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Can ‘Dark Can ‘Dark Knight’ Knight’ out out gross gross ‘Titanic’ ‘Titanic’ to to become become Boxbox-office Office champ? champ?
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August is here. I simply cannot believe how the time is just passing by so quickly. First things first, I must give my appreciation and dedication of this month’s newsletter to my sister Elaine Serrano – Vasquez, who turned twenty – two on the tenth of August; to my dearest colleague Toni Laree Washington, also her birthday, on the eighteenth of August. Lastly, to Ronald Johnson a loving individual and a great step-grandfather. I just wrapped up my summer courses at San Diego City College, and I am very exhausted, but I am living a dream of pursuing an education. In this issue, there will be changes. In these changes I plan to compose my newsletter into a publication-like magazine. I have so much charisma, ambitions, and expansion for Monte Pictures and if all goes well, which I know it will, then expect to see Monte Pictures on the Forbes® list of most powerful motion pictures studios in North America. I wish you and your family great health. - Javier

James Cameron’s “Titanic” not only garnered fourteen

DiCaprio and Winslet run through icy waters in the $200 million production of Titanic.

Academy Awards nomination and walked away with eleven Oscars, tied with William Wyler’s 1959, BenHur and Peter Jackson’s 2004, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, but it is currently the all time box-office champ with a mere $600 million domestically in the United States. The Batman sequel: The Dark Knight was intentionally “not to break any records” said the director Christopher Nolan (notably directed 2006, Batman Begins and 2001, Memento). With a production budget of (US$) 185 million dollars

and nearly becoming the all time box-office champ, The Dark knight has built it’s success from the mesmerizing performance from Heath Ledger as The Joker in the film, winning the role from numerous well-known actors like Oscar winners Adrien Brody, Robin Williams, and Steve Carell, even Jack Nicholson expressed interest in reprising the role which he helped established the Batman franchise as The Joker in Tim Burton’s 1989, Batman.

Oscar Win or just sympathy?

Jack Nicholson in 1989, Batman and Heath Ledger in 2008, The Dark Knight, both portrayed The Joker

simply can not argue that Heath Ledger

performance brilliantly as The Joker in the 2008, The Dark Knight. Few film critics assumed Ledger was wrongfully robbed an Oscar for his mesmerizing performance as Ennis Del Mar in the ill-fated 2005 Academy Award winning film Brokeback Mountain, which Ledger won his first Oscar nomination in the Best Actor category. No one expected Ledger to come off with an Oscar nomination, and, of course, not win, to star in one of Hollywood’s greatest box-office hits in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

Unfortunately, we will never know what potential lied in Ledger’s future because his career was just launching with successful commercial films. A decade ago, Ledger was known in several teen films, including: the 1999 film 10 things I hate about you, co- starring with Julia Stiles, and the 2002,A Knight’s Tale, which garnered rave reviews and launched him into the public eye. But, can Ledger actually win the Oscar for his performance as The Joker. Hollywood loves villains, but can the Academy members acknowledge Ledger performance? Or “Box-office Champ” is enough?

xquisitely brilliant and a great ensemble cast. 2005, Downfall was directed by German acclaimed director Oliver Hirschbiegel. The film is based on the accounts of the last days of Adolf Hitler through the eyes of his private secretary Traudl Junge, portrayed superbly by German actress Alexandra Maria Lara, which is loosely based on her memoir Until the Final Hour. The film, like I said is great, but the film received harsh criticisms around the world because the film shows the accounts of Adolf Hitler sensitivity under the events of World War II, and assumingly, film critics and audiences were demanding the film to explain one major subject that was simply left out: the Holocaust.


ilm critic Richard Nilsen of the

Arizona Republic, wrote, “"Don't bother voting. Just give the Oscar to Marion Cotillard now.” And I must agree with Richard Nilsen because Marion Cotillard’s performance as the French – singer Edith Piaf was captivating and, by far, the greatest film performance to date, and I mean that literally. This was the only performance in 2007 for which I had given it a standing ovation. I must warn you, the film is a mess, and by mess; first, the film is spoken in French, and you the French, they intend to speak French quickly and aggressively. Secondly, every minute of screen time means years past of Edith Piaf’s life which the film transition into flash back sequences, for most, a handful of people do not enjoy. If you enjoyed Reese Witherspoon in the 2005, Walk the line, for which she won the coveted Best Actress, then you’ll like La Mome in French, but the American version La Vie En Rose.

Gorgeous, Smart and Oscar, too
Academy Award winner® Rachel Weisz

You may recognize Rachel Weisz in the 1999 and 2002 box-office hits The Mummy and The

Mummy Returns, as Evy or Evelyn O’Connell. Rachel Weisz was born in London, England in 1971. It was not until her college years at the respected prestigious Cambridge University in England, where she pursued interest in acting. She had co- founded a student drama club called Cambridge Talking Tongues, which received critical acclaims for many successful theatre productions. After graduating Cambridge with a degree in English, she further more pursued her acting career. She has appeared in many notable films, which includes: 1996, Stealing Beauty; 1999, Sunshine; 2002, About a Boy; 2002, Confidence; 2003, The Shape of Things; 2005, Constantine; 2006, The Fountain. Having all ready establishing a leading lady, she had several box-office hits to her credit, but it was not until 2005 when Fernando Meirelles, the director of The Constant Gardner, gave Weisz the opportunity of a lifetime to portray Tessa Quayle, a doomed activist in pursuit in alerting publicly of the pharmaceutical industries targeting the African illness. The role brought her an Academy Award ® for Best Supporting Actress.

Frida : Seven Years in the Making

The first time I’d seen “Frida”

starring Salma Hayek, also served as one of two Producers of the film, was when I was a student in A.P. Art History. My professor was deeply fascinated in the subject of art and once he took the entire class, combined students of thirteen, to the cinema and watched the film as a class. It was an amazing experience because we were permitted off school campus and we had the privilege of watching a film entirely on the subject of art history and also The life of Frida Kahlo.

Salma Hayek as Frida

Unfortunately, Salma Hayek failed to win the Oscar for Best Actress at the 2003, Academy Awards®; Nicole Kidman won for her performance in The Hours. I felt Salma Hayek’s performance was much more convincing, artistic, and simply ravishing. Salma was Frida and why not? Salma embarked on a seven years journey to buy the rights to the publication, funding, and the director. Salma did not want to put her entire dedication into the wrong hands; luckily, Julie Taymor, the first woman to win the prestigious Tony® award for Best Direction for her Broadway hit The Lion King®, was hired as the film’s director. Together, as women, they both collaborated brilliantly, and the film’s crew was conducted by many elite and acclaimed filmmakers in Mexico, they include: Gregory Nava, directed Jennifer Lopez in Selena; Academy Award® winner composer Elliot Goldenthal, notably for Neil Jordan’s Interview with the Vampire; and lastly, Director of Photography Rodrigo Prieto, worked with Ang Lee in the Academy Award® winning film Brokeback Mountain. Also, many well-known film stars like Alfred Molina, Antonio Banderas, Mia Maestro, Edward Rush, Ashley Judd, and

Edward Norton, all to whom are dearest friends of Salma Hayek, all agreed to work for low wages for their performances.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
J. K. Rowling did a magnificent job by alluring our imagination into the world of wizardry and
magical powers in her multi-billion franchise of Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is my absolute favorite, thus far, and honestly, I have to come clean and admit admirably that I was not fond and early rejected the entire Harry Potter, but what changed my mind completely was how well the books were selling globally. This one-time welfare mother turned billionaire writer from London, England changed the way kids read today, and one book critic raved Ms. Rowling’s dedication in bringing Harry to life which has been an extraordinary journey for everyone alike. This is the fourth film in the popular Harry Potter series, directed by Mike Newell. The film is gorgeously acted, the music is haunting and inspiring and the special effects are simply perfected. From the beginning of the film to the ending credits, this film “the Goblet of Fire” is definitely entertaining. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley enter their fourth year at Hogwarts School. The school has been selected to host the Triwizard Tournament, a legendary event in which one wizard each from two rival schools and Hogwarts compete in three dangerous tasks. Dumbledore, head of Hogwarts, reveals The Goblet of Fire, a magical cup which acts the judgment by selecting the candidates. Three students from each school will participate under restricted age requirement of the age of seventeen. But, when all three names are selected an additional fourth name is thrown out of the cup of the Goblet of Fire revealing the name of Harry Potter.

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