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Press Release

ALL ABOUT EVE Paintings by Sandra Turnbull
Exhibition: June 13 to July 21st 2008 th Private view: June 13 6pm- 9pm :

The Desig Gallery Barcelona presents a show created by former manager of the ‘Eurythmics’ Sandra Turnbull entitled All About Eve, a Visual/Social Documentary mixed media event that is All About FEMALE EMANCIPATION. Turnbull showcases an exciting and provocative new way to present the nude, highlighting the artistic qualities of their strength and the beauty of the body. Turnbull’s’ erotic show uses a painted diary to document the celebration of a woman’s right to choose to work as an erotic performer in the sex industry. Using this seldom seen technique she manages to fuse ‘Politics and Paint’ by turning the gaze away from the vulnerability of her subjects and uses her Female perspective to look at the emancipation achieved within the Male dominated industry.

“The women who inhabit the world of sex clubs are marginalised in society, often ostracised and looked down upon. I believe the females I have encountered in this environment have made a conscious choice to inhabit such a world. The audience who watch them certainly have.” Sandra Turnbull
’All About Eve’ features installations alongside a wealth of paintings. Turnbull’s paintings offer a new approach to the arena of sex; represented through the use of bold colour and frenetic brushstrokes all emphasising the freedom of expression in the female dancer. Turnbull is also turning the gaze on the role of the spectator, she sees that in the field of erotic dancing a subtle shift takes place between the spectator and the performer because touching is not allowed communication burns through eyes-only. Turnbull has already established herself as one of the most progressive and inventive erotic artists of the past five years, featuring alongside Tracey Emin, Gary Hume and Pablo Picasso in Michelle Olley’s acclaimed “Ars Erotics, The Best Modern Erotic Art “ ALL ABOUT EVE asks the viewer to explore the dynamic of the relationship forged between the watcher and the watched. Who has the power? Is the woman forced into the role of the performer because of her lack of alternatives? Why are the men watching; are they passive aggressive, seeking relationship or a need to be teased and

tempted? Is the naked dancer vulnerable and exposed, or is the watcher exposed and vulnerable Is the female exploited because she is nude or because we look at her naked? For further information contact:

Jordi and Gemma at Desig Gallery or


Sandra Turnbull, lives in Camden Town London and although now a full-time painter she was the manager of several high profile pop bands, a prestigious list which includes the Eurythmics and Shakespeare’s Sister. A fan of all artistic disciplines Turnbull is also a dedicated devotee of martial arts and earlier in her career established a Pilates school in Notting Hill.

Please Note: My work is not a comment on the unacceptable Women Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation that Amnesty International are fighting to stop. The UN estimate 700,000 people are trafficked each year for sexual exploitation and the turnover to the unscrupulous traffickers is estimated at £4 billion. The chances are women are bought, sold, enslaved and abused in our own communities. The Home office suggests that at least 1,400 women are trafficked into the UK each year. We have come a long way but NOT FAR ENOUGH. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Further Information:  Less than 5% of the artists in the Modern Art section of the Met. Museum are women, but 85% of the nudes are female.  Sex Workers rights are human rights, common and accepted rights that apply to every citizen, these Human rights are those that government have already signed up to, but are denied to sex workers. (ICRSE Network in Action - Amsterdam.) In an attempt to get the vote for all women around 1869, the hero(ine) Emmeline Pankhurst, through the Women's Party, fought for female equality supporting "equal pay for equal work” ; in 2007 The government were required to create a paper to enforce equal pay and give written notice that women have rights. 100 years after Ms Pankhurst Women are still marginalised, we are still struggling.


OWNING LESS THAN 1% OF THE WORLD’S PROPERTY. (by JR 10 women and work 2006)