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I. True or False:
Write true if the statement is correct and false if the
statement is not correct.
People are considered physically fit if they can
perform their work efficiently and effectively with alertness
and vigor.
The body mass index or BMI is the sum total of
your height and weight.
Sit and reach is a test for abdominal muscle and
good posture because the hips are properly aligned.
The music of todays society is produced through
advancement in technology, with many inventions through
electronic devices, tapes, cds, synthesizers and many more.
Impressionistic music projects a hazy and
dreamlike quality where nature is frequently the subject.
The expressionists believed that this world is full
of tensions and people are irrational, rebellious, and scared to
be alone.
Art appreciation is an art activity provides every
student an opportunity to be creative.
Art contest is a place to start learning about
visual art.
Make judgment on the art work but be specific
in your criticisms.
Art works involve most of the object we see and
hear every day.
Community is one of the factors of mental
health which provide with his/her first social experience.
Healthy behavior should be established at a
younger age so that one will continue this as he grows older.
Mental health is determined by the way a person
feels about himself, towards others and how he is able to face
and adjust to day-to-day living conditions.
A healthy mentally people can resolve most of
their problems at a reasonable amount of time.
Even the healthiest person have a good mental
health all the time.

II. Multiple Choice: Read each item carefully and write the letter of your choice.

Jacob got 7.5 seconds in the 50M sprint; Justin 6.8
seconds and Greg 6.7 seconds. Who among the boys is the
a. Jacob
b. Justin
c. Greg
d. Justin & Greg
Fencers-agility; Discus throwers - ______________
a. speed
b. power
c. balane
d. reaction time
Group 1 is requested to bring two wooded blocks,
clapper or whistle and stopwatch. These equipments are the to be
used in assessing ones ________________.
a. agility
b. speed
c. strength
d. power
Rene is able to finish the 5 kilometer run without the
onset of fatigue. He possesses what physical fitness component?
a. muscular strength
c. flexibility
b. cardio-respiratory endurance
d. reaction
Physical fitness tests measure several physical fitness
components. Select among the choices given which does not
belong to the group.
a. pull-ups
b. push-ups
c. sit-up
d. shuttle run
Riza was not able to study her lesson for the first
grading examination. She purposely denies the idea that she took
the exam knowing that she got a low score. What defense
mechanism is warranted?
a. projection
b. regression
c. repression
d. daydreaming
How do you describe a rational individual?
a. Purposely denying the painful feeling
b. Escaping from painful reality by creating a make-believe situation
c. Escaping from situations, retreating to a less mature form of
d. Giving good reasons for an action by distorting the facts or
by giving good alibis.
There are some people who cannot endure problems in
life. As a result, the behavior became unpredictable, great swings
in mood, from extreme depression to extreme exaltation and often
times violent. What mental disorder is described?
a. psychoses
c. psychosomatic disorder
b. neurosis
d. personality aberrations
Ruben is engaging with anti-social behaviors and nonlegal acts which range from minor to grave offenses. Which of the
following behavior below is not an anti-social behavior?
a. vandalism
c. parental obedience
b. truancy
d. alcoholism
A feeling which is suffering from fear and
apprehension concerning the upcoming periodic examination
because she failed to study her lessons. Which negative feeling is
a. Alienation
c. Mild Anxiety
b. Loneliness
d. Mild Depression
What statement does NOT suggests about modern art?
a. Art becomes much a part of our daily living.

b. Art becomes significant in our lives.

c. Art works involve most of the object we see and hear
d. Art implies a bias interpretation of ones feelings and
Fernando Amorsolo is one of the National Artists in
painting. Which is the title of his first painting which became the
most popular image of the commonwealth?
a. The Carabao
c. Rice Planting
b. Sa Batis
d. Dalagang Bukid
The kind of art used to furnish or embellished the
spaces in which we live, or adorn our houses.
a. Creative arts
c. Media Arts
b. Decorative Arts
d. Commercial Arts
Which of the following is NOT a proper way of
appreciating works of art in the museum?
a. Look carefully the art work and its label
b. Spent less time with every art work your encounter.
c. Make judgment on the art work but be specific in your
d. Observe the kind of paint strokes or particularly energetic
brush strokes.
Which art activity provides every student an
opportunity to be creative?
a. Field Trip
c. Film Showing
b. Art Appreciation
d. Card Making
It is a manner of performing a song which sounds halfsung and half-spoken.
a. Polytonality
b. Multimeter
c. Polyrhythm
d. Sprechtime
A simultaneous combination of two or more tonalities
is a composition.
a. Polytonality b. Multimeter c. Polyrhythm d. Sprechtime
Impressionistic music projects a hazy and dreamlike
quality where nature is frequently the subject. Who is a French
composer who adapted the style of Impressionism in his music?
a. Claude Debussy
c. Arnold Schoenberg
b. Igor Stravinsky
d. Bela Bartok
The expressionist believed that this world is full of
tension and people are irrational, rebellious and scared to be
alone. What style is sought to express emotions with
exaggerations rather that represent the physical world?
a. impressionism
c. expressionism
b. syncopation
d. retrograde inversion
This famous Russian composer of the 20 th Century did
not only make use of syncopation and multi-meter in his
compositions, but he also combined the traditional and modern
trends of composition. Who is being referred to?
a. Igor Stravinsky
c. Claude Debussy
b. Arnold Schoenberg
d. Bela Bartok