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Task Analysis/Content Outline and Script

Task Analysis
1. First, access the internet
2. Then, go to
3. Click on login at the top right corner of the screen, you will then click
sign up at the bottom of the window.
4. A window will pop up asking if you are a teacher, parent, or student
5. Select that you are a teacher; you will then be prompted for your
name, email address, and a password.
6. Click sign up (gray tab at the bottom)
7. You will now need to edit your profile by clicking edit profile at the
top left corner of the page. Here you will change your title (Mr., Mrs.,
Dr., etc.)
8. You have the option of changing your profile picture. You can do this
by clicking, add photo.
9. You will see a list of options on the left side on how you want to upload
your photo. This does not have to be a photo of you, it could be a
funny science picture or something related to what you teach.
10. Double click on the picture you wish to use
11. Add your class by clicking on the square that says add your first class
12. You will give your class a name (ex. Mrs. Coggins Homeroom), select
the grade you teach by using the pull down menu that says select year.
13. Select create class that is in blue
14. Begin adding students by typing in their names and pressing enter. If
you enter a name in error, just click on the name and click remove
student from class.
15. Add positive behaviors (ex. On task, participating, etc.) by clicking on
the ones you want listed for your class and clicking save.
16. You can also add the negative behaviors by clicking on the tab that
says Needs Work. These behaviors will be things that you do not
want the students doing (ex. Disrespect, bullying, etc.). You add these
the same way you added the positive behaviors in step 15.

17. You will then be given an option to connect with parents and students
(I highly recommend this) or you can select that you will invite parents
18. If you select connect with parents now, a PDF will generate with codes
for the parents and students. You simply print these out and a detail
explanation will be listed on how the parents can access ClassDOJO at
home via an individual code. Pass these out to the students to take
home when you are ready to implement ClassDOJO.
19. After the PDF has downloaded, click Okay, I got it!
20. A window will pop up letting you know that you are now ready to start
giving DOJO rewards to students. Click Done after you read this
21. Click on the class that you created. You can click on a student to give a
positive point for a good behavior or you can click on the student and
select needs work and select the unwanted behavior the student is
22. In order to log off, simply click on your name in the top right corner,
and select logout.

ClassDOJO Script







Action on Screen


Hi everyone. Ive created a video tutorial

on ClassDojo in response to the
questions Ive received over the last few
months. This program is an awesome way
to manage your classroom and stay in
contact with parents.
Access the Internet
ClassDOJO is an online-based program,
so you want to make sure you have
access to the Internet. I usually use
Safari or Google Chrome, but you can use
the web browser of your preference. For
this video, I will use Safari.
Type in into browser
After you have accessed the Internet,
you want to type into
address bar of the web browser, you can
also access it by typing classdojo into a
search engine.
Once on classdojo, click login at the top Once at the website, you will need to
right hand corner.
click on the login button at the top right
hand corner of the page.
Click on sign up
This is a completely free service, but you
will need to create an account by clicking
sign up at the bottom of the window.
Click on Teacher
A window is going to pop up asking if you
want to sign up as a teacher, parent, or
student. You are going to click on the
heart template that has teacher written
under it.
Sign up screen
At this point, you should see the sign up
screen. It is going to ask for your first
and last name, your email address, and a
password. After entering this
information, you are going to click on the
grey tab that says sign up.


ClassDojo Screen with Demo Class


Click on Edit Profile


Add your profile picture


File picker will show


Back to home ClassDojo screen


Lets create your class window

Congratulations. You are now logged into

Now, its time to personalize your
account on ClassDOJO. Click on the edit
profile. ClassDOJO may have
automatically assigned you as MR. and if
that isnt correct, it can easily be
changed, by clicking on title under basic
info, and changing it to whatever title
you prefer. Im changing mine to Mrs.
It is optional to you on whether or not
you want to add a photo to your
ClassDOJO, but I think it makes it more
personal, if you do. In order to do so,
click add photo.
On the left side you will be given a list of
options as to how you want to upload
your photo. Im going to choose a photo
from my computer to upload. Ill click on
choose file and choose a picture from my
desktop that I want displayed by double
clicking it. As you can see, I chose a
picture of my dog and my students
generally love this.
You are now ready to add your first
class. You are going to click on the
square that says add your first class.
At this point you are going to give your
class a name. I have multiple classes, so
I usually name them by the homeroom
teacher, but if you only have one class,
then you may want to choose a fun name
or you can just use your last name. In
the box beneath Give your class a name,
I am going to type Mrs. Coggins
Homeroom, you will then select the year
by using the pull down menu. I am going
to select grade 4. After these tasks are


Add students page


Add your students with 3 names listed


Add your students page


Add behaviors page


Adding Behaviors


Adding Behaviors

completed, select create my class. It

will be lit up in blue.
We are now able to add students to
ClassDojo. Pull out your roster and begin
adding your students. After you type
each name, just hit enter. I am going to
add 3 just to demonstrate. Lets do,
John Smith, Jane Doe, and Brad Pitt.
If you see that you typed a name in
error and want to delete it, you simply
click on the name and select remove
from the class, which is highlighted in
Click next at the bottom right of the
This is where personalization is key. You
know what positive behaviors you want to
see and you also know which negative
behaviors that you do not want to see.
Each teacher is different in this. You
can add as many behaviors as you wish,
but ClassDOJO recommends you only
add 2 when starting out.
There is 6 behaviors preset on
ClassDOJO: helping others, on task,
participating, persistence, teamwork, and
working hard. There is also a template
with a plus sign if you wish to add your
own behavior. We will do one of each
today. Im going to click on the On Task
icon and click save. Im also going to click
on the plus icon to customize a behavior.
Once clicked, you can change the icon,
Ill change it to a star and Im going to
type in Good Manners in the behavior
box and click save.
If you notice at the top of the box, you
will also see a section for Needs Work.




These are for the behaviors that you do

not want to see in the classroom and you
add them the same way as the positive
behaviors. Im going to add disrespect
and off task by clicking on each of them
and saving.
Connect with home page
You will be given an option to connect
with the students and the parents. If
you dont want to do this now, you can
click Ill invite parents later at the
bottom of the page. Im going to click on
the blue tab that says connect with
parents and students.
PDF of student invites
Once you click share with parents and
students a code is generated for each
student and parent. This is formatted in
a PDF and you just print them and pass it
out to the students. The parents are
able to download the ClassDojo app to
their smartphones or access it on the
computer using this code. They will be
able to set up an account and see what
their child is doing in the class and send
messages to you concerning their child.
This is a great tool for communication
and its good for documentation, as well.
After the download is complete, click
Okay, got it!
Youre now ready to give your first Dojo You have now completed the set up and
you can begin giving DOJO awards.
Remember, the point of this management
system is to focus on the positive. Kids
love to be recognized for the good
things they do. Obviously, you will have
to log the negative behaviors, but this
program is good because it motivates
students to receive attention by positive
behaviors rather than negative


ClassDOJO homepage


Mrs Coggins Homeroom page


Log off page

behaviors. Click on Done at the bottom

of the window.
I am going to click on my class that I
created. As you can see the students
that were added are listed. I can click on
their names to add a positive or negative
behavior. I will give Brad a positive point
for being on task and Jane a negative
point for being off task.
There is so much more you can do with
ClassDojo. The main thing I wanted to do
today was show you how to set up your
account, add students, and behaviors. I
will make another video very soon on how
to use the other features that
ClassDOJO has to offer. I hope you
enjoy it as much as my students and I
In order to log off, simply click on your
name in the top right corner and click log
out. I hope you guys enjoyed the video.
Please let me know if you have any
questions that I did not answer
concerning the set up of ClassDOJO.