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The ritual you are about to do comes from ancient wisdom. It connects you to
Power. It solves your self made problems and those made by society. You will
sing and dance your way through life. You will be wealthy, creative and radiate
divine light and love to all.
The ritual involves three parts.
1. In the first part, your body receives the divine light and supreme Power
of God. The Power is love of life and enjoyment of beauty. It protects
you against all that is evil. It attracts all health and happiness.


BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram

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2. In the second part, you imagine the Power into a diagram, or a person
in front of you. Imagine the whole world to witness the powerful ritual.
3. In the third part, you worship Shakti through Khadgamala and Shiva
through names of Guru.

Life is in you, me and in all. Because of it we are alive, our eyes can see, ears
hear, breasts nourish, and we are able to enjoy life and procreate. We make
our lives richer by commiting to our own enjoyment and giving enjoyment to
others. Make this ritual a part of your life. Help to spread the message of love
all, serve all. Receive the blessings of the whole world.


BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram

Imagine: 1. 26. 19. 9. 15. Sandalwood. Search lights circling all round. a third destroys evil. 11. Budha Green. 6. 27. Mars Red. 17. 14. 2. A leg creates. Hibiscus. Sani Blue. 22. 3. Ketu Brown. 16. Guru Yellow. Hall of thousand pillars. pleasure. Full moon. 20. A garden full of big trees. Crystal palace with four gates allowing knowledge. 4. 30.  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . Let us now start on a journey to an everlasting sacred space. An island of jewels. Thick veils. and a fourth controls the environment. another nourishes. Flying carpet. 12. White lilies. Billions of beautiful flowers. 21. 25. Rahu Black. Red veil of silk. 5. 13. 28. Galactic fans. tell me what is preventing me from getting the grace of God. knowledge.Page : 3  Part 1 RECEIVE DIVINE LIGHT AND POWER Wisdom. 10. Beget children. 8. Moon’s pearl. Lotus lake. Sky bed stands on them. 18. 29. Swimming pools of nectar. Which complete all desires. 24. Throne of Jewels. 23. Pair of swans. Sukra silver. Mansions made of Sun red colors. A rosy ocean of nectar. 7. Bright morning sun.

Say: ka e ī la hrīm ha sa ka ha la hrīm sa ka la hrīm namah ka e ī la hrīm namah ha sa ka ha la hrīm namah sa ka la hrīm namah (1) Imagine warm Fire in genitals: aim hrīm śrīm – [smoke.Page : 4  Say the 15 letter mantra of Kali. dancing. empower. intuition. dazzling. sparks. awaken. brilliant. light. powerful]  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . warmth. hot. yellow. offering to ancestors] (2) Imagine bright Sun in heart: aim hrīm śrīm – [warm. rays. enjoy. delightful. orange. world. offering to gods. blue. time the greatest Power.

white male breast. love. beyond. exhale.Page : 5  (3) Imagine cool moon in neck: aim hrīm śrīm – [nectar. hunger. fine. control. decay. death] (7) Imagine half-male Iswara in heart: aim hrīm śrīm – [golden female breast. joy. sparkle. eternal] (4) Imagine creative Brahma in womb: aim hrīm śrīm – [create. glory. action. blue nipple] (8) Imagine sky god Sadasiva in neck: aim hrīm śrīm – [detachment. stars. liberate. lights. continue. offer self. halo. inner eye. everything is always present. orgasm. longing] (6) Imagine ascetic Siva in navel : aim hrīm śrīm – [sharp. full. Imagine the cosmic fire in genitals. peace. beyond] (5) Imagine erotic Vishnu in vulva: aim hrīm śrīm – [old age. grace. anger. and shows what our life beyond death is. moon. glow. decide. sleep. fear. steady. peace. grow. which carries our offerings to intelligences. strength. extra sensory. wealth. moon beam. protection. expand into sky] (9) Imagine the deities controlling the elements to be in you. happy. aim hrīm śrīm agnim dutam vrinimahe hotaram visva vedasam asya yagnyasya sukratum ram rim rum raim raum rah ramalavara yum agni mandalaya namah agnim avahayami  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . light. love. fulfil. rose color nipple. wetness. memory. lust. extend. courage. anger. coma. pride. subtle. fly low. sex.

the visitor from sky. mrgo no bhimaha. He supervises the world and shows it to us by waking us up. knows how to create. solidity. atithir. whose body spans from earth to sky. visvatah somavrsniyam. who expands in three dimensions going beyond all matter as light. hota.Page : 6  (10) In heart. adrja. gravity. aim hrīm śrīm aasatyena rajasa. aim hrīm śrīm hagmsah. imagine fulfillment. namah. rtasad. purifying life-giving-oxygen. nrshad. goja. which cools the heat of passions aim hrīm śrīm apyayasva sametute. and organs of knowledge. (12) In the uterus. nivesayan. measured by sky. always true. sucisad. rtam. born of waters of life. tavate viryaya. bhava vajasya sangadhe. kucaro girsthah. the procreative power of God. vartamano. emitting golden streams of life. yasyorusu trishu vikrameshu. vedisad. amritam martyam ca hiranyayena savita rathena devo yati bhuvana vipasyan hram hrim hrum. giver of boons. vasuh. antariksasad. brhat. rtaja. hraim hraumhrah hramala varayum surya mandalaya namah suryam avahayami (11) On top of head. duronasat. vyomasad. sam sim suum saim saum sah samalavara yum soma mandalaya namah somam avahayami. the sacrificer. adhikshiyanti bhuvanani visva namah vishnum avahayami  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . aim hrīm śrīm pratad visnuh. varasad. brahmanam avahayami (13) In the yoni imagine Narasimha whose fury exceeds that of a lion. imagine Brahma who is the pair of swans of breath going in and out. abja. and vastness. imagine the cosmic light of galactic center.

the compelling Power of Love.Page : 7  (14) In the navel. aadhattam pushkara srajah namah. the womb in which time moves creating matter. imagine Iswara. aim hrīm śrīm tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushti vardhanam urvaruka miva bandhanan mrtyormukshiya mamrtat namah rudram avahayami (15) In the heart. tvashta rupani pigumshatu. sudha atmani. siva pada amritam avahayami  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . imagine Rudra the lord of three mothers. aim hrīm śrīm tad visnoh paramam padam. He can see everything however far. tad vipraso vipanyavo. May Brahma with his knowledge create ever new forms of life. giving you the freedom to create like him aim hrīm śrīm akhandaika. May this fill you with nectar. May the coitus of spae and time never end. dhata garbham dadatu te. knows and gives a good life. who visualizes. imagine the life giving power of time. kare para. sada pasyanti surayah. sadasivam avahayami. garbham dehi sinivali. imagine sky. He takes it back when ripe. whom sages always see. rasananda. imagine the unending flow from God into you. aim hrīm śrīm vishnur yonim kalpayatu. visnoryat paramam padam namah. May the year seed the plentiful creation. akulanayike namah. ha sa ka ha la hrim. sa ka la hrim. sphuranam atra. sri devim avahayami (18) For next three mantras from top of head. diviva caksur atatam. aim hrīm śrīm ka e i la hrim. jagrivamsah samindhate. namah. iswaram avahayami (16) In the neck. garbham dehi sarasvati. aasinchatu prajapatir. svacchanda. (17) In the third eye. nidhehi. garbham te aswinau devau.

Light burns. sah. sphuranam kuru. krtvahi. bhutva. siva shakti pada amritam avahayami (21) In the third eye Imagine life giving look of divine mother. aim (23) In the breasts may Lakshmi nourish and protect klim klinne. I rewrite my own destiny. mayichit. aim hrīm śrīm tadrupini. vada vada. amrtod bhave. amrtesvari. becomes knowledge of Brahma. amrta varsini. amrtam. aim hrīm śrīm adram jvalati . svaha namah (22) May Saraswati speak through you aim hrīm śrīm aim. juum. kledini. etatsvarupini. amrte. It is true that my desires do manifest. eka rasyatvam. sravaya sravaya. jhmroum. klinna rupini namah. asmin vastuni. paraa amrtakara. kledaya kledaya maha ksobham.  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . waters of life. vagvadini. aim hrīm śrīm aim. aim hrīm śrīm akulastha amrta akare suddhajnana karepare.jyotir ahamasmi – jyotir jvalati – brahma aham asmi – yo aham asmi brahma aham asami – aham asmi brahmaham asmi – ahameva aham mam juhomi svaha. namah. kuru kuru klim (24) In yoni may Parvathi release cycle of births souh moksham kuru kuru. bluum.Page : 8  (19) Imagine pure awareness manifesting as wetness. May your intelligence go beyond your personal limits. shakti pada amritam avahayami (20) Imagine awareness which unites you with all that you see. souh (25) May the feet of god goddess give both freedom and enjoyment hasaum sahauh (26) Apply heat to wetness in genitals to make it light. amrtatvam nidhehi.

I become a cocreator of a wonderful new world. yat smrtam. duty.  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . by words. by creating an astral form. Relax all tensions by a sigh. speech. sleeping states. I decide to do it here and now. brahma arpanam brahma havih brahma agnau brahmana hutam. Accepted by him. dreaming. whatever I have done by breath. srigurubhyo namah. There is a funeral pyre ready for it.jagrat svapna.aim klim souh hamsah sivah soham.Page : 9  (27) Offer everything to Goddess. honey. fire. juice. sex. adhikaratah . Till now. brahmaiva tene gantavyam brahma karma samadhina. with male and female genitals. in waking.hasakha phremhasaksha malavarayum hsaumsahaksha malavarayim sahouhsvarupa nirupana hetave svagurave sri annapurna amba sahita. Take a deep breath. ghee. susupti avasthasu. parama gurubhyo namah. (29) Say the mantra of your guru twice with hands on top of yor head: aim hrīm śrīm . sisna yonya. Sit comfortably. paratpara gurubhyo namah. yat uktam yat krtam. prana buddhi. feet.sri amritananda natha sri guru sri padukam pujayami tarpayami namah. symbols of five elements: ovum-semen. Repeat what I say mentally. love and sweetness in communication respectively. Take prasadam made of equal parts of milk. imagination. the life in you. parameshti gurubhyo namah. I am seeing my former body dry up. body. I have to leave this body some day. itah purvam. hastabhyam padbhyam. My deep respects to all my wise lines of gurus. udarena. curds. Meditation: Living beyond death Let us journey to the other side of death. by hands. tat sarvam brahmarpanam bhavatu svaha (28) I give my all to the creator who is fire. manasa vaca karmana. deha dharma. I offer it to the divine awareness in me. stomach. Say Om three times. or action. It is taken to smashan.

Page : 10  Naked we come into this world. and lit up. to sprout new seeds of life in her. Drenched in nectar. It is the half female form of Siva-Shakti. I don’t have any more desires. I can see the sparks fly. A series of Lightnings and thunder seed the clouds. hollow inside. It is reduced to ashes. It is the Kundalini power in your body. Wait for 5 minutes. I am totally calm. Mother earth is anxious for the rain to come. the ashes take on a new shape as a huge ball of light. I am a bundle of pure joy. No thoughts now. All things I ever wanted while living mean nothing to me now. I am totally happy here and now. I enter that surface into its heart and feel the ecstasy of their love for each other. Water vapors rise from the dead body. It is not rain. I hear the crackling sounds of the fire. This ball of light condenses into the surface of a body composed only of lightnings. naked we go. I have plenty of energy. It is dazzling with all colors in a rainbow. On its heart camphor and dry sticks are kept. Suddenly temperature has cooled down. Rain falls on the ashes. it is a shower of nectar. Now I see dark clouds gatheing in the sky. Sprinkle perfumed water on all when still in meditation. You have the power of Devi in you now  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . The flames are leaping up. It is dazzling like a thousand suns and cool like a thousand moons. I see it going up in smoke. I will wake up with a thrill of Shakti path when water is sprinkled on me. Suddenly there is shiver going down the spine.

hsr souh. om aim hrim shrim. para chaitanyam. Keep flowers touching your heart and meditate: hrit chakrastham. Invite divine life with mrugi mudra. aam hrim krom. punah praanam. srimat kameswaranke. prana pratishtapana muhoortah sumuhoorto astu. adi para samvidam cidrupinim. (3) Place flowers containing the Power on the yantra or person in front. padapayu. pari panthini samvidagnim. dehi bhogam. karanananda vigrahe. hsr aim. chakshuhsrotra. hsr klim. pranaaneva. anumate. soham hamsaha sivaha. hrim srim souh sri lalitayah amrta caitanya murtim kalpayami namah (2) Take a deep breath. aim hrīm śrīm ka e i la hrim ha sa ka ha la hrim sa ka la hrim namah. upahvayate. upasthalingani. sukham chiram tishtantu svaha. vanantasthe. srichakrasya sri lalitaayaahaa. siva dipa jyotim. amrutam apah. yatha sthaanam. om asuneete. yam ram lam vam. Exhale the form in your heart into flowers saying aim hrīm śrīm. mama sarvendriyaani.Page : 11  PART : 2 CONNECTING TO POWER (1) Bring out the Power in your heart into the Person in front of you. asmin srichakre. avahayami namah. hitematah. maha padma. jyok pashyema. ihaivagatya. punrasmaasu chakshuh. amrutamvai praanaah. ihano. iha pranah. vangmanah. mrudayanasswasti. mama pranah. jihwaghrana. antah susumna. sri ananda bhairavyah. bindu chakre. ehyehi paramesvari. sarvabhuta. mama jeeva iha sthitah. suryam uccharantam. sam sham sam ham. om hamsassoham. vaakpaani. moha andhakara. padmatavi bhedana kusalam. paradevatam dhyayami. aim hrīm śrīm.  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram .

Page : 12  asmin sumuhurte adityadi navanam grahanam atyanta anukulya sahita subha drishti r astu. sri durga chandika bala tripura sundari sahita sarva ayatana devatan avahayami. 10. please. chaturayatanadevatan avahayami. samsthapita bhava – sit firmly 3. sammukhi bhava . adityadi navagrahan avahayani. avakunthita bhava . sri devi poojartham srichakragata sarvaavarana devatan avahayami. mahachatuh shashtikoti yogini yogiganan avahayami. sannidhapita bhava – on top of Siva 4. samasta desa. samastha deva. supritha bhava – enjoy the coupling 8. avahita bhava – Goddess. sarva pujartham idam amrtam samarpayami. praseeda praseeda – please. apsara. kinnara.  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . (4) Show following mudras 1. gandharva. srimaha lakshmi.remove the veil 7. sringara. 5.grant my wishes. sanniruddha bhava – surround his linga. avahitebhyo sarvasaktebhyo namah. kala. Drench the world with nectar called love from your serene 9. srimaha saraswati samishti svroopini. vastugata jiva chaitanyan avahayami. sadhya. varada bhava . suprasanna bhava . pancha lokapalakan avahayami. sangita natya. veera goshti pradarshakan sarvan avahayami. divya siddha manavaugha guru mandalan avahayami.face me 6. yaksha. please come here 2. sarvato bhadra mandala gata srimahakali. indradi loka palakan avahayami. siddha stripurusha ganan avahayami. kamaleela.

kulasundari. lopamudramayi. netra devi. vasu devamayi. tvarite. dhayet ambhoruhastham arunima vasanam iswarim iswaranam hrimkrasana garbhitanala sikham souh klim kalam bibhratim. uddisamayi. nilapatake. tvam gourim tripuram paratpara kalam srichakra samcharinim aim hrīm śrīm aim klim souh (3) om namas tripura sundari. sarva mangale. aim bijam. laghima siddhe. prabhakara devamayi. upasthendriya adhisthayi varunaditya rishih. astra devi. muktakesi isvaramayi. manoja devamayi. bhagamalini. astadasa mahadvipa samrad bhokta bhavisyati. hridayadevi. kala tapanamayi. visnu devamayi. sikhadevi. aaraktabham trinetram arunima vasanam ratna tatanka ramyam. vasinyadi vagdevata rishayah. paramesvari mitresamayi. shasthisamayi. daivi gayatri chandah. para mesvara. ratna devamayi. apinottunga vakshoruha kalasa luthat tara harojvalangim. klim shaktih. vahnivasini. maha nitye. vijaye. kalyana devamayi. mama khadga siddthyarthe sarvabhishta siddhyarthe jape viniyogah tadrisam khadgam apnoti yena hasta sthitena vai. bherunde. nityaklinne. hastambhojaih sa pasankusa madana dhanus sayakair visphurantim. dharma acharyamayi. mahima siddhe.  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . kavaca devi. nitye. jvala malini. sri ramanandamayi anima siddhe. mahavajresvari.Page : 13  PART : 3 ADORE SHAKTI AND SIVA (1) Worship goddess shakti using Khadgamala in Srichakra om asya sri suddha shakti mala maha mantrasya. souh kilakam. chitre. tejo devamayi. kamesvari. sauvarambara dharinim vara sudha dhautam tri netrojvalam. agastyamayi. satvika kakara bhattaraka pithasthita maha kamesvari devata. caryanathamayi. sivaduti. sirodevi. dipakala nathamayi. vande pustaka pasam ankusadharam sragbhusitam ujvalam.

dhairyakarsini. sarvakamaprade. sarvaisvaryapradayini. mahesvari. ananga rekhe. sarvananda mayi. bijakarsini. namakarsini. sarvadhara svarupe. sarva samksobhini. arune. ahamkara akarsini. sampradaya yogini. sarvaraksa svarupini. sarirakarsini. sarvavighna nivarini. atmakarsini. sarvamantra mayi. koumari. sarvadvandva ksayamkari sarva soubhagya dayaka chakra swamini. rahasya yogini  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . sarvasammohini. vimale. sparsakarsini. sarvajrumbhini. sarvastambhini. nigarbha yogini vasini. gupta yogini ananga kusume. sarvasampattipurani. camunde. prakamya siddhe. sarvesvari. sarvasoubhagya dayini sarvartha sadhaka chakra swamini. sarvasampatprade. ananga mekhale. cittakarsini. sarvamrityu prasamani. gupta tara yogini sarvasamksobhini. sarvasa paripuraka chakra svamini. sarva karsini. sarvapriyamkari. sarva bije. sarva yone. anangankushe. sarvonmadini. prapti siddhe. sarvaranjani. sarva vasamkari. ananga madananture. kamesvari. jayini. sarvakarsini. sarvajnanamayi. bhukti siddhe. sarva vidravini. sarva unmadini. ananga madane. sarvaduhkha vimocani. sabdakarsini. trilokya mohana chakra swamini prakata yogini kama akarsini. sarva rogahara chakra swamini. varahi. amrtakarsini. ananga malini sarva sanksobhana chakra swamini. rasakarsini. buddhiakarsini. sarva mahankuse. mahalaksmi. sarvavasamkari. sarvasakte. vaisnavi. sarvavidravini. sarvamangalakarini. gandhakarsini. brahmi. sarvavyadhi vinasini.Page : 14  isitva siddhe. sarva khecari. sarvasiddhiprade. sarva trikhande. kulottirna yogini sarvajne. sarvahladini. modini. iccha siddhe. rupakarsini. sarvapapa hare. smrutyakarsini. mahendri. kaulini. sarvepsita phala prade sarva raksakara chakra svamini. sarvakama siddhe. vasitva siddhe. sarvarthasadhike. ananga vegini. sarvangasundari.

maha mahajnapte. aghoraya. visuddhi chakrasthaya. chandisvaraya. narayana guru siddhaya. vakhasthala vasine. muladhara svayambhuve. svadhisthana vasine. isvaraya. sarva yogabhishikta lingaya. sarva yogabhishikta lingaya. maha mahanande. rudraya guru devaya. sri maha mandaladhipataye (3) guptatara yogini sarvayogini pitharcakaya. digambaraya. capini. tripurambe. dattatreyaya Lights Kamagni mandalaya. maha maha sri chakra nagara samrajni namasthe namaste namaste namah. (2) Worship God using names of Siva guru Five elements sadyojataya. sarva yogabhishikta lingaya. sri maha mandaladhipataye  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . tripura vasini.Page : 15  banini. tripure. sarva siddhiprada chakra swamini. pasini. maha mahagupte. isanaya. sri krisnaya gopivallabhaya. kamakala nathaya Yoginis in Sri Chakra (1) prakata yogini nathaya sarvayogini pitharcakaya. maha kamesvari. maha mahaskandhe. chamdramrta sravaya. parapara rahasya yogini. sri maha mandaladhipataye (4) sampradaya yogini sarvayogini pitharcakaya. tatpurushaya. maha ganapataye. Suryaksi tejase. tripura malini. tripura siddhe. manipurakaya. sarvananda maya chakra swamini. ankusini. tripura srih. maha tripura sundari maha mahesvari. maha vajresvari. brahmane guru lingaya. maha maharajni. maha mahasaye. vamadevaya. tripurasundari. sri maha mandaladhipataye (2) gupta yogini sarvayogini pitharcakaya. maha mahasakte. tripuresi. maha bhagamalini. bala subramanyaya. sarva yogabhishikta lingaya. ati rahasya yogini sri sri maha bhattarike.

suddha vidya. sanaischaraya. bhumi. sri mokshasamrajya siddhidaya. akasa. sarva yogabhishikta lingaya. lingaya namah Mahavakyas Om prajnanam brahma. ghrana. parameshti guru. srimaha rudraabhishikta lingaya. purusha. bindu tarpana priyaya.Page : 16  (5) kulottirna yogini sarvayogini pitharcakaya. rasa. tvak. somaya. brihaspataye. yamaya. sri maha mandaladhipataye 36 Tatwas prakriti. sadasiva. siva. upastha. niyati. paratpara guru lingaya namah Navagrahas suryaya. kujaaya. vahni. payu. om aham brahmasmi. om ayam atma brahma. om soham. salila. om tat tvam asi. agnaye. mano. sarva amnaya adhi devaya. sarva yogabhishikta lingaya. vayave. gandha. shakti. isanaya namah Sampradayas samayachara nidhaye. sparsha. sarva yogabhishikta lingaya. sri maha mandaladhipataye (8) atirahasya yogini sarvayogini pitharcakaya. sri rajarajesvari priyaya. vayu. pani. sri maha mandaladhipataye (6) nigarbha yogini sarvayogini pitharcakaya. sri maha mandaladhipataye (9) parapara atirahasya yogini sarvayogini pitharcakaya. varunaya. jihva. kuberaya. sridevipura nivasaya namah. sri maha mandaladhipataye (7) rahasya yogini sarvayogini pitharcakaya. sukraya.  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . lingaya namah Guru Mandalas sri guru. shad adhara sevitaya. srotra. budhaya. sri rahoyaga arcitaya. kaulachara nidhaye. chakshur. buddhi. nirrutaye. rupa. sarva yogabhishikta lingaya. rahave. pada. iswara. sarva yogabhishikta lingaya. parama guru. vak. avidya. sabda. ahamkara. ketave namah Asta Loka palakas indraya.

(6) mano laya svarupa ananda karpoora nirajanam kalpayami namah. (7) upanishad vakya surabhilam tambulam] kalpayami namah. (4) ram vahni atmane chitkala svasvarupa deepam kalpayami namah. (5) vam amritatmane vasudha adi siva avasanam siva shakti samarasya svarupa ananda amrita naivedyam kalpayami namah.Page : 17  Five services: (1) lam prithivyatmane satsangam gandha kalpayami namah (2) ham akasatmane indriya ngraham pushpam kalpayami namah.[Chant Durga Suktam] oṃ || jātave’dase sunavāma somam arātīyato nida’hāti veda’ḥ | sa na’ḥ par-ṣadati’ durgāṇi viśvā’ nāveva sindhu’ṃ duritā‌tyagniḥ || tām agniva’rṇāṃ tapa’sā jvalantīṃ vai’rocanīṃ ka’rmaphaleṣu juṣṭā”m | durgāṃ devīgṃ śara’ṇamahaṃ prapa’dye sutara’si tarase’ nama’ḥ || agne tvaṃ pā’rayā navyo’ asmānth-svastibhirati’ durgāṇi viśvā” | pūśca’ pṛthvī ba’hulā na’ urvī bhavā’ tokāya tana’yāya śaṃyoḥ || viśvā’ni no durgahā’ jātavedaḥ sindhun na nāvā du’ritāஉti’par-ṣi | agne’ atrivanmana’sā gṛṇāno” asmāka’ṃ bodhyavitā tanūnā”m || pṛtanā jitagṃ saha’mānamugram agnigṃ hu’vema paramāth-sadhasthāt | sa na’ḥ par-ṣadati’ durgāṇi viśvā kṣāma’ddevo ati’ duritā‌உtyagniḥ || pratnoṣi’ kamīḍyo’ adhvareṣu’ sanācca hotā navya’śca satsi’ | svāñcā”gne tanuva’ṃ pipraya’svā asmabhya’ṃ ca saubha’gamāya’jasva ||  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . (3) yam vayu atmane arishadvarga visarjanam dhupam kalpayami namah. Mantra pushpam .

flower. tanno durgih pracodayaat om kulakumari vidmahe mantrakoti su dhimahi tannah kauli prachodayat kaeilahrim tripurasunadari vidmahe. Offer perfume.Sam. tilak of wet sandal paste and then kumkum on forehead to all receiving puja. shobhnartham punah agamanaya ca Lam – Ham – Yam – Ram – Vam . Conclude the puja with Nirajanam. in you. Do we have to create our own suffering? Know what causes misery and avoid that.Page : 18  go bhirjuṣṭa’mayujo niṣi’ktaṃ tave”ndra viṣṇoranusañca’rema | nāka’sya pṛṣṭhamabhi saṃvasā’no vaiṣṇa’vīṃ loka iha mā’dayantām || gaurir mimaya salilani takshat yekapadi dwipadi sa chatushpadi. fruits. Be aware beyond your individual life. Imagine the goddess to live in you. Celebrate your life. hasakahalahrim peethakamini dhimahi sakalahrim tannah klinne prachodayat om santih santih santih. ashtapadi nava padi sahasrakshara parame vyoman om katyayanaya vidmahe kanyakumari dhimahi. Take Goddess back into your heart saying: hrit padma karnika madhye sivena saha sankari. to proclaim your right to divinity. Love and service are the two wings on which you fly to God and.  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . Enjoy and dance your way through life. This is the real aim of life. light. Devipuram is wherever you are. Offer puja flowers and dakshina to the central deity and take prasadam. Learn to enjoy and promote happiness in all. Realise that life is given to us to enjoy. pravisha tvam maha devi sarvai ravaranaih sah. sri devim mama hridaye udvasayami. Get connected to the Goddess. Make this ritual a regular part of your life. incense.

Spouse. play as if nothing is wrong with you. If it is a house you want. This ensures their continued support. Guru. this is the secret of manifestation. Devi just wants you to be happy. a flower and water are all that he wants. Serve or give a worthy gift to all those who helped you. You don’t have to specify the exact sequence for the solution. Father. Love connects your lover to you. People support your programs if you serve them. Ganesha wants a full tummy and a dance. (2) INDEBTEDNESS: Nobody likes an ungrateful wretch. So the first principle is to serve all with love. If it is peace you want. (3) MANIFEST: Feel that you are enjoying the results of the future you want. Especially express gratitude to your Mother. try to forget that you were sick. worry only drains your energy. It really helps you. Water is enough for Siva. Krishna says a fruit. let go of inhibitions. This is a very common mistake we all do unthinkingly. you acquire a thousand minds to think and a thousand hands to act. Train yourself not to worry about the problem. Did you think Gods need elaborate rituals? Then how should we serve God? Remember that God comes as a living being to you? To serve God. and enjoy nature and peace. Through service. put some zeros after 1 in a rupee note. Friends and to all those who contributed to the quality of life around you.Page : 19  ATTAINING DIVINITY Certain ethical principles are necessary to attain and experience divinity. Service merges you with many. sketch it or imagine it and feel its spaces as if you were living in it. Just a loving thought is enough for Her. keep looking at it. Pull the future into present like this. It will always come back to you many times. enjoy the peace wherever you are. Focus on solution solves the problem. Go to an ashram. Thinking that the problem can’t be solved increases the problem. Like a loving mother. If it is health. (1) SERVE: Love and service are the two wings that help you fly.  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . feel and act as if you owned a billion. serving living beings is enough! Spend most of the money you would spend on rituals in serving life around you. If you want a billion.

sex supports your life beyond death. You will be able to leave a legacy only by honesty. because you really did not do it. M=manifest. H=Honesty. This is the central idea of Bhakti. This removes all traumas of sin. Live by these principles on which you fly towards God. Seek help from those you served. Anger comes out of ego being hurt. If you had served any of them. Vijayadashami. If the accuser's idea is a mistake. Think that God is in you and is also having fun and sex through you. so think start believing tat you are not small and helpless. I=Indebtedness. Devipuram. Suppression or denial begets anger. why should you be upset? Getting angry is like "he threw a stone at me. be a SIMHA. increases tensions and drains energy. Leave that job to God. and psychosomatic illnesses. guilt and child abuse. There is never any real lack of power. (5) ANGER CONTROL: Anger upsets the mood. but make it playfulness and pure joy. Don't suppress desire.ha sa ka ha la hrim ananda . I pick it up and hit myself with it thinking it is supposed to hit me. which turns into ka e i la hrim amrita . It is their nature to seek variety of tastes and pleasures. a lion. but it missed. God loves fun. You will feel relaxed and happy. Do whatever makes you feel good. Let go of the desire to change it to suit you. Remember God is in the form of all life around you.” Why should you hit yourself with anger? Sometimes you feel helpless and become angry or depressed. How unfortunate! So. productive and passionate.devipuram. clearly imagine the goal and live it now. helplessness or desire denied. except that you forget the connection to environment and God. S=Serve. Their fulfillment gives pleasure. 21 Oct 2007 www. Is it useful to you? If not.Page : 20  because there may be ways we don’t know how it manifests. Please don't associate fun with sin. There is no reason to be angry. God will come to your rescue ka la hrim janani  BALA TRIPURA SUNDARI PUJA –Guruji Amritananda Saraswathy Devipuram . anger is created. A=Anger control. it is none of your business. (4) HONESTY: Honesty makes you feel good. Amritananda. You are always connected to power of God through life of environment. In short. Hunger supports your body. hatred and cruelty. This makes your life purposeful. why keep it? The world is not all the time what you want it to be. If someone says you did something you did not.