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Marianne Joyce Cristal

BS Biology- II
As clich as it is, I always believe that music is a therapy to the soul. It soothes and
comforts the saddest of hearts. But more than that, music is also one of the best ways to express
oneself. The Valentine Song-writing competition is a great opportunity to showcase the musical
prowess of Sillimanians who have a great interest in composing music. It encourages students to
bring out the inner composer in them, assuring the older generations that music will never fade
away unlike a chart-topping song.
The first song, GGA short for Gugma Gi-Atay is a sad song. The pitch is somewhat
soft and it has a slow melody. I think it has a minor scale which justifies the emotion that the
song is trying to bring out.
The second song, Kay Ikaw Ra implicates that no matter what happens, even if time
pass by, the guys love for the girl is still constant and will never fade away. The song is pop so
it has rhythmic element and it basically focuses on melodies and catchy hooks, and a chorus that
contrasts melodically, rhythmically and harmonically with the verse.
The third song, LGBT breaks our typical idea of love as it contradicts the societys
notion of a girl and boy falling in love. Its trying to imply that love isnt defined by religion,
gender, and etc. I actually love the message of the song because it is unique and unusual.
Anyway, the song was sung by a quartet which makes it soulful and serious.

The fourth song, Dahil Pangarap ka is all about the guy dreaming about this particular
girl. The song is jazz-type so it has a soft melody and fast in tempo. It was played at faster
tempos and used more chord-based improvisation
The fifth song, Unsaid, is all about words that were not said. The rhythm is slow and s
so is the beat which matches the mood of the song which is quite sad and dramatic.
The sixth song, Abat is a Visayan composition. It portrays that the guy still loves the
girl no matter what she looks like, even if she looks like a supernatural creature. The song is fast
paced and the tempo is upbeat which makes the room lively. The performer is energetic and the
audience totally appreciates the lyrics as the main idea of the song is a culture-reference.
The seventh song, Amigo is all about friendship, implicating that the girl loves her best
friend but the guy doesnt return her affections. The song is soothing and soft, like a lullaby
which gives justice to the lyrics of the song as it is sad and somehow tragic.
The eighth song, My Bad boy is a pop song so its easy to imprint in your mind. The
title speaks for itself and its easy to know what the song is all about. Its a bit overrated and the
lyrics are repetitive but maybe thats why the tune is catchy.
The ninth song, Cliche, which is my personal favourite, depicts that there arent enough
love songs to sing to explain how much the guy loves the girl. I think it is a pop song which
explains that the chorus is easy to memorize and it actually gave me an LSS (Last Song
Syndrome) after hearing it. The song is groovy and doesnt give much emotional baggage to the
listeners, which is a basic element of a pop song.

The last song, Ikaw Gihapon is a pop Bisayan song which tells the listeners that love
never changes in spite of a persons flaws. Since its a pop song, the beat is fast and the tempo is
lively so its somewhat catchy.