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Advanced Search Component for OneOrder Objects in SAP CRM 7.

Part 2
By Rahul A Koshti, TATA Consultancy Services

As described in the Part1 of ‘Creation of Advanced Search Component’, Our basic SEARCH
component is ready to use. This second part demonstrates the creation of hyperlinks in result list and
navigation to the details overview page upon following that hyperlink.
1. Go to View ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/Result. Expand the context node BTQR1Order and Implement
the GET_P method of attribute OBJECT_ID.


Copy the below code into method GET_P_OBJECT_ID. Basically GET_P method returns the
properties depending upon the value of inbound parameter IV_PROPERTY.
The interface IF_BSP_WD_MODEL_SETTER_GETTER has the constants defined.
1) FP_FIELDTYPE – Checks for property 'fieldType' and returns the field type as LINK.
2) FP_ONCLICK – Checks for property 'onClick' and returns the event name (e.g. SELECTION).
3) FP_TOOLTIP – Checks
'Click to see the details').










case iv_property. rv_value = cl_bsp_dlc_view_descriptor=>field_type_event_link.g. rv_value = 'SELECTION'. Details. endcase. when if_bsp_wd_model_setter_getter=>fp_onclick. endmethod. . E. when if_bsp_wd_model_setter_getter=>fp_fieldtype. "#EC NOTEXT when if_bsp_wd_model_setter_getter=>fp_tooltip.method GET_P_OBJECT_ID. Create new view to display the one order details into separate view. rv_value = 'Click to see the details'. 3.

Create the Binding/Linkage with the Custom Controllers ( context node BTOrder. . 5. Define the Model Node BTOrder of type BOL BTOrder and Model Node BTAdminH of type BOL BTAdminH. Use the BTOrder as higher level node with BOL relation BTOrderHeader for Model Node BTAdminH.4.

. 7. Select the View Type as ‘Form View Without Buttons’ and also choose Configurable checkbox.6. Right click on Views and choose ‘Create Overview Page’ from context menu. Enter the name ‘DetailsOV’.

8. Then Click on ‘SAVE’ button. As shown below the ‘Details’ view will appear under the Overview Page ‘DetailsOV’ (ViewArea OverviewPage). Then choose the ‘Details’ view from search help and press ‘Enter’ key. 9. . Right click on ViewArea ‘OverviewPage’ and then choose ‘Add View’ to add ‘Details’ View into it.

11. ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/DetailsOV into Window Note: If you don’t assign View ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/DetailsOV to Window ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/MainWindow (default) then. Go to Configuration tab of OverviewPage ViewSet ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/DetailsOV. Go to the Configuration tab of View ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/Details. 12.10. Add the OverviewPage ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/MainWindow. choose ‘Overview Page’ radio button and Continue. Click on EDIT button. Click on EDIT button and then choose the fields from available fields and then click on ‘Save’ button. you won’t see the available views to configure it in Overview Page as described below. .

13. Go to View ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/Result. As shown below move the ‘Details’ view from Available Assignment Blocks to Displayed Assignment Blocks. . New method OP_TODETAILS will appear as shown below under the node Outbound Plugs. 14. Enter the Title as ‘Details’. Define the new Outbound Plug ‘TODetails’. 15.

Enter the Navigational Link ID ‘TODetails’. Inbound Plug DEFAULT). Go to View ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/Result. Create Navigational Link from Result list to Details Overview Page. 18. As shown below choose the Source Details (View ZRAK_ORDERSRCH/Result. . The Navigation Link would appear as shown below. Outbound Plug TODETAILS) and the Target Details (ViewZRAK_ORDERSRCH/DetailsOV. Create New Event ‘SELECTION’. 19. 17.16. Open the Runtime Repository Editor.

Hover the cursor in Transaction Number. The event handler method EH_ONSELECTION would appear as shown below. Pass the navigational link name ‘TODETAILS’ as outbound plug name for navigation from View Manager. The Navigation from Result list to Details OverviewPage is ready to use.20. Call the outbound plug method OP_TODETAILS into event handler method EH_ONSELECTION.g. 21. . 22. Search the one order object. E. Click on the Hyperlink. Test the Component. 5000000. You would see the tool tip text ‘Click to see the details’. 23.

24. . The Details would appear into new Overviewpage as shown below.