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In the name of Allah the praiseworthy, the passionate whose blessings
made it possible for us to complete this complex and painful task. It is a matter
of great enthusiasm and pleasure for us to complete a report in its real sequence.
It is all because of Almighty Allah’s great guidance that made us so able. We
are cordially thankful to our respected Teacher Mr. Javaid Akhtar who
provided us an opportunity to prepare this Project report and
whoseb e n e v o l e n t g u i d a n c e i n d i s c o u r s e a n d c o n s t a n t e n c o u r a g e m
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History of HBL
Introduction to HBL
Vision & Mission
Core Values
Organizational Chart of HBL
Functions in HBL
Information Systems & its Types
MIS & its Types
Management Information System at HBL
Transaction Processing System of HBL
Management Reporting System of HBL
Decision Support System of HBL
Office Information System of HBL
Working of MIS in different departments at HBL
Specifications of MIS at HBL
Hardware used by HBL
Softwares used by HBL
Database Management Systems
File Based Management Systems
Online Presence
Security & Backups
Future Plans


HBL established operations in Pakistan in 1947 and moved its head office to
Our first international branch was established in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951
and Habib Bank Plaza was built in 1972 to commemorate the bank’s 25th
With a domestic market share of over 40%, HBL was nationalized in 1974 and
it continued to dominate the commercial banking sector with a major market
share in inward foreign remittances (55%) and loans to small industries, traders
and farmers.
International operations were expanded to include the USA, Singapore, Oman,
On December 29, 2003 Pakistan's Privatization Commission announced that the
Government of Pakistan had formally granted the Aga Khan Fund for Economic
Development (AKFED) rights to 51% of the shareholding in HBL, against an
investment of PKR 22.409 billion (USD 389 million).
On February 26, 2004, management control was handed over to AKFED.
The Board of Directors was reconstituted to have four AKFED nominees,
including the Chairman and the President/CEO and three Government of
Pakistan nominees.


Habib Bank Limited (HBL) commenced business in the year that Pakistan
gained independence and based the head office in the then capital city that was
HBL has international operations in Sri Lanka.
The Habib Bank Plaza, a historical monument for the people of Pakistan was
constructed in the early seventies after the separation from East Pakistan (now
Bangladesh) to mark the silver jubilee of the bank.
Due to the nationalization policies of the government in the seventies, HBL was
nationalized like MCB in the seventies.
HBL progressed in this period and had a huge market share of over fifty five
percent in remittances coming into the country.
It also makes personal loans and commercial loans to small and large
industrialists and also to the agriculture sector which is the largest business
sector in Pakistan.
HBL also expanded its overseas business to include the United States of
America and Asian countries like Oman and Maldives and Singapore and
European countries including Belgium and Holland.
Currently, HBL has the biggest distribution network in Pakistan with more than
fourteen hundred branches operating in the major cities like Karachi, Lahore,
and Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar and around two hundred other
locations which include both cities and small villages.
Today, HBL is present in around 24 countries in the world, including USA, the
UK and many Middle Eastern and European and African countries (HBL 2009).

HBL Vision statement:
Challenging and changing the way you bank.

HBL Mission statement:
HBL bank’s team, of committed professionals is dedicated to maintaining longterm customer relationships through outstanding service and convenience.

Achievement  Our people are our most valuable asset.CORE VALUES Core Values of HBL are as follows:       Trust. Teamwork  The diversity of our people is our strength. Ethical behavior is of critical importance to us. Focus on Customer  We continuously seek to exceed our customer’s expectations. forging and maintaining long term relationships.  We adopt full compliance with internal and external policies and procedures. Innovation. Teamwork.  We inspire and challenge each other – working together to achieve synergy. operating within the legal framework. Social Responsibility. . Focus on Customer. Trust  We are the trustees of public funds and serve with integrity & commitment. Innovation  We strive to be the market leaders in innovative products and services offering customized financial solutions with flawless execution. Achievement.

 Our goals are clear and merit is the only criterion for reward. Social Responsibility  As responsible citizens we contribute to the social welfare of the community we live in. . We are committed to a result oriented culture.

Organizational Chart .

Islamic banking. Retail banking.g. Investment banking in which lends their loans and the other ways in which they can invest their deposits to get interest e. in stock exchange.. Commercial banking is a banking in which HBL bank accepts deposits from investors and lending loans to borrowers. Corporate banking focusing on giving the facility of cash management and payroll services to the customers. Islamic banking services are also given in HBL bank at customers demand. Treasury banking. Investment banking. Corporate banking. Retail banking is the most important function of HBL bank.Functions in HBL HBL Bank offers different services to its customers:       Commercial banking. Treasury banking in HBL is used basically to manage the capital risk and to prepare balance sheet statements in order to manage assets and liabilities of company. because in this aspect the HBL provides the least cost deposit to open a new account. .

Therefore. The purpose of the operation support system is to facilitate business transaction. control production.  Enterprise collaboration system. The operation support system is further divided into:  Transaction-processing system. an information system in an organization can be divided into  Operations support system. .  Processing control system. Such a system is called operation support system. which are utilized by internal and or external users. there are several types of transaction across department.  Management support system. data input is done by the end user which is processed to generate information products i. Operations support system: In an organization. Transaction Processing System (TPS) In manufacturing organization.Information System & its Types Information System: An information system (IS) is a system composed of people and computers that processes or interprets information. support internal as well as external communication and update organization central database. Classification of Information System: In any given organization information system can be classified based on the usage of the information. reports.e.

Engineering. single transaction processing and real time transaction processing. Management Support System: Managers require precise information in a specific format to undertake an organizational decision. credit slips. sales return. there is more stress on team effort or collaboration across different functional teams. cash receipts. Finance. A system which enables collaborative effort by improving communication and sharing of data is referred to as an enterprise collaboration system. A system which facilitates an efficient decision making process for managers is called management support system. Plant. etc. Management support systems are essentially categorized as:  Management information system. inventory management. depreciation accounting. In this type of system. credit sales.Typical organizational departments are Sales. Account.  Expert system. . Process Control System In a manufacturing organization. Across which following transaction may occur sales order. Enterprise Collaboration System In recent times. critical information is fed to the system on a real-time basis thereby enabling process control. These transactions can be categorized into batch transaction processing. This kind of systems is referred as process control systems. certain decisions are made by a computer system without any manual intervention. Human Resource and Marketing.  Decision support system. material accounting.

. Accounting information system. Management information system provides information to manager facilitating the routine decision-making process.  Operational information system.  Tactical information system. Further Classification: An information system can be categorized based upon activity into:  Strategic planning system. Decision support system provides information to manager facilitating specific issue related solution.

people. Management information systems consist of computer resources. The system must support the goals of the organization. The term MISstands for management information systems.  Financial management information systems  The financial management information system provides financial information to all financial managers within an organization including the chief financial officer. The goal of the MIS organization is to deliver information systems to the various levels of corporate managers. MIS also refers to the organization that develops and maintains most or all of the computer systems in the enterprise so that managers can make decisions. from the largest mainframe to the desktop and portable PCs. and procedures used in the modern business enterprise.  The chief financial officer analyzes historical and current financial activity. these professionals are responsible in some way for nearly all of the computers.MIS & its Types Management information systems are those systems that allow managers to make decisions for the successful operation of businesses. Trained and educated to work with corporate computer systems. and monitors and controls . Management information systems can be used as a support to managers to provide a competitive advantage. Most organizations are structured along functional lines. projects future financial needs. MIS professionals create and support the computer system throughout the company. and the typical systems are identified as follows:  Accounting management information systems  All accounting reports are shared by all levels of accounting managers.

 As a result.  Activities performed by the human resources management information systems include. and sales forecasting. inventories are provided just in time so that great amounts of money are not spent for warehousing huge inventories. training. raw materials are even processed on railroad cars waiting to be sent directly to the factory.  Thus there is no need for warehousing. the human resources management information system plays a valuable role in ensuring organizational success.  Manufacturing management information systems  More than any functional area. hiring.  For instance.the use of funds over time using the information developed by the MIS department. marketing systems relies on external sources of data. distribution. work-force analysis and planning. and job assignments. pricing decisions.  Marketing management information systems  A marketing management information system supports managerial activity in the area of product development. promotional effectiveness. and other individuals employed by the organization.  In some instances. operations have been impacted by great advances in technology.  Human resources management information systems  Human resources management information systems are concerned with activities related to workers.  Because the personnel function relates to all other areas in business. managers. manufacturing operations have changed. .  More than any other functional area.

Office Information System. both computerized and manual. that provides information about ongoing activities to an organization's decision makers. Executive Information System. MIS support the activities of employees. customers and other key people in the organization's environment . The management information system of Habib Bank Limited has following major divisions:       Transaction Processing System. A management information system (MIS) is the collection of system. . Office Automation System. owners. Management Reporting System.Management Information System at HBL Management Information System is a system that provides people with either data or information related to an organization's operations. Decision Support System.either by efficiently processing data to assist with the than section work load or by effectively supplying information to authorized people in a timely manner.

g. In HBL it is used to record withdraws and deposits of customers. . Unlike the other systems the Transaction Processing System (TPS) of Habib Bank links together all of the branches of the country in order to have one database so that the Customer Information can be accessed through all the branches in the country. Some of its functions are:  Records the transactions  Records the debit & credit  Tells the balance of customer Gives the data about the custom TPS makes day to day reports e. it manages the double entry system.TRANSACTION PROCESSION SYSTEM OF HABIB BANK LIMITED The Transaction Processing System (TPS) supports the da i l y b u s i n e s s transactions for example in the accounting department where the double entry system is used for recording the daily transactions it will record all the entries that have been credited or debited during the day and prepare the full report as well as inter relate these tasks and other into an overall accounting system. This type of system keeps theorganization running by automation the process of the large amount of paper work that must be handled daily. For accounting department two types of reports are generated in it. Basically the TPS has more dealings with the accounting basically TPS deals with the accounting department of an organization. Transaction processing system supports the processing of Habib Bank Limited by automating the process of voluminous amounts of paperwork that must be handled daily.

invoices.g. likewise the payroll edit report is produced to show the pay scheme of employees. controlling the procedure of issuance e. recording the deposits or withdrawals of account holders. payment remainders.These systems include accurate recording of daily Transactions.g. issuance of pay cheques invoices. Transaction Processing Functions There are three steps of processing a transaction. 1) Book Keeping First of all accurate record of transaction is recorded e. tuition bills and employee schedules etc. as pay cheques are of Habib Bank are produced in batches. customer statements. . This recording of transaction is called Book Keeping involving applications of financial accounting. periodic statements as monthly telephone bills. 3) Control Reporting Reports that are produced as a byproduct of transaction processing operation and that also serves operation control purposes are called control reports. credit card bills and payment remainders etc. 2) Issuance It refers to the production of pay cheques.

Properties of Management Reporting System 1) Support Management Reporting System supports structured and semi-structured decision. in an established format. the formation requirements of users are normally known and stable. At Habib Bank Management Reporting System is used not only in management planning but also in managing the control system. on effectiveness. occasionally. 2) Provision of Information Management Reporting System Provides fixed types of information. . It generates report having:        Name of customer His address Limit of loan which bank can give Approval authority of loan Date of giving loan The expiry of deadline The securities that the bank held against the loan Management Reporting System is an information system that provides predefined types of information to management. As opposed to focusing purely on data and the efficient processing of data(which characterize transaction processing systems). It generates a summarized report for reporting business updates to management at higher level and for their review. management reporting systems focus on Information and.MANAGEMENT REPORTING SYSTEM A management reporting system (MRS) is an informatio0n system that provides p r e d e f i n e d t y p e s o f i n f o r ma t i o n t o m a n a g e me n t f o r r el a t i v e l y s t r u c t u r e d t y p e s o f decisions. primarily at the middle-and lower-management levels.

. hardcopy reports. formal systems development may be required to approve the request. 4) Data It has usually consisted of internal operational data. Frequently require a formal request to be submitted. It concerned with data about the past than data relating to the future. rather than data about the external environment.3) Nature of Management Reports Often implemented with voluminous. requiring each user to search specifically for key' information.

which delivers specific types of information in a preplanedf o r ma t . After getting the data from TPS and MIS manager makes his decisions on its basis. t h e D S S p r o v i d e s t h e m a n a g e r w i t h t h e c o m p u t i n g a n d c o m mu n i c a t i o n s capabilities to develop his or her own decision models. and report formats.DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM A d e c i s i o n s u p p o r t sy s t e m ( D S S ) pr o v i d e s t o o l s t h a t e n a b l e m a n a g e r s t o develop information in the manner that best suits the decisions they are currently trying to make. databases. Unlike the MRS. Decision support systems often also focus on such areas as flexibility in meeting a variety of continually changing needs. 3) Application Way Decision support system of Habib Bank is easy to use. The manager can also forecast a future trend on the basis of DSS. Properties of Decision Support System of Habib Bank 1) Support Decision Support System supports semi-structured or unstructured decisionmaking. Present decisions are based on past data that is available in the system. 2) Flexibility The Decision Support System of Habib Bank is flexible enough to respond to the changing needs of decisions makers. It is a system that provides tools to managers to assist them in solving semistructured and unstructured problems in their own somewhat personalized way. At Habib Bank decisions are only taken by Board of Directors otherwise usually predefined decisions are there for managers to follow. .

2) Semi-structured Decisions The decision made under a condition in which the information about problem to be solved is not complete is called semi-structured decision. . Types of Decisions Taken 1) Unstructured Decisions This is the decision for which information provided by computer or men is not complete but is a small portion of the total knowledge required to make a decision.4) Fastness Decision Support System is fast in responding with a high degree of user control and interaction.

Message Handling System of Habib Bank It is one of major applications of Office Information System. 2) Word Processing System At Habib Bank the office system technology which is used is word processing involving hard ware and software tools which allows computer system to operate. software. At Habib Bank the message handling system is of following. . 2) Electronic Mail Electronic mail is used to receive and send messages to other branches. 1) Document Management System. 2) Message Handling System 3) Office Support System. Further categorized: 1) Reprographic System In each branch of Habib Bank Reprographic machines are there for making copies of required documents. facsimiles e-mails and the people availing their services makes the office information system. Components of Office Information System of Habib Bank There are 3 major components of Office Information System.OFFICE INFORMATION SYSTEM OF HABIB BANK The combination of new technologies as hardware. 1) Facsimiles Fax machines are there to receive and send faxes in other branches of Habib Bank. Document Management System of Habib Bank Document Management System of Habib Bank is partly manual and partly computerized.

1. Using fax mails.Office Support System Many applications collectively help in working of groups. Word processing services. Habib Bank provides group ware in following ways. Availability to on. . 3. which are known as Office Support System.line Data. In HBL it is Group Ware. 2.

for this purpose reports are generated to give easy access to information. Because executive information needs are more ambiguous that those of other levels of Management. ESS is for executives e. butothers do not. Retail GeneralManager (RGM) b/c executives are non-technical people so a very user friendly systemis made for them to make their decision making process easy and feasibility. they are usually less reliant in direct contact withinformation technology than other types of managers.g.EXECUTIVE INFORMATION SYSTEM An executive information system (EIS) . Because executives deal primarily with data about the external environment anddata that come from informal sources. Some people use the terms “EIS” and “ESS” a DSS that is designed to meet the special needs of top-level managers. When information from their company’s computers is needed. computers have historically been less usefulto executives. many chief executive officers make their subordinatesretrieve that information. .which is sometimes referred to as anexecutive support system (ESS) . Many executives have little hands –on experience with computers andd o n ’ t f u l l y a p p r e c i a t e h o w i n f o r m a t i o n t e c h n o l o g y c a n i m p r o v e t h e i r p e r s o n a l productivity and decision-making skills.. Any distinction between the two usually is because executive supportsystems are likely to incorporate additional capabilities such as electronic mail.

Many office systems can also be classified asdecision support systems or DSS tools (such as spreadsheets). accounting. The blurry line between decision support systems and Office Automation System should be expected because most decisions makers work in some type of office environment. which can make officeworkers more productive and also help managers make better decisions. Some of the Office Automation Systems usedin Habib Bank are:        CPU’s Monitors Fax Scanners Printers Keyboards Mouse . The diverse set of OAt o o l s t h a t e n h a n c e o f f i c e p r o d u c t i v i t y . and e-mail.based technologies that make office workers more productive. Office automation almost alwaysimplies anetwork of computers with a variety of available programs. Another example of ambiguity. a database management system that manages data for a firmmight also offer some decision support.OFFICE AUTOMATION SYSTEM OAS is the use of computer systemstoexecutea variety of office operations.s u c h a s word processing . e f f i c i e n c y a n d e f f e c t i v e n e s s a r e o f t e n collectively called information systems. Office Automation has traditionally referred to a wide variety of computer.

 Fax and telephone are the major source of performing such activities.  Activity of account opening and deposit department are the followings:  Opening new accounts.  Post transport. .  Closing the accounts of accounts holders (if required).  Processing can stop payment instructions. 2) CASH DEALING DEPARTMENT  The major functions of cash dealing departments are:  Cash receipts.  To make amendments in the existing accounts.  All the regarding date.  Maintain of deposits of the account holders. tile of account.  Telegraphic transfer.  To give fresh cheque books.  Demand like drafts on need. account number. balance of account holder and the signature of customer have been verified through computer. 3) REMITTANCE DEPARTMENT  The major functions performed by remittance department are:  Pay order.Working of MIS in different Departments WORKING OF MIS IN DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS OF HABIB BANKLIMITED 1) DEPOSIT DEPARTMENT  Almost all the activities mentioned above are performed through computer  The computer maintains all records of each and every client  Vouchers have been prepared and send to the MIS department for daily transactions and making changes in customer's accounts.  To cash cheques.

 The marketing management makes policies for the better services of satisfaction of consumer.  Periodic review  Communication 7) MARKETING DEPARTMENT  Consumer satisfaction is the first and for most priority for the bank.  Imports can be separated into two categories:  Industrial Imports. Document required for sole proprietor partnership concern and limited concerns are different.  Retirement of papers and documents.  Import department is considered to be one of the most important departments of the bank. 5) EXPORT DEPARTMENT  Export is a major source of earning foreign exchange.4) IMPORT DEPARTMENT  Three major functions performed by the import department:  L/C opening. It handles the import licensing and imports of merchandise. 6) PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT  Personal department uses computer for smooth functioning of work.  The main functions performed by Personnel Department of Habib Bank are:  Selection and recruitment.  Export Promotion Bureau makes registration of imports.  The computer keeps the records of each and every dealing which has been made by the customer for import export purposes. .  Lodgment of papers and documents.  Training and growth.  Every country wants to increase its exports because the foreign exchange earned through exports can help in meeting the other needs of the countries.  The records concerning his past and present performance and balance of accounts helps to make further decisions whether to give him loan or not.  Job explanation and estimation.  Commercial and industrial Imports.

 Establishing meaningful relations with customers.  It is also the function of the organization to keep in constant contact with the consumer.  Improving of product development for customers.  Bankers also try to locate their past customers for offering more facilities to them. read their needs.  The computer provides every past and present updated account of each customer. developed the product that can fulfill their needs and build the aim that express organizational purpose.  Finding possibilities and then development of those wants and needs. . The process includes:  Finding out consumer wants and needs through marketing research.

Specifications of the Management Information System in HBL Hardware HP Blade Server Software Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Operating System Linux Input Financial Data Output Financial Statements Processing Batch Processing Storage Primary. secondary .

Tape Drives. Laptops. Generators. LCD Monitors. Computers. Scanners. As the name represents hard means hard. Internet Server. This hardware includes:           Database Server. so physical parts are called hardware. . which is often referred to as the central processing unit (CPU). and all of its support equipment. Laser Printers. This category includes the computer itself. The term hardware refers to machinery. Dot Matrix Printers.Hardware at HBL The part that cannot not be seen or touched is called hardware.

This is the main system through which all of the branches of Habib Bank are linked together. This system has many sub systems of which the foremost and important is Management information system. For instance if the account has been opened in Islamabad the customer can deposit and withdraw money from wherever in Pakistan from an on-line branch. Multi-user Online Banking (MOB) works in such aw a y that for example if customer opens an account in Ha b i b B a n k o n c e t h a t information is fed into the system then that information will become available to all the braches of Habib Bank located in Pakistan. .Softwares SOFTWARE USED BY HABIB BANK “Set of instructions given to the computer to solve a problem” The term software refers to computer programs and the manuals that support them. Computer programs are machine-readable instructions that direct the circuitry within 1) OPERATING SYSTEM SOFTWARE: UNIX is being used as the main operating system in Habib Bank according tot h e m i t i s m o r e p o w e r f u l t h a n Win d o w s . this is mainly possible through Multi-user Online Banking(MOB). 2) MULTI-USER ONLINE BANKING (MOB) The main system used by the bank is called Multi-user Online Banking (MOB). Multiuser Online Banking (MOB) is a customer made soft w a r e a n d t h e computer language that has been used to develop i s C o m m o n B u s i n e s s O r i e n t e d Language (COBOL).

Raid 5 SAS 145GB HD x 3 Application Server: DELL (Dual Core). 3) Servers: MAIN SERVER: THIN CLIENT(centralized) Internet Server: DL320G5 (Core 2Duo). 4GB Ram.The software of MOB has been kept different from same type of software so as to prevent unauthorized entry. 4GB Ram. Raid 5 SAS 145GB HD x 3 Database Server: HP DL380G5 (Dual Core). Raid 5 SAS 145GB HD x 3 4) SUPPORTING SOFTWARES: HBL uses following supporting software through them are performing their work daily and that are:     MS WORD MS EXCEL MS POWER POINT MS ACCESS . 4GBRam. Habib Bank used Kindle Banking System until 2001 in their Retail Banking sector.

s a v i n g s a n d l o a n d a t a a r e i n s t a n t l y available. DBMS has not yet been fully implemented in Habib Bank and will be used when web-access is made. DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Database management system is a collection of software that has been designed to provide a systematic and flexible approach to organizing and access to data that could possibly exist as separate files in database management all of the Information is p u t i n t o a c e n t r a l d a t a b a s e a n d o n l y o n e p r o gr a m or f i l e e n t r y i s r e q u i r e d . . It is used for references only and soft copies are made for example a credit database may include:       Name Location Approval authority of credit Expiry/tenure Securities Sort of finance DATA MANAGEMENT: Managerial decision making is likely to be more effective when managers are able to quickly access the data they need on demand.DATA BASE MANAGEMENT Database administrators: Database administrators are responsible for ensuring t h a t u s e r s a n d programmers have access to the data that they need in order to make decisions or run applications and for integrity and security of the data in the database. W h e n a c u s t o me r m a k e s a n e n q u i r y a l l t h e c h e c k i n g .

Information Technology department of HABIB BANK have a simple database structure and use online processing/real time processing that transaction S i mp l e a p p l i c a t i o n s o f t w a r e i s b e i n g u s i n g t o c o n t r o l .  Store data compactly and efficiently  Quickly edit and modify stored data and make backup copies In HABIB BANK all the data is directly stored in head office. memos and reports. compact Discs and paper such as business forms.      These databases include: Customer/client databases Employee databases Accounting databases Credit databases D a t a h a s b e e n p hy s i c a l l y s t o r e d o n a v ar i e t y o f m e d i a .Most of the other databases data has been stored on computer-files and databases. However it has been experienced that Computer based storage offers several advantages over paper based storage. such as abilities to. c r e a t e & m a n a g e database. i n c l u d i n g m a g n e t i c d i s k s . .

Although file management is done manually as files on the computer cannot be manually signed. These data and files are shared by many application programs. Often. The file processing environment is linked tithe specific application programs that are being used in the organization. Files made on FMBS include:     Basic borrower’s fact sheet (personal & professional record) Their Securities (legal documents are manually kept0 Correspondent Files Credit Files & Legal Files WORKING: H a b i b b a n k u s e s a f i l e pr o c e s s i n g s y s t e m w i t h d i ffe r e n t c u s t o m e r f i l e s f o r example: checking. but files are also created on computer for record and references.FILE BASED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM File processing refers to an environment in which data is physically organized into files (collection of related records). savings and loans. customers call the bank questions on s e v e r a l o f t h e i r a c c o u n t s . S e r v i c e r e p r e s e n t a t i v e h a s t o g o t h r o u g h t h e f o l l o w i n g procedure:        Enter the checking-account-balance program Get the required checking Information Leave program Enter saving-account-balance program Get the required saving Information and leave program Enter loan-account-balance program Get the required loan Information and leave program .


Networking Network Administrator Telecommunications mangers and network managers/Network Adminis tratorsare responsible for meeting the data communications needs of users in the organization. Routers Model RA 46-40 (Red line) Switches Model S3000-S3500 Power Cable PABX for VOIP Fiber Cable . A l l t h e w o r k s t a t i o n s w i t h i n t h e B a n k a r e c o n n e c t e d through Local Area Network (LAN). The increasing trend toward networking and distributed processing has increased the i mp o r t a n c e o f t h e s e p o s i t i o n s .The bank has over 101B r a n c h e s a l l o v e r t h e country which have been linked through Microwave or Phone lines. Microwave or Phone lines. Satellites and most of the connections have been provided byPTCL. Connectivity Parallel. VIA-satellite.

We can get data from the web & also discussed our problems through mail.  Transfer of funds. . There are mainly two persons involved in online transitions to make tem successful.  Cash withdrawal and deposit. The initiator (transaction creator) and the supervisor (supervising the transaction process).ONLINE PRESENCE HABIB BANK has online presence. ONLINE FACILITIES:  Availability of DEBIT and CREDIT.

b a c k u p s ar e u s e d . w h e r e t h e ATM a c c e p t s a n d r e c o g i n s e c h e q u e s and/or currency without using envelopes Bar code scanning .  In order to protect from any unauthorized access into the system. f o r b a c k u p H a b i b B a n k u s e s floppies.  After a week these backup floppies are transported back to the branch. earthquake. theft etc. where authorization of transactions is based o n t h e s c a n n i n g o f a customer's fingerprint. face. the software that is being hacked from outside and is said to be fool proof. etc. To maintain security HBL has a new technique of thumb impression recognition.  I n o r d e r t o pr o t e c t t h e d a t a .  Whenever checque has been cashed so the bank checks the s i g n a t u r e a n d amount of account holder. BIO MATRIC DESKTOP: Biometrics. i. every organization has to protect its vital data from unauthorized access for this purpose Habib Bank has many security policies. And this can be verified within seconds to facilitate their customers. every day backup is done and these floppies are transported to the nearest branch to protect against any potential hazard for example fire. C h e q u e / C a s h A c c e p t a n c e . iris. these are:  A password is assigned to the employees and there is l i m i t t o u s i n g t h e password for example an employee can issue up to a specific amount..SECURITY & BACKUPS Security is a very important part of an information System. whenever customer wants to withdraw cash fromA T M a t h u m b i m p r e s s i o n w i t h p e r s o n a l I D c a r d o f c u s t o m e r i s n e e d e d t o b e identified if it is matched with the d a t a b a s e m a i n t a i n e d by H B L i n K a r a c h i h e a d .e.

) Dispensing additional media (such as phone cards) Co-ordination of ATMs with mobile phones Customer-specific advertising Integration with non-banking equipment C. Master file containing the permanent information is updated during processing by transaction data.C. CDs. Contingency Plans Contingent plans are used to protect the hardware data. Hard Disk Moveable .O n . The External Storage devices that are used in the Department are:     RAID. There is such distance between the original and duplicate data. Tra v e l l e r s Cheques. Often the master file is stored on these devices while the users are provided access to the duplicate file. Storage Devices Primary and Secondary storage devices are also used in the process to protect and save the important information from loss or misuse. It means that protect data in the hardware system.TV: Creating duplicate copies Duplicate copies of all data are used and all original data are placed at the website of HBL Ltd Pakistan. DVDs. If any problem occurs in the hardware system then there will be no difficulty for the data.d e ma n d p r i n t i n g o f " i t e m s o f v a l u e " ( s u c h a s m o v i e t i c k e t s . etc.

 Monthly Basis.Basis for Data Backup  Daily Basis. .  Weekly Basis.

Inthis position the information system department participates in strategic planning andother key decisions that are made by the organization’s top level managers. MIS PERSONNEL The MIS personnel can or cannot be non IT persons. many other job titles may be found within this area.INFORMATION RESOURCE MANAGEMENT InformationResourceManagement (IRM): It is a concept that recognizes information as a key resource thatshould (as should any vital resource) be properly managed. The Management Information System(MIS) Manager looks after the I. Other fields also think of their assets in this way. F o l l o w i n g a r e t h e j o b t i t l e s o f p e o p l e w h o i n t e r a c t di r e c t l y w i t h managers and users and in general manage the whole information system-althoughthese are not the only personnel working the I.T Department. The person in charge of the MIS area is often found at the middle managerial level. The Information SystemManager is present in all department of the bank. the planning andimplementation of System Development Life Cycle also is done by the Information Sy s t e m M a n a g e r.T Staff and controls their operations. MIS is perceived as an area that can generate opportunities or value for the organization. Because MIS is seen asa playing a pivotal role in the future successes of IRMoriented firms including Banks. . not mainly as a source of problems.

T Department. Including among these are the backup copies of important programs and data recordskept pertaining to the daily transactions of the bank.Computers Operations Personnel: These are the people responsible for the day to day operations of TransactionProcessing System s. Some of the job titles for the people in this category are the following:  Computer operations manager/System Manager: The computer operations manager is in charge of the entire operations activity.  Data Entry Personnel: These are the people within the bank’s I. management reporting system.  Computers operators: They are in charge of running the equipment in the I. he also plans the installation and removal of equipment with consent of the concerned authorities.T Department who enter data into themain computer system. . and generally all other tasks to ensure that data get processed as efficiently as possible. customer info etc. Accounting data. debit and creditentries. they also initiate solutions to equipment malfunctions and similar functions. He has the responsibility of hiring and assigning work to t h e o t h e r o p e r a t i o n s personnel. Their job isto load disks and tapes. create backup files and ensure their safe transport to the second branch of the Bank. and all other shared multi-user computers.  System Librarians: They are responsible for managing data stored on such media such as disks. he is generally a supervisor.

and programmers. theapplications programmer then write programs from them. designing and implementing large computer-based information systems. System Analysts: S y s t e m A n a l y s t s a r e t h e t e c h n o l o gy p r o f e s s i o n a l s c h a r ge d w i t h a n a l y z i n g . upper management. Because theyare the crucial interface among users. they must be skilled in business. Some of the types of programmers are maintenance programmers.  Application Programmers: Code applications programs-the software that serves the direct needs offend-users. Generally it is the systems analyst who initially specifies what programs needed must do.  Programmers The computers professional who are specifically charged with writing computer programmers are called programmers. and systems programmers. Armed with a set of formal-often technical-specifications from the analyst.  System Programmers: Code the systems software that controls the operation of computer hardwareand makes it possible to run applications programs. They must also possess good interpersonal communication skills as they are the one who basicallyhave to communicate with the employees of the organization and perceives whatever they may need in the Information System that is being designed. . computers. and other technology-based areas.

tax. and end-user support. deductions. I n H a b i b B a n k Limited I. net and gross salary is recorded andis given to employees in printed form. Duties of MIS Personnel  They manage information inflow from start of any work to its final destinationand scrutinize all the information. In it information about employees . data administration. TheseMIS executives oversee the full range of MIS-related activities. provided fund.  It is made on MIS. is target matched or not?  They securitize the systems that are already present for the purpose of compliance of system in well as telecommunication. h i s s a l a r y allowances.T Department Hierarchy.T Director is at top of the I.  They generate report for a top manager e. . MIS Management: A t t h e t o p o f t h e c o m p u t e r h i er a r c h y a r e M I S e x e c u t i v e s . including TransactionP r o c e s s i n g w h i c h t r a d i t i o n a l l y a c c o u n t s f o r t h e l a rge s t s h a r e o f t h e i n f o r m a t i o n processing.g.T Managers or I.

2) Special-purpose application software It includes programs and packages that supportthe activities of workers in a particular subunit. software packages. Application software includesthe programs. and tools needed for such specific. payroll. Two main categories of application software exist. word processing. 1) General-purpose application software It includes programs and packages that are beingused by workers in the organizations subunits such as word processing spreadsheets. All programs on a computer system can break down into two main categories:  Application software  System software Application software It includes user-oriented programs. end-user-orientedtasks as billing. accounts receivable. database management. S o m e o f t h e t y p e s o f i n f o r ma t i o n t h a t m a y b e p r o v i d e d t o d e c i s i o n makers after data are transformed into information by computers or some other kind of processing. These are more likely to be purchased externally than developed internally by the organization. .database or file management.Data Processing-Information Cycle Both computer and human mind act as processors that select data and transform them into meaningful information. The format of the information received is often dictated by the needs and preferences of the decision makers. and presentation graphics.

This kind of software is being used by a limited number of users or subunits than are in general. .p ur p o s e software’s as these software’s have been developed for special purpose operations andhave to be custom made according to the organizations requirements.purpose applications. a n d p a y r o l l a r e u s u a l l y c a l l e d S p e c i a l .Accounting debiting and creditinge n t r i e s . s o f t w a r e ’s u s e d i n ATM ’s.

it should be further customized in a better way with the specific needs of the Financial Control Division in mind. so these should be lowered down. Training program should be started for internees and newlyappointed employees. The bank charges high service charges as compared to the otherbanks. the Financial Control Division feels that Oracle GL has not been modified enough to suit their needs according to their specific needs. storage and database systems.Recommendations about the IS Even though Oracle has provided HBL with an extremely customized Information System to suit its business needs. The number of employees should be increased in order todecrease theworkload. Surveys must be conducted regarding customer satisfaction leveland all employees of this dept. The management should try to decrease job insecurity among theemployees. There should be transport facility for the employees. should look forward to gettingfeedback wheneverpossible . Thus one proposal that is notable and must be pointed out is that if the company purchases a new version of Oracle GL. System enhancements over time might also require to be carried out that could engage upgrading the server.

In the future. . It will purchase new versions of the Oracle E-Business Suite as soon as they are released.Future Plans about the IS As for the future plans of the Company concerning the information system. a great deal more will need to be invested in the company’s information system and it would remain to be seen whether the company would continue using the current information system or switch to some other information system. HBL also has extension plans and is projected to open branches and start operations in some foreign countries also. When that happens. it seems that the company is satisfied with the system and willing to keep it.

The Oracle GL has the important task of maintaining General Ledger Balances of the bank from around the country and generating reports and financial statements on a daily basis.Conclusion The Oracle E-Business Suite is a top of the line application software used by businesses around the world. HBL aims to keep its business in line with the top banks and corporations of the country and therefore. HBL is clearly the first choice of every one who believes in qualitativeapproach of banking an environment of highly responsible people. if they give properattention to every customer then in few years it will be the leadingbank of thecountry. Personal loan is a distinguished feature of HBL experiencing agood reputation and reasonable markup with respect to prevailingmarket mark up with assurance of satisfaction and support. it has chosen Oracle E-Business Suite as the application software that manages and supports its business applications. HBL is clearlythe best bank operating in Pakistan. Bank is enjoying a healthymarket share and taste of good status interms of its operative features and customer support. easy and efficient business information and support systems which play a vital part in operational running of a business and coming up with improved business solutions. Oracle is a software company renowned for providing its customers with excellent software’s that provide fast. HBL hasmore customers as compare to other banks. .

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