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Success factors:
1. About Cloud & Success Factor Architecture

Ahead in the cloud

With more than 20 million users, SuccessFactors has one of the largest
and most sophisticated cloud platforms in the world
Not all cloud solutions are created equal. HR cloud solutions should offer an excellent customer experience while
handling your biggest business challenges. With over ten years of experience in the cloud, SuccessFactors offers
the best of both worlds: the ease and savings of a public cloud deployment, with the flexibility and control of an
on-premise solution. That's why our customers include many of the worlds largest and best-run companies, such
as Siemens, Coca Cola, and Deutsche Bank.
Our cloud architecture is enterprise-ready, built to provide maximum security, scalability, performance, and
innovation. With more than 3,600 customers in 177 countries and 60 industries throughout the world,
SuccessFactors is one of the largest providers of cloud solutions.
SuccessFactors cloud architecture offers:

Successfactors Content

Faster implementation: With out-of-the-box integrations for hundreds of applications, rapid data
migration, a proven implementation process, and no coding required for configuration, SuccessFactors cloud
deployments help you reach time to value faster.

Lower risk: Security at every layer, constant audits, and a unique architecture that never comingles
customer data all reduce risk.

Higher performance: Globally distributed data centers combined with virtualization and testing deliver
the response times you expect.

Maximum flexibility: SuccessFactors provides configurable solutions that can match your business
processes, work with your existing systems of records in your ERP solution, and integrate with existing
applications reliably and at scale.

Innovation: With four releases per year, you can switch on new features when you want to and
continuously improve business execution.

Mobility: No matter how many employees you have or where they are located, our solutions are
available to you anytime, anywhere.

Improved scalability: No matter what your business needs are, our solutions scale up or down with
your needs.

Lower, more predictable costs: With SuccessFactors, you pay as you go instead of paying for
everything up front.

Discover SuccessFactors cloud architecture for yourself and find out how our:

Data Centers underpin our entire solution.

Infrastructure Services support high reliability and availability.

Platform Services support your business needs and processes and quickly adapt to changing

Application Services allow you to easily extend SuccessFactors applications, develop new or existing
applications in the cloud, leverage your existing investments, and get insight from your data that helps you make
better decisions.

Operations Services ensure business continuity and guarantee that you can reach your applications and
data from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Security Services keep your data safe and private and ensure compliance while continuously monitoring
for potential threats.

Customer Experience leads the Cloud HCM industry.

Customer Experience

Successfactors Content

SuccessFactors offers a superior customer experience in the

Improve business results with market-leading HR solutions backed by a
modern technology, a global partner ecosystem, and awesome support
In the mobile digital age, users wont engage with an application unless it is attractive and easy to use. That's why
SuccessFactors employs a large team of talented user experience designers who make it their mission to create
software that people enjoy using. Through careful study of user needs, iterative prototyping, and usability testing
with real users, our software anticipates what each person needs to see, from executives to managers to
individual contributors. Or, using tools like the tile-based homepage, we offer users the information they need,
and they can personalize how an application looks just by dragging and dropping.
Yet SuccessFactors knows achieving a superior customer experience needs more than powerful applications with
beautiful, simple user interfaces. Under the hood, our world-class technology meets your needs for performance,
availability, security, integration, and extensibility. And our delivery track record, spanning more than a dozen
years and 3,600 customers, is the icing on the cake.
How do SuccessFactors customers enjoy a superior customer experience?

They have achieved two to four times greater stock market performance than the major stock market
indices since October 2008.

They have increased their productivity by over 5 percent on average.

They have decreased turnover by over 15 percent on average.

They have added 1 percent of revenue back to profit.

They participate in co-innovation with our thought leadersto build strategic solutions.

They are actively involved during user experience, design, and functional validations.

They enjoy innovative user experiences that are social, mobile, fun, and intuitive.

They experience an application availability of 99.97 percent in the cloud.

They see 100 percent of implementations completed on budget.

They receive quarterly innovations that are free and work with their extensions.

They enjoy best-in-class global and in-product support, and a world-class partner ecosystem.

They get an integrated end-to-end HCM suite, from recruit to retire.

SuccessFactors People Cloud Solutions suite of talent solutions, core HR, collaboration, and analytics improves
your business productivity and helps engage, retain, and motivate employees. Were also driving better business
execution with one of the largest and most sophisticated cloud platforms in the world.

Successfactors Content
Heres how SuccessFactors ranks with:
Customers: SuccessFactors enjoys a 5.9 out of 7 customer satisfaction rating and a greater than 95

percent customer retention rate.

Analysts: The top analysts have all positioned SuccessFactors as a leader in Human Capital

Management solutions in their 10 recent reports.

Partners: We incent our sales force to work with our more than 1,000 consultants and 200 partners,

resulting in global coverage for SuccessFactors customers and increased revenue for both sales teams and

Application services from SuccessFactors

Easily connect with your people, devices, data, and existing applications
No matter how good they are, HR cloud applications cannot stand alone. SuccessFactors offers application
services out-of-the-box that connect your personalized SuccessFactors applications to your people, devices,
data, applications, and business processes to simplify administration, increase productivity, and deliver value
Integration helps you reach time to value sooner by providing flexible yet robust options for integrating

SuccessFactors with your on-premise, cloud, or custom applications.

Mobile helps you, your managers, and employees stay connected and productive no matter where they


Reporting and Analytics provide the data insights you need, in the format you want, using multiple
sources and interactive dashboards.

Social brings together people, data, and content to collaborate and solve business challenges quickly
and efficiently.

Extensibility allows you to adapt your applications to changing business processes without coding or
affecting the upgrade process.

SuccessFactors simplifies integration with enterprise

applications and processes
Integrate your applications with other enterprise applications both onpremise and in the cloud and cross-application business processes
Your business needs to move quickly while maintaining the integrity of business processes across cloud and onpremise systems. SuccessFactors provides an open, flexible approach to integrating its cloud solutions that
lowers cost, increases speed, and enhances simplicity.

Successfactors Content
SuccessFactors makes integrating your applications fast, affordable, and simple by providing:

SuccessFactors takes the risk and cost out of integrationsby delivering out-of-the-box content
(interfaces, templates, connectors, mappings, workflows) for SuccessFactors-SAP and selective SuccessFactorsthird-party applications that are 100% built and maintained by us.

Your choice of integration platforms: You can choose an easy-to-use graphical platform to extend,
build, and monitor integration scenarios (SAP HANA Cloud Integration Platform, NetWeaver Process Integration,
or Dell Boomi for SuccessFactors integrations for People pillar).

Flexible deployment options: Integrations can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. The SAP
HANA Cloud Integration Platform can be deployed in the cloud, or you can use NetWeaver Process Integration
on-premise. SuccessFactors also hosts Dell Boomi in the cloud for Employee Central or Employee Central Payroll

Rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): Open, standards-based APIs help
customers and partners build custom integration scenarios using SAP platform or any partner platform of their
choice (Cast Iron or Mulesoft).

Ability to schedule imports: SuccessFactors can help you securely import data to your database
without the data being accessible to SuccessFactors, ensuring your data privacy. Encrypted files are decrypted in
memory and loaded into your database using programming logic. You can schedule imports and receive regular
secure status reports via email.
In the cloud, it's easier to integrate your other partners and support services with our solutions, especially with our
extensive network ofpartners and our Cloud Integration strategy. Part of this ease comes from SuccessCloud, a
key extension of SuccessFactors technology that enables third-party applications to connect and integrate with
our cloud platform.
SuccessFactors reduces complexity and cost for integration by providing:

Faster integrations: With iFlows doing most of the work for you, your IT department spends 80 percent
less time on coding, testing, and other application integration tasks, resulting in faster deployments.

Single source of truth: Master data synchronization provides accurate information for making business

Reduced risk: With iFlows fully supported, certified, and tested by SAP across updates and patches,
you can be sure that future upgrades will not break existing integrations.

Seamless business processes: Integrated end-to-end business process integration and a single signon delivers an integrated user experience.

Secure connections: Authorization roles control which users can launch, build, and view integrations
and their data and security for data when moving beyond your firewall.
Where we stand out:

SuccessFactors tightly integrated extensive cloud and on-premise suite will require fewer
integrations over time and provide a more unified user experience (vs. niche competitors).

Successfactors Content
SuccessFactors rapid deployment solutions (RDS) and engineered services are designed to keep

your implementation on track, on time, and on budget.

By providing the flexibility to leverage existing on-premise investments, you can take advantage of

innovative solutions in the cloud at your own pace.

SAP is a global company with years of experience and deep knowledge of best-practice

processes across domains and verticals such as HR, CRM, SCM, Sales, Travel, and Finance to guide your
integration project throughout the application delivery life cycle.
SuccessFactors integration technology can combine data from multiple data sources and correlate

workforce data with other enterprise data like CRM or Financials to gain actionable insights and drive true
business execution.
SuccessFactors understands its application data model better than any other vendor, helping us

provide you with the best integration content, unmatched support, and peace of mind.

Home Application Services Mobile

Stay connected to your business anytime, anywhere

with SuccessFactors Mobile
Keep your focus on business execution, even on the go

Success often depends on being able to react to opportunities and address challenges in an instant.
Whether its getting a job offer in the hands of a key candidate, answering a question thats holding up a
deal, or taking action to keep a project on schedule, more people want and need mobile access to
enterprise resources. SuccessFactors Mobile gives you the benefits of SuccessFactors People Cloud
Solutions anywhere, anytime on your mobile devices. And dont worry remote access to corporate
information is always secure.

So, what can you do on the go?

Find people fast: With SuccessFactors Mobile Org Chart, you quickly locate a coworkers title, contact

information, and where that individual fits in the organization. After youve found the people youre looking for, you
can call, text, or send them an email in just one click.
Stay connected to people and projects: When youre away from the office, you can use SAP Jam

Mobile to collaborate, capture, share, watch videos, view documents, add comments, send direct messages, and

Fill positions faster: With SuccessFactors Mobile Recruiting Management at your fingertips, you can
share feedback on candidates and approve requisitions and job offers. Collaborate with your entire hiring team,
wherever they may be.

Increase knowledge and skills: With SuccessFactors Mobile Learning, you can register for classes
and receive notifications of due dates and course assignments.

Successfactors Content
Touch base: With SuccessFactors Mobile Touch base, you can set the right priorities and make one-on-

one meetings more efficient.

Keep employee records up to date: Managers and executives can approve employee change requests

and move workflows forward from their mobile devices.

Stay focused on your goals: You can manage your active plans and update your goal status and

progress towards completion while on the go.

Request time off on the spot: You can view your time off balance, submit time off requests to your

manager, and let colleagues know when you will be away from work.
Gain workforce insights: You can access relevant and timely workforce analytics and insights to make

business decisions with confidence.

Simulate reorganizations risk-free: You can simulate reorganization scenarios and see the effects

those changes have on the organization before you commit to them.

Use the device of your choice: You can download native mobile apps on iPhone and iPad (OS 4.0+),

Android, (OS 2.1+), and BlackBerry (OS 4.5+) devices.

Stay secure: SuccessFactors uses industry-standard authentication and encryption, and no application

data is stored on mobile devices. Each device is associated with a user account and requires a PIN code to
activate and access SuccessFactors applications. When the users account is suspended or disabled, mobile
access is also suspended.
Downloading the SuccessFactors mobile app to your device is safe and easy to do just select your device and
click on the download button.
Download Mobile Apps

Home Application Services Mobile Mobile Org Chart

Mobile Org Chart

Browse and connect with anyone in your organization

Use Mobile Org Chart to see how the lines are drawn in your organization. Youll see how everyone is connected
and be able to view employees capabilities on their profiles. And if you need to get in touch with someone fast,
youre only a click away.
Navigate easily: Search or browse to find people and see how they are related, their role, and their

overall reporting structure.

Find information quickly: Make a call, send an email, or send a message directly from the Org Chart.

Get updates at your fingertips: Navigate the Org Chart with finger swipes to quickly locate anyones

picture, title, contact information, and more.

Home Application Services Mobile Mobile Jam

SAP Jam Mobile

Successfactors Content
Keep up with your people and projects anywhere, anytime

With SAP Jams mobile capabilities, you can stay on top of projects, find experts and content, and
contribute new videos and photos while on the go. Your employees can check for the latest competitive
info while waiting for a client, or review documents while waiting on the tarmac.

Snag up-to-date information: Read comments, updates, and conversations from your followers feeds
and groups.

Contribute on the go: Use smartphones to post comments, photos, and videos relevant to your

Receive real-time alerts: Get push notifications of replies and direct messages.

Contact employees: Check the org chart; look up contact information, and call, email, or text in a click.

Home Application Services Mobile Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting Management

Mobilize your recruiting team to accelerate hiring of top candidates

Your executives and hiring managers are constantly on the go, but the best candidates dont have time
for bottlenecks in your process. With Mobile Recruiting, you can keep your hiring team productive
wherever theyre located. Your people will always be ready to close the deal with your next great hire.

Make decisions faster: Mobilize your job offer approval process so that managers can extend offers to
the right people faster.

Approve requisitions and offers: : Keep the hiring process moving with real-time responses.

Improve the interview: Be better prepared with anytime access to rsums, questions, and comments.

Accelerate feedback: Rate competencies and add comments right after the interview.

Successfactors Content
2. Success Factor Methodology
3. Success Factor Terminologies



360 / Multi Rater


Career and Development Planning




Employee Profile


Goal Management


Job Profile Builder


Learning Management Solution


Metadata Framework


Performance Management


Recruiting Execution


Recruiting Management


Recruiting Marketing


Succession Planning


Variable Pay

Var Pay

Variable Pay


Workforce Analytics


Workforce Planning

Architectural, Technical, and Integration




Application Programming Interface


Enterprise Services Repository (integration content for HCI and NWPI)


Foundation Object


Generic Object


SAP HANA Cloud Integration


SAP HANA Cloud Platform




Integration Flow (an integration add-on)


SAP NetWeaver Process Integration


Open Data Protocol (see


Operational Data Store




SAP NetWeaver Process Integration




Social Media ABAP Integration Library


SuccessFactors API


Single Sign-On


User Data File




Administrative Domains


an open standard for authorization


Role-Based Permissions


Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0

Successfactors Content

Secure Sockets Layer


Single Sign-On




Customer Support


Comma Separated Values


Internal Release Readiness


Product Expert Professional Services


User Interface


User Experience


V12 Revolution UI


Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor (Performance Management feature)


eXtensible Markup Language

Abbreviations and terms no longer used




Employee Central

EC Payroll

Employee Central Payroll


Jobs2Web (not Recruiting Marketing)


Job Description Manager

SAP Cloud Payroll

Old name for Employee Central Payroll


SuccessFactors New York Stock Market listing name


Business Execution Suite

4. Interfaces Between SAP & Success Factor (Extraction programs both

Master data and Analytical data)

5. Employee Data upload in Success factors

Success factors Tools:


factors Instance (System)

factors Provisioning (Tool)
Factory (Tool)
factors Jam
Factor Learning & Performance(Tool)
factors partner portal (Tool)
factors Connect (Tool)

Areas & Modules covered:

Home Page:
Welcome page Design
Themes/v12 Home Page and Logo Settings
My team

Successfactors Content

Proxy Management
Bizx Mobile
Success factors Bizx Mobile (Mobile technology): Integration and working
in Android, IPhone and Black berry along with application process
execution (in Cell and IPad)
Org chart (HTML 5)
Employee Directory
Hire & Rehire, Termination & LOA process
Pick list Management
Admin tools (old & new)

Employee central (Mastery)

Position Management
Foundational and Generic Objects
Absence Management
(Covered entire Employee Master Data Maintenance with workflow
Time off process and Workflows
Rules Management
Manage Time off Process
Benefits Process
Payroll Process
Global Employment
MDF- Meta data frame work
Employee Self Service & Manager Self service
Corporate data Models & Succession data models (XML)
Even Reason Derivations and Workflow Event Derivations (XML)
Country Specific Succession data Models
Email Templates and Notification Settings
Mass Changes
2014 Quarter releases

Goals & Performance Management (Mastery)

Goal Management
Performance Management (V11 Version & V12 Version)
Route Maps
Rating Scales
Development Plans
Launch Forms
Editing Goal and Performance templates in Success factory and XML

Reporting & Analytics

Standard Reports
Custom Adhoc Reports Creation
Classic and Spot light Reporting

Successfactors Content

Analytics 2.0 Overview

Dash Boards 2.0


User Administration
RBPs & Roles and Authorisations
User Management
Data Loads foundational and Transactional

Successfactors Content