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Today, most of the countries are developed and have successful economy because of enormous

export good and have natural resources. I believe without import and export of goods, it would be
difficult for a nation to survive and prosper. If a country is short of good or basic needs such as water,
food and other resources , it is very difficult for the people to survive and continue their life. “Sharing
is caring and caring is sharing”. I will be elaborating on Pakistan import cars from Japan from car
manufactures called Honda.
Selection of Foreign Product/Services
“Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited is a joint venture between Honda Motor Company Limited
Japan, and the Atlas Group of Companies, Pakistan. The company was incorporated on November 04,
1992 and joint venture agreement was signed on August 05, 1993” ("Honda in Pakistan," 2014). “Japan
(80% equity stake) and Atlas Group, Pakistan (20% equity stake), to import and distribute Honda
power products such as, generators, engines and water pumps for the Pakistani market” ("About us,"
2009). “Pakistan import new and recondition car, motorbike and power generator from Honda (Japan)
and also import and their spare parts” ("Honda Network in Pakistan," 2014). There are few car model
which are assemble in Pakistan mainly because of the cheap labor.
Examination of Strategy
The Strategy applied by Honda is that they did joint venture between Honda Atlas Cars
Pakistan Limited ("Honda in Pakistan," 2014). When two companies invest funds into creating a third,
jointly owned company, that new subsidiary is called a joint venture. Because the joint venture can
access assets, knowledge and funds from both of its partners it can combine the best features of those
companies without altering the parent companies. The new company is an ongoing entity that will be in
business for itself, but profits are owned by the parents (Marzec & Media, 2014).
According to Robert one of the alternative strategies for exploiting innovation is joint venture in
which the investment, profit and risks are shared by two companies. Risk of partner disagreement and

Honda cars are very common in Pakistan in fact I own a car back home called Honda City which more reliable than Toyota and Suzuki because of its quality and fuel efficiency. Meet Customer Expectations and Provide Good Value for Money is the Commitment of the Company. Imports have also risen to meet the increased demand (Farooqi. 2013. Presentation of Impact Today. The Company has a wide range of Dealership spread all over Pakistan with 21 Dealers having 3S (Sales. The design philosophy of Honda seeks maximum space and comfort for people while the space for mechanical components is attempted to keep at minimum level ("Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Commerce Essay. Joint venture permits pooling of the resources and capabilities of more than one firm (Grant. 2 Dealers are having 2S (Service & Spare Parts) category and 6 Dealers are having 1s (Spare Parts) Category in all major cities of Pakistan. today cheaper Japanese assembled cars have been imported into the country. compared to locally manufactured new Pakistani cars." 2014)." 2014). despite rapid growth in domestic automobile manufacturing. These reconditioned Honda car arrive in Pakistan from Japan (Shahryar.culture clash is involved. Honda strives and dedicated to provide highest efficiency at reasonable price for customer satisfaction. Spare Parts and Service) Category. I also find it strange that the quality of manufacturing and accessories was very high in the second hand Japanese cars. Although the companies claim that parts are imported from abroad. xx). 2014). Conclusion . To Achieve Customer Satisfaction is a regular effort of Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited. All Dealership are within the defined parameters by Honda Worldwide ("Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Commerce Essay. xx). According to the article. Honda aims at achieving 120% Quality. p. According to Wafa. The Governments have imposed high taxes for local car manufactures which is the reason some of the local cars expensive than reconditioned cars. p. 2014.

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