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Writing Rubric

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Name: _____________________________ Tutor: _________________________________

Date: ______________________________ Title of Work: ___________________________

Criteria Points
4 3 2 1
Reader has
Information in logical, Student presents
difficulty following Sequence of
interesting sequence information in a
Organization work because information is ____
which reader can sequence which
student jumps difficult to follow
follow reader can follow
Student does not
Student is
have grasp of
Student demonstrates Student is familiar unfamiliar with
Content information;
full knowledge (more with content, but content but is able ____
Knowledge student cannot
than required) fails to elaborate to demonstrate
answer questions
basic concepts
about subject
Presentation has no Presentation has Work has four or
Presentation has no
Grammar and more than two three misspellings more spelling
misspellings or ____
Spelling misspellings and/or and/or errors and/or
grammatical errors
grammatical errors grammatical errors grammatical errors
Work has one or Work has three or
Neatness Work neatly done two areas that are four areas that are Work is illegible ____
sloppy sloppy
Work displays correct Reference section Work shows
Work displays no
References number of references; completed but with incomplete ____
written correctly a few errors references

Total ____

Notes and Comments:

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D. Brown/2009

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