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San Isidro, Tomas Oppus, Southern Leyte

2nd Grading Test in


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Test I. True or False. Write true if the statement is true and false if the statement is false. You
answer carefully; this is right minus wrong.

Man observes morality because he is a purely material being.

Without ethics, society is peaceful.
Standards of morality are uniform in all the society.
In ethics, we are taught to hate the sinner together with his sins.
All actions of man are subjected to moral evaluation.
Intelligence is an essential element in ethics.
The God being referred to in ethics is the Christian God only.
All the people in the society are given authority to promulgate laws.
While morality is the science of the goodness or evilness of human actions, ethics is itself the
goodness or evilness of the mans actions.
Positive law is being referred to as such because this kind of law is given by God.
In ethics, what is considered evil by Christians is necessarily evil for Muslims.
Actions done by mentally insane persons are subjected to ethical evaluation.
Based on the definition of law, in the Philippines, abortion is not considered good by the
church (Catholics and others) hence it is not enacted into law.
Speaking of constitutive parts of human act, one of the parts is the existence of the afterlife.
While Muslims have Allah and the Hindus have Brahma and the Christians have God,
still they can have the same notion of morality because they have a common understanding or
concept of good.
Animals actions cannot be subjected to moral evaluation because their actions are purely
result of instinct.
Mans existence in this world is made meaningful because of a purpose and that is to have a
happy family.
Your action is good when your purpose and the means employed are good, never mind the
The Ten Commandments show that as long as you have done your duty to God (the first set),
it already gives you the assurance that you can already enter His kingdom in heaven.
The difference between human act and act of man is reason.

Test II. Multiple Choices. Choose the best answer. Write only the letter.
1. Linda, a fifteen-year old lady wants to attend a party which her parents did not approve.
Based on ethics, what should Linda do?
a. Argue with her parents and demand them of her rights;
b. Declare a strike and keep herself locked in her room;
c. Obey her parents decision believing that it is for her own good;
d. Wait until her parents will sleep and secretly sneak out of the house.
2. The purpose of life is absolute happiness. True happiness is felt when
a. The source of happiness is eternal;
b. The source of happiness is temporary;
c. The source of happiness is physical.
d. The source of happiness is material.
3. In ethics, your action is considered an act of man if
a. If you do it as an effect of an ailment;
b. If you do it out of curiosity;
c. If you do it when you are drunk;
d. If you do it out of anger.
4. Gilda is a religious person; she attends mass everyday and says the rosary every night
before going to bed. Her action is good because
a. She keeps her duty towards God;
b. Gilda is an obedient daughter;
c. The constitutive parts are all good;

d. Her action could make her a saint.

5. For the Brahmin, their duty are the following except
a. Keep and maintain their caste and its standard;
b. Lead in the worship and other religious activities;
c. Keep the temple clean and orderly;
d. All of the above.
6. The shudra are the least in the Indian society. One of their duties is
a. Invest their money in the bank so that they become economically self-sufficient;
b. Train in technical school and master the art and skill of house keeping;
c. Enroll in big universities and pursue college education;
d. Enlist themselves in the military to help defend the country.
7. You help Carlo with his problem and because he is your friend. Your action becomes evil
a. Your intention to help Carlo is sincere because he also helped you when you had a
b. Carlos problem got solved because of your help;
c. You feel good about helping Carlo;
d. You lied to your parents so that you can get more money that can give to Carlo.
8. Natural law is a kind of law which takes nature as the standard. This means that it is
nature which dictates what is proper. For man, his nature is to be rational. This means
a. He must ignore all his instinct and reject all his cravings;
b. His actions must be a result of reflection and free choice;
c. He must not allow instinct and emotions affect his decision;
d. Man must be controlled by his emotion.
9. Marlon intends to build a house using wood and lumber as materials. This plan becomes
evil if
a. Marlon cuts trees without the proper government permits;
b. Marlon intends to buy smuggled wood;
c. He cuts trees even those that are young;
d. All of the above.
10. Kevins brother, Tommy, died because of poison. Tommy drank a bottle of chemical,
which he mistook as water, placed by Kevin inside the refrigerator. Tommys death can
be considered human act because
a. Kevin intentionally placed that bottle of chemical inside the refrigerator;
b. Tommy was careless enough to check whether the content of the bottle was really
c. Reason dictates that chemicals should not be placed and mixed with consumables;
d. Both of them have a faculty to think normally and do what is proper.
11. In Buddhism, Aidas action is good only when
a. She gives all her money to the poor;
b. She balances her activities;
c. She studies her lesson very hard to the extent of missing meals;
d. She prays all the time neglecting her other duties.
12. Robin Hood is popular to the poor because of his deeds. Nevertheless, as far as ethics is
concerned, his action is evil since the means used was evil. We can make Robin Hoods
action becomes good if
a. Robin Hood would no longer give food and money to the poor;
b. He would personally work for the food and money that he would give to the poor;
c. Robin Hood would instead force and threaten the rich people so that they would
personally give their riches to the poor;
d. He should organize the poor people and form a cooperative.
13. Granting that Robin Hood no longer rob rich people so that he can give it to the poor, still
his action is evil if
a. Only a few poor people are benefited;
b. The goods that they receive are not enough for their needs;
c. They become dependent on Robin Hood;
d. The goods are not really beneficial to the people.

14. Jonathans mother is in the hospital and needs an immediate surgery. He has no money to
pay for the operation. What should he do?
a. Rob a bank;
b. Work as a call boy;
c. Ask help from the PCSO;
d. Wait that his mother will die.
15. The Indians concept of dharma is best applied in our time, particularly on your case
a. When you suggest what the government officials should do in running the office;
b. If your mother depends on her parents for family support;
c. If you help your parents to augment the family income;
d. If you do your best in your studies.
Test III. Matching Type. Match Set A with Set B. Write the letter only.
1. In the Indian society, a group of people who do not belong to any of
the castes.
2. Merchants.
3. The enlightened one.
4. Duty
5. Law that prescribes specific action.

Four Noble Truths

Imperatives of Ethics

9. Constituents of Human Act

10. Constitutive Parts of Human Act

a. End
b. Ksatriya
c. Knowledge
d. Untouchables
e. Existence of
f. Shudra
g. Positive Law
h. Life is
i. Buddha
j. Dharma
k. Vaishya

Test IV. Essay. Answer the following questions.

1. The Indians have the Dharma as their way of life and as basis of morality; how will you
apply this moral standard to your life. Explain and give an example. (10 pts.)
2. Enumerate and then explain the meaning of each of the Four Noble Truth. How will this
affect your view about life? (10 pts.)
3. Explain the meaning of the Ten Commandment in relation to your life both as a believer
of God and as a member of the society. (10 pts.)

Thank you!!!