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Blackberry os

COD Files Explanation

I may not cover each and every COD in the BlackBerry OS, but I
will try to cover as much as possible.
They are broken down into 7 categories so let's start........
Some libraries are used internally by the Blackberry OS, and
some others are publicly accessible.
These modules are for Private BlackBerry APIs

net_rim_os Collection of miscellaneous stuff needed by

OS. It contains, WAP stack from fourthpass, several classes
related to LDAP, MIME, Service Book,
ApplicationPermissionManager, HRT, Software Token, part
of CLDC IO, HttpRequest, and even stuff like M3UPlaylist.
net_rim_io_impl implements the IO part of ('cod', 'icmp', 'tcpsocket', and
'udpsocket'). It also has an internal application to start
net_rim_loader Contains code to convert .jar file to .cod
file. It parses the java bytecode from .jar file, and convert
it into COD bytecode.
net_rim_sqlite interface to native SQLite code.
net_rim_nuance interface to native text to speech
net_rim_bb_BluetoothFileTransfer Bluetooth file
transfer (implemented in Java)

net_rim_ui_impl this implements global menus such as

'Copy', 'Paste'.
net_rim_serial_formats Several serial data format
(vcard) handling
net_rim_bb_addressbook address book library
net_rim_bb_addressbook_app address book application
net_rim_bb_addressbook_gal address book component
to access Global Address List, always required by address
book app
net_rim_bb_addressbook_models address book model
(data structure) part
net_rim_bb_addressbook_vcard VCard from/to address
book conversion (it uses net_rim_serial_formats in the
net_rim_bb_ldap_browser LDAP browser module, used
by secure email component (net_rim_secureemail)
net_rim_bb_ldap_browser_pgp LDAP browser module
(PGP part), used by secure email component
net_rim_bb_ldap_browser_x509 LDAP browser module
(X509 part), used by secure email component
net_rim_ecmascript ECMAScript engine (it contains a
compiler that generaates bytecode and interpreter to run
net_rim_ecmascript_resource ECMAScript engine
net_rim_speech javax.speech.recognition,
javax.speech.spi, and javax.speech.synthesis

These modules are for Public Blackberry APIs

net rim cldc_* Application manager implementation is

also in this library (net_rim_app_manager is just a
net_rim_convenience_key_api ConvenienceKeyUtilities
net_rim_amms This is for J2ME multimedia API
net_rim_api_wlan_hotspot API for WiFi hotspot, used by
special Wifi Clients
net_rim_bbapi_blackberrymessenger Blackberry
messenger API
net_rim_bbapi_browser Browser API
net_rim_bbapi_contactlinking Contact Linking API
net_rim_bbapi_invoke Invoke API (to start other
net_rim_bbapi_mail the real implementation for
net.rim.blackberry.api.mail is in net_rim_bbapi_mailv2
net_rim_bbapi_mailv2 some class in package
net.rim.blackberry.api.mail is in net_rim_bbapi_pim
(ContactAttachmentPart and
net_rim_bbapi_maps BlackBerry Maps API
net_rim_bbapi_messagelist_res Contains resources for

net_rim_bbapi_messagelist_resources It seems to be
empty resource
net_rim_smartcard_piv implementation of Personal
Identity Verification smart card
net_rim_smartcard_piv_lib implementation of Personal
Identity Verification smart card (PIVDriver and
net_rim_bluetooth Contains many Bluetooth related
stuff: Options screen for Bluetooth, Bluetooth SIM Access
profile (SAP) manager, AVRCP manager, PIN Dialog,
implementation for (btgoep, btl2cap, btspp)

Built-in Blackberry Applications

net_rim_bb_elt Enterprise Location Tracking

net_rim_bb_standardcalculator_app standard
net_rim_bb_sms_compose User interface for composing
SMS messages
net_rim_bb_sms SMS handling (also deals with voice mail
notification, and SIM toolkit).

net_rim_app_manager just a wrapper that calls

(implemented in net_rim_cldc)
net_rim_bb_itpolicyviewer IT Policy viewer
net_rim_bb_appworld App World
net_rim_bb_camera Camera App. This app doesn't use
any native API, so the quality should be the same as any
other app.
net_rim_bb_clock Clock application (main part)
net_rim_bb_clock_faces_480 For displaying the clock
(for example when charging)
net_rim_bb_clock_lib All other things related with the
clock (alarm, stopwatch, options handling, etc)
net_rim_bb_BTFileTransferApp File transfer App. This
app just calls net_rim_bb_BluetoothFileTransfer
net_rim_bb_activation activation app (also contains
activation app)
net_rim_bb_dnslookup_app Application for testing DNS
lookup (activated through "Options", "Mobile Network",
then click on menu, "Tools", "DNS Lookup")
net_rim_bb_ping_app Application for testing PING
(activated through "Options", "Mobile Network", then click
on menu, "Tools", "Ping")
net_rim_app_manager_console Application switcher
net_rim_vad Voice activated dialing
net_rim_bb_addressbook_simapp Access address book
in SIM
net_rim_bb_addressbook_usimapp Access address
book in USIM
net_rim_bb_help Help application

net_rim_bb_mc_app Memory Cleaner Application

net_rim_bb_memo_app memo application
net_rim_bb_ribbon_app user interface for homescreen
net_rim_bb_application_updater Application updater
net_rim_bb_calendar_app calendar App
net_rim_bb_mtp Java part of MTP (Media Transfer
Protocol), connects to native code part of MTP protocol


net_rim_bb_browser browser service

net_rim_bb_browser_cookiejar cookie handling
net_rim_bb_browser_daemon The entrypoint for
browser application (there isn't much code in this, it just
starts the browser core)
net_rim_bb_browser_lib main browser logic, core and
many other things (bookmarks, settings, channel, etc)
net_rim_bb_browser_olympia olympia webkit interface
net_rim_bb_browser_olympia_proxy wrapper for native
code (starts Olympia process)
net_rim_bb_browser_plugin_docview browser plugin
(TODO: needs more description)

net_rim_bb_browser_plugin_security browser plugin

for security (X509, PGP, WTLS, ...) TODO: needs more
net_rim_bb_browser_push browser push handler
net_rim_bb_browser_script_ext browser script
extension (create new contact, new message, map, etc)
net_rim_bb_browser_wap_provisioning WAP

Services are programs that runs in the background

net_rim_services_imp Firewall service, GPS service, i18n

(internationalization) service, lowMemory manager,
autotext service
net_rim_bb_activation activation service
net_rim_bb_autotz Auto time zone


The "Options" screen in BlackBerry is like Control Panel in
Windows. Applications can add new "Options" to the options
screen. The options screen that you see in a BlackBerry (even
without any 3rd party apps) consist of many modules.

net_rim_bb_options Basic implementation of options API

is in here
net_rim_bb_options_app This contains UI for options.
Some of ALT backdoor
net_rim_options_profiles_api profiles
net_rim_softtokens_options software token
net_rim_tcp_options TCP options
net_rim_vpn_options VPN options
net_rim_wlan_options WLAN options

Resources are just modules that contains data (such as font,
pictures, video, text string, etc)

net_rim_DoDRootCerts DoD root certificates

net_rim_MIDPRootCerts MIDP root certificates

net_rim_speech_data_en_US Speech data for en_US

(other language uses same filename pattern)
net_rim_se13nettable Network table names. The SE13 is
from GSM MoU SE 13. GSM MoU Permanent Reference
Document SE. 13: "GSM Mobile Network Code and
net_rim_bb_medialoader_toolkit_480x360_9650_01 B
asics.mp4, Intro.mp4
net_rim_bb_medialoader_toolkit_480x360_9650_02 C
ontextMenu.mp4, InsertSIM.mp4, MakingCall.mp4
net_rim_bb_medialoader_toolkit_480x360_9650_03 D
TM.mp4 Homescreen.mp4 SwitchingApps.mp4
net_rim_bb_medialoader_toolkit_480x360_9650_04 H
ardware.mp4 Zooming.mp4
net_rim_bb_medialoader_video_480x360_05_b David
net_rim_bb_medialoader_toolkit-640x480_01.cod 0104 instructional video files


net_rim_font_arial Arial
net_rim_font_courier Courier fonts
net_rim_font_european_sf European SFF
net_rim_font_georgia Georgia
net_rim_font_global_type Global
net_rim_font_japanese Japanese

net_rim_font_japanese_droid Japanese Droid

net_rim_font_latin_truetype Latin
net_rim_font_misc Miscellaneous Fonts
net_rim_font_tahoma Tahoma
net_rim_font_times Times
net_rim_font_trebuchet Trebuchet
net_rim_font_verdana Verdana