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Johannesburg : 29 April 2004
I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to greet
all of you at this time and to bring unto you blessings of a joyous new day
of experience. Greetings, beloved ones.
When last have you opened your eyes in the morning and welcomed the day the day that lies before you; welcomed the life into your heart? Even if
the sun is not shining on you, it does not mean that you should not allow
the sun into your hearts. The reason that some of you do not allow the sun
into your hearts is that there is a heaviness over this area that is created
by the issue of the lack of forgiveness - forgiveness of yourself and the
forgiveness of those around you. Many other emotions stem from the lack of
forgiveness. You hold guilt, you hold shame, you hold frustration, and you
begin to close the shutters of your heart to the sunshine of life.
Whether you need to forgive yourself for a white lie, or whether you need to
forgive yourself for a mighty crime makes no difference. It is the energy
that you hold within yourself when you do not forgive yourself that hurts
you. This is creating much disease in the world at this time. When you do
not forgive yourself and when you do not forgive others, you hold yourself
in the past. So where is your past holding you at this time? What area of
yourself and of your life have you not forgiven?
When you look at what it is you need to forgive yourself for, you will also
see those whom you need to forgive: your mother, your father, brothers and
sisters, a friend, a colleague, a stranger. Each time you feel that a wrong
has been done to you, you create a space within you that does not forgive
that incident. So each time anything similar to that moment transpires, you
re-awaken the memory that holds the unforgiveness and you react according to
the original programme. You are not responding in love; you are reacting
with hurt emotions - and that then results in over-reaction and hurt
feelings that are unnecessary at that time.
You can see how Mother Earth is being cleansed of her shame, of her guilt,
of her sadness at this time, for she is being washed clean of her hurt. And
as each man and woman upon this earth at this time begin to heal and begin
to forgive, so then they enable Mother Earth to heal herself and to forgive
humanity for what they have done to her. As long as you hold a grudge
against yourself, against your brothers and sisters, you are creating this
reflection for Mother Earth, for she, too, shall then feel the need to hold
a grudge towards all men. For have they not raped her and abused her on all
We understand that each one of you has been hurt; you do carry pain, which
you feel is unforgivable. But if you were Mother Earth and you experienced
her pains and hurts, could you ever forgive mankind? Many of you would find

that difficult, so now you need to assist her in her process, and by doing
this you need to forgive yourselves and then forgive everyone else. As each
person reacts to their own specific hurts and pains, so they create more
un-forgiveness. When a person says "I shall never forgive him; I shall never
forgive her," a chain reaction of unwillingness to forgive is created. When
you are willing to forgive yourself, you will feel an incredible release
within you, for you shall not have to fight so hard to be angry at yourself
any longer. It takes so much energy to hold that un-forgiveness within you
because you feel that whatever it is that you have done cannot be forgiven.
Now you shall re-programme yourself with the belief that it is good to
forgive yourself. By forgiving yourself, you are setting yourself free.
You are loosening those chains around your heart that you all carry so
Visualise yourself within your sacred space, a space where you feel it is
safe for you to be all that you are, where you can be vulnerable on any
level, and no-one shall take advantage of your energy or harm you. It is a
safe space. Allow the universal white light to expand around you, creating
a bubble of light that holds you, allowing space for you to draw in the
amethyst ray, to hold and protect you in your process of release. Begin to
walk towards your waterfall that holds the universal waters of life, light
and love. And as you look to the waters, you see all the rainbow colours
flowing together as one. Allow yourself to stand in these waters and know
that whatever memories you shall access at this time in order to assist you
with your release and in order to assist you with forgiving yourself cannot
harm you. You need not fear letting go. You are making peace with
yourself, and by doing this you are making peace with all of those around
Lord Sananda stands before each one of you. He holds his hands out to you
showing you the wounds that lie in the palms of his hands where he
sacrificed his energy to assist humanity in purifying their souls. And by
forgiving himself, forgiving humanity, he set himself free and he walked the
earth once more. And this is what you are doing. You shall all be reborn
as you let go and forgive yourselves. Allow the memories to begin to flow.
Allow that which you feel is unforgivable to be before you. Bless this
image with love and release it. Hand it to Lord Sananda, for as you hand it
to him, so you are blessed with the eternal Christ blessing and you shall be
forgiven. You shall be able to forgive yourself.
Allow the emotions to flow; let the memories come, and release them. No
matter how big or small you feel your "crime" is, allow it to be released.
Allow the universal waters of light, life and love to flow through you and
over you, cleansing your spirit and cleansing your soul as you release,
bringing in fresh energy, bringing in light, filling you with light, life
and love. Feel the chains break free; see how you release people you have
felt attached to for so long. And you are immediately released from them
when you forgive. The following cycle that you shall all be moving into
shall work with forgiving yourself and initiating forgiveness for those
around you.
If you feel you need to forgive a person, now is the perfect opportunity for

you to work with this energy. For you shall cut any unnecessary karmic ties
at this time. And if you feel there are those who cannot forgive you,
visualise them within the ray of pink light - unconditional love. Voice
to them their need to forgive themselves, and that you forgive them for not
being able to see why it is that they need to forgive you, and you bless
them in love and you bless them in light and you release them from any hold
that they may have over your energy. Automatically this shall be worked
with them through their higher self.
Now allow this pink ray of unconditional love to seal your energy field,
holding you in the universal and amethyst light, supporting you in
unconditional love so that you need not judge yourself as you forgive
yourself. Just go with the flow and all of that that you need to release in
order to be released. Lord Sananda shall work with each and every one of
you through this cycle to help you forgive. Each time you feel angry
towards a situation or a person, remember forgiveness. Hold yourself in the
universal light and the amethyst ray, supporting it with the unconditional
love, allowing Lord Sananda to assist you in releasing the emotions of anger
or whatever it is that is being created in your space at that time, and
Each one of you needs to know that we do not judge you in any way. We see
you for who you are. We understand the difficulties that you need to face
in your third dimensional reality and we understand that each experience
that you have in your life is for a purpose, to assist you in evolving. It
is part of the lessons that you need to learn. You need to look at your
path in the same light. We love you all as you are. We do not need to
forgive you for anything, for in our eyes you are all glorious, loving being
s. Begin to look upon yourself as this.
We bless you all with the eternal love and light of the universal source, of
the father, mother God and all the angels. Know that you are always
divinely protected and guided upon your path. Know that you are never
alone. Trust in the invisible arms that hold you each step of your way.
And remember that we are only but a thought away. Peace be with you all on
this day and always. I am Kuthumi and I greet and bless you in love.