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One-Hundred Fortieth Year

Area Residents Swarm Country Roads For Glimpse at Movie Set; Thwarted by Placement of Trees, Buildings

Gangsters bring boon

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Downtown Businesses See Influx of Customers As Shooting of Depp Film Takes Place On North Main Street

By Jennifer K. Woldt & Amanda M. Wimmer of The Northwestern The “Public Enemies” gangsters packed up their Tommy guns and drove out of town Tuesday . Cast and crew members of the 1930s-era gangster picture loaded up their equipment, boarded buses and headed for the country roads of northern Winnebago County Tuesday afternoon. Departing in small groups, they caravanned to Grace Lutheran Church in Winchester where they set up base camp and had lunch before beginning to film dirt-road driving scenes on the WIOUWASH Trail near Oakridge Road in the town of Clayton. Little of the day’s scenes was visible to onlookers because the actors were either blocked by a woods and a building, or were too far off to see clearly . CHURCH WOMAN WANTS BIT OF HISTORY Miss Bette Lee, 58, got the lowdown on the cast and crew’s arrival after attending a weight loss meeting at her church. The Winchester lady, who is a member of Grace Lutheran Church, said the congregation president told her the “Public Enemies” cast and crew would be using the church as a locaContinued on Page 2, Col. 1

The New Moon coffee shop, known as the Skalsa Restaurant for “Public Enemies” filming, was doing brisk business during a lull in downtown Oshkosh Tuesday afternoon. Other downtown businesses are also experiencing a boon while filming is going on. See the related story at right. Larry Crane/of The Northwestern

Mr. Chad Feller, of Neenah, knows firsthand a little pain is necessary to get the good shots when you’re making a major Hollywood picture. It was raining cats and dogs, drenching his trench coat and hat. Mr. Feller reports he was tired, hungry and annoyed – the perfect combination for getting into Chicago-detective character for day one of Oshkosh filming of gangster picture “Public Enemies”. To top it off, flare debris poured from the sky and burned the part-time actor. “Back in the ’30s they had old movie cameras out there … but they didn’t have lighted video cameras back then, so that’s why the flares were used,” Mr. Feller said. “The flare guy was right outside my car, so when we throw Dillinger in the car, and run to mine, I’m ducking to get in, and two sparks fell down on my neck! Let me tell you, that didn’t feel too good.” Helicopter propellers whirled, the wind whipped, and Mr. Feller and seven Continued on Page 2, Col. 2

Sheboygan Man Has Family Ties to Dillinger’s Lady Friend
By Doug Zellmer of The Northwestern A Sheboygan man’s gangster past includes a cousin who was married to the girlfriend of notorious bank robber John Dillinger, Evelyn “Billie” Frechette. Mr. Steve Gallimore of Sheboygan said his grandfather’s cousin, gangster and mail robber Welton Sparck, was married to Frechette before she met Dillinger. “I’m fascinated by the personal connection in my family and I’m a history buff, too. When I first found out about it I was intrigued,” Mr. Gallimore said. “I’m the family historian, and I got a memoir from a relative, who told about his (Sparck’s) connection with Dillinger.” Interest in the gangster era is reaching a new feverish peak in Oshkosh as shooting of the big-budget gangster film “Public Enemies” continues in the city . Mr. Gallimore said Sparck was recently released from Continued on Page 2, Col. 2

Northwestern Staff OMRO – Police last week detained a suspected gangster after a concerned citizen reported observing a suspicious vehicle circling a quiet residential neighborhood near downtown Omro. The man in the vehicle, wearing a pinstriped suit, was driving up and down Madison Avenue in a car bearing F lorida license plates, said Omro Police Chief James Reed. An investigation determined the man was an actor in the “Public Enemies” movie being filmed this week in downtown Oshkosh. Reed would not disclose the name of the actor, but he insisted it was nobody famous. “This guy knows someone in the area and he was trying to find the house,” the chief said.

By Jeff Bollier of the Northwestern To say “Public Enemies” has been a boon to business downtown would be an understatement. Hundreds of people have walked the streets in recent weeks as the 1930s gangster motion picture sends the city’s center back in history . And while many have purchased memorabilia of their trips back in time, businesses report mixed results from Oshkosh’s two weeks in the spotlight. PROXIMITY IS KEY Miss Joslyn Knudsen has done brisk business in “Johnny Get Your Gun” Tshirts at her store, Stella and Finn, on the perimeter of the main focus of the transfor mation work on North Main Street. She estimates more than 300 of the 600 shirts she Continued on Page 2, Col. 6

Berlin couple riding in style
By Patricia Wolff of The Northwestern BERLIN – With any luck at all, Mr. And Mrs. Larry Carlson of Berlin will be making their debuts in the motion pictures along with their spiffy car in the “Public Enemies” flick being filmed in Oshkosh this week. Producers, who earlier put out a call for early 1930svintage cars for the gangster-era movie, were keen on the look of the Carlsons’ black 1935 Plymouth business sedan and asked them to join the cast. The Carlsons’ car is no jalopy. This bugg y is the cat’s meow. “It’s never been restored but it looks real nice,” Mr. Carlson said. Director Michael Mann is very finicky about the cars in his film, Mr. Carlson said, prefer ring those with a rounded look as opposed to a boxy appearance. Mr. Carlson, a retired schoolteacher now in his Continued on Page 2, Col. 5

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By Sarah Owen of The Northwestern Johnny Depp’s not the only machine gun-toting tough guy shooting up downtown Oshkosh this week. One behind-the-scenes blogging ace, also a “Public Enemies” extra, snapped shots under the radar between takes in Oshkosh Monday, catching actors Stephen Dorf f, Christian Continued on Page 2, Col. 3


Mr. Jerry Jacklin, a University of WisconsinOshkosh employee, recently got the pleasure of playing an extra in the major motion picture “Public Enemies.” Filming for the film, which features Mr. Johnny Depp and Mr. Christian Bale, has been going on in Oshkosh all week. However, Mr. Jacklin played his role as a homeless man when the movie was being filmed in Columbus. “It was quite the experience,” Mr. Jacklin said. He added that he did in fact get the chance to see Mr. Depp up close. “The movie is big-time. It’s in Wisconsin,” Mr. Jacklin said. “The whole story to me was super interesting.”

Actor Gets Chatty About Role in Upcoming Universal Film
By Sarah Owen of The Northwestern It was day one of filming Hollywood picture “Public Enemies” in Oshkosh. Rain pelted Wittman Regional Airport, and Mr. Alan Wilder was lamenting how hair and makeup had gussied him up too early . Bored in his trailer, the Chicago theater professor, and TV and film actor, came in for some cheese and sausage. Sporting a topcoat and hat, even the keenest eye and informed film cat could’ve mistaken the clean-shaven actor as background, one of the hundreds of actors getting $10 an hour to blend in. “I’m not an extra. I’m a principal,” he informed this reporter, chewing a piece of cheddar from a half-empty tray laid out in the “Public Enemies” hair and makeup area at Wittman Re gional Air port. In fact, he was Robert Estill, Indiana prosecutor in the John Dillinger case. Playing the lawyer photographed with the notorious gangster’s arm resting on his shoulder, Mr. Wilder got chatty about being in the thick of the action. It’s a whole other gig than being an extra. “That’s a lot like being a prop, a can or a cookie … It’s so thankless because you’re wallpaper, like cattle,” he said. Though he fancies theater work over film, Mr. Wilder revealed it’s the money that keeps him coming back to the silver screen.
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Even though downtown now lives in two generations, a seven-foot chicken still remains an odd sight in Opera House Square. The chicken handed out pamphlets, posed for pictures with passersby and generally gave the crowd some entertainment and good food on a day when “Public Enemies” film crews left downtown for a more rustic location. All the reviews Streetwise received about Chuckles’ Chicken — the stand can be Continued on Page 2, Col. 4

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Valley Christian Newsboys, And Girls Hawk Newspapers
By Amanda M. Wimmer of The Northwestern Hawkers were charging a dollar a newspaper downtown this week. Boys and girls from Valley Christian High School dressed in period garb to sell Oshkosh Daily Northwestern newspapers to anyone who would buy one on the streets of Oshkosh Monday and Tuesday and will continue selling newspapers through the end of the week. During filming of “Public Enemies” on Monday the stu, dents sold 592 copies of the Daily Northwestern. The students from Valley Christian raised more than $400 Monday as The Northwestern do, nated a portion of the newspaper price to the students. “People are taking lots of photos of us,” said Mr. Anthony Hyatt, a ninth-grader who sold newspapers Monday . Mr. Hyatt made his way through the apple of the city with classmates Mr. Blake Van Maanen and Mr. Patrick Plashko. “The more we yell, the more they seem to buy,” Mr. Hyatt said. Hawkers will continue to sell The Northwester n on the streets of Oshkosh throughout the week. The present day Oshkosh Northwestern transformed into a 1930s-style version on Monday and today The final . 1930s-style newspaper will come out Friday .
— Amanda M. Wimmer: (920) 426-6632 or awimmer@thenorthwestern.com.

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