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Agile Artifact Review Process Description

1. Overview
In a peer review, co-workers of a person who created an artifact examine that pr
oduct to identify defects and correct shortcomings. A review:
verifies whether the work product correctly satisfies the specifications found i
n any predecessor work product, such as requirements or design documents
identifies any deviation from standards
suggests improvement opportunities to the author
promotes the exchange of techniques and education of the participants.
All interim and final development work products are candidates for review, inclu
requirements specifications
user interface specifications and designs
architecture, high-level design, and detailed designs and models
source code
test plans, designs, cases, and procedures
software development plans, including project management plan, configuration man
agement plan, and quality assurance plan
2. Agile Artifact Review Procedures
Agile Artifact Review is a lightweight review technique, in which artifacts are
reviewed in detail by the reviewer. This technique is designed for a single revi
ewer, independent from author.
To identify defects as closely as possible to the point of occurrence in order t
o facilitate corrective action.
The author (or team leader)
Reviewer (IV&Ver)
Review Forms
AgileArtifactReview_Form.xls: Concern Log and Problem List
Entry Criteria
The author has stated his or her objectives for the review.
The document has been spell-checked.
Either distribute a physical or electronic copy of the work product to a
reviewer, or simply notify a reviewer that work product is available. Author in
forms a reviewer that the artifact is ready to be reviewed.
Either distributes a physical or electronic copy of the review form to a
reviewer. (Only for first review)
Team Leader/QM
3. If necessary, author/team leader explains on document background, purpose, de
sign rationale, etc. (i.e. a fast walkthrough) Author and Team Leader
4. Obtains work product to be reviewed including review forms. Reviewer
5. Examine the work product, to understand it, remain focused on finding defects
and evaluate the work product. Either hand-write comments in Areas of Concern Lo

g , or enter comments into the file. Deliver the Areas of Concern Log with comments
to the author after completing the review.
Perform any necessary rework of the work product (including any other pr
oject artifacts affected by defects identified).
Mark Area of Concern Log to indicate action taken.
Record defects and resolve issues raised on Problem List .
After finish rework, check in work product.

Modified work product
Filled Agile Artifact Review Forms

No verification of rework is required. The author is responsible
for making appropriate decisions on issues and for correctly performing any rew
Exit Criteria

The author has addressed all review issues raised.
The author has made any appropriate changes in the work product.