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Marketing Strategy:

Marketing strategy consists of the analysis, strategy development, and implementation activities in:
Developing a vision about the market(s) of interest to the organization, selecting market target
strategies, setting objectives, and developing, implementing, and managing the marketing program
positioning strategies designed to meet the value requirements of the customers in each market
Strategic marketing is a market-driven process of strategy development, taking into account a
constantly changing business environment and the need to deliver superior customer value. The
focus of strategic marketing is on organizational performance rather than a primary concern about
increasing sales. Marketing strategy seeks to deliver superior customer value by combining the
customer-influencing strategies of the business into a coordinated set of market-driven actions.
Strategic marketing links the organization with the environment and views marketing as a
responsibility of the entire business rather than a specialized function.
Because of marketings boundary orientation between the organization and its customers, channel
members, and competition, marketing processes are central to the business strategy planning
process. Strategic marketing provides the expertise for environmental monitoring, for deciding
what customer groups to serve, for guiding product specifications, and for choosing which
competitors to position against. Successfully integrating cross-functional strategies is critical to
providing superior customer value. Customer value requirements must be transformed into product
design and production guidelines. Success in achieving high-quality goods and services require
finding out which attributes of goods and service quality drive customer value.

Marketing Strategy Process

The marketing strategy analysis, planning, implementation and management process is described
below. The strategic situation analysis considers market and competitor analysis, market
segmentation, and continuous learning about markets. Designing marketing strategy examines
customer targeting and positioning strategies, marketing relationship strategies and planning for
new products. Marketing program development consists of product, distribution, price, and
promotion strategies designed and implemented to meet the value requirements of targeted buyers.
Strategy implementation and management consider organizational design and marketing strategy
implementation and control.

Stage 1: Strategic Situation Analysis

Marketing management uses the information provided by the situation analysis to guide the design
of a new strategy or change an existing strategy. The situation analysis is conducted on a regular
basis after the strategy is under way to evaluate strategy performance and identify needed strategy
Market Vision, Structure, and Analysis. Markets need to be defined so that buyers and competition
can be analyzed. For a market to exist, there must be (1) people with particular needs and wants and
one or more products that can satisfy buyers needs, and (2) buyers willing and able to purchase a
product that satisfies their needs and wants. A product-market consists of a specific product (or line
of related products) that can satisfy a set of needs and wants for the people (or organizations)

willing and able to purchase it. The term product is used to indicate either a physical good or an
intangible service.
Analyzing product-markets and forecasting how they will change in the future are vital to business
and marketing planning. Decisions to enter new product-markets, how to serve existing productmarkets, and when to exist in unattractive product-markets are critical strategic choices. The
objective is to identify and describe the buyers, understand their preferences for products, estimate
the size and rate of growth of the market, and find out what companies and products are competing
in the market.
Evaluation of competitiors strategies, strengths, limitations and plans is also a key aspect of the
situation analysis. It is important to identify both existing and potential competitors. Competitor
analysis includes evaluating each key competitor. The analyses highlight the competitions
important strengths and weaknesses. A key issue is trying to figure out what each competitor is
likely to do in future.

Segmenting Markets.
Market segmentation looks at the nature and extent of diversity of buyers needs and wants in a
market. It offers an opportunity for an organization to focus in business capabilities on the
requirements of one or more groups of buyers. The objective of segmentation is to examine
differences in needs and wants and to identify the segments (sub-groups) within the product-market
of interest. Each segment contains buyers with similar needs and wants for the product category of
interest to management. The segments are described using the various characteristics of people, the
reasons that they buy or use certain products, and their preferences for certain brands of products.
Likewise, segments of industrial product-markets may be formed according to the type of industry,
the uses for the product, frequency of product purchase, and various other factors.
Each segment may vary quite a bit from the average characteristics of the entire product-market.
The similarities of buyers needs within a segment enable better targeting of the organizations
capabilities to buyers with corresponding value requirements.
Continuous Learning about Markets. One of the major realities of achieving business success today
is the necessity of understanding markets and competition. Sensing what is happening and is likely
to occur in the future is complicated by competitive threats that may exist beyond traditional
industry boundaries. For example, CD-ROMs compete with books.

Stage 2: Designing Market-Driven Strategies

The strategic situation analysis phase of the marketing strategy process identifies market
opportunities, defines market segments, evaluates competition, and assesses the organizations
strengths and weaknesses. Market sensing information plays a key role in designing marketing
strategy, which includes market targeting and positioning strategies, building marketing
relationships, and developing and introducing new products.

Market Targeting and Strategic Positioning. Marketing advantage is influenced by several

situational factors including industry characteristics, type of firm (e.g., size), extent of
differentiation in buyers needs, and the specific competitive advantage(s) of the company

designing the marketing strategy. The core issue is deciding how, when, and where to compete,
given a firms market and competitive environment.
The purpose of the marketing targeting strategy is to select the people (or organizations) that
management wishes to serve in the product-market. When buyers needs and wants vary, the market
target is usually one or more segments of the product-market. Once the segments are identified and
their relative importance to the firm determined, the targeting strategy is selected. The objective is
to find the best match between the value requirements of each segment and the organizations
distinctive capabilities. The targeting decision is the focal point of marketing strategy since
targeting guides the setting of objectives and developing a positioning strategy. The options range
from targeting most of the segments to targeting one or few segments in a product-market. The
targeting strategy may be influenced by the markets maturity , the diversity of buyers needs and
preferences, the firms size compared to competition, corporate resources and priorities, and the
volume of sales required to achieve favorable financial results. Deciding the objectives for each
market target spells out the results expected by management. Examples of market target objectives
are desired levels of sales, market share, customer retention, profit contribution, and customer
satisfaction. Marketing objectives may also be set for the entire business unit and for specific
marketing activities such as advertising.
The marketing program positioning strategy is the combination of product, value-chain, price, and
promotion strategies a firm uses to position itself against its key competitors in meeting the needs
and wants of the market target, the strategies and tactics used to gain a favorable position are called
the marketing mix or the marketing program.
Marketing Relationship Strategies. Marketing relationship partners may include end user
customers, marketing channel members, suppliers, competitor alliances, and internal teams. The
driving force underlying these relationships is that a company may enhance its ability to satisfy
customers and cope with a rapidly changing business environment through collaboration of the
parties involved. Relationship strategies gained new importance in the last decade as customers
became more demanding and competition became more intense. Building long-term relationships
with customers and value-chain partners offers companies a way to provide superior customer
value. Although building collaborative relationships may not always be the best course of action,
this avenue for gaining a competitive edge is increasing in popularity.
Strategic partnering has become an important strategic initiative for many well known companies
and brands. Many firms outsource the manufacturing of their products. Examples include Motorola
cell phones, Calvin Klein jeans, Pepsi beverages, and Nike footwear. Strong relationships with
outsourcing partners are vital to the success of these powerful brands. The trend of the 21st century
is partnering rather than vertical integration.
Planning for New Products. New products are needed to replace old products because of declining
sales and profits. Strategies for developing and positioning new market entries involve all functions
of the business. Closely coordinated new-product planning is essential to satisfy customer
requirements and produce products with high quality at competitive prices. New-product decisions
include finding and evaluating ideas, selecting the most promising for development, designing the
products, developing marketing programs, use and market testing the products, and introducing
them to the market.

The new-product planning process starts by identifying gaps in customer satisfaction. The
differences between existing product attributes and those desired by customers offer opportunities
for new and improved products.

Stage 3: Market-Driven Program Development

Market targeting and positioning strategies for new and existing products guide the choice of
strategies for the marketing program components. Product, distribution, price, and promotion
strategies are combined to form the positioning strategy selected for each market target.

The marketing program (mix) strategies implement the positioning strategy. The objective is to
achieve favorable positioning while allocating financial, human, and production resources to
markets, customers, and products as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Strategic Brand Management. Products (goods and services) often are the focal point of positioning
strategy, particularly when companies or business adopt organizational approaches emphasizing
product or brand management. Product strategy includes: (1) developing plans for new products,
(2) managing programs for successful products, and (3) deciding what to do about problem
products (e.g., reduce costs or improve the product). Strategic brand management consists of
building brand value (equity) and managing the organizations portfolio for overall performance.
Value-Chain, Price, and Promotion Strategies. One of the major issues in managing program is
deciding how to integrate the components of the mix. Product, distribution, price, and promotion
strategies are shaped into a coordinated plan of action. Each component helps to influence buyers in
their positioning of products. If the activities of these mix components are not coordinated, the
actions may conflict and resources may be wasted. For example, if the advertising messages for a
companys brand stress quality and performance, but salesperson emphasize low price, buyers will
be confused and brand damage may occur.
Market target buyers may be contacted on a direct basis using the firms sales force or by direct
marketing contact (e.g., Internet), or instead, through a value-added chain (distribution channel) of
marketing intermediaries (e.g., wholesalers, retailers, or dealers). Distribution channels are often
used in linking procedures with end user household and business markets. Decisions that need to be
made include the type of channel organization to use, the extent of channel management performed
by the firm, and the intensity of distribution appropriate for the product or service. The choice of
distribution channels influences buyers positioning of the brand.
Price also plays an important role in positioning a product or service. Customer reaction to
alternative prices, the cost of the product, the prices of the competition and various legal and ethical
factors establish the extent of flexibility management has in setting prices. Price strategy involves
choosing the role of price in the positioning strategy, including the desired positioning of the
product or brand as well as the margins necessary to satisfy and motivate distribution channel
participants. Price may be used as an active (visible) component of marketing strategy, or, instead,
marketing emphasis may be on other marketing mix components (e.g., product quality).

Advertising, sales promotion, the sales force, direct marketing, and public relations help the
organization to communicate with its customers, value-chain partners, the public, and other target
audiences. These activities make up the promotion strategy, which performs an essential role in
communicating the positioning strategy to buyers and other relevant influences. Promotion informs,
reminds, and persuades buyers and others who influence the purchasing process.

Stage 4: Implementing and Managing Market-Driven Strategy

Selecting customers to target and the positioning strategy for each target moves marketing strategy
development to the action stage. This stage considers designing the marketing organization and
implementing and managing the strategy.
Designing Effective Market-Driven Organizations. An effective organization design matches
people and work responsibilities in a way that is best for accomplishing the firms marketing
strategy. Deciding how to assemble people into organizational units and assign responsibility to the
various mix components that make up the marketing strategy are important influences on
performance. Organizational structures and processes must be matched to the business and
marketing strategies that are developed and implemented. Organizational design needs to be
evaluated on a regular basis to assess its adequacy and to identify necessary changes.
Strategy Implementation and Control. Marketing strategy implementation and control consist of:
(1) preparing the marketing plan and budget; (2) implementing the plan; and (3) using the plan in
managing and controlling the strategy on an ongoing basis. The marketing plan includes details
concerning targeting, positioning, and marketing mix activities. The plan spells out what is going to
happen over the planning period, who is responsible, how much it will cost, and the expected
results (e.g., sales forecasts).
The marketing plan includes action guidelines for the activities to be implemented, who does what,
the dates and location of implementation, and how implementation will be accomplished. Several
factors contribute to implementation effectiveness including the skills and commitment of the
people involved, organizational design, incentives, and the effectiveness of communication within
the organization and externally.

Marketing strategy is an ongoing process of making decisions, implementing them, and tracking
their effectiveness over time. In terms of its time requirements, strategic evaluation is far more
demanding than planning. Evaluation and control are concerned with tracking performance and,
when necessary, altering plans to keep performance on track. Evaluation also includes looking for
new opportunities and potential threats in the future. It is the concerning link in the strategic
marketing planning process. By serving as both the last stage and the first stage (evaluation before
taking action) in the planning process, strategic evaluation assures that strategy is an ongoing

In this, an in-depth analysis on the Britannias Marketing Strategy and Competitive Strategy is
illustrated. In detail this report contains the different marketing strategies adopted by Britannia to
help them grow and succeed in the market. This paper covers many sections such as; PEST-G
analysis, SWOT analysis, Growth strategy and Marketing Mix.

In view of the fact that Britannia Industries Limited is a food based organization which produces a
large variety of Biscuits, Diary products, Rusk, Bread and Cakes, it is evident that they have now
excelled in their business. Within this document the evidence of companys current position and
success is at hand with a concentration on the marketing mix and the SWOT analysis of Britannia.

In brief, we see that Britannia Industries Limited, continues to improve the quality of their products
to meet the consumers demands and prevail over the competitive edge.

Britannia Biscuits was set up in 1892, in a very plain and ordinary house in Kolkata with the initial
investments of Rs. 295. By 1978, Britannia biscuits had crossed 60% of the shares of the firm,
followed by renaming the company to Britannia Industries Limited(BIL) and in 1983 it crossed Rs
100 crores revenue margin. Then as we know, in 1992 it celebrated its Platinum Jubilee. Eat
Healthy, Think Better was revealed in 1997. It was gaining the status of quality and value and in
1999, the Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao promotion made the consumers even more aware then
before which helped them even more prominent in the market. In the 21st century it came out as
Indias largest and most famous brand of biscuit.
Now Britannia is no more just another ordinary biscuit but it is one of the most renowned and well
known biscuit in the world. From a small fairy tale it reached new standards and from a small
investment it has got a high margin of profit which has been very positive for the company
investors. They have a variety of biscuits even considering the health and economy to the life-style
oriented types.


Business Sector And Geographical Market.
Britannia Industries Limited is a public food industry, with its headquarters located in Banglore,
well-known for its Britannia and Tiger biscuits. It now has around 300 stores spread, owned by
Danone and Kalabakan Investments in India. As we know, they deal in Biscuits, Rusk, Diary
products, Bread and Cakes.
The company, in 2007 formed a Joint Venture with Khimji Ramdas Group to expand and sell
biscuits to the Middle East countries, as its the most respected business and the key district players
in selling biscuits. It now provides a large range of commodities under the brand Nutro, which is
the primary brand name in Middle East.

PEST G Analysis

Political Factors:
The Food regulations were put into practice at the State & Central level.
Severe TAX rules had been started.
Several other Government Regulations were put into action.

Economic Factors:
The Gross Domestic Products started rising at 8-9%

Social Factors:
70% inhabitants are lower than 35 years of age.
Good knowledge among the individuals of various things.

Technological Factors:
Process improvement and Product Innovation played a great role.
Innovative techniques were thought to be adopted.

Competitors - Parle Glucose also known as Parle-G (G for Genius) is manufactured in India by the
Parle Products which is one of the oldest brand names and the biggest selling biscuits in India.
Market Share - Parle-G has a market share of 70% in the biscuit industry in India followed by
Britannia, Tiger with 17-18%, and Sunfeast of 8-9% share.
Sales/Profit Trend - More than 50% of the companys turnover is estimated at around Rs 20 billion.
It has started expanding to areas such as Western Europe, USA, UK, UAE and Canada.
Target Market - Parle has a target market which is focused in India, consisting of people of all
category groups such as children, teenagers, family members and even old aged people as it is a
popular biscuit eaten during Tea-time snack.

Market Share and Sales and Profit Trend
Britannia market position is very high due to factors relating to its pricing strategies, distribution
channels and variety of products. They commence new products to satisfy the consumers needs
giving them new and alternative products to choose, which in turn benefit the company by having
more potential for growth. So we understand that the company is not only growing, but also gaining
profits. Their estimated market share is 38%. In the early years of the company, they received sales
at an annual rate of 16% in market and their operational proceeds were nearly 18%. But now it has
been increased to 27%, giving Britannia annual revenue of Rs 2,200 crore only from their biscuits.
10% is contributed by the diary products. They have an annual capacity of 433,000 tones of biscuits
with sale while exporting up to $150.75 million.

Swot Analysis

Widely Distributed network and accepted by all age groups.
Innovative products like-Little Hearts, 50-50 Chakkar, and Nice Time.
Celebrity endorsements Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan, Salmaan khan and Bipasha basu.
The Brand Slogan of Britannia Eat Healthy Think Better is the key asset of the firm.
It is available in various different forms of packages.
The variety of products is an added advantage as they not only focus on assorted biscuits but also
cakes, breads, Rusk and diary products.

Faces stiff competition from their rival Parle and Nestle on the basis of Price and Distribution
The industry and technology requires high investments.
As too many different types of brands enter the market, they might loose focus.
Even though the prices are affordable, they might not be easily available to the lower income

People are willing to try newer variants and hence it satisfies the taste buds by its newer variants.

It generates employment opportunities.

As consumers are very concerned about their health, it helps them to strengthen brands
NutriChoice, Milk Bikis, and Tiger biscuits.
Competition increases.
This helps to enhance mergers.


They might sometimes be unable to utilize all the resources efficiently.

They may provide poor quality of biscuits for more profits.
As there are a number of biscuits in the existing market, they have large number of challengers.
Consumer demands may alter impulsively.
Government might come up with new restrictions without notices.


Marketing Strategy include anything from facts, events, procedures, values and personalities.
Britannia nearly sells all their products all over India and even exports it other few countries. Their
market rate kept growing every year in the Indian market. Therefore, BIL has implemented a
Diversification strategy, so that it becomes the market leader in the food and biscuits industry. But
they made sure that when they diversify, they make similar kinds of products such as cheese, diary
products and even more bakery items. So the company can realize their marketing strategies by
underlining the opportunities in the market. There are a various different strategies they adopted.
Segmentation - They believed in the best quality of products for the consumers as they are health
conscious and so they fulfil this need of the consumers.
Targeting - The Company focussed on building a good relationship with the customers as they are
they play the most important part in the sale of products. Not only did they keep up to the old
customers expectation, but they also try to make new customers as their retention plays a major
role for the growth of their business.
Positioning - While manufacturing new products, they dont fail to remember their competitors
way of fighting against them, instead they pay even more attention to each and every step they take
towards success as they want to be ahead of them and succeed.
Growth Strategy - Even though Britannia biscuits started off by selling their products in India, they
slowly expanded and started to export it to other parts of the world. By doing so, they adapted to
the different cultures of those countries and made plans for those neighbouring areas and
researched and analyzed which product has more demand than the others and ways to improve their

Promoting their brands is a very essential idea for their marketing strategy as it helps understand
the consumers the variety of benefits they get while purchasing the product. They should advertise
and publicize their message clearly stating the facts.
Based on the marketing strategies, we understand that building a brand is an important part of the
company. They understand how to increase sales and profits in a short span of time while
continuing to promote its variety of brands to create loyal consumers.

Britannia have a large variety of products to choose from, not only do they manufacture Biscuits,
but they also make different types of Diary items, Breads and Rusk. They launch products which in
gets good returns for the company through building a good brand and quality products which are
supplied across different countries.
The main streamline of Britannia products include:
Biscuits such as:
Marie Gold
Milk Bikis
Time Pass
NutriChoice also available for Diabetic people.
Dairy Delights include few products like:
Dahi (Yoghurt)

Bread types have:


Assorted Breads

Benefits of Branding
As we all know, Britannia biscuits still have higher growth potential in the market as its one of the
best-known brands in India and popular among other countries as well. Even though they have

come up with new variety of biscuits, they still emphasis on their initial biscuit brands such as
Tiger, Good Day, Marie, Treat and even more. Britannia has diversified by also making Breads,
Cakes and other Diary products. Its brands are considered to be an excellent value by Indias priceconscious consumers. Tiger Biscuit is one of the most distinguished brands and is extremely
popular among the rural areas and consumers. Sports and sporting events also are a key channel for
promotions. The companys "Britannia khao, World Cup jao" (Eat Britannia, travel to see the World
Cup) campaign in 2003 was the most recognized sales promotion among all Cricket World Cuprelated sales activity.

Britannia had started selling products in India, but now it has expanded overseas to places like
Middle East and Sri Lanka.

They have even started to export their goods to places such as:
Saudi Arabia

Britannia has adopted the Market Penetration Method of pricing. It focuses on the quality of the
products keeping in mind the pricing strategy. This helps improve and generate large sale volume
for their products. It aims at maximizing the market share and to produce new product lines. A few
examples are:
Vegetarian Cakes are available at Rs. 15/- for a 75 gm pack.
Nutrichoice Health Starter Kit is for Rs 100.
Britannia Tiger Banana packed with IRON ZOR priced at Rs.2, Rs.4 and Rs.10.

To attract the consumers of Britannia, they very innovatively came up with ideas to promote their
brand in numerous different ways, and now they have leveraged Indias two most successful
passions of all times:

Nearly every Indians dream was to be present at a stadium while India is playing cricket, during
the World Cup, so Britannia created the Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao contest in 1999. They
made it very simple for their target market to enter this contest, which was to purchase more
products to win a scratch and win lucky card and winning an all expenses paid trip to England to
watch the World Cup Match. They held it again in 2002-2003 held in South Africa which
successfully set a unique trend of their own. They even came up with another creative promotion of
Britannia Khao, Cricketer Ban Jao that was fuelled by the need of every Indian to be a part of the
passion called Cricket followed by a promotion called Britannia Lagaan Match in 2001 that
revolved around a movie called Lagaan was based on a cricket match. This promotion gave the
consumers a chance to interact with the film stars and also get to pay cricket with them. The match
had over 40,000 spectators and made the headlines of leading newspapers and news channels and
was found to be the most unbeaten promotional act of that year. So we understand that sports and
the sporting events are the key promotional tools of Britannia.
Therefore we now know that Britannia promotes their products through various medias such as
Events, Television, Magazines and Sales Promotions too.


Companys current position/success
Britannia Company releases on November 10th, 2010 that BIL obtained sales of Rs 10,948 MM
with growth of 27.5% which shows an increase.

The company also releases that they received sales worth of Rs 9,128 MM during the year end,
with a growth of 24.8% followed by a boost of 20% in the volume.

Now that we have an in-depth view of the companys profile, marketing strategy and marketing
mix, it shows the different methods used to adapt to promote and publicize their products across
India and other countries. Based on the information researched, we find that they focus on
consumer needs to a very large extent. This is shown by the fact that, since consumers are more
health conscious nowadays, they have introduced NutriChoice Diabetic Biscuits. It is also proven
by their tagline, Eat Healthy, Think Better. In conclusion, we see that how a small sized company

has grown to be one of the largest biscuit selling brands across India and many other countries

Market communications and strategies of Britannia

Britannia, Indias one of the leading biscuit firms started from Kolkata and currently based in
Bangalore, have been in the Indian market for more than 100 years with consistent performance
providing delight to million households daily. Britannias annual production capacity is
approximately 433,000 tonnes. Britannia takes pride in creating prominent brand names of biscuits
like VitaMariesGold, Tiger, Good Day, 50-50, Treat, Milk Bikis, Bourbon, Little hearts, Nice, Thin
Arrowroot, Pure Magic, Good Morning etc.

Fig 1. Products of Britannia

With a market share of 38% and 27% y-o-y growth Britannia has been able to find itself at the top
position in India in manufacturing and sales of biscuit, bread, cake, dairy products and rusk. The
net profit grew significantly at 382% from Rs 396 mn in 1998-99 to Rs 1,910 mn in 2007-08,
giving a CAGR of 19.1%. As per latest financial reports, the issued and paid up capital of Britannia
amounts to 23, 890,163 equity shares having a nominal value of Rs 10 each and the shareholder
base is about 25,300 in number. Also it features as one of the top 100 most trusted brands in the
world. This enormous success and huge brand value is the compounded result of its excellent
marketing strategy and efficient distribution network.
In this area the organized sector consists of the large to medium to small scale biscuit
manufacturers and Priyagold, Amul, Parle, Bakemans etc. are the major players other than
Britannia. The unorganized sector consists of cottage and household type manufacturing plants and
bakery units catering supply to the surrounding locality. But this unorganized sector consists of a
huge proportion of biscuit production in India.

1. Marketing Channels
Britannia has tactically managed its marketing channels to retain control on the products as well as
pricing. Through its wide network of distribution it has possibly reached to all corners of this
country. While the wholesaler and the retailers look for maximization of their profits from the
different SKUs of a company it calls for the most efficient distribution network.
Britannia adopted the indirect marketing channel and uses the 2-level distribution channel as shown
in the figure. It also relies on the Dependent channel arrangement to avoid any conflict with the
intermediaries. The channel member functions are as follows:
1. Place order with manufacturers

2.Gather information about the potential and current customers,

Fig 2. Consumer Marketing Channel of Britannia

3. Provide a successful storage and smooth movement of physical products in least cost.
4. Create more market by persuasive communication to stimulate purchasing.
Britannia also takes care of its forward and backward flow of activity in respect of product and
information. While analyzing the channel design decision it takes into account the lot size, waiting
and delivery time and product variety. Then it segments it market depending on its preset criteria
and assigns proper channel for each segment minimizing total channel cost and still providing
desired levels of service output. For products like hard biscuits or without any cream or wafer
indirect marketing is what Britannia follows. But for perishable products it requires more direct
marketing. To provide these products to big retailers like food-bazaar sometimes Britannia itself
does the distribution through its sales force or their agent does it for them.
Being a daily consuming food in households, biscuits are needed in huge lots in the retailers.
Britannia does an Intensive distribution (Mass Coverage) depending on their forecasting in that
area. As Britannias products are consumed daily, relatively low priced products and consumers
seek these products in the nearest stores at their convenience so stuffing of products in all possible
corners are needed. With large area of coverage the distribution cost increases, but then it have to
be offset with the high increase in sales volume.
As far as channel powers are concerned its undoubtedly the Product power or the Backend power
of Britannia that is in the market place of distribution. Therefore channel members have little
choice but to take up these products as part of their sales and distribution portfolio. But to maintain
a healthy relationship with the channel members a perfect two-way conversation is also very
essential. As members pass on the required information to Britannia, it also provides incentives to
the retailers. These incentives are normally additional free products, bonus or free trips for
achieving sales goals. Britannia also provides shelves to its retailers when and as needed to
accommodate their products at free of cost with Britannias standees or advertisements along with
As far as marketing channels are concerned Britannia has also been into telemarketing and internet
marketing. In 2009 Britannia with vendor Mobile2Win, a leading mobile VAS company that
provides contests and interactivity, initiated the famous campaign Little Hearts, Many
Connections! to promote its product Little heart. It was a network making SMS sending campaign
for young people to indulge in little chit chats over SMS and the lucky winner could get away with
a new Chevrolet Spark.

Fig 3: Little Heart Campaign on MTV website

Fig 4: Britannia Online Memory Game
launch. Thus Britannia has used its hybrid channels to venture into different arenas to maximize its
market coverage. The diagram in Fig5 tells us about the type of value-adds happen with different
marketing channels and Britannia has done their campaign almost through all channels and that too
with tremendous success. The campaign was done through internet and TV commercials. In the
web it was put up on MTVs website. For another famous campaign of Britannia khao world cup
jao campaign increases its profit by 37%. In 2001 Britannia Lagaan Match was the most

successful promotional activity of the year. Maska Chaska has also been Indias most successful

Fig 5. The Value-adds vs Different Channels

As far as Britannias marketing channels are concerned it is very much effective and has been in
place for years. So it has shaped itself with the market fluctuation and got matured with time. But
compared to Priyamarie Gold or ParleG the rural penetration of Britannia has not been that much
successful. As a strategy it can promote through local magazine, radio and TV also. In terms of
channel they can employ local workers and utilize their acquaintance as a strong penetration
mechanism. Otherwise as such there is no issue in Britannias marketing channels.
2. Physical distribution cum logistics strategies
Physical distribution starts at the factory. Manager at Britannia make decision of warehouse and
transportation carriers that will deliver the goods to final destination in the desired time at the
lowest cost possible.

Fig 6: Distribution channel

Britannia is using the intensive distribution for its product so as to achieve the following benefits:
Increase of the product availability
Promote the retailers to compete more aggressively
Increase coverage and sales
Major players in the distribution network are as mentioned below:

Agents (If required)
Britannia has nearly 1800 wholesalers catering to 501000 retail outlets directly or indirectly. It also
has a strong dedicated field force service which is around 200 in numbers. Additionally there are 48
depots, supplying goods to its wide distribution network.
Britannia has level 1, level 2, level 3 distribution channel levels.
Level 1:

Availability of Britannia biscuits at all the departmental stores across the country
Level 2:
Since its an FMCG product, this channel exists for the customers spread across India
Level 3:
Mass consumption and suitable for both domestic and international coverage
Its logistic strategies include material management, material flow systems and physical distribution
aided by information technology (IT).
Overall logistics and distribution channel can be summarized as given below:

Fig 7: Overall logistic

Suggestions for the Britannia Distribution Channels/ logistics
Increase the margins:
Motivate the various channel members as it is very important factor for the increasing the margin
for the hard selling items

These should be increased in number so as to increase the penetration in market especially in rural
3. Sales force Design of Britannia
Sales Force Objectives and Strategy:

The main objective of the sales force of Britannia Industries is to generate higher sales which
would translate to increased revenues for the company. The sales managers in different regions
deliver the products of the company to the distributors in those regions who in turn supply the
products to the various retailers and grocery outlets.
Sales Force Structure:

The sales force structure of Britannia is as given in Fig 6 above. The organization has a sales
manager to whom different Area Sales Managers report. Under the Area Sales Manager, there are
several Sales Officers who in turn supervise various Territory Sales-in-Charge personnel. These
Territory Sales In-Charge people supervise the Pioneer Sales Managers and Route Sales Advisors.
These people are responsible for interfacing with the various Distributors and wholesalers.
Sales force Size:

The company has about 2000 sales personnel nationwide managing sales and attracting potential
new customers.
In 2007, the FMCG manufacturer entered into a contract with Trichy-based tech startup
mPowerForce Mobile Technology India Ltd with the purpose of providing mobile technology
services to about 200 outdoor sales personnel. In 2008, during a period of high inflation, Britannia
was able to shore up its sales significantly by taking up bulk supplies to alternative and in-transit
avenues of consumption.
Fig 10: The Four Factors of a Successful Sales Force
Britannia Industries is a company that is still in the growing stage and hence the objective of its
sales force team is to penetrate into existing segments and develop new ones.

Since Britannia biscuits are consumed in bulk in places like railway stations, airports, cinema halls
and in corporate canteens, the company can mobilize a separate sales force to cater to these mass
consumption avenues.
4. Existing Marketing Communications
A strong quality of the product and customer satisfaction:
Customers always believe in good quality product. In percentage term more people is quality
conscious and not price conscious. Customer satisfaction is very important part of the organization
that at any cost they have to fulfill.
A growing relationship with customer and customer retention:
Nowadays a good relation with customer is very important for organization. Sale
is highly dependent on the relation with the customers. Customer's retention is

also a major aspect for growing business. It means retaining the old customer while winning new
Focus on competitors activity:
Every organization must be careful about its competitors step, since they can disturb the growing
sales process of the organization.
A growing emphasis on global thinking and local marketing planning:
Companies are growing by pursuing market beyond the national borders. While entering foreign
markets they must follow the traditions of that country to capture the local markets.
Promotional Strategy:
It can be achieved by providing incentives to buy Britannia products by launching on and off
frequent promotional offers thereby improving its market shares.

Promotional schemes should be launched during appropriate occasion ensuring that brand equity
doesnt get diluted Increasing the sales volume by launching small pack in the market.
Zindagi Mein Life
Eat Healthy, Think Better
Tan ko lagey. Mann ko chuay.
Tiger Glucose
Tiger Glucose is fortified with Iron Zor**
**IRON ZOR helps make mind sharper and body stronger
Tiger Krunch Cookies
Energy of 4 Fruit & Nut Biscuits = Energy of 1 Apple + 4 Cashewnuts

Good Day
Iska toh ho Gaya Re Good Day
Marie Gold
Active Nutrition for Active People

Time Pass
Aur Kuch Kyun Karein?
Fried is gone, baked is on
Little Hearts
Direct Dil Se
Dil sabka actually sweet hai

Britannia Cakes
A slice of sunshine!
Kuch Healthy Kuch Masti

Diabetic Friendly
Hello Diabetes, Lets Be Friends

Britannia has focused on delivering different message communication for its brands. Tiger, the
largest brand in its portfolio, is positioned as a fun and energy biscuit with nutrition fortification
(wheat, milk, iron). Iron is at the heart of its message, addressing the iron deficiency crisis in Indian
children. All the TV commercials related to Tiger have children as the protagonists. Its creative
strategy consists of informational appeal wherein the message highlights the ingredients.
Good Day is among the fastest growing brands in Britannia's portfolio and it has been the leader in
the cookies category ever since its launch. The brand is synonymous with everyday treats that
infuse happiness into people's lives. Its new campaign focuses on abundance, goodness, indulgence
and now unrestrained joy. Its TT commercial focuses on the aspect of unrestrained joy, wherein he
displays an uncontrollable expression stimulated by consumption of cookie. Company has used the
IPL platform to establish the expression Ho gaya re Good Day by celebrating along the million
cricket fans.
Little Hearts was launched in 1993 and targeted the growing youth segment. Its Direct Dil Se and
Dil sabka actually sweet hai campaign have echoed on this sentiment. The related commercials
feature a youth genre and encouraged them to openly express their feelings. It makes a
transformational appeal by depicting the non-product related benefit.
Britannia cakes deliver a sensory reward promise by focusing on A slice of sunshine! message.
NutriChoice delivers an informational appeal highlighting its Diabetic Friendly message.

Media Decision
Presently, the media duties of Britannia are handled by Madison Media. It uses both conventional
and unconventional mediums. The traditional medium consists of television, radio and newspaper.
It also uses internet- pop up, flash, banner, e-mail advertising, digital signage for its promotion. The
radio commercials include that of Good Day while the TV ads include almost every brand in its
portfolio. Internet medium is used to provide access and download facility for its signature tune ting ting ti ding. Similarly, wallpapers highlighting the various human emotions are provided in
form of digital image.
Internet as a medium for promotion will have minimal affect. For a low price product like biscuits,
the consumers do not gather information prior to shop. However, a buzz can be created or a viral
marketing approach could be used.


Eat Healthy. Think Better. Buy Britannia

The 80-year-old biscuit king is reinventing itself. Britannia now wants to become a foods giant,
with the newly-added tag of health and nutrition. What's more, with a clever formula of prices and
products, it is targeting every segment of the Indian market.
Who does not know Britannia Rules! During period of A day before the World Cup Of Cricket
1999 began in England on May 14, 1999, one of Britannia Industries' senior-most marketing
managers was spotted at Mumbai's Sahara International Airport-escorting a gaggle of excited
children, all of them sporting Britannia caps, Britannia T-shirts, and other assorted Britannia
paraphernalia. No, he wasn't test-positioning yet another brand of biscuits on a group of
unsuspecting young 'uns in an airport lounge. Those kids were actually some of the 100 megawinners of the Britannia Khao, World Cup Jao contest, being flown off on charters to Old Blighty
to watch the World Cup at Britannia's expense. See Cricket. Sleep Cricket. Eat Only Britannia (sic!)
so we can say that, this session is more powerful to catch the customer.
The marketing strategies for any company are not about a fixed concept. Rather it is full of new
challenges every day, and the companies must respond to it very positively. The market process is
applicable to more than goods and services. Anything related to market including ideas, events,
policies, prices and personalities comes under market strategy. However it is important to
emphasize opportunity in the market through market strategy.

The following strategies are basically adopted by Britannia in order to capture a good market share.

A strong quality of the product and customer satisfaction:

General customers are basically concerned about the quality of product rather than the price of the
product. In our survey we found that basically people are first looking for the quality. If good
quality is there in the product then they are only looking for the price. But if the quality is not
satisfactory they even dont looking about the pricing of the product. In this regard Britannia
always maintained much more importance over there product quality. Thats why they are among
the very successful brand of today.


A growing relationship with customer and customer retention:

Now-a- days a good relation with the customer is very important for organization. Sale is totally
depending on the relation with the customers. Customer's retention is also a major aspect for
growing business. It means keep the old customer and try to make new customer. Britannia s
customer relationship management is very strong which is one of the major causes of selling of
their product continuously.

Focus on competitors activity:

Every organization should must be careful about it's competitors step, because they can disturb the
growing sales process of the organization. Continuous watching over competitors strategies and
development help Britannia a lot.

A growing emphasis on global thinking and local marketing planning:

Companies are increasing by pursuing market beyond their borders. When they enter other
countries they must follow the tradition of that country and also they make plan for local market
that which type of product has more demand and how can it run in the market.


A growing emphasis on global thinking and local marketing planning:

Companies are increasing by pursuing market beyond their borders. When they enter other
countries they must follow the tradition of that country and also they make plan for local market
that which type of product has more demand and how can it run in the market. For Britannia
different variation in their product depending over various locations and the economic status of the
people is being very much helpful for the company.

Promotional Strategy

Under the market strategy promotional idea is very important. Organization provides some schemes
or rebates to retailers or consumers. They make advertisement according to convenient of the
people and the feature of the product. Sometimes Britannia comers to market with new offerings
and of course with cost benefits to the customers. Giving discounts over bulk purchase also comes
under this strategy.

1892The Genesis - Britannia established with an investment of Rs. 295 in Kolkata

1910Advent of electricity sees operations mechanised

Imported machinery introduced; Britannia becomes the first company East of the
Suez to use gas ovens
1939 - 44
Sales rise exponentially to Rs.16,27,202 in 1939
up by more than eight times to reach Rs.1.36 crore

During 1944 sales ramp

Britannia Biscuit Company takes over biscuit distribution from Parry's


Public issue - Indian shareholding crosses 60%

Re-christened Britannia Industries Ltd. (BIL)


Sales cross Rs.100 crore


The Executive Office relocated to Bangalore


BIL celebrates its Platinum Jubilee

Wadia Group acquires stake in ABIL, UK and becomes an equal partner with Groupe
Danone in BIL

Volumes cross 1,00,000 tons of biscuits

Re-birth - new corporate identity 'Eat Healthy, Think Better' leads to new mission:
'Make every third Indian a Britannia consumer'

BIL enters the dairy products market


"Britannia Khao World Cup Jao" - a major success! Profit up by 37%


Forbes Global Ranking - Britannia among Top 300 small companies


BIL ranked one of India's biggest brands

No.1 food brand of the country

Britannia Lagaan Match: India's most successful promotional activity of the year

Maska Chaska: India's most successful FMCG launch


BIL launches joint venture with Fonterra, the world's second largest dairy company

Britannia New Zealand Foods Pvt. Ltd. is born

Rated as 'One amongst the Top 200 Small Companies of the World' by Forbes Global

Economic Times ranks BIL India's 2nd Most Trusted Brand

Pure Magic -Winner of the Worldstar, Asiastar and Indiastar award for packaging

'Treat Duet'- most successful launch of the year

Britannia Khao World Cup Jao rocks the consumer lives yet again


Britannia accorded the status of being a 'Superbrand'

Volumes cross 3,00,000 tons of biscuits

Good Day adds a new variant - Choconut - in its range


Re-birth of Tiger - 'Swasth Khao, Tiger Ban Jao' becomes the popular chant!

Britannia launched 'Greetings' range of premium assorted gift packs

The new plant in Uttaranchal, commissioned ahead of schedule.

The launch of yet another exciting snacking option - Britannia 50-50 Pepper Chakkar

Britannia industries formed a joint venture with the Khimji Ramdas Group and acquired a 70
percent beneficial state in the Dubai-based Strategic Foods International Co. LLC and 65.4% in the
Oman-based Al Sallan Food Industries Co. SAOG.

Britannia launched Iron fortified 'Tiger Banana' biscuits, 'Good Day Classic Cookies', Low
Fat Dahi and renovated 'MarieGold'.

THE Origin Of Eat Healthy Think Better

Britannia -the 'biscuit' leader with a history-has withstood the tests of time. Part of the reason for its
success has been its ability to resonate with the changes in consumer needs-needs that have varied
significantly across its 100+ year epoch. With consumer democracy reaching new levels, the one
common thread to emerge in recent times has been the shift in lifestyles and a corresponding
awareness of health. People are increasingly becoming conscious of dietary care and its correlation
to wellness and matching the new pace to their lives with improved nutritional and dietary habits.
This new awareness has seen consumers seeking foods that complement their lifestyles while
offering convenience, variety and economy, over and above health and nutrition.
Britannia saw the writing on the wall. Its "Swasth Khao Tan Man Jagao" (Eat Healthy, Think
Better) re-position directly addressed this new trend by promising the new generation a healthy and
nutritious alternative - that was also delightful and tasty
Thus, the new logo was born, encapsulating the core essence of Britannia - healthy, nutritious,
optimistic - and combining it with a delightful product range to offer variety and choice to

The Wadia Group of India along with Groupe Danone of France, are equal shareholders in ABIL,
UK which is a major shareholder in Britannia Industries Limited. GROUPE DANONE is an
International FMCG Major specializing in Fresh Dairy Products, Bottled Water and
Biscuits/Cereals. One of the World leaders in the food industry, these are some of the laurels it

No # 1 worldwide in Fresh Dairy Products

No # 1 worldwide equally placed in Bottled Water (by volume)

No # 2 worldwide in Biscuits and Cereal Products

Through its three core businesses (Fresh Dairy Products, Beverages and Biscuits and Cereal
Products), GROUPE DANONE is committed to improving the lives of people around the world by
providing them with better food products, a wider variety of flavors and healthier pleasures. Its
dominant position worldwide is based on major international brands and on its solid presence in
local markets (about 70% of global sales come from brands that are local market leaders).

GROUPE DANONE is recognized for the dynamism and strength of its brands:

Danone: the leading brand worldwide for Fresh Dairy Products; DANONE represents almost
20% of the international market. DANONE is present in 40 countries worldwide.

Evian: the best selling mineral water brand, with 1.5 billion bottles sold every year. Present in
the 5 continents, in 125 countries.

LU: the second brand worldwide, the first biscuits brand of GROUPE DANONE, which
represents almost the half of the sales for the Biscuits and Cereal Products division. LU is mainly
present in Western Europe.

Wahaha: the leading brand for refreshing still water (water, ready made tea, fruit juices). The
brand is one of the most popular in China, with more than 1.5 billion liters of water sold each year.
Its name means "the child who laughs".

Financial results:

Net sales in 2004: 13,024 million Euros (+6.1% at comparable scope)

Operational Income: 1,706 million Euros

Operating Margin: 13.1% (+40 base points in relation to 2004)

There are wide ranges of products from Britannia and it is famous worldwide. If you are looking
for these wide ranges of Biscuits and snacks, then you have stepped in to the right place, where in
you can get to know many products from Britannia. Various products from Britannia like Biscuits,
Bread, Cakes, Rusk, Gift Sectors and Dairy product sectors can be known here.
About Britannia

In the history of 'Biscuit' the name is famous from the Latin words 'Bis' (meaning 'twice') and
'Coctus' (meaning cooked or baked). Britannia Company is the largest manufacturer of biscuits, and
snacks for over 120 years. The name itself proves that this product has high level of quality,
nutrition and great taste. Britannia brands of Biscuits, Snacks and Dairy Products reaches to around
300 homes across India, and everyone love to eat them with more happiness and satisfaction.
Britannia products are available in more than 3 Million shops in the world wide and this brand is
world famous.

Britannia is an Indian company, which holds larger share in the Indian Biscuit Market. Britannia
has a leader which is mainly in the sector of Bakery and Dairy products. The company was founded
in 1892 in Calcutta called as Britannia Biscuit Company. Out of all other products from Britannia,
one of its famous brands Britannia Biscuits is famous for its taste which is sold all over the world at
a reasonable and affordable price.

The products of Britannia Company consist of Biscuits, Snacks and Dairy Products. The objective
of Britannia Biscuit Company is to help people enjoy life through healthy snacking which is
available in all over the stores world-wide at any time, anywhere and everyday. The competitors for
Britannia are the Biscuits sectors are Parle-G, Sun feast. Britannia Tiger Biscuits has big
competition with Parle Biscuits called Parle-G. Britannia 50-50 Biscuits has a big competition with
Parle Krack-jack Biscuits. Britannia cream Biscuits called Treat has huge competition with Sun
Feast Cream Biscuits.

Britannia Product list and its brand range

Britannia Product focused on bringing more productive products and expanding the market rapidly.
It was started in 1892. It has a history of over 120 years and its business has grown tremendously
stepping at higher margin and satisfying consumer needs by giving superior quality of products.
Their brand name including the features, quality, price, design etc. would help them in growth of
rapid sales and keeping regular customer and choosing their product in the market. The products of
Britannia Company were mainly consisting of Biscuits, Snacks and Dairy Products.

Now let's have a detailed outlook about various segmentation of this giant brand of products from

Britannia Products

The Britannia Products consists of the four sectors:

Biscuits Sectors

Bread, Cakes and Rusk Sectors

Gift Sectors

Dairy Products

Biscuits Sectors

Britannia Biscuits is famous world-wide for its taste which is sold at a reasonable and affordable
price. Many millions of people enjoy eating biscuits which is a healthy snack and which is
available in all over the stores at any time, anywhere and everyday.

Britannia Biscuits are further classified under below sectors:

Kids Nutrition

Treat or Luxury


Adult Health

Kids Nutrition

Biscuits are fond of everyone, kids, adult, old or new generation. Britannia brings wide variety of
Biscuits which gives consumers to choose wide range of these products and enjoy the benefits.

Types of Biscuits under Kids Nutrition Sectors: Britannia Tiger Biscuits, Milk Bikis,

The snap shot of each of these biscuits are attached for easy reference. Each of these biscuits is
briefly discussed:

Britannia Tiger Biscuits

Britannia Tiger Biscuits is one of the biggest brands in the kids sector. Tiger Biscuits was launched
in 1997. The biscuits are full of nutrients like iron, calcium, folic acid and vitamin A, vitamin D and
are very essential for growing kids. Britannia Tiger Biscuits is one of the healthy snacks for kids.
Tiger Biscuits are consumed at any time due to its good taste and healthier product. Britannia Tiger
offers fun and energy to kids and also brings good health and nutrition while consuming each bite
of the biscuits.

Britannia New Tiger Biscuits consists of Tiger Glucose, Tiger Krunch Choc-chips Cookies, Tiger
Krunch Fruit & Nut, and Tiger Orange.

The price varies from Rs 5 to Rs 15.


Britannia Milk Bikis Biscuits

Britannia Milk Bikis Biscuits is also one of the biggest brands in the kids sector. Milk Bikis
Biscuits was launched in 1996. The biscuits are full of smart nutrients with four vital vitamins, iron
and iodine and are very essential for growing kids for their mental and physical development.

Britannia Milk Bikis Biscuits is one of the healthy snacks for kids as many kids dislike milk but
they love to eat Britannia Milk Bikis.

Britannia Milk Bikis comes with smiley faces and are full enriched with Milk Cream. Milk Bikis
Biscuits are consumed at any time due to its good taste and healthier product. Britannia Bikis offers
fun and energy to kids and also brings good health and nutrition while consuming each bite of the

Britannia Milk Bikis Biscuits consists of Milk Bikis Almond Cookies, Milk Bikis, and Milk Bikis
with Milk Cream.

The price varies from Rs 5 to Rs 25.


Treat or Luxury

Biscuits which consist of cookies with Almond, Butter, Fruit, Wheat, and Milk are fond of
everyone, kids, adult, old or new generation. Britannia brings wide variety of such Biscuits which
gives consumers to choose wide range of these products and enjoy the benefits under Treat and
Luxury Sectors.

Types of Biscuits under Treat and Luxury Sectors: Britannia Cookies, Britannia Good Day Biscuits,
Britannia Nice Time Biscuits, Britannia Treat Biscuits and Britannia Pure Magic.

The snap shot of each of these biscuits are attached for easy reference. Each of these biscuits is
briefly discussed:

Britannia Cookies Biscuits

Britannia is the Top Leader in the Cookies Sectors.

Britannia's latest brand which is referred as Britannia Cookies is packed and enriched with the
wholesome nutrition of wheat, butter and milk. Britannia Cookies are available in two delicious
kinds, one with Butter Elaichiz and other with Fruit Dhamaka.

Butter Elaichiz is filled with Butter and Elaichi, and Fruit Dhamaka is filled with fruit bits.

The Britannia Cookie is available to consumer at a reasonable and affordable price with better taste

The price varies from Rs 5 to Rs 10.


Britannia Good Day Biscuits

Britannia is the Top Leader in the Cookies Sectors and God Day Biscuits is the Top Most.

Britannia Good Day was launched in 1986 which were available in two delicious kind one with
Cashew and other with Butter. In year 1989, Good Day Pista Badam was launched. In year 2000
Good Day Chocochips was launched and in year 2004 Good Day Choconut was launched.

This brand of cookies has grown tremendously which is stepping at a higher margin and satisfying
consumer needs by giving superior quality of biscuits. Cookies are fond of everyone, kids, adult,
old or new generation. Britannia brings wide variety of these cookies which gives consumers to
choose wide range of these products and enjoy the benefits as this brand promise all the consumers
with their good taste and ingredients.

Britannia Good Day Biscuits consists of Good Day Butter, Cashew, Rich Butter Cookies (Butter
and Cashew), Choconut Cookies, Butter Scotch cookies, Honey & Raisin Cookies, Chocolate Chip,
Rich Cashew Cookies ATC, and Rich Pista Badam ATC.

The price varies from Rs 5 to Rs 50.


Britannia Nice Time Biscuits

Britannia Nice Time Biscuits were fully enriched with sugar which was sprinkled over the biscuits
which was so tasty for everyone, kids, adult, old or new generation to consume it and enjoy every
bite of it. There was a huge market for this sector of Biscuits as this was preferred by all and kids as
this was so sweet to consume. It was rightly said that no one could stop eating the whole packet.

The price varies from Rs 5 to Rs 10.


Britannia Treat Biscuits

Britannia Treat Biscuits were especially launched for kids of all ages in the year 2002. These
biscuits are round in shapes, sizes and good exciting flavours and are sweet, yummy in taste. Every
kid in the morning prefers this as well as afternoon snack.

Britannia Treat Biscuits consists of Treat Jim Jim, Treat-O Vanilla, Treat Fruit Creams, Treat
Mango, Treat Orange, Treat Pineapple, and Treat Strawberry

Treat Jim Jam

This is the Top biscuit which is called as the classic Jim Jam. This biscuit is very crispy with vanilla
cream and topped with jam and added with sugar. This biscuit is available at a price range of Rs 5
to Rs 25. This biscuit is termed as all time favourite in kids snack box.

Treat-O Vanilla

This is kid's favorite cookie biscuits. This biscuits is enriched with yummy milky cream. This
biscuit is available at a price range of Rs 5 to Rs 20 which is packed in Vanila and Chocolate

Treat Fruit Creams

Treat now launches softy cream in four ice-creamy fruity flavours which is perfect through out the
day especially for kids. Flavours consist of Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, and Orange. This biscuit
is available at a price range of Rs 5 to Rs 25 which is shared with everyone in the family and all
generation of people.

Britannia Pure Magic Biscuits

Britannia Pure Magic Biscuits is a Luxury kind of Biscuits. This is preferred by all the generation
of people, as this is enriched with full chocolate flavours.

Britannia Pure Magic Biscuits consists of Chocolate Crme Biscuits, Vanilla Crme Biscuits, and
Praline Crme Biscuit.

Chocolate Crme Biscuits

This biscuits is enriched with crisp chocolate biscuits, which are knotted with thick, cocoa crme
and which are called as crisp chocolaty biscuits.

Vanilla Crme

This biscuit is enriched with Vanilla Crme which is set in bittersweet chocolate.

Praline Chocolate

This biscuit is chocolate flavour with hazelnuts and almonds. This is the newest and most exclusive
product of Britannia.



Biscuits which are consumed as snacks are of the best products of Britannia Company. These
snacks are fond of everyone, kids, adult, old or new generation. Britannia brings wide variety of
such Snacks which gives consumers to choose wide range of these products and enjoy the benefits
under snacking sectors.

Types of Biscuits under snacking sectors:

Britannia 50-50

Time Pass

Little Hearts


The snap shot of each of these biscuits are attached for easy reference. Each of these biscuits is
briefly discussed:

Britannia 50-50

In the year 1993, Britannia's 50-50 was launched and it was the best snack product which was
preferred by all generation of people. In 2001, the delicious Maska Chaska was launched and
became the success. In 2008 50-50 sharpened its focus on housewives and positioned as a snack.

Britannia's 50-50 Snackuits was the latest product under snacking sector with three unique
international flavors- Snackuits Italiano Pizza, Snackuits Swiss cheese & Chilly and Snackuits
Chinese Hot & Sweet.

Time Pass

Britannia introduced a new product mainly for youth and is referred as the best snack which is
termed as "Fried is gone, baked is on". The price is very reasonable which Rs 5 Rs 10. It launches
three exciting flavours which is Mindless Masala, Loafer Lemon and Tapori Tomato. Further, it has
more excitement by launching new product under the same name which is Time Pass Classic Salted
and Time Pass Nimkee.

Little Hearts

Little Hearts was launched in 1993 mainly for growing youth segment. This was Britannia's first
product which was sold in pouch packs. This product was in great demand with special taste
experience that the youth segment were impressed about this product. It is rightly said that each
bite of Little Hearts melts in the mouth within a second time.

In Year 2003, two flavours called Little Hearts Chocolate and Little Hearts Sesame were


Britannia presents yet another brand of Chocolate Biscuits which is thick, rich and delicious which
are packed with crunchy chocolate with sugar and is called as "Bourbon Biscuits". The search of
this biscuit began in the year 1955.

This biscuits are consumed by every generation of people. This biscuit is termed as all time
favourite in kids snack box. Variety of this Biscuits consists of Bourbon Cappuccino, Chocolate
Biscuits in Nano Pack, Pocket Pack, Hangout Pack, Party Pack or Gift Pack.


Adult Health

Biscuits which are consumed by adult which are good for health as it consists of vital nutrients and
vitamins, oats, Honey, Fibre, Ragi, 5 Grain, and Multigrain and are referred as the best products of
Britannia Company. Britannia brings wide variety of such biscuits which gives consumers to
choose wide range of these products and enjoy the benefits under adult health sectors.

Types of Biscuits under Adult Health sectors:

Britannia Marie Biscuits

Britannia Nutri Choice Biscuits

Britannia Marie Biscuits

Britannia Marie Biscuits is successful with its balanced taste, crispy and lightness along with added
vitamins and minerals and is rightly called as "healthy tea time biscuit". This Biscuit is top amongst
the Britannia Biscuits of brand.

This biscuit is further classified into brand called Vita Marie Gold and Vita Marie Honey Oats

Vita Marie Gold Biscuits are loaded with active nutrients and keeps all generation of people active
throughout the day. This biscuit is perfect for tea time. Vita Marie Gold Biscuits are with low fat
category, cholesterol free and are made up of cereal, milk protein, and ten essential vitamins.

Vita Marie Honey Oats Biscuits is made up of wheat fiber and oat fiber which is good for a person
who has heart problem. Vita Marie Honey Oats Biscuits are with low fat category, cholesterol free
and fiber and are flavoured with honey.


Britannia Nutri Choice Biscuits

Britannia NutriChoice provides you with a range of healthy snack and good in taste which is rich in
fiber, oats, Ragi and Multi Grain and 5 Grain consisting of Oats, Ragi, Wheat, Rice and Corn. This
product is one of the best and good for those people who have high cholesterol and heart problems.

Britannia's NutriChoice consist of biscuits such as Hi-Fibre Digestive NutriBix Biscuits, 5 Grain
NutriBix, NutriChoice Crackers, Nutri Choice Arrowroot, Multigrain Thins, Multigrain Roasty,
NutriChoice Ragi and Oats Biscuits.

Hi-Fibre DigestiveNutriBix

This Biscuits is packed with Hi-Fiber and this Fiber helps smoothen the functioning of stomach and
also digestion system.

5 Grain NutriBix

This Biscuits is the best to stay active throughout the day. The 5 Grain Consisting of Oats which
minimizes the bad cholesterol, Corn which helps the heart, Ragi filled with calcium and fibre,
Wheat gives energy and Rice gives energy and lower fat level.

NutriChoice Crackers

This Biscuit is crunchy, light and good to taste. This biscuit is filled with whole wheat, no fat or
preservatives and contains Ajwain and Jeera and good to eat with tea.

Nutri Choice Arrowroot

This Biscuit keeps stomach stronger and fights the harmful toxin out from the body.

Multigrain Thins

These are a mix of 5 grains i.e Rice, Wheat, Corn, Ragi and Oats, which are topped with crunchy

Multigrain Roasty

It is one of the crunchy snacks which are generally consumed at the end of each meal or mid-meal.

NutriChoice Ragi and Oats Biscuits

This Biscuits was introduced for those who are suffering with Diabetic.


Bread, Cakes and Rusk Sectors

Bread, Rusk sectors

Bread and Rusk which are consumed by adults, kids and by all generation of people consists of
vital nutrients and vitamins, Honey & Oats, Multi-Grain, Whole Wheat, and Multi-Fiber.

Britannia brings wide variety of such Bread and toasted Rusk which gives consumers to choose
wide range of these products and enjoy the benefits under Bread and Rusk sectors.

Britannia Bread

Britannia Toasted Rusk

Britannia Bread

Britannia Bread launched Health Breads in Delhi on Nov 14, 2011. This new range of breads
consists of Honey & Oats Bread, Multi-Grain Bread, 100% Whole Wheat Bread and Multi-Fiber
Bread. Upto the year 1958, there were no consumption of bread and there was only one unit in
Delhi. Further in the year 1963, Britannia was the first branded sector in the bread market which
offers 400 grams and 800 grams plain white sliced bread. The main reason of introducing quality
bread was to bring to the consumers about the concept of bread i.e "Eat Healthy and Think Better".

Types of Bread:

Honey & Oats Bread

This bread consists of loads of Honey and oats in every bite of each slice. This was very good and
healthy to people who opt for this bread.

Multi-Grain Bread

This has multi grain which consists of oats, ragi, whole wheat, soya and flax seed and people who
consume were so happy that they find richness of whole grains in every bite of every wholesome

Multi-Fiber Bread

This bread is filled with natural wheat and oat fibers to give healthy breakfast in the morning. Fiber
helps in effective digestion and helps in controlling cholesterol.

100% Whole Wheat Bread

This bread is filled with fresh wheat and good for health as wheat brings loads of energy to human


Britannia Toasted Rusk

The toasted Rusk was launched by Britannia in the year 2005. This was the best product of
Britannia and served as the best breakfast in the morning. These Rusk are prepared with the finest
flavour and ingredients and baked with good taste of each bite. The best toasted Rusk is the Suji

Cake sectors

Every kid, adult and all generation of people love the slice of cake which are yummy and sweet.
These are fast moving products and are consumed very faster once purchased from the market. The
prices are very reasonable and are affordable by all generation of people.

Cakes are served at any time, during breakfast, snacks, in the afternoon or in the evening, and
mainly in the weddings and birthday's parties, and festivals such as Christmas, and New Year eve.

During the year 1963, Britannia launched its cakes in India.

Types of Cakes:

Bar Cakes

People who are very busy during the day, this Bar cakes are very helpful for them which comes as a
Soft, and delicious to consume and termed as the ideal snack during any time. It has many flavours
such as Fruit, Butter Sponge, Chocolate, Pineapple, Milk, Vanilla, Chocolate and Orange.

Cup Cakes

This is best product in the Britannia's Cake sector as this is preferred by all generation of people
which is served as the best and easy breakfast for those who don't have much time to eat at home.
This cup cake can be consumed during any place, any moment in the car or in the movie place etc.

Chunk Cakes

This cake is soft and juicy with real fruit that makes any one to bite them and ready to consume it at
any place or office. The price is very reasonable which is ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 6.

Britannia Veg Cakes

This is the best product for those who are vegetarian and this is without egg. This is eggless cake
which can be consumed by those who are not non-vegetarian. This is the best product for them and
it is a great tribute for each and every vegetarian people. It has flavour which is Twisty Fruity Price
and sizes: Rs. 15/- for 75 gm pack.


Gift Sectors

Britannia introduced 'Shubh Kaamnayein range' which allows exchange of gifts and good wishes to
all your relatives, friends and family members. This was during festival reason during the year.
Main festivals consist of Diwali, Christmas, Ganesha Festival, New Year Eve.

'Britannia Classic Hampers' contain all the best products of biscuits which include Good Day, Treat
Jim Jam, Bourbon and Little Hearts which brings smile and happiness for those who receive this
hamper from their loved ones. Britannia's main concept of introducing this gift range was to bring

happiness together while sharing, gifting and wishing the loved and dear ones "Shubh
Kaamnayein" and thus completing the "Festival of Lights" a remarkable festival for all.

This gift consists of Premium Assorted Cookies, Cookie Delight, Meetha Namkeen 2, Healthy
Gifts, Royale Special, Choco Delight 2, Veggie Delight, Meetha Namkeen 1, Choco Delight 1,
Assorted Biscuits etc.



Dairy Products

Britannia Dairy Products is famous world-wide for its taste which is sold at a reasonable and
affordable price. Many millions of people enjoy eating butter, ghee, milk, cheese, dahi, health
drink, choco milk, and badam milk which is a healthier drink and which is available in all over the
stores at any time, anywhere and everyday.

Britannia Dairy Products are further classified under below products:





Gourmet Cheese


Dairy Whitener


TigerZor Choco Milk and Badam Milk

Britannia Cheese Product

Britannia Company has the largest range of cheese in India. The cheese products are made with
high-quality and cow's milk. This cheese is very tasty to eat and a healthier food for the entire
family. These are available in various pack sizes and flavours which provide a variety of fast and
healthier food and recipes for family, relatives and any guests who come to house without
informing. This is also kids special as many kids like to eat them during lunch break.
Britannia Cheese is available in Blocks, Cubes, Spreads, Slices and types of cheese sold are Pizza
Cheese, Low-fat cheese and Cream Cheese.

Products available under cheese are Cream Cheese, Slimz Cheesy Slices, Cheese Slices Calcium
Plus, Cheese Slices with Asli Pepper, Cheese Slice Plain, Cheese Cubes Sour Cream & Onion,
Cheese Cubes Classic, Cheese Cubes Masala Mania, Cheese Cubes Mirchi Poppers, Slimz Cheesy
Spread, Cheese Spreadz Mexican Mirchi, Cheese Spreadz Minty Coriander, Cheese Spreadz Peppy
Cilantro, Cheese Spreadz Sour Cream & Onion, Cheese Spreadz Classic, Cheese Spreadz Asli

Pepper, Cheese Spreadz Classic 180gm, Cheese Block 400gm, Cheese Block 1Kg, Cheese Natural
Cheddar, Cheese Tin 400gm and Cheezza Cheese for Pizza.


Britannia Butter Product

Britannia Butter is yellow in colour with great taste and can be spread over even after refrigerating
it. Britannias Butter is made from pure cows milk. It can be used as a spread on bread, or on
parathas, or in baking or frying. Britannias Butter is available in two pack of 100gm and 500gm

Britannia Ghee Product

Britannia's Ghee is well known for its purity and taste and famous all over India. It is the only
brand in ghee sector for Britannia. The Ghee made is pure and from cow's milk which is enriched
with Vitamin A, E etc. This Ghee is available in packs, pet jars, pouch refills, cartons and tins. It is
said that Britannia Ghee can be stored for a year without refrigerating it and the Ghee will be pure
and nature.

Products available under ghee are Pure Ghee 1ltr plastic bottle, Pure Ghee 500gm tin, Ghee 100gm
bottle, Pure Ghee Danedar 1ltrd Carton, and Pure Ghee 1ltr Carton.

Britannia Milk Product

Britannia brings an exciting surprise by introducing Milk products. The milk available is toned and
skimmed milk slimz made from fresh cow's milk. For every sip you have Britannia Milk brings
goodness and freshness with the promise of purity and good health and fitness.

A Britannia new product which is Slimz Milk is with Zero percent Fat and Zero percent
Cholesterol. Every slip brings you stay fit and feel good and healthier.

Britannia Gourmet Cheese

Britannia Gourmet Cheese brings the world cheese to the door step of each and every Indian
consumer. The Britannia Gourmet Cheese comes with two types one is Emmental which is Swiss
Cheese and other is Gouda which is Dutch Cheese.

Emmental Cheese

This cheese is yellow in colour and made from cow's milk. This cheese origin come from Emme
Valley in Switzerland and this cheese is best consumed with sandwiches and best for snacking

Gouda Cheese

This cheese is named after the city of Gouda in Netherlands; Gouda cheese is the famous cheese of
Dutch and this cheese is made from cow's milk. This cheese is smooth and best for compution with
sandwiches and salads.

Britannia Dahi

Britannia Daily products introduce Dahi to bring tasty and sweetness in every sip and to make the
entire family happy. This dahi is made from fresh milk and is 100% pure and healthy. No
preservatives, nor colour or any flavours are added in it. This dahi is thick and tasty to consume the
whole packet within a second's time.

This Dahi is available in cups of 200gm and 400gm. It also offers low fat dahi.


Britannia Dairy Whitener

Britannia Dairy Whitener is well known for the taste, thickness and it's creamy to be added with
tea, coffee, kheer, or custard. Britannia Dairy Whitener gives good taste in every sip of tea or
coffee. This is available in carton packs and pouch refills.

Britannia Actimind

Britannia's ActiMind is a milk-based health drink for children. This has 7 formulas of active brain
nutrients that help to improve good memory of growing kids. It has 5B Vitamins which help to
bring good energy in the brain. It is available in two delicious flavors - Mango and Strawberry.


Britannia TigerZor Choco Milk and Badam Milk

Britannia TigerZor Choco Milk

It is a chocolaty milk health drink for growing kids having 5 active nutrients that help in
development of brain and body. These 5 active nutrients consist of Iron, Zinc, Iodine, Vitamin A,
and Calcium. Iron helps in growth of mental and physical development. Zinc helps in strong
immune system. Iodine helps in good growth. Vitamin A helps in better vision and good skin.
Calcium helps in growth of healthy bones and teeth.

Britannia TigerZor Choco Milk is available in a delicious Chocolate flavor, in 150 ml bottles with
easy to remove and drink every sip of the best drink.

Britannia TigerZor Badam Milk

It is healthier milk drink enriched with Badam in it. Britannia TigerZor Badam Milk comes with
real bits of Badam and Full Cream Milk. This drink has been considered as one of the most
healthier and nutritious drink.

Britannia TigerZor Badam Milk is available in a delicious Badam flavor, in 150 ml bottles with
easy to remove and drink every sip of the best drink.

I tried my best to bring major list of products of Britannia and this will surely serve people to get
the list of products as a ready reckoner. We are so happy that Britannia gives customer satisfaction
on all the products worldwide available in the malls / markets and shops.