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Kuthumi: The Four Lower Bodies
Channelled through Michelle Eloff Johannesburg, South Africa
17. 03. 2005
I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time
and to bring unto thee the blessings of expression, the blessings of acceptance, renewal and
rejuvenation. Greetings, beloved ones.
It is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each one here upon this
day as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of
God. Beloved ones, as we come to share with you in the presence of the Christed energy, we
also offer healing and alignment to all the subtle bodies and in so doing, aligning your
consciousness with the needs of your four lower bodies, so that you may raise them into the
higher levels of expression.
The four lower bodies are known as your physical body, your emotional body, your mental
body and your spirit body. There are different levels to the spirit body and the one we are
working with you today is the lower astral body, which makes up part of the spirit body.
Whenever disease manifests, the last place it comes into being is within the physical body.
Therefore it is vital that one understands the mechanisms at work behind the scenes of the
physical body. Imagine your physical body as the manifestation of everything that goes on
behind the scenes. Therefore your thoughts, your feelings, what you eat, what you drink, what
you expose your body to in the form of negative environments or positive environments, all
influence what your physical body manifests physically. The emotional body is one that may be
the most difficult for humanity to deal with at this time. The emotional body governs the
majority of what one feels and expresses with regards to feelings motivating ones behaviour
and actions; and ones belief systems impact on all the bodies especially the four lower bodies.
The subconscious mind plays a big role in perpetuating the impact of ones belief systems on
ones physiology and therefore ones psychology and visa versa. The first step in healing the
body is to understand the emotional motivation behind your actions. When one understands
how emotions govern ones behaviour, one better understands the mechanisms of ones entire
being on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
The saying: Man, know thyself in fact, are some of the most powerful words ever spoken.
Knowing yourself is not about understanding that you like or dislike vegetables. It is not about
understanding what kind of behaviour in other people pushes your buttons or attracts you into
relationship - you need to know what is going on inside of you on as many levels as possible.
That is when you come to truly understand who you are. People ask Who am I, why am I on
the planet, what is my purpose? All those questions are answered in the search for
understanding the Self and, beloved ones, that search never comes to an end because you are
constantly growing, changing and evolving. One can only ever say they have completely
discovered themselves when they have merged with God. Every being, everywhere that can
hold life or consciousness is in a constant state of searching. The search is different for

everyone. The discovery is just as unique. What you discover in yourself, determines your
future experiences, it determines your physical health, your emotional, mental and spiritual
well-being as well. You will have noticed that media and advertising are now using spiritual
slogans, so to speak, to sell their products. They have realised that humanity as a whole is
seeking something deeper. Humanity as a whole is searching for the essence within life. Your
earth is currently experiencing some of the most magnificent transitions any community or
consciousness has ever experienced in the history of your universe. That is why to a degree so
much of what is happening is unpredictable, because it was not originally predicted, it was not
expected. So you as souls have manifested miracles, you have manifested the unexpected. This
is cause for great celebration. Negative thoughts, negative feelings attract energetic parasites
and energetic viruses which enter into the subtle bodies and feed off the negative energy. A
virus that manifests in the physical body is first absorbed on an etheric level. Depending where
the vulnerable area is, will determine where the virus enters; either through the emotional body
or the mental body. This cannot be a predictable discussion regarding the entry point. That
needs to be dealt with at the time based on what the person is experiencing.
Parasites tend to enter the body through the lower astral plane. They tend to enter through the
solar plexus or the crown chakra. These parasites feed off the density of fear and negativity as a
whole. You get parasites for various emotions. A parasite entering through the crown chakra
will feed off peoples fear of being in their body. Many, we will call them New Agers, are
attracting crown chakra parasites and these crown chakra parasites often make it difficult to feel
grounded and to be grounded and short-circuit the mechanisms that are meant to hold a persons
consciousness in their physical body as well as in the higher bodies. This causes an even greater
separation or, sense of separation within the person, which creates further challenges related to
survival. These parasites then travel into the cerebral spinal fluid and make their way into the
base chakra and in that chakra they dismantle all the rooting mechanisms that connect people to
family, to friends and to the earth. People who are infected in their base chakra by these
parasites find that they are disconnecting themselves from family, friends and from the world in
general becoming more and more hermit-like, but not because it is a graceful and peaceful
space for them to be in. Many of these people find themselves still tortured by their past,
tortured by unresolved issues in the emotional and mental bodies. Do you all understand me so
far? The way one removes the parasites is by being in the present moment.
One needs to begin the process of acknowledging that the parasites have entered the crown
chakra and made its way to the base chakra. One needs to then take the very important step of
committing to re-rooting oneself to Mother Earth and opening ones energy field to permit
members of the family or friends or other members of the human race into ones space to
reconnect them through the four lower bodies back to earth. Another way these parasites enter
which is perhaps a little more disconcerting is through groups who perpetuate belief systems in
fear Armageddon, burning in the pits of Hell, dying a painful death with regards to ones
earthly actions. In other words, a painful death is the tortured soul, so riddled with anxiety that
they enter a plane of consciousness known as the limbo dimension, and this is where souls lie
for ages, waiting for the Christ to come and raise them from the dead and take them to heaven.
In general most of humanity have absorbed these energetic parasites through their solar plexus.
This is the area where your general ignorant and unconscious person absorbs this energy. This
particular parasite is what eats away at the energy system of victory consciousness, prosperity

consciousness and unconditional love consciousness. These energetic parasites feed humanitys
addictions on all levels. You could imagine these parasites as manifestors of negativity within
the body.
Parasites die when energy stronger than itself takes over. The energy to destroy these energetic
parasites is pure light. In order to protect oneself against solar plexus parasites one needs to take
full responsibility for ones life. One needs to empower oneself, take back power from everyone
one has ever felt victimised by, taking power back from anyone who ever abused you regardless
of the nature of the abuse and to also give power back to those whom you may have
disempowered at some or other stage. It does not matter if you recall the event specifically all
that matters is setting the intension that such a release and healing manifest. One of the
symptoms of detoxifying the energetic parasites are a very intense emotional detoxification that
takes place. Emotions of a very volatile nature one moment on top of the world, the next
moment crashing, hitting so-called rock bottom, and becoming angry or extremely sad for no
justified reason.
Children are exposed to these parasites as well because their environment attracts them. The
earthly environment is riddled with these parasites. This is one of the reasons why many of the
workers of light, incarnate and discarnate, are working so intensely to bring more and more
light into your planet, light into your pituitary gland, light into your pineal gland. When you
bring light into the pituitary and pineal glands you automatically destroy any crown chakra
parasites that have filtered in. When that light moves through the chakric system and moves into
the lower chakras, it begins to destroy the solar plexus parasites. The solar plexus parasites
infect the sacral chakra, the heart and throat chakras. Those are the major chakras it focuses on.
Because the solar plexus is the seat of your emotions regarding your external emotional
relationships with society, it has a tremendous amount of energy to feed off, especially if ones
emotional relationship with the external world often manifests in conflict, confusion,
frustration, anger and mistrust. These parasites attack the heart chakra perpetuating the fear of
betrayal, feeding the need not to trust. When it attacks the throat chakra it also continues to
amplify whatever issues or blockages are related to that chakra. In the sacral chakra it
dismantles the creative template within oneself, this means one feels detached from the world,
not in a complete way, in the sense of emotional detachment from the world because you have
reached a state of consciousness where you can observe; this detachment is one of a nonparticipation level, which again manifests in a kind of hermit behaviour. However, this kind of
hermit behaviour is not one of an appeared spiritual retreating nature. This retraction from
humanity then feeds the environment with anger because the person retracting will then
emotionally manipulate the other people that it is retracting from, by blaming them for pushing
them out. They will attack their environment and say: you dont love me, you rejected me, you
ignored me and it is all your fault I am withdrawing because you dont love me. You
understand the difference, beloved ones? So, emotional manipulation is being fed by the solar
plexus parasite. Is this clear?
Spiritual retreat is being fed by the crown chakra parasite and again we re-iterate we are not
speaking of taking a Sabbatical to search the self, to grow, or making the conscious choice to
retreat because that is the point you have attained as a Master. It is very different. A person
retreats because they are terrified of the reality of 3rd dimensional worlds and the responsibility

that comes with being grounded in a physical body; the fear of being tainted by 3rd dimensional
life, so withdrawing completely into the upper chakras and literally floating through life, not
being able to ground anything. At the end of the day the person leaves their body feeling
extremely unfulfilled - a very deep loneliness within the core of their being. Is this clear?
So the parasites infect emotional behaviour. The viruses impact on the bodys physical wellbeing in the sense of physiological malfunctions. You all understand? Very well. The emotional
body is the one you need to begin understanding first so that you may understand all the other
bodies. There is a film that we would like all of you to see, which will help you understand on a
much deeper level what the Masters have been trying to make you aware of for many years. It
puts quantum physics into perspective; it puts the function of the emotional body into
perspective and helps you to understand that your emotional reactions are there because you are
addicted to the feeling. That feeling, reaction or behaviour has become your identity and as
much as you would like to change it at times you cannot because you dont know any better;
you have not experienced yourself any different. So what else is there if you cannot feed your
addiction. Humanity is addicted to pain and suffering, violence and abuse, to poverty; addicted
to all of it, even to love. This film is not available on your current circuit however; we have
already asked this channel to obtain it in order to distribute it amongst ones such as yourself.
Quantum physics is another aspect of life that will help you understand what you are a part of.
There is nothing complicated about quantum physics. All quantum physics is, is the science of
possibilities. It is looking at one subject from a number of different angles and acknowledging
every possible outcome. What has happened with humanity and science as you have come to
know it is that they have focused only on one possible outcome and ignored everything else.
This has created a set belief system, which has impacted on all your four lower bodies. This is
just what has put you in a box, in a cage or on a shelf, whichever you prefer. Categorising life
experiences places a limitation upon it but because you do not know anything different that
language needs to be used by the teachers so you understand what has been relayed to you.
However, we are going to start using more expansive terminology. We will bring quantum
physics into the teachings more regularly so as to assist you in considering all the alternative
possibilities. This will empower each one of you to look at your life; a challenge, an opportunity
whatever it is and you will be able to address it; acknowledge all the probable outcomes, all
the possibilities and you will be able to determine for yourself or choose which route you would
like to take because that probable outcome is the most desired one of all. Right now there is no
choice you have been led to believe that you have free choice, that you have free will, but you
dont because you have not been given all the information you deserve so that you can truly
make informed decisions. You have not been given all of your options; you have been given at
the most two. So where there is maybe a hundred and two possibilities, you are only
consciously aware of two because of what you have been taught, in other words, conditioned to
believe. Do you understand? So now already we are pushing your awareness into another level
of approaching life.
Making a decision impacts through the solar plexus chakra. If there are solar plexus parasites
present it is extremely difficult to make a decision based on your truth. The parasites as we said,
perpetuate the lower dimensional belief systems, so it keeps you within the cage, within the
box, or on the shelf because that energy is its food and it will not give up its nourishment. Light

expands consciousness. When you bring light into your being you are no longer in the dark; you
are less ignorant, you become more empowered. Every person is ignorant to a degree. Every
being, incarnate or discarnate, is ignorant to a degree because no one knows everything because
creation is in a constant state of creation. So new possibilities are manifesting all the time and
now that quantum physics is becoming more of a reality in life, it is expanding that world to a
different degree. The activations of the different levels of dimensional consciousness have
allowed for more and more of this information to become a part of your reality. Every day
remind yourself that the possibilities of your future are far more than you could ever imagine.
Ask your guides to help you to discover the science of possibilities in your life. That expanded
awareness and expanded consciousness raises the vibration of all your four lower bodies into
higher and higher and higher expressions of consciousness. This means you begin to eliminate
physical disease, emotional disease and mental disease, and you create a unified consciousness
spiritually. This ideal may sound idyllic to a number of ignorant people bearing in mind that
everyone is ignorant to a degree, but the moment one embraces the science of possibilities
nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible. You think certain things are impossible because you
have been conditioned in that way. You have been programmed exactly the same as a computer
is programmed. Your hardware and software has been messed with and now it is up to you to
replace the hardware. It is up to you to decide through the speed of your computer, how much
information you can hold without slowing you down and you need to defrag every now and
then as well.
We are very excited to present this teaching to this group today because this is the onset of
many high level teachings. What we mean by this is the higher body will integrate into the
lower body so that in fact anything lower will never exist for you again. You would be on a
constant process of ascension. Your lower bodies will come to vibrate at such a high level that
you will begin to see things, to experience things and be a part of things that you right now
could never, ever imagine possible.
In this film we speak of, there is a section where they show viewers where the ships of
Columbus approach an island. The inhabitants of the island dont see the ships. The leader or
the medicine man of the tribe notices the ripples on the water, he doesnt see the ships but he
notices the ripples on the water. He spends a lot of time trying to figure out what is causing
these ripples on the water and suddenly he sees the ships because he takes his consciousness
into an altered state. He then tells his people what he has seen. Now they believe that it is a
possibility that ships exist and suddenly everyone can see them. The only reason why you dont
see UFOs, angels, your guides and the other worlds is simply because you dont believe you
can. You may desperately want to, but you dont believe you can. That, beloved ones, is what it
all boils down to. Your body becomes diseased because you dont believe in health being one
hundred percent from the time you are being born to the time you decide to leave your body.
These belief systems are not purely from this incarnation. This has been over many ages so the
re-programming is going back many, many ages. So again we are asking you to expand your
awareness beyond the current situation. We are not asking you now to get stuck in past lives or
to worry about future lives. Focus on what your current experience is and what you need to do
in the here and now to change the effects from the past and to change what you will experience
in the future. If you believe that your physical body will remain young, it will. That belief will
attract to you sufficient light to keep yourselves rejuvenated. That light will automatically

reveal to you knowledge, wisdom and power that will continue to empower you and you will
have reached such a state of enlightenment, that it will be impossible for your body to
degenerate anyway. And you will have reversed what we call the death hormone. Your belief
systems keep the death hormone alive, which is another form of parasite. So if the only thing
you walk away with today, is that your belief systems determine everything you experience,
then you will not be the same ever again, because it begins to make you conscious. The program
that you live in is a choice you made when you reincarnated. However, do you really know all
the choices you presented to yourself for this incarnation? Because you are in a matrix of
limited consciousness, how much are you unaware of regarding your own plan. This is why we
say when one asks: Who am I, what am I doing on the earth, what is my life purpose? we say:
Know thyself. Take the time to introspect, to reflect, to acknowledge, to defrag so that you
can understand what has blocked up your system. You will recognise some problem areas where
a virus has got in, where parasites are feeding off energy. You empower yourselves. That affects
everything; your career, your relationships, your spiritual journey, your physical health. Now
the average person in the street will find this extremely difficult to grasp because in general
their consciousness has not brought them to a level of such questioning and until a person has
on some or other level asked those questions, their belief system the filtering system will not
permit them to accept a new program. They are very happy with the installed software program
and are not looking to buy anything new. So the forerunners in spiritual technology, we shall
call it the Micro Spirit (laughter), will be utilising all the updated software and when the old
users see what the new programs are capable of, they will say: I want some of that. And you
know what? They wont have to pay a fortune to get it!
The information we have given you so far is very useful for you as a group and for other
members of your society who are on the same wavelength - those who are interested in the
same software programs. Share this with them. Push the button that opens the window to the
universe; that opens them to the science of possibilities. You do not now have to become a
quantum physicist in order to ascend (laughter) all you need to do is understand the very
simple principle of possibilities that there is always more to everything around you. When you
acknowledge there is more to life than what you have become accustomed to you step out of the
lower vibration; you step out of the program. Have any of you seen the film The Matrix, the
first one? This is a very good description of what we are talking about now. If you have not seen
The Matrix, we suggest you see this movie before you see the one that we have asked this
channel to share with you because the two actually work together. You have a so-called movie
directors perspective and then you have the perspective of quantum physicists, of doctors, of
very intelligent people proving to you that the theory of the Matrix is true. So, red pill or blue
The information that you will continue to receive over the weeks and months ahead of you
share freely with anyone who is willing to hear it. If the person asks share it, with permission,
with them. Do not be afraid to stretch peoples awareness. The belief system has been not to
rock anyones boat but it is your responsibility to expose evil wherever it is. Ignorance is a form
of evil. Do you now what word evil actually is? It is live spelt backwards so where one does not
experience the full essence of life, if one is not able to fully live, then one is indulging in an
evil. Do you understand? And we are not speaking of satanistic evil; we speak of the evils that
deprive humanity of light, of knowledge, of wisdom and of power. This is one of the reasons

why many people call people evil people who manipulate, who are of a corrupt nature, who
control. They see the lack of life present in them. They do not realise that is what they see, they
see darkness and darkness is simply ignorance. That is what evil is, it is the absence of light, the
absence of life and how many people are dying to live? The manifestation of disease in the
body, besides what one has karmically pulled into this incarnation is a manifestation of a
persons deep desire to live. They are dying to live so all the evil inside of them is literally
killing them so they can leave their physical body and live again. One needs to learn to live
within the physical realm experiencing heaven on earth. Now we only covered karmic dis-eases
but this will not be the case for very much longer because as you change the imprint on a
cellular level, as the belief systems change, as more light comes into ones body one does not
manifest any dis-eased cellular imprint that needs to be dealt with in the future life because it
will be completely eliminated in this life. Are we bending your brains? Good.
It is time to open your mind, to open your heart to change the belief systems, to challenge your
belief systems, to say to yourself: What if everything I have come to believe as reality it is fact
one big fat lie. What if I have simply just bought into an idea, one of thousands of
possibilities? This is where parallel realities come into the picture. An aspect of you has bought
into this reality but there are others who may have bought into a different reality so they
experience it differently to you. You dont see them, they dont see you. You live in exactly the
same world but because your belief systems are different you are invisible to one another. And
there are hundreds of parallel realities, beloved ones, you are not necessarily in all of them but
there are ones that you could imagine. Have you ever had the feeling that you are being watched
or had the feeling that you are going to bump into someone that you know before you go
somewhere or the feeling that something really big is going to happen but you are not quite sure
what it is? This is when you begin to tap into those parallel realities, you may feel you are going
to meet someone whom you know, you go out, you go about your things but you do not meet
anybody, you have not bumped into anyone you know. You have had a sense that something
close to you is happening but you are perceiving it within another reality. These are some of the
clues to that existence but because you have not been taught that it is a possibility, that it is a
reality, you shrug it off. Know that feeling of shivers down your spine? Many people say
someone walked over their grave. This is also where two beings cross through one anothers
energy fields and it is two different realities that have moved into the same vibration and the
tangibility of those vibrations is when you get goosebumps and so do they, and they also say
someone walked over their grave!
Now, let us look at the manifestations of disease within the body, which affect everyone to a
degree. You understand now that your belief systems impact on everything that you experience.
Your emotional body is full of addictions, needs to be fulfilled. We are not speaking of
physiological needs, only of emotional needs. Those emotional needs motivate behaviour. If an
emotional need to be accepted was not fulfilled as a child, that person is motivated by the
addiction to have that need fulfilled because they do not know what acceptance feels like, they
will try everything around that resembles what acceptance should feel like until that need is
fulfilled, until that hunger is sated. So every emotional need is looking for a fix to be fixed, and
until it is healed humanity will be governed by those needs. This is one of the reasons why the
Teachers are taking humanity into the inner child, into childhood, into past lives so that the core
of the situation can be acknowledged and one then takes responsibility to fulfill that need for the

self because the person does not know what being accepted feels like, they cannot accept
themselves so constantly reject or will be rejected. This causes emotional turmoil, that turmoil
becomes a part of their life. It feeds something they are not quite sure what and this becomes
part of their identity. That quest to find the treasure that will take away the need is a motivating
force in a persons life and drives them every single day and influences absolutely every single
thing they do subconsciously as well as consciously. That is why you need to begin your healing
process with yourself. Looking at yourself man know thyself. When you know why you dont
know what acceptance feels like you will be open to trying out something new, something that
will fill that space. Because you dont know what acceptance feels like, you have to be open
energetically, emotionally, psychically and spiritually and that is when Spirit steps in; that is
when your Higher Self steps in and allows you to hold yourself because you have allowed them
to hold you. For the very first time you will feel what acceptance feels like. If you have healed
anything in your life you will know what we are speaking of. You may not be able to explain
exactly what you did or when you did it or how you did it all you know is that something
changed. Do you all understand?
The mental body is in fact a very powerful tool because the mind is not part of your brain. Your
mind is part of your spirit self. However, your emotional body influences your conscious mind
and that becomes a mechanism of affirmation within your emotional body. You train your mind
and continue to process what it is programmed with, based on how you feel about yourself. So
the feelings affirm the thoughts, the thoughts affirm the feelings. The magnetic energy created
by thoughts and feelings running around all the time, affirming the same energy then attracts its
like to itself and that is where the saying of like attracts like comes into being. You
magnetically create the system of energy to you based on what you believe you are worth, what
you believe you are, what you believe you deserve or dont deserve. Again your belief systems
are influencing this. The intensity of those emotions and thoughts eventually get to a point
where they take on form physical form and manifests as tumours, cysts, cancer, ulcers. The
body begins to deteriorate because besides fungus, not much else can grow in the dark.
Plant a seed in a pot plant and put it in a cupboard. Water it daily but put it back in the closet,
what do you think will happen? Precisely, some of them may not even get to the point of being
able to shoot roots, so how on earth can the human body, which is made up of light and sound
thrive in darkness? Your inner world determines your external reality it is not the other way
round. Your belief systems determine the quality of your life and, beloved ones, I have been
teaching this for ages. For those of you who are familiar with my teachings you know how
many times I have said this already. I cannot reiterate it enough. People will say: she was such
a good person, it was so unfair that cancer took her life and that is such a generous family, it
is such a pity that the father died of a heart attack at such a young age. That is ignorant because
if people truly understood that belief systems impact on their psychology and physiology and
that psychology impacts or determines the state of ones physiology they will not say things like
that because they will know that all the abuse attacking the heart chakra eventually manifested
in the heart attacking the person and stopped functioning. The people will understand that the
unexpressed emotions of anger and resentment and bitterness within that lovely lady ate her up
from the inside. Masks, beloved ones, people walk around with masks. You do not know anyone
even if you think you do because nobody is presenting their authentic self to you because they
dont know how to. They do not believe it is possible and because most people dont know

themselves, how in the creation of cats can they show you (laughter). Or dogs, whichever you
So do you get the picture beloved ones? In order to master your four lower bodies you have to
know what makes you tick. Study the chakric system; learn what abuses you have experienced
in this lifetime are impacting on your chakric system. Find out what you need to do to heal it.
Stop running away from the fear of facing the healing process because you dont know what
lies beyond it. Healing is the process of applying quantum physics. Every time a person stops
the process of change happening, they are fighting against the science of quantum physics.
Stand up and acknowledge your divine right to free your will so that you can truly have more
than one or two choices from which to decide. Step out of the comfort zone, of the illusion that
you have come to believe is your life, and you will notice miraculous changes taking place in
your four lower bodies. The moment you understand here (indicates to head) and here (indicates
to heart) what is going on inside of you, you are free. People manifest physical disease in their
body to actually get them going some times. How far are you willing to push your button before
you take responsibility to get to know yourself? Are you willing to manifest terminal illness in
your body to get you motivated? Or are you willing to use your will and to take action now.
When you understand the chakras of your body, which is the very basis of physical life and
spiritual life in one formation, you will be amazed at how your behaviour in the past has been
governed by trauma, by abuse, by ignorance and shock. You will come to recognise where your
imbalances are and why. When you understand it, when you know yourself you are empowered.
Knowledge is power and knowledge is also empowering.
Now you are active participants in the physical world. What is the most common disease
besides HIV/Aids that people deal with? (A: Cancer) And the cause of cancer as we said earlier
on is anger, unexpressed anger, resentment and bitterness. It is the unexpressed emotions within
eating away at one from the inside. Humanity believes they cannot express themselves. People
generally do not know how to deal with their anger. There has never ever been a general anger
management program available to humanity as easily as DVDs and videos are. Anger
management is one of the most important mechanisms of emotional management that humanity
requires at this time. Why does war break out? Because the ego becomes angry at something. It
thinks it owns, it thinks its better, its mine and because it does not understand that all is one, it
separates itself from the higher world and anger breaks out, war breaks out. So everything you
see happening in your world is a manifestation of dis-ease. The microcosm and the macrocosm
reflect for one another and Mother Earths body is dis-eased by the emotional energy of anger. It
is obvious quite blatantly everywhere that cancer is certainly besides HIV Aids one of the
greatest killer on earth. The different forms of cancer determine the quality of the emotion that
has caused the cancer.
Now, another area of the body where there appears to be a lot of problems especially in women
are their reproductive organs. Women from even young ages all over the world are battling with
or have manifested endometriosis, infertility, cysts on their ovaries and the uterus has growths
inside or outside of it. This is a reflection of the goddesses disempowered emotions; her anger
at not being able to co-create. This is largely because of the history that has impacted on
humanity over the past 2000 odd years. This is the end result of the history however, this is not
been the only age that so many reproductive disorders have been around. This gives you an idea

of how humanitys behaviour impacts on a physical body. It turns and churns in the emotional
body or in the mental body until eventually it kills you on the inside. Or, debilitates you so that
in fact all you want to do is die in order to be free of the emotional torture or physical pain that
you are in. And people have admitted that their physical pain actually helps them feel alive.
Another disease that many children are battling with is asthma. Asthma is connected to the heart
chakra. The heart chakra impacts on all the other chakras and all the other chakras impact on the
heart chakra. So that one is probably the most abused of all the chakras. Asthma is the inability
to take in air, to breathe. There is insufficient breath; life force. The child may not believe it
deserves the space it is taking up or may not be given the ability or the space to breathe by
family or either one of the parents. That in itself is further proof how your environment impacts
on you. Parents, children, teenagers, adults who dont have children, everyone needs to be reeducated, released of their conditions to find a new way.
So beloved ones, with each of you here, we shall continue the process of assisting you in
moving into greater states of awareness, more expanded states of consciousness in order for you
to grasp the truth of your reality. Make note and take note of these revelations of the changes
you experience, of the way you feel differently about yourself on the inside. You will see how
that changes everything on the outside. Beginning with your emotional body, understanding
your chakras will help you to understand your emotional body and beginning to climb the
ladder. Your mental body then becomes a tool, a supportive tool for you to perpetuate the new
energy you are integrating into your emotional body. That influences your lower astral body
which takes you out of the collective consciousness and moves you into that complete state of
higher experience, of higher expression, integration of the understanding and teachings and
principles of the higher worlds. Stepping out of the norm is the current trend. Becoming a new
age maverick is fashionable (laughter). So you become rebels with a cause. Is this clear to all of
you? Very well. Let us proceed now with questions.
Q: Master Kuthumi, we seemed to drag a lot on problems but if the solution is light and change
of belief, what is the solution to getting or attracting more light and changing belief.
MK: The reason why we have focused on the problem is because so many people did not know
what the problem is. A number of people do not believe the problem is a problem. This is
merely highlighting where the cause has rooted itself and where it stems from. We also said it is
important to be in the now, and being in the present moment means you become more conscious
of what you are buying into. On a daily basis drawing light into the body; into the pituitary
gland and into the pineal gland feeds more light into the body and therefore into yourselves.
Because yourselves are influenced by your belief systems they will either continue to recreate
the same imprint based on your belief systems or it will change, based on your new belief
systems. Those new belief systems are different for everyone and we cannot give you a set of
belief systems to follow, for that in itself will be taking away from you your authentic
experience. Therefore each person needs to, through the process of self-discovery determine
what his or her true belief systems are. So the way you change the problem is by getting to
know yourself. As weve said, study the chakric system; be conscious of your emotions. Ask
Spirit to intervene with whatever you are conscious of at a specific time as being a problem. If
you are having a problem with guilt ask Spirit to intervene and to reveal to you where the guilt

is stemming from. By being in the moment, being conscious of the guilt motivating you, you
begin to recognise what triggers the guilt. When you recognise what triggers it you are able to
put it into perspective and then you are empowered with knowledge; it gives you the ability to
do things differently. So it is a constant process. It is the process of being in the moment, being
conscious, of being aware. Being in touch with yourself and with Spirit, whatever you consider
Spirit to be. Does this answer your question?
Q: You know that old song Love Hurts? So many people hear it and have no idea what love
is and then it becomes a belief. If you are not aware of it and say I want to change that, then
MK: That is where you start. I want to change this. Remember it is a belief system youve been
programmed with that love hurts. You decide now you want to experience something different;
you have made the conscious decision. Now you need to commit to attracting that change, to
manifesting that change; so this is where your communion with Spirit begins. You say: I now
consciously choose to dismantle the belief system that holds me in manifesting love that hurts. I
now choose to manifest love in all its pleasurable natures (whatever you choose) and you state:
I choose to manifest a relationship, an intimate relationship were we experience the true
meaning of love. Love of an unconditional nature, love that supports both of us on our personal
journey of evolution. Love that allows us to grow in light, love that allows us to blossom as
souls in human form. You can be as creative as you like. Do you understand?
Intensions are very powerful. You want to begin with a decision that you want to change
Q: Master Kuthumi, my daughter has asthma and I understand the reason for that. She also has
eczema and aloepecia, a condition where the hair falls out. Can you please give me more
information on that?
MK: Certainly. Let us acknowledge her addiction to the belief system that she does not have
enough room to breathe or she does not deserve to be on earth, her addiction to stress, which
would manifest the eczema to a large degree. Where exactly is the eczema on her body? (It is all
over her body) So there again that re-affirms that she does not feel that she deserves to be on
earth, and having to be in a physical body is extremely stressful because she feels she is
invading. The fact that her hair is falling out; hair being the symbolism of ones spirit and
spiritual strength, she is not feeling that she has the spiritual strength necessary to keep her on
earth. So one needs to begin with working with her belief systems regarding her deserve-ability
to take up space. To address how safe she feels to be on earth she needs to believe that she has
the room to be herself, that she has the space to express herself that she has room to breathe.
She would need to address all the areas in her life where she feels controlled, where she has felt
stifled, where she felt she has had to sacrifice her freedom. The anger at this at not feeling she
had the space to pursue dreams or visions. That anger may also be a cause behind her eczema.
The stress of being in her body certainly contributes to it as well and she needs to determine
what she is so anxious about, where her spiritual strength lies something that she will need to
discover as well. Perhaps by explaining the story of Samson and Delilah will help her
understand the connection of spiritual strength linked to ones hair. Our spiritual strength

actually feeds whatever one requires in order to be strong in life mentally, emotionally and
spiritually. Do you understand? (Yes, thank you) You are welcome.
Q: Master Kuthumi, you explained the physical reasons for manifesting cancer and ulcers in the
physical body. How does Aids fit into this?
MK: Aids is a manifestation of a combination of two emotions. The underlying emotion is
anger. That anger feeds another area, which is contributory to that and that is the inability to
forgive. Lack of forgiveness destroys the immune system because it holds one in a constant
state of anger as well. Forgiveness especially. As you will see HIV Aids has manifested
originally more amongst the gay community and black African people. The gay community has
felt victimised for a very long time, as have black people; Africa, more so than any other
country and that is part of the world that was most impacted with racism (tape ends). the
imprint has made it almost impossible to manifest the sincere need to forgive. Now HIV Aids
has spread out to anyone, regardless of colour, gender, age or sexual preference. It has seeped
into humanity and into all areas where lack of forgiveness is. People who ask why does a newborn baby then come in with Aids, because it has been genetically coded with that imprint. So
from the beginning where perhaps the grandfather, the great-grandfather or great greatgrandfather or grandmother suffered at the hands of racism the abuse may have been so
traumatic that it is locked within the genes. The cellular imprint becomes a part of the energy
template that passes on through all the generations. When you are conceived you take on five
generations of genetic information from your mothers side and seven generations of genetic
information from your fathers side. So going back as far as seven generations ago there was
Aids there and when that imprint is still strong enough to manifest, it will. If the child has past
life issues related to that intensity of anger or lack of forgiveness, it would amplify in their
body. Every single person is born with cancer inside of him or her; you all have the trophoblast
cell inside of you, but you dont all manifest cancer. So Aids is around anger and lack of
forgiveness. It can be changed and is already changing, as people begin to deal with their issues.
Young black Africans are beginning to change the imprint because they are not as influenced by
racism as their forefathers were. However, some of them have to let go of the chip on their
shoulder that was placed upon them through their conditioning and union has to take place. As
more and more people, black people specifically are becoming empowered, that belief system is
changing too. However, there is a very fine line to racism and black people will have to be very
careful that they do not reverse the process on white people. Already white people are beginning
to develop resentment toward black people because they feel now the tables have turned to the
degree where black people are behaving in a racist fashion to white people. You understand?
(Yes, I do but is that going to come into balance?) We trust it will, sister. There are enough
people who have made the conscious choice to grow and to become enlightened and who are
infiltrating the various systems within society to bring about balance, to educate humanity in
business, in schools, medicine, psychology and psychiatry to bring about balance. So we have
faith this will most certainly come into balance, yes.
Q: Lord Kuthumi, I wanted to ask about depression. Is that connected to parasites?
MK: Yes, it will be because it moves into the base chakra. It will do this, however Lord
Arcturus is saying that solar plexus and crown chakra parasites are what keeps one in

depression bearing in mind the effects that they have on the emotional body and the spirit body.
You understand? Remember the crown chakra parasite is what brings you into the hermit phase.
The solar plexus parasite feed the emotional addiction so one can become addicted to the
feeling of depression. The crown chakra parasite, which manifests in the base chakra causing
the separation from family, from friends, from life continues to feed the depression as one feels
more and more distant and more separate until eventually one reaches a state of depression
where all the person does is perhaps just sleeps or goes into various processes of perhaps
overeating, abusing their body, abusing their emotions but also disconnecting from the rest of
the world. Depression is unexpressed emotions that have been held specifically in the lower
three chakras. You can see it as the earth, the water and fire elements. Those three chakras will
have influenced the heart chakra, which would have got to the point of such emotional overload
or trauma overload that it shuts down and depresses all of the emotions so that it does not have
to deal with the excess. That excess either then becomes extreme aggression, obsessive
controlling behaviour or obsessive perfectionism, eating disorders or complete withdrawal; my
life is perfectly wonderful there is nothing wrong and will not face anything, yet inside it is a
volcano waiting to erupt. You understand?
Q: Lord Kuthumi, what about if your addiction is you are addicted to thinking? Compulsive
thinking and sometimes obsessive thinking? And as hard as I try I cant get back into my body.
MK: What do you think you need to do? (I dont want to think because that is my problem, I
want to believe!) (laughter) (I need to stop thinking but it is ). Brother, for you specifically
we would suggest becoming involved in some kind of creative activity, this could be anything
from painting to drawing, to sculpting, building miniature aeroplanes or boats or whatever it is.
Gardening, cooking. The minute your hands are busy focusing on a creative act it comes
straight into your body. You move into a state of meditation, you manifest yourself in the
present moment and your energy focuses on what you are doing creatively in that moment. Try
a number of different things; it may not be the very first thing that you attempt that works for
you but research different creative activities and you will certainly find one. Perhaps the
creative activity could be writing what your mind is so busy about.
A: Lord Kuthumi, can we then relate the physical parasites that we know of on this earth to
energetic parasites MK: Yes, you can. Remember a parasite entering at solar plexus will be
affecting the sacral chakra as well as the heart and the throat. So any imbalances or disorders in
those chakras then reveal to you it is a solar plexus parasite and then anything in the crown
chakra, the third eye and the base will then show you that it is a crown chakra parasite, or the
entry point was through crown chakra or through solar plexus. You will pick up the energetic
parasite based on the persons behaviour; which is why we have said it is so important to
understand the chakras properly to know whatever experiences in their lifetime have impacted
on those chakras because you will understand the emotional need within that chakra, which
would then attract parasites or viruses. You understand?
A: Lord Kuthumi, are implants and parasites the same thing?
MK: We were getting to that one. So let us then describe this one. Implants are very similar to
software that is placed within a computer in order to run a program. So implants are based on

conditioning. A culture will have a standard implant which could be in any chakra; perhaps even
all the chakras. Those implants are in every subtle body in other words the emotional body, the
mental body and the lower astral spirit body. For instance the Jewish faith has their set of belief
systems; they have their traditions. That forms an implant that holds that information; that holds
the program in place. Now let us say a Jewish girl falls in love with a Hindu man and decides he
is not going to convert, but she decides she will become a Hindu and oh my goodness, all hell
breaks loose in the Jewish community because the implant does not allow the individual or the
community to see beyond that constricting world of conditioning. You understand? Now you
have other implants; these implants then become more specialised. As you grow you attract
more and more implants. Let us say for instance a child grows up in a family that practices
racism. The implant that that child attracts into the energy fields is that black people are bad.
They do not deserve to live or whatever the belief systems are when it comes to racism that
becomes an implant. Anything that one perceives as a judgment comes through various
implants. Countries are implanted with such conditionings as well, that is why we say these
implants are in all the bodies and to a degree, depending on a persons personal level of soul
growth, it may be in all the chakras. As you change your conditioning, as you work with your
integration process of the authentic blueprint, you dissolve those implants automatically. You
have done this already to a great degree and every time you take your power back from a victim
situation, you dissolve the implant that held you within the consciousness and the belief system
that that is OK. A child who grew up in a family where a mother was abused, is conditioned that
it is acceptable to be abused because nothing different is displayed. So that manifests an
implant; a kind of mechanism through which energy is filtered to maintain that field of
There are other implants that people are exposed to and those are more of an extraterrestrial
nature. That is where a person has been physically abducted and implants have been placed in
the body for the purpose of monitoring the human experience. These implants are also placed in
various areas in the body usually in alignment with energy points, which keep the person
asleep. Do you understand? It is not always easy to determine for certain if one has physical
implants or not. There are people who are specialists in these areas, therefore if any person feels
this may be a fact we would then suggest that they consult such a specialist and have them
removed. The other way of doing it is by maintaining a healthy and constant relationship with
ones higher self and Spirit. By communicating daily with Spirit by bringing light into your
body constantly to a degree of your day consciously, setting the intention that for the duration of
your day, light continues to filter into your body, all of those are dismantled anyway. And there
have been recorded events of people having things automatically fall out of their nose or simply
break through the skin because they have been able to release it as a result of the new energy
that has been brought into their body. Do not underestimate the power of energy or the power of
light. By working with yourself as we have said you dissolve the implants automatically. Does
this answer your question? Very well.
A: How do I check whether I have parasites or implants.
MK: Beloved sister that process has already been initiated based on the information that we
have given each of you today, the process of eliminating parasites has already begun. If you at
any stage feel intuitively you may be carrying a parasite, we suggest you take seven different

coloured pencils that correspond with the chakras. Draw seven circles with each colour. Align
yourself with your guides, with your higher self and your subtle bodies and instinctively choose
a colour. You can do something as simple as closing your eyes and putting your finger on a dot.
That will show you if there is anything. If there is nothing, you will probably miss the dots
completely. If there is something, your finger will touch one of the chakric points on your piece
of paper. This will then give you an idea of whether it is a solar plexus or crown chakra parasite.
If it is a crown chakra parasite you need to do grounding exercises. Use crystals, beloved ones
to help release the parasites from the bodies. When you understand the chakras and the colours
you will also understand how to use crystals through their corresponding colours. If you are
motivated or inspired to learn more about crystals, then follow this; other than that you can
simply work with the coloured crystals to help you. So grounding exercises are very important.
With solar plexus parasites you need to research yourself and reflect. Have you been through a
very emotional traumatic time recently or have there been emotional issues coming to the fore
related to past trauma that may have ignited a dormant parasite? And then you work with
healing techniques to bring chakras into balance; this you will gain based on studying the
chakras. It is an ongoing process. Because you are still part of the physical world and you are
exposed to the collective consciousness and that energy is around you and you as a person or as
people are still healing certain aspects of yourself, there may be times that a parasite gets in just
like there may be times you catch a cold. But is not serious or life threatening because you are
in a position to sense it, to eliminate it and bring yourself back to emotional and mental as well
as physical and spiritual well-being in a very short space of time. This is why again we reiterate,
if you know yourself, you will know when something is out of place. The more you are in touch
with your feelings, the more you are in touch with the needs of your physical body there will be
nothing that will slip past you without you sensing it. You understand?
Q: Does negativity directed to you by other peoples thoughts also act like parasites?
MK: Yes, however it is each persons responsibility to protect him or her self on a daily basis so
that such an attack does absolutely nothing.
Q: So by protecting yourself you can actually prevent it?
MK: Absolutely, yes. A very powerful method of protection is asking St Germain to ignite the
five-fold flame within one on a daily basis; that the five-fold flame be within, dissolving and
transmuting any conscious and unconscious negativity within the self and to manifest the fivefold flame externally so that any external negative energy that is consciously or unconsciously
projected, is automatically dismantled; not returned to the person, simply dismantled. So it just
falls to a heap of nothingness. Returning it to the source or the person is actually hitting them
with the same negativity. So just return it to Source; not the source from whence it came, but to
Source. By sending it back to the person that projected it to you, you are creating a dynamic. By
protecting yourself, it is also automatically reflected to Source to be dissolved. That person, if
they are attacking others consciously or unconsciously, will naturally manifest within their
reality a situation or event that will have to bring them into a process of healing or taking
responsibility for what they are doing. And you dont have to become involved in the game; this
is what surrendering or handing over to Spirit is also about. So if it is a problem with the person

one does not have to become involved in an energetic dynamic of an eye for an eye. All one
does is say to Spirit: my conscious choice is to refrain from attacking or becoming involved in
any conflicting situation and asking Spirit to intervene and manifest peace and resolution in
creative, miraculous and harmonious means and that is how it will manifest. The minute one
person decides not to play the only other person that one can play with is oneself.
So beloved ones we embrace each one of you at this time in the power and light of your
authentic truth. That truth is unique unto each one here. The sets of principles by which you
choose to live your life are to be in divine alignment with the higher plan and the highest will of
your soul and you can set your intentions in accordance with that plan. Embrace you divine
right to manifest your authentic reality created for you in which to grow. You have learnt all that
you need to in the old world, you have now been made aware of the illusion, of the program
you have bought into. You are here today because you are ready to hear these words and
because you are ready to step into a new world experiencing life because you are ready to
change. And you have all the tools at your disposal to do so. Whether you believe it or not is
another question!
Beloved ones we are by your side every step of the way. All you have to do is ask Spirit to
intervene. Until you ask, nothing can be done. So knock and the door shall be opened unto thee.
All your prayers will be answered and always have been answered. Dont ever give up.
Sometimes you are far closer than you realise, only to give up at the very end. Acknowledge
how much you have grown and healed already. Know that we are with you always in all ways
and trust in the many invisible arms that you cannot see simply because you believe you cant,
that hold you.
I am Kuthumi, Lord of love and wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.