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From a former WUT student

".....I was very happy to have you as my teacher ….... I learned many new
things about finance and I thank you very much for that. Although I can
honestly say that I enjoyed your classes, I am not satisfied with the MBA
program at Webster, or with Webster in general. This place is really terrible. I
graduated with honors in BBA from Baruch College of the City University of
New York, (Finance and Investment) and I was granted a scholarship by the
United Nations to study for the MBA. I chose Webster to study in because it
is near to my home town of [........] and it is an American university. But I
have been disappointed. Next semester, I will transfer. My father was
recently appointed Ambassador [to the UN] and he will probably be
transferred to New York again. If so, I will transfer to a school in the United
States. If not, I will study at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand or
in a university in Japan."

From a former WUT faculty member:
""WUT administrators actively exploit the vulnerability of WUT faculty to
coerce them into passivity in the face of their abuses, so the ones that
survive on staff are only the meekest, mildest most quiescent individuals. A
"good instructor" from the standpoint of the WUT administration, is simply a
mindlessly obedient and uncritical one. Anyone else is a threat and is
quickly harassed or discharged."

From a former WUT faculty member:
“I am at a complete loss to understand how in the name of Heaven WUSL
could have retained the current senior administrators at WUT for so many
disastrous years. If ever there were a case of negligent retention, this would
seem to be it. Since the tort of negligent retention can substantially account
for your arbitrary, unjustified termination,……………, the loss of accreditation
and the resulting damage to students, that cause of action is a key basis for
any future court action. I will do more in-depth research after I return to ……
and keep you apprised of my findings.

WUSL does not seem to be aware that the WUT administrators are the
absolute bottom of the barrel in a country awash with underpaid, highly
talented academics and administrators, both Thai and non-Thai. It just

astounds me how they could have entrusted both of their campuses to the
crew currently in charge.”

From a current WUT faculty member:
“Regarding you comments, I wouldn't bet on Webster St. Louis shutting down
the WUT campus. My impression is that they are "fat, dumb, and happy"
about the WUT program, support the current rector, and have turned a deaf
ear to the complaints that faculty made in the Fall semester. This is
particularly true about the complaints that were made about retaliatory

From a former WUT student:
I try and keep my posts upbeat but Webster is awful (imho).
During Spring 1 last year they had less than 400 students st the campus.
Most were non-thai asian hoping that going there would make a visa to the
US easier to achieve in the future.
The infra structure sucks though. The IT development on campus is poor.
Many of the computers in the library and the computer lab were nonfunctional.
The communication between St Louis financial aid and Thailand was poor.
The commute is a pain in the ass, at least 30 minutes by bus along some
truly badly rutted roads. Even on your own motorcycle it's a haul.
On the other hand ... BU's International School is in the heart of BKK (not out
at the main campus.) The whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled. The library has
more books (in Eng) than Webster (Cha Am).
The instructors I met are at least of the same quality as the ones in Cha

From a current WUT student:
Hello Mr. Brumfield,
I have come across an email you have written concerning Webster
University's accreditation. I am currently a full-time American student at WUT
and have had some concerns regarding what you wrote.
I am very interested meeting with you as soon as possible for some further
information so I can figure out what to do.

From a current WUT student:
“I want to let you know about I did not complain anything and i did not want
the class end anymore…
By the way, I want to thank you about teaching me even if it just one week.
You are the one gorgeous professor that have more experience. If another
spring semester you are still have teaching here about economic class I will
take to study with you.
Best regard,”

From current WUT student:
“I have received emails from you regarding the WUT. I am wondering that is
it possible to forward these emails to others?
Please let me know. I generally think that students have right to know
whether their education that their parents have paid for is useless or not.
Hope that everything is doing well with you. We have tried to push on
student's side as well. Hope get in touch with you soon.”

From a current WUT faculty member:
“Thanks for copying me on this.
Do you have someone starting your car and tasting your food?”

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