Written By
Emily Clarkson

Based on the mythical Irish Goddess


A woodland environment is slowly lit from night to daylight.
Morrigan appears from behind one of the tree's walking. The
camera pan following her movement.
Once, centuries ago there lived a
beautiful young woman, secretive,
shy and happiest in shadow, she was
rarely seen.
The camera accelerates leaving Morrigan behind. The woodland
thins to more of a clearing. Morrigan reappears in view
walking into the distance. The camera focuses on her.
Those who glimpsed her spoke of a
woman, forever in the company of
crows, and how she vanished in a
flurry of their feathers.
Crows squawk flying around Morrigan, before a flock of them
suddenly zip across the screen obscuring everything for a
second. They dissipate and Morrigan has vanished.
Little did anyone suspect the young
woman was a shape-shifter, a
Goddess of battle and strife,
cursed with the power to forsee
imminent war.
A slow zoom on the scenery fades in the title 'Morrigan'
Her name was Morrigan.
The scenery starts to move in a carousel fashion. The titles
sliding out of view behind a tree trunk.
Sometimes she would intervene in
the bloody battles she was doomed
to predict; disguised as an old
Hag, she would hasten the end of
those who displeased her.
The old Hag appears with her back turned, before turning and
fixing a stare, raising her cloak and transforming into a
crow. She flies before vanishing behind scenery
Other times she would appear as
herself, aiding those she favoured.
Morrigan appears nervously from behind the trunk of a tree,
beckoning with a hand gesture. She disappears and reappears


further away, gesturing once again. A wipe cut behind a tree
trunk reveals an open sky with slow moving clouds
And when the wars were won, she
would walk amongst the dead and
dying and send them onto the next
Land forms rise into view littered with bodies, weapons and
shreds of material blowing in the wind. A slow zoom focuses
on Morrigan at the top of the hill in the distance. She has
her arms raised. Ghost crows rise from the dead and fly for
the sun.
A fluttering shred of fabric creates a wipe cut to a close
up of Morrigan at the top of the hill. She slumps saddened,
looking over her shoulder before sighing and walking out of
shot. The sky goes dark.
A woodland scene rises into view. Morrigan wanders into the
foreground, in the distance a fire can be seen. She stops,
now aware of it. The entire scene pivots round to show the
fire in the foreground and Morrigan, now distant, edging
Divided from the world of others,
Morrigan walked alone until one day
she set eyes upon a handsome
The warrior walks into view and sits by the fire, throwing
in some fresh firewood. Wipe cut past a tree trunk.
A lower cam shot over the shoulder of the warrior shows
Morrigan peeking out from behind a tree close by. The
warrior catches sight and Morrigan hides again
An over the shoulder shot of Morrigan shows the warrior
craning round and gesturing, inviting her to come closer.
Cut back to the warriors over the shoulder point of view.
Morrigan edges out into view and kneels tentatively in front
of the fire to warm her hands. She gives him a nervous
Cut to a close up of the warriors kindly open face, lit by
the fire. Cut to a close up of Morrigans face as she smiles
It was love at first sight
A wide shot shows the pair sitting on opposite sides of the


fire, casting glances intermittently. The leaves start to
fall from the trees, a cascade of them obscures the camera.

In the reveal a 2D village rises in the distance and the 3D
foreground follows, including a large Oak tree.
Seasons passed and Morrigan and her
warrior made for themselves a home.
She kept her abilities hidden, her
true identity a secret.
A time lapse shows the tree pass through the seasons. The
lapse stops in spring, the bright sky rolls in overcast. A
fast dramatic zoom into Morigan's horrified expression,
aided by an explosion of crows leads the viewer in
Morrigan's 'Vision mode'
Suddenly, Morrigans mind was
flooded with visions of war.
The background turns red and a series of slow motion events
fade from one to the next, aided by blooms of Celtic
pattern. Men run over a hill, weapons raised. Weapons
cross(Axes and swords). Her warrior falls backwards down a
ravine to his doom. A final set of Celtic swirl patterns
bloom and the scenery fades back into the 'real world'
One awful image turned Morrigan's
veins to ice; her handsome love was
doomed to die.
An armed villager runs up to meet them at the tree.
Barbarians were attacking a village
in the valley! The men of Morrigans
village rallied to help
The villager hands the warrior his sword and shield.
The camera zooms in toward Morrigan who stands by the tree
supporting herself against it. The Camera pitches so that
only the smoke can be seen in the distance and Morrigan by
the tree. The camera pans around to see her front.
Morrigan made a decision. She would
save him, she would save her love.


Morrigan transforms into a crow and in taking to the sky
covers the screen. An expanse of sky is revealed as she
flies. The camera angles to see the ground below her as
specks of men hurry for the smoking and burning village.
Morrigan soared through the skies
tracking the warrior as he raced
for the village. Below, fires
burned and houses collapsed, and
villagers had scattered.
Morrigan wheels turning to dive for the ground, covering the
camera. Men run over the hill with weapons raised at full
speed. Wipe cut as a man speed passes the camera.
The visions were coming to life.
Morrigan had to act quickly.
The warrior launches into a fight with a barbarian. The
warrior's sword and barbarian's axe clash together. The
camera pans around, and wipe cuts on passing a tree trunk.
The wipe cut reveals an over the shoulder shot of Morrigan
as the barbarian and warrior fighting on the edge of a long
drop. Their weapons locked together.
But things were moving so fast!
The Hag swiftly raises her cloak, obscuring the view, and
rustling energetic feathers can be heard as a crow
Morrigan scratched at the
barbarians face. He stumbled
back.... and fell.
The crow flies in furious attacking the barbarian, mostly
obscuring what is going on. Cut to the warrior with his arms
protectively shielding his face. After a pause, the crow has
disappeared and the warrior lowers his arms.
Morrigan had done it! She'd changed
the warriors fate! She ran to
The camera pans around cutting past a tree trunk to an over
the shoulder of the warrior, showing Morigan in her hag
form. The warrior backs away.


Morrigan hurries forward slightly, arms outstretched. On
seeing her hands she realizes she is not herself. She
promptly transforms into young Morrigan. Several crows fly
past, providing a wipe cut.
A close up of the warriors face shows him back away further
and shake his head in disbelief. A jump cut close up of his
foot as he trips over a tree root, followed by another jump
cut to a wide panning view of Morrigan, the warrior and the
ravine edge, as he falls in slow motion and Morrigans arms
are outstretched.
Wipe cut past a tree trunk to a silhouette from beneath the
warrior as he falls in slow motion toward the camera. His
silhouette blocks out the view.
A slow zoom out from the blackness reveals Morrigans face in
in profile as she stares sadly into the distance from the
edge of the ravine. The camera slowly pans around to see her
from the front.
Once, centuries ago, there lived a
beautiful woman.
Secretive, shy and happiest in
shadow, she was rarely seen.
Those who glimpsed her spoke of a
woman forever in the company of
crows and how she vanished in a
flurry of their feathers.
Her name was Morrigan, Goddess of
battle and strife.
Morrigan is swarmed by crows. Upon their exit Morrigan has
vanished. The camera continues to zoom out of the empty
environment, fading to black.

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