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Research Report

2100 blvd. des Laurentides, Vimont, Laval, Quebec. H7M 2R5
Tel: (450) 688-2933 ext. 3126 Fax: (450) 663-1290

Name: ____________________________ Tutor: ________________________________

Date: _____________________________ Title of Work: __________________________
Criteria Points
4 3 2 1
Student properly Student requires
Student Questions or
generates prompts to
Introduction/ generates problems are
questions and or generate
Topic questions and or tutor
problems questions and or ____
problems. generated.
around a topic. problems.

Many detailed
Several detailed Some detailed A conclusion is
conclusions are
Conclusions conclusions are conclusions are made from the
reached from ____
Reached reached from the reached from the evidence
the evidence
evidence offered. evidence offered. offered.

Information is Information is
gathered from gathered from Information is Information is
multiple multiple gathered from gathered from
electronic and electronic and limited electronic non-electronic ____
non-electronic non-electronic and non-electronic or electronic
sources and sources but is not sources. sources only.
cited properly. cited properly.

Well organized, Organized, but Organized, but

demonstrates demonstrates demonstrates
Summary logical illogical illogical Weakly
Paragraph sequencing and sequencing or sequencing and organized.
sentence sentence sentence
structure. structure. structure.

There are four

There is one error There are two or
Punctuation, Punctuation and or more errors
in punctuation three errors in
Capitalization, capitalization in punctuation ____
and/or punctuation and/or
& Spelling are correct. and/or
capitalization. capitalization.

Total ____

Notes and Comments:

The Learning Exchange ~ Source:

D. Brown/2009

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