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Faysal Bank (Car Leasing)

Prof. Ghulam Mustafa


ShehrozAyaz (05)
SyedFahad (20)
UmairEjaz (16)


MBA (3rd Semester)


Financial Management


We dedicate this report to our parents and friends in recognition of their worth
and to our teachers who are guiding force for us and it is their effort and hard
work that showed us the path of success and prosperity which would be there
for us for the rest of our life.

Our thanks to all those who have generously contributed their theoretical
knowledge to this report including our teachers. Without their understanding
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Ghulam Mustafa who provided us an opportunity to prepare this Project report and whoseb e n e v o l e n t g u i d a n c e i n d i s c o u r s e a n d c o n s t a n t e n c o u r a g e m e n t h e l p e d u s t o complete this project. 3 . It is a matter of great enthusiasm and pleasure for us to complete a report in its real sequence.In the name of Allah the praiseworthy. We are cordially thankful to our respected Teacher Mr. It is all because of Almighty Allah’s great guidance that made us so able. the passionate whose blessings made it possible for us to complete this complex and painful task.

Strength. Products and Services Products. Services Faysal Financing Departments 5 6 Faysal Car Finance House Finance Faysal Finance Faysal Bank Credit Card customers Car Leasing of Faysal Islamic Banking Faysal Bank Car Financing Procedure Eligible for Faysal Bank Car Financing Requirements for salaried person Conclusion 7 8 9 11 14 15 16 16 17 18 19 20 Reference INTRODUCTION AND HISTORY OF FAYSAL BANK 4 . Mission. Responsiveness.CONTENTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Topics Page Introduction &History of Faysal Bank Vision. Values. Professionalism. Innovations. Teamwork Integrity.

Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges. 1984. stronger and much more versatile institution.Faysal Bank started operations in Pakistan in 1987.S. with combined business assets of over PKR 250 billion. 2002. Faysal Bank Limited is a full service banking institution offering consumer. merged into Faysal Bank Limited whichresulted in a larger. Corporate and Islamic Banking activities. 1994. Al Faysal InvestmentBank Limited. the Bank's shares are listed on the Karachi.C aninvestment bank listed in Bahrain. Faysal Bank Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on October 3. The majority shareholding of Faysal Bank Limited is held by Ithmaar Bank B. Faysal Bank’s ambition is to provide par excellence service for its customers while meeting all their financial needs On January 1. Consumer. Currently. provides efficient services in an effective manner. The Bank’s widespread and growing network of branches in the four provinces of the country and Azad Kashmir. together with its corporate offices in major cities. Faysal Bank is engaged in Commercial. another group entity in Pakistan. corporate and investment banking facilities to its customers. Vision Excellence in all that we do 5 . Faysal Bank’s footprint has expanded to over 245 branches. first as a branch set-up of FaysalIslamic Bank of Bahrain and then in 1995 as a locally incorporated Pakistani bank under the present name of Faysal Bank Limited. further strengthening its balance sheet and placing it amongst the top ten banks in Pakistan. as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance. In fact it has the highest share capital amongst private banks in Pakistan and is amongst the largest in terms of equity.

The largest in terms of equity. We stand for originality. Innovation We pioneer novel and more efficient ways to deliver solutions. Our Innovation: Our Strength. Within functions. Four differentiator values — values that set our brand apart. We are dedicated to a culture of improvement and modernization.Mission To excel in providing innovative. we cooperate. Strengths It resulted in a larger. in thought. Teamwork We function as a team. in action and in belief. Between functions. value based banking solutions to meet changing needs of customers and to strengthen the image of trust and reliability Values Our daily code of conduct is exemplified by eight core values: Four threshold values — values at the heart of our brand. stronger and much more versatile institution. In fact it has the highest share capital amongst private banks in Pakistan. Integrity 6 . we aim for excellence and leadership in our chosen markets. Together. we collaborate.

We uphold regulatory obligations. We provide banking services knowledgeably and skillfully. Our Professionalism: Our Competence Responsiveness We are receptive to the need for change and improvement. time-proven principles of uprightness. truth and transparency. along with a wide array of tools to help them achieve their goals Products: 7 . We offer customized financing solutions with flexible criteria and convenient loan tenures. honorable. easy accessibility. quality service & convenience to our customers. We stand for and abide by honesty. You can avail car. We believe in ethical. adjust or prepare for new realities. home and personal loans through our various branches. Products and Services We are a progressive bank striving to offer innovative products. We act quickly to modify. We also offer a host of Corporate & Investment Banking Services to our clients. Professionalism We are proficient and efficient in all that we do. credibility and character. We are proactive and anticipate our customers’ needs and wants.We are recognized by our reliability. which include financial and corporate advisory services.

                       Deposit Saving accounts Rozana Munafa Plus Account Faysal Moavin Account Faysal Premium Account Faysal Izafa Account Mahfooz Sarmaya FCY Savinsg Plus Account Consumer Loans: Car Loans Housing Loans Corporate & Investment Banking: Corporate Financing SME Finance Trade Finance Treasury & Capital Markets Agricultural Financing Cash Management Services Services: PocketMate Visa Debit Card Travellers Cheques Transfer of Funds Safe Deposit Lockers Non-Stop Banking 8 .

For semi -commercial vehicles.FAYSAL BANK FINANCING DEPARTMENT: There are threedepartments of lease in faysal bank  Faysal Car Finance  Faysal Home Finance  Consumer Loan Leasing or buying This depends on a number of factors that are different for everyone. 9 . Type of vehicle can be leased with Faysal Car Finance We offer leasing against brand new and used locally manufactured and imported vehicles. Facilities are offered under Faysal Car Finance We offer installment based loans extended to individuals and Corporate/SME clients for advance booking of the vehicle as well as ready delivery purchase of the vehicle from authorized dealers. Loan tenure options offered by Faysal Car Finance Tenure of the facility is between 1 to 5 years.000. Affordability. Mark-up options does Faysal Car Finance offer We offer variable mark-up rate which is linked to KIBOR. ease of payment and vehicle choices are important factors. Minimum loan amount offered under Faysal Car Finance The minimum loan amount is PKR 100. the maximum tenure is 3 years.

Can I sell my vehicle or transfer the lease to a third person during the facility period No. You have to apply for a new facility after settlement of the existing facility. parents and children only. what is the cost associated with it Yes. Do I have the option of early settlement of my loan under Faysal Car Finance? If yes. Swap vehicles during my lease with Faysal Car Finance No.e. 10 .Co-borrower Co-borrower must be a member of the immediate family i. Title of the vehicle will remain in Faysal Bank’s name throughout the tenure of the facility. Insurance included on my leased car Faysal Car Finance arranges a comprehensive insurance coverage of vehicle from insurance companies listed on our Bank’s panel. Credit history to avail Faysal Car Finance facility Yes a good credit history is required to avail the facility. you will be issued a NOC (No Objection Certificate) along with a clearance letter for transfer of ownership in your name. Registrations of vehicle in my name during the facility tenure No. This is a violation of the lease agreement and it should be avoided. Car upon maturity of tenure Once the facility tenure is completed and you have settled the outstanding amount. you have an option to pay off your loan at any time during the tenure period with 5% charges on the outstanding principal amount. spouse.

Repossession On non-payment of the monthly installments. Ab dream car bani reality! Faysal Car Finance offers uniquely tailored financing of your car with the lowest mark-up rate. Not only this. Faysal Car Finance Faysal Car Finance is the most flexible product designed to meet customer needs. the Bank holds a right to call back the vehicle in accordance with the lease agreement. you can finance your car up to 5 years with easy monthly installments. So apply today and get your dream car! Features &Benefits:  Fast and hassle-free processing of application  Flexibility in selection of cars (locally manufactured as well as imported vehicles)  Facility against brand new as well as used vehicle  Loan amount up to 90% of the value of vehicle  Loan tenure from 1 to 5 Years 11 .

Faisalabad. Multan.  A resident of Karachi. GujratorGujjar Khan. Hyderabad.  Option to prematurely terminate the facility Eligibility: Now you can swiftly. Rawalpindi. 30. Bahawalpur. easily and cost effectively owns a car if you are:  Valid CNIC / NICOP / POC  Aged between 21 and 60 years  Salaried. Sialkot.  Car Financing up to five years  Down payment only 20% of the car value  Minimum documentation charges. Peshawar. Mirpur (AK).  A Businessman or Self-Employed with a minimum of one year experience in thesame business and profession. Quetta.  Fast processing. Islamabad.per month*  A Pakistani National holding the New Computerized Identity Card (NADRA)  Minimum 20 years of age at the time of financing. Co-borrower facility available  Comprehensive insurance coverage from reputed insurance companies  Early settlement option  Car Financing for locally manufactured new and used cars and imported cars.  A Salaried person with at least two years employment history *Varies as per segment/customer type Documents Required: Salaried:  Copy of CNIC / NICOP / POC  2 recent passport size photographs 12 . businessman or self-employed professional  Minimum net income of Rupees.000/. Lahore.Gujranwala.

Certified Partnership Deed. Partnership Concerns or Limited Company:  Copy of CNIC / NICOP / POC  2 recent passport size photographs Declaration of proprietorship. Latest payslip / salary certificate from employer  Bank statement for the last 6 months  Duly filled loan application form Businessman and Self-employed Professional:  Copy of CNIC / NICOP / POC  2 recent passport size photographs  Bank statement for the last 6 months  Proof of profession or business  Proprietorship letter  NTN certificate  Tax Returns of 2 years Professional degree and valid membership of applicable professional body (for SEP only)  Duly filled loan application form  Proprietors. Form A & 29 and Company Profile  Bank statement for the last 6 months   Tax Returns and Assessment Order for the last 2 years  Copy of latest utility bill  Duly filed application form Dreams made real with Faysal Bank Credit Cards Faysal Car Finance offers discounted mark-up and lowest insurance rates exclusively for Faysal Bank Credit Card customers This offer is also applicable on all ex-RBS branded Credit Cards 13 . Memorandum & Article of Association.

it is time to come to us for help and advice. 14 . •Financing tenor up to 20 years!!! •Fast processing. •Minimum processing charges •Enhancement option available •Financing available up to 80% of the market value of the property.We helpyou all the way to make your next move in an easy and timely manner.Housing Finance: Faysal Housing Finance gives you so much more than great financing rates . Whether youwant to build a new home or are in a hurry to move into a ready built house or just wantto renovate your existing home or even transfer your existing expensive mortgagefinance balance. We offer you the following Housing Finance Packages: •Buy a Home •Build a House •Home Renovation •Balance Transfer Facility Features: •Flexible repayment options •Option to partially or fully terminate the facility.

25.000/. Eligibility: You are eligible for “Faysal Finance” if:  A Pakistani National holding the New Computerized Identity Card (NADRA).30.for SEB/SEP. Faysal Finance: Faysal Finance gives you an opportunity to liberate yourself from financial anxieties andfulfill your dreams and aspirations in an easy and affordable manner.Eligibility: A Pakistani Resident and National holding the New Computerized Identity Card(NADRA) or Non-Resident Pakistani holding a NICOP.  Your age is between 21 to 60 years for salaried and 21 to 65 years for SEB/SEP. 15 .  Aged between 25 to 60 years if you are a salaried person and of 65 years if youare in business  In continuous employment for 3 years and at l e a s t 1 y e a r w i t h t h e e x i s t i n g employer. 15.  Your minimum verifiable monthly income is Rupees.000 for salaried and Rs.000/.or more [spouse’s income can alsobe combined with yours].  In business with at least 3 years of business or professional experience  In business with at least 3 years of business or professional experience  Earning a net monthly income of Rs.

used and imported vehicle for personal use  Quick processing with minimum documentation 16 .000 Car Leasing of Faysal Islamic Banking: Barkat Auto Finance based on Diminishing Musharakah Barkat Auto Finance is based on Diminishing Musharakah. Product Features & Benefits  Avail the financing of new.Car Finance special offer exclusively for Faysal Bank Credit Card customers giving you:  Discounted mark-up  Lowest insurance rates  Free Accidental Death Insurance of Rupees. which has been agreed upon. You agree to a monthly payment to the Bank of which one component is rent for use of the vehicle. and the other is for you to increase your ownership of the vehicle. where you participate with Barkat Islamic Banking in a joint ownership of your vehicle and the Bank provides a certain amount of financing. 500. Once you have made the full payment. you become the sole owner with a free and clear title to the vehicle.

Faysal bank is offering 5 years leasing plan ease of monthly payment installments also the customer can plan the tenures if he wants to reduce the payment yearly time frame. 17 . The bank will arrange Takaful for the vehicle from a reputable Takaful company and will facilitate you in claim processing   Maximum safety of your vehicle ensured through the tracker installation. Insurance Coverage Faysal Bank offers complete insurance facility and coverage plan to cover full risk against theft and any accident damage in the time of full duration of installments with many packages and competitive rates.000 and minimum equity requirement of as low as 20%  Multiple options for tenure up to 5 years  Installment repayment to start ONLY after delivery of the vehicle and no processing fee until approval of financing  Built-in Takaful (Islamic Insurance) expense for the entire financing tenure. Faysal Bank car leasing is totally flexibility and simple process and proudly present affordable way to be made you owner of car.No Limit on financing amount starts from as low as Rs. Faysal Bank Car Financing Procedure Faysal Bank Car Financing offer excellent opportunity to right now get your favorite car and drive it with honor because bank car leasing opportunity is easiest way to pay the amount in five financial years also see online banking benefits and personal banking. 100.

30000 per month. 30000 per month. For GOP employees for the continuous job of 6 months with income of Rs. 50000 Other company employees are not in the approved list of the banks should have one year continuos job status and current salary would be Rs. 4000.Eligible for Faysal Bank Car Financing The applicant and customer must be in the age bracket of 21 year to 60 year Mentioned companies list of Faysal Bank and applicant must meet the minimum income bracket of Rs. for the contractual employees must working from 3 years and currently active employee with salary bracket of Rs. 18 .

40.000/. For GOP Employees 6 months continuous job with salary of Rs. 000/.per month.50.per month. 000/.30. 000/. For Contractual Staff 3 year’s continuous job required with salary of Rs. 19 . Other than approved companies need 1 year continuous job with income of Rs.per month.per month.30.Requirements for salaried person Age bracket in the year 21 and 60 years Approved Companies list and permanent staff’s salary of Rs.

CONCLUSION FAYSAL bank will remain an aggressive and innovative financial institution and continueto adhere to the tradition of understanding its customer’s needs and looking for new ways to serve them. The strong leadership of Board and management and the relentless effort of the staff at FAYSAL bank will be able to offer more superior products and services to customers and to contribute more to economic and social development of Pakistan while developing a bigger future for it. Further integration and productivity gains will result in strongerperformance in terms of revenue as well as service quality in the coming years. 20 .

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