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Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Program Course Registration Form Spring 2015 Semester

The following courses are required for trainees in the NYS Licensure Program, and are open as electives to
graduates and the general public. Full course descriptions may be accessed at our website Courses are offered every two to three years.
Developmental Theory, Attachment: Attachment Theory is a psychological theory that
provides a descriptive and empirical framework for interpersonal relationships throughout
the life span. The central theme of Attachment Theory is that the infant-caregiver
relationship informs styles of attachment which impact behaviors later in life. This course
will explore in depth the work of John Bowlby, the first attachment theorist; Mary Ainsworth
and her ground-breaking strange situation study; Margaret Main; and John Fonagy. The
implications for psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and parental support will be addressed.
Saturdays: 2/21; 3/21; 4/25, 12 5pm
Instructor: Connie Newman, LMHC, LCAT, LP (15 hours, $450)
Dreaming, Dream Analysis, & Dreamwork: This course will review historical ways of
thinking about and approaching dreams and theories of the psychology and physiology of
the dreaming process. We will learn about Freudian, Jungian, and Gestalt approaches to
dream analysis, interpretation and dreamwork, with a focus on exploring their similar goals
of uncovering and understanding unconscious processes. We will especially attend to the
differences between interpretive and experiential ways of working with dreams, utilizing
case material and working with students' dreams during the practicum hours.
Saturdays: 4/11; 5/2 & 5/30, 1 6pm
Instructor: Susan Jurkowski, LCSW, LP (15 hours, $450)
Ethical Considerations in Analytic Practice: Intrinsic to ethical practice is the
therapists respect both for the patient and for the complex and profound relationship, the
space between, that is co-created by the patient/therapist meeting. We will discuss the
philosophical, legal, and professional foundations that come together to form the core of
current ethical practice.
Fridays: May 8 & May 22; 6/12 & 19, 6 9:45pm
Instructor: Arleen Maiorano, LCSW, LP (15 hours, $450)

Please mail registration information to Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy, 36 West 25th Street (10th
floor) New York, NY10010; fax to 212-689-7745; or email to You may use Visa
or Master Card, or a check payable to Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy.
Registration is due 2 weeks prior to the first date of the scheduled course. Tuition is non-refundable after the start date of
each class. For additional information, email Arleen Maiorano at
Classes will take place on the GAP premises unless otherwise specified.






I would like to register for:

Developmental Theory, Attachment: Connie Newman, 3 Saturdays: 2/21; 3/21; 4/25, 12 5pm

Dreaming, Dream Analysis, & Dreamwork: Susan Jurkowski, 3 Saturdays: 4/11; 5/2 & 5/30, 1 6pm
Ethical Considerations in Analytic Practice: Arleen Maiorano, 4 Fridays: 5/8 & 22; 6/12 & 19, 6 - 9:45pm
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