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DANGEROUS ARTICLE by David L. Phillips in the Huffington Post, titled:

Solutions to Communal Conflict in Myanmar

Responded to and exposed by Rick Heizman, Feb 3, 2014
I include his text by paragraph number, and then my response:
Paragraph 2:
Simmering communal conflict between Buddhists and Muslims erupted when Thida
Htwe, a young Buddhist woman, was raped and murdered on her way home from
sewing class in Sittwe on May 28, 2012. Buddhists in Rakhine State launched reprisals,
killing hundreds and displacing 140,000 Rohingya. Three Muslim men were accused of
raping Thida Htwe and, after a rushed two week trial, sentenced to death. Human
rights groups criticized the trial for falling short of international standards.
Response to paragraph 2:
First, Thida Htwe was not even close to Sittwe, she was raped and murdered in Kyauknimaw
Village, on Ramree Island, and that is a fact that is indisputable. This error is an alarm that the
writer does not know much at all about what he is saying - how can he not know the location?
If Phillips was writing about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and said, the murder of
JFK in Chatanooga, Tennessee, he would be dismissed right away. (it was in Dallas, Texas if
you didnt know). He is clearly and decisively making sure to accuse, demonize and build
hatred of the Buddhists.
Then Phillips says, Buddhists in Rakhine State launched reprisals, killing hundreds and
displacing 140,000 Rohingya. Wow! No mention at all of the sudden attack by thousands of
armed Muslims in Maungdaw, on June 8, 2012, which really began the large-scale cycle of
violence. Hundreds of Buddhists were killed, and thousands were forced to flee for the lives
and became refugees, and dozens of Buddhists villages were burned and destroyed.
Maungdaw-June 8, 2012-Violence Erupts-Buddhists Attacked:
Maungdaw Lady Interviewed:
Militants, Terrorists, Extremists:

Burmese Muslim Lady speaks out about 'Rohingya' wickedness:
Horrors to Tell - Buddhists Victims of Muslim Violence in Arakan:

Interviews with Buddhist victims:

He also remarks about the trial of the rapists of Thida Htwe, implying that it was not fair,
but failing to mention that the leader of the three rapists committed suicide before the
trial. He added, Human rights groups criticized the trial for falling short of international
standards. Notice that he expressed no concern for the raped, mutilated and dead
young woman, nor any of the many Buddhists rape victims in Arakan - are there
international standards addressing the problem of on-going rapes of Buddhist women
there? How many are the Rakhine Buddhists supposed to tolerate, before they have to
do something about it? His concern is for the Muslims attackers, killers and and rapists
(Im not saying all Muslims are like that, so no need to dismiss this on those grounds)
and he is defiantly trying to tarnish and vilify the Buddhists.

Paragraph 1:
A local man from central Myanmar explained tensions between Buddhists and
Muslims. "Myanmar is a Buddhist country," he declared. "We are under siege from

Muslims who came from Bengal to take our land and rape our children." He insisted,
"We Buddhists are a peaceful and tolerant people, but Islam is a religion of the sword."
Response to paragraph 1:
Phillips is trying to paint the Buddhists as unreasonable intolerant extremists. What the
Buddhists man (in paragraph 1) said is essentially correct: Burma is - overall - a
Buddhist country (like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Bhutan, Tibet), with many
Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Animist people, areas, and ethnicities. And, Muslims from
Bangladesh have swarmed into the adjacent area of Arakan and have violently purged
and killed Buddhists in many conflicts since the 1942 Maungdaw massacre, when the
Muslims killed 30,000 Buddhists in Maungdaw, burned hundreds of Buddhist villages in
the surrounding area, and sent 100,000 Buddhists fleeing for their lives.
The man is again correct in saying, "We Buddhists are a peaceful and tolerant people,
but Islam is a religion of the sword."
Historically, as Islam spread from the Arabian peninsula, it spread by the sword, and
every time it encountered Buddhist culture the Buddhists lost. Everything. That is why
there is not a single living Buddhist in areas that were Buddhist - lands that are now
called Persia / Iran (eastern parts were Buddhists), Afghanistan, Turkmenistan,
Kazakstan, and remaining Buddhists are being attacked, killed and driven out in
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. Indian historians claim 70-80 million Hindus and
Buddhists were killed by the Muslims as they ruled major parts of India for some
centuries. There is no doubt, at all, that Islam is a religion of the sword, and that the
sword has been used again and again and again - without remorse nor regret.
Historic and Present Conquest and Destruction of Buddhists and Buddhism:

Bangladesh Eliminates Its Buddhists

Bengalis Seize the Land of the Bodo in Assam:

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Jihad in Thailand:

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Paragraph 3:
In March 2013, communal violence erupted in Meiktila and surrounding villages where
mobs killed scores and displaced tens of thousands in mainland Myanmar. The
Government declared a state of emergency and deployed special police to areas of
sectarian strife. While it managed to temporarily quell the violence, its response has
been insufficient to address underlying causes of conflict.
Response to paragraph 3:
read about Meiktila here:

Paragraph 4:
Many Burmans, who are Buddhist and Myanmar's largest ethnic group, have deepseated resentment towards Rohingya, who are Muslim and darker-skinned. Rohingya,
who number about 800,000 in Rakhine State, reject the label "Bengali," which they say
misrepresents the historic roots of Rohingya in the Arakan Kingdom (today's Rakhine
State). Islam in Myanmar dates back to the 8th century; Rohingya and their Buddhist
neighbors have coexisted for centuries.
Response to paragraph 4:
First of all, we are talking about Rakhine Buddhists - who are NOT Burman ethnicity!
This error, again, clearly shows absolute ignorance of the situation. Next, more in-yourface bias is exhibited by the the first sentence. In reality, the Rakhine Buddhists get
along fine with any other religion or ethnicities around them - EXCEPT - the Bengali
Muslims (Rohingya) who are the ones who are truly intolerant, violent, and
supremacist. Why not a sentence such as: Many Rohingya, who are Muslims, have

deep-seated intolerance towards any infidels, and believe that their God - Allah - gives
them the right and the duty to convert them, or kill them.
About the terms Bengali and Rohingya

and about the ridiculous and impossible claim that Islam in Myanmar dates back to the 8th century
(really? centuries before Persian, Turkish, Indian, Pakistani and Bengali lands became Muslim) read

To be continued - unfortunately there is a lot more to correct and expose..

By Rick Heizman, San Francisco, Feb 3, 2014