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Beltway Park Mailing Address:

Attn: 14:12 School of Discipleship

Beltway Park Baptist Church
4009 Beltway South
Abilene, TX 79605

Direct all school related questions to us at, call the church offices
at 325-692-6540, or visit us on the web at


I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater
works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father John 14:12

Make me to know your ways, O LORD; teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth and
teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.
King David (Psalm 25:4-5)

Welcome & Vision........................................................ 4

Important Dates........................................................... 5
Basic Schedule.............................................................. 6
Instruction & Training................................................ 7
The 14:12 Life .............................................................. 8
Mission Trip.................................................................. 10
Tuition & Application.................................................. 11

14:12 Discipleship School

John 14:12

Welcome & Vision

are thrilled about

has in store for you this
upcoming summer of 2015!
Summer offers a unique
time of growth, training,
exploration and preparation
for the future. Many students
seek real world handson experience by working
internships with businesses,
serving at summer camps,
going on mission trips, taking
extra classes, or simply
working a tough summer job.
Getting valuable experience
and training is incredibly
important and necessary
to building a satisfying,
successful and enduring
career in the future.
However, have you thought
about training for a satisfying,
successful and enduring life
in God? The Apostle Paul
told young Timothy to train
[himself] for godliness


for godliness is of value in

every way, holding promise
for the present life and also
for the life to come. Being
intentional in your younger
years about training for a life
of godliness and devotion to
Christ is one of the wisest
decisions youll ever make.
Spiritual training will have
an immeasurable eternal
impact not only you, but also
on your spouse, children,
family, friends, co-workers,
neighbors, and even strangers
youve yet to meet.
For the summer of 2015,
we want to invite you to
journey with us through
Beltways 14:12 School
of Discipleship as we
intentionally and passionately
pursue Gods heart! 14:12 is
a 10-week summer school of
discipleship embedded in the
context of our local church
designed to disciple and

14:12 School of Discipleship is an all-encompassing experience

that will leave you encouraged, challenged, and equipped for the
days ahead. I know of MANY programs that focus on education,
many that focus on experience, and others that aim to aid the
church. But I have known few that bring all these elements
together allowing the student to grow in knowledge, personal
depth and discipleship, while done in the context of living life in
the church body. Truly 14:12 is a total discipleship experience that
is done through relationship in the church without sacricing a
commitment to excellence in studies.
Keith Roberson
North Campus Pastor at Beltway Park

4 14:12 Discipleship School

equip 18-25 year olds to live

out passion for Jesus and his
purposes in the earth.
The past couple of years
we have seen students come
into new realities of freedom,
devotion, and purpose in
their lives as they invested
their summer to pursue
Jesus through worship,
prayer, Biblical instruction,
of kingdom values and
disciplines, and training in
character to name a few. We
believe God has great things
in store for your life this
summer! So we invite you
to consider joining us this

summer of 2015 in a pursuit

after the person of Jesus
For the King,

*Note: only applications are

due on deadlines, money due
after acceptance to 14:12.

Jan 21st

1st Application Deadline

($2,050/ $1,550)

Feb 25th
Jeremy West

College Pastor and

14:12 School of Discipleship



is a 10-week
summer school
of discipleship centered around
the promise Jesus gave us
in John 14:12 I say to you,
whoever believes in me will
also do the works that I do; and
greater works than these will he
do, because I am going to the
Father. 14:12 is embedded in
the context of our local church
designed to equip 18-25 year
olds to live out passionate love
for Jesus and discover your


God-given purpose. This school

is comprised of 3 key elements
that will equip you to be a
whole-hearted mature disciple
of Jesus Christ: solid theological
practical activation of spiritual
disciplines and kingdom values,
and opportunities for serving the
local church with your gifts and
talents. Our heart is to see this
generation raised up and released
into the destiny and inheritance
God has for them!

2nd Application Deadline

($2,150 / $1,650)

Mar 25th

3rd Application Deadline

($2,250 / $1,750)

May 22nd-24th
Orientation Retreat

May 26th

First day of class

July 6th-21st

Activation Mission Trip

(approximate dates)

July 30th

Last day of class

July 31st August 2nd

Closing Retreat

14:12 Discipleship School

John 14:12

Basic Schedule



Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-12:30pm

Basic class day includes corporate worship and prayer, 2 hours of teaching,
and ministry time. Some days include group Bible study, discipleship groups,
activation exercises, and training with ministry areas.

Hands-on Ministry
At least 3 hours per week.

Each student will be connected with

a ministry area in our local church
to receive training and hands-on
experience in that particular area.
Students will serve in their ministry
area at least 3 hours each week (likely
on Sunday morning or Wednesday
night, unless otherwise determined
by the ministry leader).
Ministry areas include:

Guest Services


Church Leadership/Pastoring
Kingdom Business

Life Group

Various night of the week (1 hrs)

We highly value community at Beltway and ask for all 14:12 students to be a part
of a Life Group where they are giving and receiving.

Discipleship is anything that causes what is believed in the heart to have

demonstrable consequences in our daily life.
-Eugene Peterson

6 14:12 Discipleship School

Theological Instruction

Nature of God
Father Heart of God
The Person & Work of Jesus
The Work of the Holy Spirit

Identity in Christ
The Church
Gods Heart of Israel
God-Centered Worldview

Living Out the Kingdom

Devotional Life

Spiritual Disciplines
Sharing the Gospel

(worship, prayer, study)

Ministering to the Poor

Healing the Sick
Spiritual Gifts
Life in the Church
Church Planting

John 14:12

Instruction & Training


Character Training

Servant Heart
Man/Woman of God

Time Management
Financial Management
Freedom in Christ

As followers of Jesus, our greatest joy is Jesus. He allows us the

privilege to join Him in what He is doing in the world. Beltways
14:12 school is a unique opportunity to be equipped to do just
this. Ive been pleased to be a part of this school the past two
years, and Ive witnessed God doing a powerful work in the hearts
and lives of young men and women - most often things quite
unexpected and very wonderful. The time spent in this school
is intense training for godliness which has value for both the
present life and the life to come. I cant think of many more
protable ways to spend a summer!
David McQueen
Senior Pastor at Beltway Park

14:12 Discipleship School

John 14:12

The 14:12 Life

There will be a variety of reading
and writing assignments giving
students opportunities to learn and
grow. You can expect a lot of outside
reading. Thankfully, its all amazing,
and transforming content! Basic
weekly reading includes:
Daily reading assignments from Scripture (about 3 chapters a day)
Weekly reading assignments from selected spiritual classics (7-10 chapters a
4 reflection papers on course material
Occasional assignments relating to the classroom teachings
There is one final exam at the end of the summer

Students will be instructed in various spiritual disciplines, have the
opportunity to see them modeled, and then be expected to put them into
Devotion to Jesus
Learning to spend at least an hour
with Jesus every day

Participating in corporate and
individual fasts

Sharing the Gospel at least three
times each week

Learning to rest in Gods presence

Being mentored and actively seeking
to make disciples
Scripture Memory
Memorizing up to three verses each
8 14:12 Discipleship School

Working out for at least 30 minutes
three times per week

15 - 20 hours per week

Each student is expected to get and maintain a part-time job during
the summer. This gives each student valuable opportunities to put into
practice things they are learning in an everyday real world environment
plus provide for their basic needs.


John 14:12

The 14:12 Life


The Scriptures give us freedom/grace in many of these areas. However,

in order to maintain a unified, rich environment and atmosphere that will
provide the best opportunity for us to experience the fullness of what
God has for us personally and corporately during 14:12, we feel it is
important and wise that we set a community focus and standard in the
following areas:

Dating We ask that students not begin new dating relationships during 14:12

Media Abstain from media that dishonors God or distracts you from receiving
all that God has for you in this season

Alcohol/Tobacco Abstain from partaking through the duration of 14:12

If you are looking to fall in love with Jesus, the word of God, and
want to learn how to give it away to the world around you then
this is the school for you. This is not a school full of uff but an
8 week intensive designed to prepare and release young people to
walk in greater levels of freedom, authority and the power of the
Holy Spirit. I am excited about 2015 and watching God set young
people on re!
-Tommy Hood
Adult Ministries Pastor at Beltway Park

14:12 Discipleship School

John 14:12

Mission Trip

A huge part of 14:12 is the Activation Trip Locations & Cost:
Mission Trip where students get the Costa Rica Students will have
opportunity to immediately put into
the privilege of partnering with God
practice, live-out, and see first hand
and local believers in Costa Rica to
many of the things learned throughout
share the gospel with the lost, heal
the course of the school. Students will
the sick, minister to the poor, make
have the opportunity to choose from 2
disciples, love on kids, & encourage
different trips: an International Trip to
local churches.
Costa Rica or a U.S. Trip to a location
TBD. Participation in one of these trips U.S. City Students will be
partnering with church planting team
is a requirement for all students.
here in the States (exact site TBD).
Approximate Dates: July 6th - 21st
Students will have the privilege
of sharing the gospel with the lost,
Cost: Included in the tuition.
healing the sick, doing community
service related projects, discipling
Details: More details regarding dates,
new believers, and serving the local
travel info, documents, packing lists, etc.
for this trip will be available for students
*Note: Due to the rigorous & challenging
after they are accepted into 14:12.
demands of 14:12, it is best for students
to commit to doing 14:12 out of humble
desire to seek God, grow as disciples
of Jesus, and make disciples of Jesus,
not because of any glamorous trip
destination. Each trip has limited spaces
so we will do our best to place each
student on the trip of their preference.
When beliefs become actions, lives are changed. The students in
the school submitted themselves to becoming doers of the Word.
It was costly and sacricial giving. I watched as willing students
became disciplined, diligent servants hungering and thirsting
to receive godly instruction that equip them to be used as living
vessels to reach the broken-hearted, hurting and unsaved lives
with the love of Christ. The school fostered a genuine community
among the students as they experienced spiritual growth. I was
encouraged, challenged and blessed by the devotion and courage
of the students.
Beverly Stevens
Life Group Pastor at Beltway Park

10 14:12 Discipleship School

Tuition & Costa Rica Trip

$2,050 if application received by

January 21st
$2,150 if application received by
February 25th

$2,250 if application received by

March 25th

Tuition & U.S. Trip

$1,550 if application received by

January 21st
$1,650 if application received by
February 25th
$1,5750 if application received by
March 25th

*Cost covers general operating costs for the

school, all books, materials, retreats, some
meals, activities, outreach materials, and
Activation Mission Trip.

Students are responsible for raising

their own support. Students will be
given tools for writing an effective
support letter.

Beltway provides a handful of

fundraising opportunities each year. We
highly recommend students participate
in as many of these as possible.
Please note that Beltways fundraising
opportunities alone will not cover your
full expenses.

All Donations are Tax Deductible.

Refund Policy

**Cost does not include passport costs,

vaccinations, and other personal items.

$200 Deposit is non-refundable

Payment is refundable up to payment

deadline. Once a deadline has passed
that money is non-refundable

John 14:12

Support Raising for

14:12 Costs:

Tuition & Application

Cost of 14:12

Application Process


*Total Cost = Tuition + Mission Trip

$200 deposit is due upon acceptance to

14:12 School of Discipleship to hold
your spot.

March 25th 25% of total cost* due

April 22nd 75% of total cost* due

June 22nd 100% of total cost* due

Fill out application and mail to the

Beltway Park Offices by due date.

Have all references filled out and mailed

to the Beltway Park Office by due date.
Once your application and references
are received we will contact you to set
up an interview.

You will be notified of acceptance to

14:12 within 3 days of your interview.

From my experience teaching at 14:12, these guys and gals are

hungry for the Lord - hungry for His presence, hungry for His
Word, hungry for the power of the Holy Spirit to work and move
within our community and beyond. This is the place to signicantly
grow in a short time, to be radically changed. These students are
future pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders who embody a
passion for the Kingdom of God!
Nathanael Brown
Life Group Pastor at Beltway Park

14:12 Discipleship School