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For David Cushman: “Your presentation on Social networks provided great clarity on the culturalsocio-economic changes that will impact on my business. “Your facilitation of and contribution to the subsequent discussion amongst my team was very helpful in enabling them to get a handle on what is a paradigm shift in their view of the world in which they operate. “I am optimistic that I can achieve a rapid and effective organisational change from today's starting point.” John Chillcott Chief Executive, Anglia Co-operative Society Limited “Just a quick note to say thank you so much for speaking at the Digital Identity Forum this week (November 2007). “We've had terrific feedback on the event, and this reflects as much on the quality of your session as it does on our input. “It was important to have a first session that established the "ground rules" for the event: real expertise, new ground and genuine debate. “Well done. “I hope you found it worthwhile as well and perhaps might be prepared to get involved again in next year's event.” David Birch, Director, Consult Hyperion <> They said it online: “At WidgetWebExpo, David Cushman rocked the room... He seems to have something insightful and unique to say about almost every medium.” Michael Leis VP Strategic Services Emerge Digital “davidcushman just wrapped up a nice preso at Widget Web Expo. I liked his POV that effective marketing happens in the mind of the individual. No hard sell.” David Armano: VP Experience Design at Critical Mass. “davidcushman will be coming aboard as a guest contributor at /Message. I was very impressed by his presentation yesterday at Widget World Expo” Stowe Boyd; global social apps consultant “ One of the true long term, insightful bloggers I know” AjitJaokar author and global telecoms consultant

“I was at Netimperative's Online Publishing & Media summit. ”We had a great line up; the Telegraph, the Guardian, emap, Ivan Pope from Snipperoo and others…I think my favourite speaker was David Cushman from EMAP. “Cushman, EMAP's Digital Development Director, said that social networks on the internet have brought us the biggest revolution since the industrial revolution. Wow. I think he may well be right too - for publishers and for advertisers too…” Andrew R H Girdwood, Head of Search, BigMouthMedia

Comments after Mobinar ( “I have not been to a more engaging, stimulating and relevant session in years. “The quality of the speakers - who really got stuck in and involved with the project work we did - was superb. “High calibre and sufficiently 'different' to make attendance a real pleasure. “I came away enthused for opportunities in mobile…”. Comments after Never Mind the Bloggers seminar and workshop with Alan Moore and Euan Semple “Many thanks for yesterday's blogging summit - your speakers, and yourself, have opened my mind again to the possibilities of a good blog.” Tim Street Website Editor, MATCH Comments on white papers • “David Cushman does a masterful job of pulling together thoughts from Doc Searls, Alan Moore, David Reed, and, yes, yours truly, into a great post”. (Don’t Just Witness the Network, Be Part of It: ) Stowe Boyd, Global consultant in Social Web Applications • “If I were the CEO of EMAP I would make Dave Cushman HEAD OF STRATEGY. His post White Paper Wiki: Power of the Network is a serious piece of work!” Alan Moore and Tomi Ahonen, co-authors Communities Dominate Brands