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Public Domain 2015

Marek Mark J. Wagner

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Honest Dragon Publishing 2015
Editing: Honest Dragon Publishing

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Prosz o poparcie Listu Otwartego do Narodw Zjednoczonych
Karty Praw Czowieka / Petycji do Unii Europejskiej (Human Rights Act).

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Marek Mark J. Wagner



Marek Mark J. Wagner


Book of Nations

Public Domain 2015


Book of Nations is an idea and vision to bring to the human awareness around the world
diversity, dignity and fairness toward all nations and ethnic fabric since the beginning of time. Human
society is diverse for a reason. Diversity is the key to greatness, greatness which dwells
in inclusiveness .
Diversity requires attention. Diversity requires fairness. Diversity demands effort toward
recognition of vision.
Often ethnic efforts, ingenuity, new paths of thinking or solving obstacles, new, never before
explored manifestation of creativity is, de facto, a global collective bank of knowledge and
accomplishments is being frequnely forgotten or misplaced by time, circumstances. The sequence of
times, challenges of each generation shall be preserved. Respect and dignity of each man, every
ethnic group, through recognition of existence is of paramount importance.
Nations are blending, yet, we shall preserve their imprint in time. Book of Nations is an idea to
bring to the light of awareness this very imprint.

Military History

Each nation, ethnicity, nationality is of equal importance and require fair recognition. The
origin of man, despite of his existence in time and place, language, skin color shall not be forgotten.
God is collecting human virtues. Satan is collection sins. The Book of Nations is the
collection of virtues. Despite wrinkles of mutual history, man predominantly manifests positive
attitude, humanistic, ethical state of awareness. Throughout the world countless people submerge in a
desire toward self perfection and this effort shall be preserved. Man is good ... .
The title emphasize greatness of human civilization through recognition of each man, ethnicity,
nationality, race. Book of Great Nations. Great Book of Nations. Book of Nations.

Dear Friends,
I would to encourage National Universities, peace organizations, scientific communities,
humanities departments around the world to initiate program to collect comprehensive data about
nation, ethnic groups, artistic, scientific achievements, history within.
It's important to claim your place on Earth, as well as in the Universe as we know it. I would
like to encourage each nation, ethnic group, race to make a such an effort. Printed copies as well as
digitized books are, de facto, essential collection of treasures of each nation, ethnic group, entire
world. Publicize your treasures through comprehensive data (in one place). Records often exist, yet,
scattered in various organizations, departments which blur the image or is available only for selected
few. Guard what belongs to you and your people and at the same time share with the entire world the
science of individuality in mutual effort toward perfection and mutual responsibility with regard to
future of the great human civilization.
The mosaic of individuality, pride, dignity require your presence. Without you, the mosaic of
civilization will be incomplete. Nations, ethnic groups within nationalities are more or less dynamic in
terms of self recognition, yet, you are invited to take a seat or reclaim what is yours, please take a seat
at the table of diversity, global interdependence, cultural legacy. Please take your seat .
Please claim your place in the world, universe ... .

Marek Mark J. Wagner

February 2015