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Conducted on

4th & 5th January 2013

Poster of I-Robot workshop

A two day work shop on robotics titled as I-Robot was conducted on January 4 th & 5th
2013 by ECE department in Nova college of Engineering & Technology, Jupudi, Ibrahimpatnam
in association with M/s INDOGLOBAL SERVICES from Bangalore.
The technical team assisted by Mr.Karthik guided our students in designing a robot with
step by step interfacing modules for about 16 hours. Both theoretical and hands on training is
given to the students by the technical expertise. Almost 70 students from III year ECE and II year
ECE participated in the workshop and gained the knowledge in designing & controlling a robot
embedded C Programming.
The detailed report on the work shop is as follows,
Nowadays there are lots of devices operated by an Infrared remote control at home: Televisions,
Air- Conditioning, VCRs and Heating Systems etc. In addition, the expected wide spread of
Robots at home will reveal a new world of opportunities. So in the next future, new household
Robots communicating with house appliances will appear. Besides, since remote controls have
turned more and more complicated, we tried to elaborate an easier and more intuitive way of
commanding them Having this purpose in mind and taking advantage of the wide usage of
Infrared controlled home appliances, a Controlling Infrared Devices System-on-board Robot
has been developed. The system has been implemented with a Robot, which has been equipped
with an Infrared receiver. After teaching the desired commands to the robot, it can govern the
devices placed at several locations. At the beginning, a dialog between robot and the user is
established. Once the robot has understood what the user wants, it will move toward the device
and will send the required command.
From this Workshop student learned about:

Introduction to Robotics
Basic Parts of Robotics like sensors, microcontrollers, actuators etc
Applications of microcontrollers in various fields like military, automation etc
Locomotive system of Robotics
Motor Driver ICs
Introduction of human controlled robot
Details on AVR series of microcontroller
Programming the microcontrollers using embedded C
Exploring the UART of microcontroller
Study of UART communication protocol
Communication between PC and micro controller board through UART
Use of ADC for interfacing analog devices.
Interfacing IR receiver TSOP1738 with microcontroller
Controlling Robotics vehicle using universal remote

RC-5 concepts
What is principle of communication using in remotes?
About RC-5 protocol
Reading standard commands from universal remotes
Configuring RC-5 command to the controller using TSOP1738

Robots that are to be made

Pc controlled robot
IR remote controlled robot

Workshop highlights

Different interfacing technologies to interface different sensors

Create and manage designs by using the Avr studio software design environment
Exposures to the different softwares required for building a human interface machine.
Implementation artificial intelligence using embedded C.

DAY 1:

Started at 10:30 AM

Program inaugurated by head of the department ECE. at 10:30AM. In room no: K210 computer

Workshop starts with the Introduction to Robotics.

Introduction to sensors Microcontrollers and their types.
Introduction to AVR studio software and its installation process.
Pin description of Micro controller ATMEGA 8.
Explained about Parts of Robot and their functioning.
Introduction to different types of robots and their applications.
All students are given robot parts and guided them to assemble the robot.
Interfacing of robot to system through RS232 cable.
Programming on LCD DISPLAY,

LUNCH BREAK (1:00PM -2:00PM)

movement of free running robot using AVR microcontroller
Switching system on free running robot by using AVR studio
DAY 2:

Started at 10:30 AM
Implementation and programming of Line following robot
Line following robot
LUNCH BREAK (1:00P.M -2:00P.M)

Explanation of Obstacle detection robot

Implementing program for Obstacle detection robot
Introduction about IR sensors.
Remote sensing robot using IR sensors
Introduction to Proteus simulation tool (7.6 version)

AVR Microcontroller: AVR studio is able to design programs on Robotics, and it is helpful for
enchantments on Free Running Robot
PROTEUS (7.6) its a simulation tool for formal verification of programming and designing on

Workshop Model

Students participating in workshop

The best two batches were awarded with the board designed with their own hands. The
participants were given with participation certificate by our principal Dr.K.RamaKrishnaiah
Head of the Department Prof. V.V.G.S Rajendra Prasad thanked the technical team which co
operated with the department for organizing the workshop successfully. He also thanked
Principal Dr.K.RamaKrishnaiah garu for encouraging this sort of workshops in the department.

Certificate Presented by the principal Dr. K. Rama Krishnaiah

Certificate Presented by the principal Dr. K. Rama Krishnaiah