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Sally Sample


Social Style
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disciplined. As an Analytical. This means that you are perceived to be an Analytical who: • • • • Seeks structure. All rights reserved. thoughtful. you are seen as an Analytical Analytical. and logical. An emphasis on accuracy can be perceived as being too slow to act and sometimes indecisive. and businesslike in your relationships with others. and you want to keep the risk of being wrong at a minimum. businesslike approach may be perceived as cool and unsociable. © 1990. You are perceived to be a good listener and someone who remains steadfast in purpose. and shows little emotion when dealing with others Takes little social initiative with others and remains guarded until you have a reason for building a relationship Uses questions to express your concerns and issues As an Analytical. people perceive that you have the following strengths: • • • • Approaching tasks with a focus on facts and logic Accepting new ideas when their payoff has been clearly determined Making use of existing ideas and procedures before going on to something new Approaching people with caution and care. you probably emphasize data to support problem solving and decision making. Not taking much time to build relationships before getting to tasks may be seen as a lack of interest in people. and evidence before making decisions Is quiet. USENGBRV10 00SS . there are some characteristics that other styles might find less comfortable: • • • • A quiet. unassuming. This means that others are likely to see you as deliberate. Therefore. remaining independent and allowing others to take the social initiative.SOCIAL STYLE PROFILE Sally Sample 10/5/2007 Social Style 904-20770-522668 Analytical Your respondents perceive that you have an Analytical style. not committing yourself until you are comfortable with others In addition to your strengths. You are usually perceived as serious. Analytical Analytical Further. you are perceived to make greater use of an ask-directed approach to assertiveness and a task-directed approach to responsiveness when communicating with others. A focus on accomplishing a task may be perceived as a lack of concern for others’ feelings. certainty. weighing all alternatives and making full use of the decision-making procedures open to you. 2006 Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. relative to other Analyticals.

2006 Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. USENGBRV10 00SS 100 . All rights reserved.VERSATILITY PROFILE Sally Sample 10/5/2007 Versatility 904-20770 522668 W X Y Z 4 1 0 0 VERSATILITY Low Versatility High Versatility Limited adaptability to others Prefers certainty Stands on principle Relies on position power Consistent behavior Single-minded 0 10 20 Shows adaptability to others Accepts ambiguity Willing to negotiate Emphasizes personal power Flexible behavior Looks at all sides 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 VERSATILITY SKILLS Recognizes signals that tension is increasing in an interaction Takes steps to reduce interpersonal tension during an interaction Adapts easily to different social situations Modifies own behavior to help others feel more comfortable in an interaction © 1990.

Express your approval of their ideas. • • • • • • • • • Get to the point quickly. Provide options and choices for them to consider. Act quickly on decisions. 2006 Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. Use time efficiently. Provide support for their feelings and offer assurances. Encourage everyone’s involvement in decision making. Discuss your feelings and opinions. All rights reserved. Keep discussions moving and focused but don’t force a process. • • • • • • • Volunteer information that demonstrates business knowledge. Pay attention to the impact on others. Create opportunities for them to make decisions and have a leadership role. and use testimonials and stories as your evidence. Be willing to discuss personal experiences both at work and outside the workplace. Be aware of the possibility of getting bogged down in unnecessary detail and analysis. Ask for their opinions and participate openly and honestly. focus on modifying your behavior for: Analyticals (working with your own style) • • • • Drivers Ask about and provide opportunities for them to share their expertise. Volunteer information that provides evidence of results. Avoid detail. and vary your tone of voice. Amiables Expressives • • • • • • • • • Verbalize your feelings. Be willing to express points of disagreement. © 1990. Focus your evidence on results and outcomes. Initiate and engage in friendly conversation. Respond to their desire for more or less data. Show respect and support for their thinking and principles. Pay personal compliments. USENGBRV10 00SS . Make more statements and ask fewer questions. Emphasize the benefits of a course of action or decision. Use more gestures and facial expressions. Offer personal compliments that recognize their accomplishments and ideas.VERSATILITY PROFILE Sally Sample 10/5/2007 Modify 904-20770-522668 As an Analytical.