Class 7, Science Question

QNo. Paper Code
who answered correctly who answered correctly What is the chemical formula for steam?
26 379 20.5 % 27.9 % A. CO
B. H2O
3 379 7.3 % 15.0 % C. O2
D. (Pure steam does not
38 379 38.6 % 50.2 %
have a chemical formula)

Performance Table showing ASSET Speak

MOST COMMON WRONG ANSWER The analysis clearly shows that the
children of this class are not clear
about the properties of steam.

They believe that steam does

not have a chemical formula and
the teacher can now address this.


Components of the transformational process - 2010

Students and Parents: Personalised Booklet for Skill Enhancement - “ASSET MyBook”
! Every child who participates in ASSET will get an analysis (regular feature)
& In addition to this, for students of EB schools (schools that register with 30% advance before March 1st)
we are offering a personalised booklet for skill enhancement. The booklet will take up the 2 weak skills
identified by ASSET and offer
, Skill explanations
, 6 questions per skill that will offer more practice to the student
, Answers and explanations for each of the questions

Students and Parents: Interaction with PTA/ Parents

! Presentation of school performance on ASSET
! Explanation of ASSET results and how to read the analysis
! What should parent do at home to support the child's learning
! Answering queries about how ASSET fits into the school's process
! Informing parents on what the ASSET team is doing with teachers to address misconceptions identified
! Making parents answer a few ASSET questions to give them a deeper perspective of the quality and
design of the questions.

Students and Teachers: ASSET Question-a-Day

! 1 Question per day by email to the school for every registered Class
! Specially designed boards to put up the questions in the school corridors will be provided to schools
! Recommendations on how to use will be offered during orientation programs (June-July)

Teachers: Relationship Enhancement Program

! 2 visits to each school by senior EI team members. Visit details: 2 – 3 hours per visit
, 1st Visit – Orientation visit for new schools/ “Sharing of learnings” visit for past participants
, 2nd Visit – Post ASSET analysis session with focus on building remedial plans for questions that
have likely misconceptions
! Appointment of Core Team that would ensure services are being used
! Regular interaction over email and phone to check for any additional support that schools might require

Teachers: Test Generator

! Online question bank that helps teachers make customised question papers



6 transform
The Orchid School, Pune The main objective of taking ASSET was to know how the school is
doing. We wanted to get a validation from a third party that has done
extensive research in the field of education and to know if the school
is on the right track and promoting thinking. So if someone is able to ASSET IMPACT
tell us that we are developing skills, encouraging thinking,
questioning, analysis and higher order thinking, it means a lot to us if
it comes from an objective point of view. ASSET test is much awaited by the students as they
do not have to prepare for the same. They are happy to appear for the test. This is one test
they fearlessly and readily face, guess because it is so non - judgmental. While we do take
other tests, ASSET has been made compulsory in our school.

For parents, to have such a brilliant report for every child with a clear understanding of what
are your child’s skill areas, where is she outstanding and what areas does she needs help is
Shilpa Solanki, Principal something I think if we got as parents then we would be in a much better place today.

“The students are very comfortable "I teach English and the questions
with the ASSET type of questions from ASSET and the ASSET Test
because there are four options and Generator have helped me a lot to
they have understood that although get ideas for making my own test
they have four options, we really need papers."
to know what is the correct answer
instead of randomly marking the - Monika Desai,
answers. Even if there are questions Teacher
that they have not learnt in class this
really helps them get to the answer”
- Seema Shadbdar,

Sanghamitra School, Hyderabad

We need to start looking at our children 10 years from now and help them develop skills
that they can use then. So with ASSET we are trying to change certain things. This is the first
time we have set the test papers with the multiple choice questions. I have got very good
feedback from the parents. They are saying that this is wonderful. The teachers are very
happy, they know where they are lagging behind.

ASSET has empowered both the teachers and learners with a new set of skills to read
critically, think and reason logically and solve complex problems.

Mrs. Arundhati, Principal

Don Bosco School, Guwahati
It is now about seven years since we decided to make a journey
ASSET IMPACT together with ASSET in the field of testing and evaluation. I was
prompted to do so for a number of reasons:

The students of North-East need to be exposed to a larger environment and assess their
abilities in relation to their counterparts in other places of the country.
The philosophy and methods of testing and evaluation have been changing rapidly and
we believe ASSET would help us to keep track with these changes.
Our teachers, like most others, were trapped in the traditional patterns, some of which
were even obsolete. ASSET, in a way, offers an indirect training programme to the Fr. Joseph Thalekkat, Principal

ASSET has also been a kind of I have noticed an increasing enthusiasm of our students in ASSET’s All-India tests. We
have received positive responses and appreciation for ASSET from students as well
foundation for our students in their
as teachers which have been published in our monthly journal Bosco Times.
preparation for external proficiency
examinations. It guides and dictates ASSET’s Everyday questions (AQAD) have been compiled up and are forming a kind of
them in specifications of the question bank on different subjects. Some of our teachers are using them usefully.
performance abilities desired in
candidates to be selected for The test generator has begun to attract the attention of our teachers. I am glad to see
technical, medical and other courses our teachers using the teacher sheets in the classrooms. These diagnostic tests are
of studies. like our remedial classes and have been helping both the teachers and students to
assess their strengths and weaknesses.

La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow

Educational Initiatives approached us last year to take the ASSET test for the children of
classes 3 to 8. We agreed to go ahead with all the children of classes 3 to 8 taking the test
because then we would have an analysis regarding the whole class and a better comparative
study could be done.

The children appeared for English,

Mathematics and Science tests which
proved to be of great help as they tested a The results of the test guide the
variety of skills in those subjects and how the
children about their strong and
children would apply them in solving the
questions. weak skills in the three subjects. The
Mrs. Farida Abraham, Principal
overall result helps the teacher in
strengthening the weak skills of the
The questions were both interesting and challenging for the children as they had
children. There was an improvement
multiple choice questions - something that the children were doing for the first time.
They were also the kind of questions that would help the children in the competitive in the overall result when the
exams in their future life. children appeared in the test for the
second time in 2009.



8 transform
Sishu Griha School, Bangalore
We, at Sishu Griha, do not believe in formal examinations and ASSET as a
mode of assessment is in line with our requirement. ASSET, as a
diagnostic tool, brings out the true sense of assessment. We definitely
don't look at it as a short term goal but as a long term goal for continuous assessment.

ASSET has played a very important role in catering to skills such as logical thinking and
analytical reasoning. ASSET has accepted the school feedback regarding the need for
modifying their language MCQ papers to suit student needs all over the country, in a positive
Mrs. Sujatha Mohandas, Principal sense, and this has helped the students a great deal.

Our teachers utilise the ASSET reports

effectively to help the students build upon their strengths and improve on their
Children themselves have give a
weaknesses. Students respond very enthusiastically to the tests and have gained from
this experience. ASSET has prompted the teachers to introduce higher order thinking feedback saying it was great fun to
questions for their own internal question papers. Teacher sheets was a very good idea tackle application based questions.
and has been used extensively by teachers on a regular basis to strengthen T h e I C S E b o a r d r e co m m e n d s
comprehension and application skills. Parents and teachers of Sishu Griha appreciate
ASSET as a very useful diagnostic tool which will reflect on the academic achievement application based question and HOTS
scores of the students in the long run. type questions. ASSET strengthens
and consolidates on that, in paving
Our school results are a clear indicator to this and have shown very good improvement
the path towards answering such
year after year. On the student experience about the tests , the ASSET coordinator, Mrs.
Madhulika Chandrakumar, says, “Students find Multiple choice type questions type of questions by students.
interesting and this prepares them adequately to face competitive exams in future. It
also enables them to eliminate wrong choices and to choose the right option”.

DLF School, Ghaziabad

This is the fourth year that the students of DLF Public School, Ghaziabad have taken ASSET.
Every year, after the test, the EI team helps the teachers to analyze the school performance and
diagnose the areas for improvement. Using this information as well as other resources
provided by EI, the teachers plan the curriculum/activities for the following year.

School improvements triggered by ASSET...

Mrs. Seema Jerath says, “We look at the ASSET

questions very closely and peg the questions
The questions being sent everyday from the paper to the relevant lesson plan. These
questions are either used as thought provoking Mrs. Seema Jerath , Principal
have engendered curiosity in the
shakers during the lessons or they are
students and have led to active incorporated in the assessments designed for the
discussions in the corridors of the lesson.
school. These questions have led to
We use ASSET data to identify the misconceptions that our students have and track the
a lot of peer interaction which is a teacher sheets which will help to diagnose the specific concept that needs to be discussed
potent form of learning. in the class. The teachers study the teacher sheets and gain an insight on how to facilitate
the discussion in the class. They sometimes check out the useful resources that are listed as
a footnote in the teacher sheet. This saves time as teachers get the treasure without having
to hunt for it. Our teachers and our students benefit from your research!”

The High Range School, Munnar
ASSET has been a diagnostic tool which truly tests the conceptual
ASSET IMPACT understanding in the subjects assessed.

It has been comprehensive, in the sense that it covers all areas of assessment in the subject
concerned. It is age and curriculum relevant and at the same time it is an evaluation system
which is out of the books and very generalized.

Most of the parents thought the test was very well

Some of the school children organized. They found the questions thought
provoking and a barometer of the real understanding Mr. Santosh, Principal
who were class toppers did not
fare well in ASSET. We realized of the subject. Most importantly they were very happy
that the application level of with the ASSET score card which gave a detailed report
these children was very poor. It on the child's strengths and weaknesses and measures
to improve them.
has led to extra reading, more
of hands on activities and HOTS
It has led to incorporation of multiple choice questions in the school exams for all the classes.
questions for children, even in The analysis report was not only helpful to the children but it also helped the teachers to plan
the primary school. their lessons well. It has helped the teachers to know the absorption level of each child with
reference to various concepts in Science, English and Maths.

Atmiya Vidya Mandir, Surat

ASSET provides a definitive solution in identifying our academic deltas(gaps), which we leverage
by catering to the individual learning needs of the student. Their detailed results also help our
teachers understand their strengths and weaknesses and help them grow as professionals who
can empower the leaders of tomorrow, today-one child at a time.

Journey with ASSET so far

The basic philosophy of education at Atmiya Vidya Mandir is to develop the innate critical and
creative thinking capacities of children and ASSET has been our partner in helping us reach our
Mr. Yogesh Raval, Principal goals. Our students have been taking ASSET once every year since 2006.

The brains behind EI are genuinely interested in knowing, understanding and solving
problems for students, teachers, parents and anybody who takes education seriously. After our school ASSET results are
Therefore, they design innovative end to end solutions to educational problems that provide declared, the individual subject
us with a unique and authentic perspective of what needs to be done. teacher are given a week’s time
to reflect upon the concepts they
Students find ASSET appealing had delivered in the class which
the student missed or did not
The unique concept-based approach of ASSET has inspired our students to come up with understand after which a
original questions thereby leading to independent inquiry based learning. AQAD has
detailed root cause analysis
resulted in more collaborative efforts by students in finding solutions to a tough problem.
report and improvement plan is



10 transform

ASSET MyBook - Personalised Instructional Material

The ASSET MyBook process begins with data from the ASSET
diagnostic program that is done exclusively in schools. The data
from the diagnostic program is used to develop personalised
instructional material for each student based on her test results.
The instructional material is delivered in the form of a printed
“ASSET MyBook”.


1. An explanation of the skills and concepts that the student is
weak in.
2. Four to six questions per skill/concept to deepen the
student's understanding on the concept and to give the
student practice for mastering the skill.
3. Explanations and answers to each question.
ti on -ba sed p ersonalised bookle
Ques skills
to improve the

1. Delivers instructional content at an 1. After the scoring and analysis is done – the ASSET Analysis Program
unprecedented level of personalisation to (AAP) identifies two skills per subject that the child is weak in.
advance student learning 2. Based on this identification – the Program then identifies specific
2. Sense of ownership for each child as the questions that match the weak skills and compile the questions in the
content is personalised and designed form of a customised list
differently for each child 3. ASSET experts explain the answers for each question so that after the
3. Offers a specific activity/ process for each student has worked with her ASSET MyBook – she can refer to the
child to follow after the diagnostic test so Answers and Explanations and strengthen her own understanding.
that the benefits of the diagnosis can be 4. The ASSET MyBook is then compiled for all the subjects and printed
offered both at the class level (through (customised for each child).
work at school with teachers) and at the 5. The ASSET MyBook is then delivered to the students along with their
individual level (through the personalised customised analysis.
instructional material). 6. Teachers can work with individual students and discuss the questions
or common weak skills and common misconception questions in the



Designing and implementing a high-quality continuous assessment program is an important and challenging task for teachers. Apart
from the balance that the teacher wishes to achieve in terms of question types, difficulty levels and topics, she also spends a lot of time
actually “making” the paper. Through the “ASSET Test Generator” tool, teachers would find the task of generating high-quality
customised tests, easier, faster and more enjoyable.


ASSET Test Generator is an online tool, that helps teachers to-
? Quickly build customised tests that are appropriate to the class and topics/ sub topics covered by the teacher. This tool can be
used for unit tests, half-yearly tests, final exams or any kind of test. Tests are compatible with the curriculum of ICSE, CBSE,
IGCSE, IB and state boards.
? All the common types of questions used in school tests are covered including 'fill in the blanks',' true or false', 'short answer'
and 'multiple choice questions.
? Once the teacher specifies the 'parameters' like class, subject, topic and type of question, the system automatically generates
questions for the test paper in an easy-to-use format.
? Teachers can choose questions of the appropriate difficulty level.
? The tool also gives flexibility to teachers, so that they can modify the questions generated, add their own questions, and allot
marks to each question for the question paper.

Saves time in the construction of tests
Offers teachers exposure to a wide variety of questions (designed by
peers and experts) – expanding their own portfolio of potential
questions for any topic/ sub-topic
Helps teachers plan and design post-test remediation approaches
while constructing the test – this helps integrate assessment into the
teaching-learning process (from start to end) instead of leaving it as
an “end of topic/ term” exercise
Teachers can add their own questions to the database, thus allowing
them to create a paper with a mix of internal and external questions
Quality of test papers can be monitored and maintained across the
school/ school groups by academic heads eliminating potential
biases of teaching to the test
Creates a platform that encourages sharing of “good” questions
amongst a group of like-minded, progressive schools and their
Can provide benchmark data through the use of ‘benchmark’
questions from ASSET or other international standardised tests
Test generator is available for English, Maths and Science



12 transform

ASSET is a unique diagnostic test

that gives teachers and students
specific feedback that helps them
to improve the quality of learning.
The analysis forms a critical
component of the improvement
process as it provides a clear
picture which can be the basis for
planning specific interventions.

Analysis Best Practice

The use of ASSET data has also evolved over the years. Schools that take ASSET regularly are seeking patterns in the data that can give
them deeper insights. Some specific actions taken by schools are listed below. These can be termed as “BEST PRACTICES” related to
ASSET Analysis.

1. To identify specific concepts that children across grades are weak in and
to explore the possibility of one teacher teaching the same concept
across 3 – 4 grades. Hence a teacher would teach the concept of
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages for all sections in Grades 3 to 5
whereas another teacher would teach Basic Shapes, Angles and
Patterns in the same sections. S N Kansagra School Group in Rajkot has
been following this system for higher grade math teaching.

2. The teachers assess themselves on the skills that their children are
weak in attempt a specially constructed paper with questions from
ASSET that their class children are finding difficult

3. To “thread” a misconception/ weak skill across classes to check the

misconception source by analysing the data across 3 – 4 grades as a
group. To get to the source of the misconception, a lot of teachers are
engaging their students in open-ended discussions related to the
misconception. Teacher Sheets are being used as guides to keep the
discussions on track.

Bird's Eye View Report
Analysis Class English Maths Science
for School and 3 82.66%
- 78.26% 89.32%
4 100.66% 100.33% 97.88%

5 90.34% 84.38% 91.75%

6 100.62% 93.30% 96.15%

7 104.87% 99.50% 96.88%

8 104.95% 105.05% 107.01%

9 112.57% 115.87% 107.96%

10 102.32% 101.78% 101.99%

An overall look at the school’s performance gives us a

picture of the school’s best practices and concern areas.

Skill Performance Report

Each ASSET Question has a skill mapped to it. Responses

from students are collated and a class-wise skill
performance report is generated. With this report one
can easily identify the strong and weak skills of the entire
class and take corrective action.

Year-on-Year Analysis

This is a comparison of ASSET performance of the school

for two separate years, made on the request of the
participating school. This report shows whether the
school has improved in comparison with other schools
and in its own performance. test


14 transform
Class Performance Table
for School and

A comprehensive map of all student responses in a class

for a particular subject - useful to identify misconceptions.

Questions Students found Difficult / Easy

A quick indicator of 3 most difficult questions and 3 most

easy questions for every class in each subject - helps
teachers pick the questions for further analysis.

Questions with Common Wrong Answers.

Questions that are likely to have misconceptions-

highlighted for use by the teachers.

Student Circular Skill Profile Chart

for Students

Core skills remain

constant across
classes 3-10
It shows the student's strengths and weaknesses across
12 comprehensive skill nodes in the 3 subjects of
English, Maths and Science.

Students Scorecard

A question wise analysis that provides an

immediate tool to check whether the child made
a silly mistake or there was a mistake in
understanding of concepts.



16 transform
PAN Card

Jinaal Shah
for Students

Permanent ASSET number

English | Maths | Science |
Social Studies | Hindi

906726155 DOB: 19/12/1996


Permanent ASSET Number Card provides unique

ASSET ID to track student performance across years.

Student Strength/Weakness Analysis

A detailed skill-wise break-up of each skill node sharing strong and weak skills.

Good Shepherd English Medium
School, Nandyal conducted a
competition where students
prepared ASSET type questions
and put it into the ASSET question
box. Winners were declared for
the best questions. ASSET
questions were used in the school
quiz to improve the ability to
handle analytical and application
oriented questions.

Vidya Vikas Academy, Margao

made a graffiti- chart on “Why I
like to do ASSET” where students
freely expressed their ideas, with
interesting thoughts like –“it helps
us think and our brains won’t get
rusted!”. Some students wrote an
imaginative poems about ASSET.
The efforts of the students were
appreciated and some poems
were chosen to be published in
the annual school magazine.

Delhi Public School, Sri Jnanakshi Vidyaniketan,

Bangalore East organized Bangalore, conducted meetings
‘ASSET CIRCLE TIME’ - where for the discussion of teacher
students sat in circles on the sheets. They also conducted a
floor in the classroom and special session - a question from
last year’s ASSET paper was
discussed the previous years’ selected, which most of the
question papers among students had misunderstood.
themselves. These interactions Students expressed how they
helped them to have healthy thought, teachers analyzed the
d eb ates wh ile s o lvin g a misconceptions and made a
problem posed to them. report.

K PA T D h a r m a r a j N a d a r -
Rojapputhayammal Sivakasi Jaycees
Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Sivakasi
formed an ASSET committee in the
school, which takes care of all ASSET
related activities in their school. They
arranged ‘Talent Quest’ programmes,
in which students participated with
interest. Students of classes VIII and IX
came out with charts and models
relating to the various principles of
science and discussed it with others.



18 transform
The pre ASSET meeting though successful, left me with hundreds of questions
about the previous year's ASSET results and our standing in comparison with POST ASSET
our own school and schools across the nation. I rather found it difficult to
understand and compare our own results.

But the presentation that your team member made exploded all the myths
and misconceptions I had. I really can assess my school's standing now. The
teachers too are very clear about the ways to overcome their hurdles in the
forthcoming years. I really am very satisfied with the POST ASSET ANALYSIS.
- S. Chitra Jeyanthi,
Jaycees, Sivakasi

Till last year whatever services were Surprises, dime a dozen, were there to
offered by EI required the Principal The students are absolutely make the young and the not so young
to take it ahead and proved to be delighted with the AQAD Questions think from the morning till evening and
difficult because there were other and they have begun to eagerly wait later at home making everyone around
responsibilities that the Principal for the question next day. Some of too excited with a question or two.
had in the school. them copy it down in their notebooks Students were thinking on their feet
as soon as it is pinned to the AQAD and forgot the daily routine of even
Now with the model of a core team, board and are ready with the answer wishing the teacher for the mind was
it will surely work and I am sure all before the teacher walks into the ticking away to ask a question or
services will get used. classroom. answer many more.
- Dr. Seethalakshmi - St. Mary's J. N. P. School, - Sri Shenbaga Vinayagar Matriculation School,
Amrita Vidyalayam, Chennai Navi Mumbai Sivakasi

We have got a positive response from

the parents and got the suggestion ASSET dovetails very well with
that these kind of activities (ASSET what the school offers in terms of We have received a positive
Week) should be done so that it will be methodology and content. This is response from our children as
helpful to them in the future what The Shri Ram Schools have well as from their parents. We
competitive world. Also, it will make are very thankful to ASSET for
always done and now we have a
their position strong and make them providing wonderful mixing
confident. Some of them had also professional organisation that
offers similar standards. of Joy & Knowledge.
demanded to make these kind of
activities compulsory as they are
helpful to improve critical thinking and
decision making. - Ms Manika Sharma The Shri Ram School,
- N. S. N. Matriculation Higher Sec. School, - Rizvi Springfield School
Vasant Vihar, New Delhi Mumbai
Chitlapakkam, Chennai

The ASSET exam has worked very well for our school. Since it has been scientifically
designed, after a lot of research and is tailored for the Indian school system, it works
very well. However, unlike regular exams, it gives students a feel of what
international exams are like, since it follows a similar pattern- testing skills and
concepts, not merely book knowledge or rote memory! It also evaluates each
student individually, providing a complete analysis of their strengths and
weaknesses thus helping them realize their potential, while improving and bettering
the problem areas. Not only students, even school administrators have a clear
picture of school standards, since subject- wise, class-wise analysis is provided. Thus
raising the general academic level in the institution is made that much easier. It has
worked successfully for Vidyashram and students from Std III – X have proved to be
rather good at this testing system.
- J Ajeeth Prasath Jain, Principal
Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, Chennai


Date: _________________

Dear Parents,


We are glad to inform you that Educational Initiatives (EI) – an Ahmedabad based research organisation, founded by a group of IIM-
Ahmedabad alumni, is conducting a skill-based diagnostic assessment – ASSET. Over 2500 leading schools in India, Gulf and Singapore
have partnered with ASSET over the past 8 years. Our school is planning to participate in ASSET for all our students as it will give our
teachers detailed feedback along with a year-round school improvement program with specific ideas on helping our children in their
learning and our teachers in improving their teaching methods.

We would like ALL the students to participate from each class, so that the ASSET analysis can empower our teachers to consolidate
strength areas and improve on specific areas of weakness and misconceptions (common to all students of a particular grade).

The test is objective-multiple-choice type and the duration is between 45 minutes to an hour for each subject. No preparation is
required as the tests are based on what the students have already learnt in the classroom. The fee for the test is Rs 350 for English,
Maths and Science (Classes 3 to 10) and Rs 135 each for Hindi (Class 4 to 8) and Social Studies (Classes 5 to 10). This amount has been
added to the fee structure itself to facilitate collection of the fees.

It is also worth noting that Duke University (USA) which is one of the top 10 universities in the US has chosen performance in ASSET as
one of its pre-selection parameters for its Duke Talent Identification Program (Grades 7 and 8). Duke TIP will reserve the right to
choose schools and students and participation in ASSET does not mandate a pre-selection. More information is available on the Duke
TIP website at

Please visit for more information on how ASSET is helping children and schools across the country. We do look
forward to your continued support towards the initiatives taken by the school in helping our children learn better.

Yours truly,




20 transform

School Summary Form 2010 - Early Bird

To, School Code
Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH. PLEASE DO NOT
613-615, JB Tower, Opp. Doordarshan,
Drive-in Road, Ahmedabad 380 054.
(Leave blank if not known)
Phone: 079-40269696
Fax : 079-26841400 For the items marked (*), please read the instructions overleaf carefully before filling.


STD Code

If Any


(from School) Mobile: Mobile:
E-mail: E-mail:




10. TEST DATES (tick one) August 2-5, 2010 December 6-11, 2010

11. TYPE OF PARTICIPATION (tick one) Full School (All Classes 3 - 10) Full Class / Classes
Students Rate Amount SS Hindi Total Rate Amount
3 350 N.A. N.A.
4 350 N.A. 135
5 350 135
6 350 135
7 350 135
8 350 135
9 350 N.A. 135
10 350 N.A. 135
TOTAL (a) (b) (c)

TOTAL AMOUNT *: Rs. (d=b+c)

TEST ADMINISTRATION FEE (see table overleaf for percentage): Rs. (e)



Please find enclosed (tick P

one and fill)
a Multi-City Cheque no. _____________ dtd ___/___/_____ for Rs. __________ drawn on__________________ Bank, _________ branch.
a Demand Draft no. _____________ dtd ___/___/_____ for Rs. ___________ drawn on________________________ Bank, _________ branch.
signed and stamped ICICI Bank Pay-In Slip dtd ___/___/_____ for Rs. ________________ of Educational Initiatives Pvt Ltd's ICICI Bank account
no. 006405000246. (PAN no. AAACE9834B.)

Date: Principal / Coordinator's sign with school stamp

NOTE : Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Last date of submission of the form is March 1st, 2010
for the Advance Registration Opportunity, Early Bird.
INSTRUCTIONS for filling up the School Summary Form

Thank you for registering for

We request you to carefully read and follow these instructions which will help us process your registration quickly and in an error-free manner.

General Instructions:
1. Retain a copy of this form while submitting the original to Educational Initiatives (EI).
2. The last date for submitting the form is as follows:

Registration Last Date

Registration date with advance payment March 1st, 2010
Final Registration for Summer Round July 7th, 2010
Final Registration for Winter Round September 30th, 2010

3. A test administration fee may be retained by the school to cover test administration expenses including invigilation charges, DD charges, courier/postage charges,
etc as prescribed below.
4. Please mention the school code (provided by EI if the school has taken ASSET earlier) in the space provided on the top right corner. Schools registering for the first
time may leave the school code blank.
5. Students should be charged Rs. 350 for the 3 core subjects and Rs. 135 each for the optional subjects (Social Studies and Hindi).
6. Rs. 5,000 from the advance payment will be deducted if the test is cancelled or if the number of participating students falls below the eligibility slab.
7. Full payment should be credited to our bank account so that we can ship the papers on time.

Item-wise Specific Instructions:

Item No. Special Instructions

1. Please fill the school name legibly in the blocks provided writing one letter per block. Leave a blank box between each word. The school name will
appear on all certificates as written here, followed by the town name in brackets.

4. You will receive communications, automatic updates and dispatch details if you give an e-mail address.

11. Participation in the Advance Registration Opportunity has to be full class or full school only. Optional participation is not allowed in the Advance
Registration Opportunity.

12. The test administration fee is calculated as a percentage of the total amount payable based on the number of students and date of registration. Use
the table below to calculate the amount to be retained by the school as the test administration fee.



STUDENT RANGE 200-799 800 - 1599 1600 and above

TEST ADMIN FEE 10% 10% 15%

ADDITIONAL FREE Student Personalised Booklet Student Personalised Booklet Student Personalised Booklet
30% ADVANCE BEFORE Test Generator for the full [Test Generator for the Test Generator for the
MARCH 1st, 2010 school or Classes participating full school or Classes full school or
in EMS for the year participating in EMS Classes participating in
+ for the year EMS for the year
+ +
AQAD via email
AQAD via email AQAD via email
+ +
REP (2 visits) REP (2 visits) REP (2 visits)
+ + +
Teacher Sheets (soft copy) Teacher Sheets (soft copy)] Teacher Sheets (soft copy)
A Laptop worth Rs 25,000 A Laptop worth Rs 25,000

Please do not pay by cash or local cheque. You may pay by multi-city cheque, or demand draft or deposit the amount directly into the Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd.
ICICI Bank account No. 006405000246 in any ICICI Bank branch in your city. Multi-city cheques and demand drafts must be drawn in favour of "Educational Initiatives
Pvt. Ltd."(payable at Ahmedabad).
We believe that student learning can be significantly improved only through systematic research into learning
which includes assessment, as well as areas like misconception research. The working paper series shares learnings EI WORKING
from various past and present EI projects as well as path-breaking work in these areas elsewhere in the world.

The Royal Education Council (REC), Bhutan partnered with Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd (EI) to
carry out the 'Annual Status of Student Learning (ASSL)', a large scale assessment study for the
school children of Bhutan.

Key Findings:
1. The level of learning of Bhutanese students is lower than average international levels as
represented by reputed international studies.
2. Children are learning certain basic concepts reasonably well, but there clearly are gaps in the
learning of intermediate concepts across subjects.


How well are students in our 'top' schools learning? In order to try and understand this,
Educational Initiatives (EI) and Wipro Ltd. conducted a research study in the 5 metros – Mumbai,
Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore among the 30,000 students from 'top' 40 schools in 2006.
However the larger goal was to take a critical issue - the quality of student learning - and to try and
gain insights about it based, not on opinion or 'experience', but on hard data.

Key Findings
1. Students across classes answer rote-based or procedural questions relatively well. The flip
side of this, however, is that students seem to rely on memory or learnt procedures to answer
almost all questions, rather than trying to think through and solve the unfamiliar ones.
2. Students are learning in 'compartments', i.e. they may be aware of two pieces of information,
but often don’t know how they are related or how that relation works in a real life situation.
3. Apart from problems with learning strategies, a number of specific and clear 'common errors'
exist in the different subjects. Since they are widespread, it should not be difficult for
textbooks and teachers to specifically address these errors.

Working Paper 3 – A personalized adaptive learning system for students

Studies conducted by Educational Initiatives (EI) indicate that the problem of poor learning
standards affect almost all 'schools for the poor' – government-run as well as the so-called 'low-
cost private schools.'The problem exists at two levels – one, students are often not developing
even the basic literacy skills like reading, counting, etc. Two, the little learning that happens
tends to be procedural or 'mechanical' learning – students are able to follow taught procedures
but have not understood the underlying concepts.
With the constant advancement in Technology, many e-learning solutions have been
introduced to achieve quality at scale, but in reality the e-learning solutions tend to be
technology-driven and educationally weak. We present here a solution – Mindspark - we
believe is educationally-rich and technology-supported.
It is a computer based, adaptive learning solution designed to allow the child to learn at her own pace and to serve, wherever
possible, to supplement, not replace classroom teaching. The system is currently being used for Maths learning and early results
have been very encouraging. A language Mindspark system is currently under development and trial.

Mindspark Impact
1. A comparison of the pre- and post-test scores in the Mumbai trials shows a statistically significant positive improvement in
student learning – an increase of over 34% on the existing learning base. The improvement in student scores in the Ratlam
project was to the tune of 90% on an extremely low learning base.
2. The system's adaptive logic allows each child to work at her own pace reinforcing the child's confidence and interest in the subject.




24 transform
Questions trigger
the children’s
thinking process in
an interesting way

Greatly thrilled to
find the questions
they posed had even
the teachers thinking
for a while


EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES PVT. LTD. MindSpark: A unique computer-based self learning

program which uses questions of gradually increasing
Head office: level to help students gain mastery and confidence over
key concept - automatically adjusting itself to the need
613, J.B.Towers, Opp. Doordarshan, and speed of each student; suitable for students of ICSE,
Drive-In Road, Ahmedabad - 380054 CBSE and state board and is currently available in Maths.
Phone: +91 79 40269696
Fax: +91 79 26841400 ASSETOnline: Internet-based version of ASSET that
can be taken at any time by students – available in 3
ASSET Online subjects for classes 3-10; provides detailed analysis
of students' strength/weakness and benchmarking
ABOUT EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES (EI) data with the peer group.

EI is now recognized as the leading organization working in

the field of learning assessment in India and abroad. Its ® ASSET Question-a-Day (AQAD): Sample ASSET
vision is “A world where children everywhere are learning ASSET questions sent to students by email on every working
day so that they can test their understanding daily
with understanding”. The founding team of EI started and and learn from the right answers given the next day;
QUESTION - A - DAY available to all students taking ASSET.
ran Eklavya School in Ahmedabad for several years. This
experience and interactions with thousands of teachers,
parents and principals told us that learning is often being ®
ASSET Question Making Competition (QMC): An
equated today with marks in school tests and Board annual competition for teachers at a national level to
encourage good question-making habits, sharing of
Exams. ASSET is our vehicle to change that, not by best practices and recognition of teachers and
prescription, but by sharing information on what children
National Question-Making Competition
schools with good question-making skills.

are really understanding, how they tackle unfamiliar

questions and indeed how well they are understanding. Teacher Sheet: Document made available 10 times a
year per class/subject to teachers in schools who take
We believe that these are the skills that will be of crucial ASSET, to highlight common misconceptions in Maths
importance in the years to come. Based on our work in SHEET and Science and identify problems in reading
comprehension in English – include reasons for asking
ASSET and large scale assessments over the last seven the question, possible reasons for wrong answers, the
gaps in student learning and some remedial measures.
years, we have launched “Mindspark” in July, 2008 that
actually helps students and schools improve learning. Student Misconception videos: Research documents
in video-recorded format based on interviews with
EI's team has experienced and dedicated teachers and 2,500 students nationally on some basic concepts in
Maths, Science and English – providing insights into
professionals with strong backgrounds in school education. "how do our children think?", jointly produced by EI
This background helps the team understand and implement and Wipro.
solutions that are based on actual needs of schools,
Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Program
students and teachers. (TEEP): A teacher observation based assessment

Bangalore Office:
Teacher Evaluation Program
program that involves a team of experts from EI
observing and analysing the teaching process in a
school. The objective is to offer actionable feedback to
teacher to enhance teacher effectiveness in planning
No. 97, 2nd Floor, Robertson Road, Frazer Town, and execution.
Bangalore – 560 005
Tele: 080-64567049, 41237162 Bhutan Project: The Royal Education Council has
engaged EI for three different projects - the Child
Delhi Office: BHUTAN Tracking System, the Annual Status of Student
Learning and Teacher Needs Assessments. EI has also
A-252A, 3rd Floor, Lakshyadeep Plaza, P R O J E C T
been given a 5-year project to help Bhutan set up an
Sant Nagar,East Of Kailash, New Delhi – 110 065 Assessment Institute.
Tele: 011- 26462264, 40584952

Hyderabad Office: Google Project: A first-of-its-kind project embarked

upon by EI with Google Org., to measure learning levels
Flat No 401/A, Shri S.K.Vihar, H.No:3-4-578/1, TM

of government school children across 21 Indian states.

B/S Sri Chaitanya College, Opp. Deepak Cinema, It is an ambitious and complex exercise involving
Narayanaguda, Hyderabad – 500029 assessment of student achievement in classes 4, 6 and
Tele: 040 – 32419534 8 in about 15 languages.

Mumbai Office: Working paper series: We believe that significantly

RH – 1, Sea coast - 2, Kille Gaothan, CBD Belapur, improved student learning can happen only through
Navi Mumbai - 400 614 systematic research into learning which includes
assessment, as well as areas like misconception
Tele: 022 – 32686329, 27561430 research. The working paper series shares learnings
from various past and present EI projects as well as path-
breaking work in these areas elsewhere in the world.