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Baby Karlyn Ruth Camus as Natsuko Kuwatani from Kiddy Girl And

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Marvin Magtibay as Admiral Sakazuki / Akainu from One Piece
- Sakazuki, commonly known by his alias Akainu, is current Marine fleet Admiral.
Sakazuki is an incredibly tall, fair skinned, with a square shaped face. He usually
wears a standard Marine cap and sports a crimson, double-beasted suit,
decorated with what appears to be pink rose on his left buttonhole. He has the
ability to transform his body into magma and manipulate it.
Trisha Valein Tejones as Hime from Princess Resurrection
- Hime can convert a corpse into an immortal soldier through her blood or flare of
life in the anime. She is the second princess of the Phoenix Tribe whose real
name is Lillianne von Phoenix and she is an immortal (a vampire princess).
Jeancel Calapit as Leona The Radiant Dawn from the League of Legends
- She was capable of fighting as fiercely as any other. She believed that the true
worth of a soldier lay in her ability to defend and protect. She have the shield of
daybreak and zenith blade! The dawn has arrived!
John Cristopher Austria as Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul
- He is brutal and more ruthless in order to protect his friends, all the while
maintaining complete composure. He no longer fears his ghoul side. He uses
martial arts to fight his enemies.
John Joseph Bandola as Thregh, The Chain Warden from League of Legends
- Thresh is a sadistic, spectral reader who relishes tormenting the living and the
dead. He derives twisted joy from slowly breaking the minds of his most defiant
victims, before trapping their souls within the sickly green light of his lantern.
Ace Catibog as Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter
- Hisokas appearance is similar to that of a magician or jester. His attire is usually
adorned with various suit symbol.
Hanna Joyce Lawas as Ragnarok Female Assassin II from Ragnarok
- Characterizes stealth skills, defense and specialise in defeating an enemy
without becoming involved in a protracted melee.
Dindy Mae Watan as Blood Elf Frost Death Knight from World of Warcraft
- Death knight boast powerful melee abilities as well as plate armor. These warriors
supplement their strength with dark magic. The death knight may summon
unholy, blood and frost spells.
Michaela Andreya Albao as Morningstar from Fire Fall
- Engineer battleframe pilot with drone and turrets featured in the cinematic trailer.
Roi Thadeus Recto as Skywrath from Dota 2
- A highly placed mage in the court of the ghastly, eyrie, dragonus lives a troubled
existence sworn by birth to protect whoever sits within the nest of thorns. He
hates the current skywrath queen with all his soul.
Charmaine Flores as Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time
- She is a bubblegum humanoid, comparable to the inhibitants of Candy Kingdom,
which she rules who are all composed of types of desserts and candies. Princess

Bubblegum is typically kind and well-manered, her temper can be a powerful

force when provoked.
Ces Mariene Liwag as Taekwon Girl from Ragnarok
- For many taekwon, agility is their secondary stats. The faster a character is the
lesser the chance she will be hit and thus the less damage she will sustain.
Dyra Angelique Camposano as Legion Commander from Dota 2
- Legion Commander is a flexible hero who is capable to play in a role, a core, a
jungler, mid hero and maybe even a support.
Angelika Comia as Akemi Homura from Puella Magimadoka Magica
- Akemi Homura is a magical girl with a power to manipulate time to a certain
extent. Her magical weapon is a shield filled with sand that allows her to freese
time. She is depicted as being very intelligent, athletic, distant, and cold.
Lucky Cj Dela Pea as Shima Kinzou from Ao No Exorcist
- He seems to be a fairly simple guy who is ruled by his emotions, kicking his little
brother on the head as a greeting and paying no attention to the conversation at
breakfast, preferring to stuff his face. He has also a rock band and does the
Annielyn Ortonero as Arctic Tempest from Sword Art Online
- Arctic Tempest is someone who is not good with words, as said by Klein and can
be quite direct. This is due to her not having many friends and closing others off
because of their love for computer.
Angelbert Diona as Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter
- Kurapika, one of the four main protagonist in the series hunter x hunter, last
survivor of the kurta klan and seek vengeance for his bloody past.
Vincent Angelo Calingasan as Riki from Defense of the Ancients 2
- Riki was born middle child of the great dynasty of Tahlin, seemed born with the
art of invisibility. One night his family was betrayed, he alone escaped. He cut his
way out of the royal grounds. Slitting the throat of the enemy after another.
John Carlo Layrit as Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach
- Toshiros bankai is named Daiguren Hyourinmaru, which is an ice dragon. This is
where his power comes from.
Eunice Grace Bautista as Arcade Miss Fortune from League of Legends
- Miss Fortune, the bounty hunter is a charismatic champion with quite a playful
attitude. In spite of this, her skins are limited to different set of clothes and guns;
sometimes also hair dyes.
Robert Gabriel Castillo as Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6
- Hiro Hamada is a young boy with intelligence far beyond his years. Because of
this, he can be rather brazen and cocky. But never to the point of arrogance.
Judy Ann Fesalbon as Erza Scarlet from Fairytail
- She is noted to requip past and is the only sword mage known to be capable of
requipping weapons and armors while fighting. She is said to have over 100
different armors which made her and her immense strength well known
throughout her place of residence, magnolia telekinesis allows her to target
opponents which are out of her physical range.

John Paulo Sagaoinit as Gon Freecs from Hunter X Hunter

- Gon is an athletic, rustic and friendly boy who is searching for adventure. Also, he
isnt very good in math. However, having spent a lot of time in the woods as a
child, he is very good with animals. Gon is an enhancer who is known for being
simple minded and determined.
Allan Paul Maligaya as Shino Abur Ame from Naruto
- In the anime, Shino has shown a considerable array of techniques to his
repertory. He was seen creating a protective dome of insect to shield himself and
his allies from incoming attacks.
Harvey Caringal as Wizard from Clash of Clans
- The Wizard uses a ranged attack and can shoot overwalls. He shoots fireballs
that do high damage.
John Paul Malilion as Hotaru from Sword Art Online
- He is a cool sword man.
Rainier Las Pias as Conan Edugawa from Detective Conan
- Sinichi Kudo is a highschool protagonist of the manga and anime detective
Conan. While on a date with his childhood friend and romantic interest Ran
Mouri. Sinichi encounters two men from secret group and he become Conan
John Rafael Macatangay as Warrior Tier 13 from World of Warcraft (Warlords of Draenor)
- Having an armor the Colossal Dragonplate Battlegear known as The Blackhand.
Jopha Monta as Grand Archer Rena from Elsword
- Rena gets the ability to use grand arrows, which greatly refines her powers using
the bow. She can achieve higher accuracy and power such as the integration of
elements in her arrows.
Ryan Dalisay as Himura Kenshin from Samurai X
- Himura Kenshin known as the legendary hitokiri of the Meiji Revolution, Himura
Battosai, is the main protagonist and titular character of the Rurouni Kenshin
series. Kenshin has spent 10 years travelling Japan as a rorouni is search of
redemption, carrying a sakabato with the vow to never kill again.
Henry Denzel Pardo as Assassin Cross from Raganarok
- His act is revolutionary, dare to challenge, dare to survive.
William Briones as an Archer from Babyran En
- A massively multiplayer online role-playing game, developed by Min
Communications, Inc. The online game Babyran has taking the lead for
performing extreme class wherein you can customize all the weapons, suits,
armors and the name of your character depends upon your choice.
Jonelle Laraga as Jason X
- Awesome
Diane Rae Torio as Asami Sato from Avatar
- A nonbender in the Legend of Korra part of the Avatar Series. Daughter of Hiroshi
Sato. She fights with an equilist glove and is a great driver.
Bernalyn Dalangin as Zero Saber Girl from Comic Break

A girl who loved zero saber so much that she travelled to do battle. Despite being
a fangirl, her own abilities are up to par with the actual zero saber.

John Paolo Abarquez as Kirito from Sword Art Online

- He is always calm and quite and has a control to his skills and power. His special
skill is using sword.
Reya Elhaine Po as Yukiko Hirohara from 11 Eyes
- Yukiko Hirohara is a shy type person. Whenever she puts off her eye glasses her
personality splits and become a very good knife user for assassination.
Mariel Peascosas as Lightning from Final Fantasy
- Lightning is a serious type of person. Her abilities differ based on her elevated
height. Lightning will move automatically to the correct range to execute the
desired attack.
Aileen Joy Adao as Touka Kureha from Shinning Wind
- She is grade 12 and also the student council secretary of her school representing
beauty and wisdom. She is considered the idol of her school. She helps the
protagonist against their enemies. Touka Kureha is one of the five magic singers.
She uses bow and magic songs to help the protagonist and an important
indispensable force which defeat the boss.
Mary Lynne Dequito as Dead Master from Black Rock Shooter
- Dead Master is the otherself of Yomi Takanashi. Her weapon of choice is a large
scythe named dead scythe. She is somewhat sympathetic while at the same time
very brutal in battle. She appears to be under the influence of chariot. Despite
having wings, she cant fly but rather uses athletic skills in compact. She uses
necromancy to revive her minions. She also makes hissing noises when agitated.
Cyril Jr. Malaga as Syaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura
- Syaoran has short chestnut hair and large amber eyes. He is a highly skilled
martial artist skilled swordsman.
Meryll Dianne Contreras as Queen Elsa from Frozen
- Elsa has the magical ability to create and manipulate ice and snow.
Remie Decal as Astrid Hofferson from How to Train your Dragon 2
- Dragon Rider
Christian Pasia as Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon 2
- Hiccup is the main protagonist and a dragon rider.
Chris Noel Garcia as Uchiha Obito a.k.a. Tobi from Naruto Shippuden
- Uchiha Obito is a character who plays the role which a ninja who wants a great
change to shinobi world.
Marc Alwyn Marcial as Jackson Overland Frost from Rise of Guardians
- Jack Frost is the main protagonist in rise of the guardians and an immortal
supernatural being much like guardians. He is capable of manipulationg ice,
snow, wind, cold and storm.

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