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CHRISTOPHER KING, J.D. 15 Beasom Street Nashua , New Hampshire 03064 603.438.8017m http://KingCast.


9 August 2007:


Re: Franconia’s response to Outstanding Right-to-Know materials including Fox Hill “suspicious place” information and Bruce Mckay’s personnel file and other paperwork. Dear Counselor Mullen: Thank you for your responsive letter yesterday. In return I present the following for your consideration: 1. I don’t know why your office did not timely respond to the Word attachment letters I sent you. The AG’s office responded in timely fashion to the same set of letters, so perhaps that is a problem with internal controls you will need to address. 2. The use-of-force report for Liko Kenney’s Unconstitutional 2003 arrest at Fox Hill Park is not likely to appear, ever. I know for fact that Chief Montminy has been combing the halls of several public buildings for this document but he has been entirely unsuccessful. 3. The Police report may or may not appear -- remember Attorney James T. Brooks noted in his Motion for Continuance that he had not seen it in ten (10) weeks since his discovery request when he drafted his Motion to Suppres -- but if one exists it would behoove your client to produce it sooner than later because I aim to finish the Motion for Declaratory Judgment next week. If it doesn’t appear it makes it all the more likely for the Court to GRANT the Motion for McKay’s complete personnel file. Well, actually what I know now but am not telling you will also tend to make the Court lean in favor of full disclosure as well, but you’ll just have to wait to find out about that. 4. It is fascinating that your client does not have a copy of the Troy Watts complaint. Please have them double-check that, and in the meantime produce a copy of any and all video cruiser footage that Bruce McKay took in cases involving Troy Watts’ clients, particularly a small woman who was OC Sprayed. I know they have it because Troy told me they have it.

5. We are going into week six (6) of the KingCast request for documentation showing Fox Hill Park to be a “suspicious place” as Bruce McKay so stated to Liko Kenney in his nicely measured tone. Then he asked Liko “where he was from,” as if ANYONE out in Franconia has to ask where a Kenney is “from.” All we have is a bunch of Constitutional violations as determined by Judge Cyr and catalogued on the blawg, “Chris King’s 1st Amendment Page,” and the nol-pross of Liko Kenney’s exact same charges before His Honor could get to his case. I should point out that the officers’ modus operandi was exactly the same for all stops, and that the Constitutional violations were found even though the other youth were actively smoking marijuana, with odiferous plumes extant. Liko Kenney, conversely, who has lived in the woods during winter I might add, was just relaxing in his mother’s car. That’s why he told Bruce McKay in the back of the cruiser: 21:04:01 - "You can't pull people off the street and put them in handcuffs and drive them around for no reason." [held: correct, as noted by Judge Cyr]. 21:05:46 - "I was sitting in my car resting before driving home and now you've done this to me for no reason." [held: correct, as noted by Judge Cyr]. 21:15:00 - "Why am I in handcuffs?" "[Officer Cox or Ball] Because you resisted arrest." "Why was I being arrested, why?" "[Officer Cox or Ball] I don't understand what the original offense was." "That's because there is no original offense." [held: correct, as noted by Judge Cyr]. 21:15:30 - "He punched me in the face and you and him both saw him punch me in the face and you both are saying he didn't. I'm being beat up IN HANDCUFFS by 3 adult armed men who all have guns and I have NOTHING." 6. As to the summaries and redacted items from Bruce McKay’s personnel file you have offered to WMUR and to me, I respectfully decline your offer at this time because that is the essence of the pending litigation. I don’t want any indices or summaries or anything like that; I want the whole file. We will let the Court decide who is right. I know in Ohio my buddy, the Honorable George C. Smith agrees with me in Kallstrom II.

"U.S. District Judge George C. Smith held that denying inspection of public records hindered the First Amendment interests of the media because it prevented them from acting as watchdogs over government activity. "The full disclosure of these personnel files is necessary to enable the press to do its job," Smith wrote."
Very truly yours, ______________________ Christopher King, J.D. On behalf of On behalf of Franconia Collective.