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Vision- Achieving largest percentage of available market share

Environmental scanning: SWOT analysis- its identify the key internal and external factors
seen as important to achieving vision of Company. Below following is SWOT analysis for
GOLF ltd.
Strength-Easy customization of products- Company can customize its products according to
customer segment needs with some charge of R&D. Thus, company can achieve good market
share through proper customization of products which cater high market shares.
Easy understanding of positioning of product through perceptual map- using perceptual map,
company can get the overview of current positioning of product and required positioning for
target market segment. It helps company to forecast the feature, style and price.
Weakness- Highly competitive market- the large no. of competitor is present in the present
market which shows this industry is highly competitive.
High variation in customer needs- As industry is highly competitive; customer has lot of
option on hand in term of feature, style and price. Thus, it has lot of variation in demand
which is difficult to forecast.
Opportunity- Company has easy availability of finance- company has lot of option to get
require fund which shows unforeseen free operation due to financial crisis. It also has
emergency lone option which provides immediately fund on need.
Threat- high cost of capital for emergency finance- Company facing high rate of charge of
cost of capital (15% yearly) for emergency purpose which create difficult situation to be in
Where r u and where do u want to b?
Where we are- The Company is in an industry where there are five segments namely Hermits,
Pragmatists, Tech-geeks, Wanderers and Bluebloods. But, it has presence in three segments
out of five with some percentage of market shares.
Where we want be The company want to show presence in all of the above five market
segments with good percentage market share in each segments.
Identify the strategic gap and how do u want to fill the gap??As companys vision is to become

market leader by expanding market share and cater to all the market segments. Currently,
company has launched three different products in some of the available market segments. It is
way behind from its vision. Thus, company have to follow some strategy to fill-up expected
gap between expected to current market shares. Hence, it will follow following strategy:
market penetration and market development. Through market penetration strategy, company
will increase its existing market segments by gaining competitors market share or attracting
non-users of current existing product or convincing current customers to use of more

Other strategy company will cater i.e. market development. In this strategy, company will
focus on launch of its existing product on new market segment which are untapped market. In
current scenario, two of market segment is still untapped by company. Thus, the company
will target it.


The company is in an industry where there are five segments namely Hermits, Pragmatists,
Tech-geeks, Wanderers and Bluebloods. Moreover our company Golf deals with only three
products which are GRAN, GINC and GAPP.
We identified our initial strategy on the basis of expected age of the product required by a
particular market segment where our goal was to target as many segments as we can.
We started with Blueblood market segment whose ideal age requirement is zero years. Then
we identified our product GRAN whose launch period is 0.5 years which is the nearest age
for one of the target segment. Then, the expected age requirement for Pragmatic segment
was 3 years for which we targeted our product GAPP whose age is 2.05 years.
Thereafter, we have modified the values of Features, Portability & Style factor of all the three
products according to segments expectations & preference given to each criterion.
We did not enter Wanders and Tech Geeks segment as it was a small segment i.e. 7.6% and
7.5% segment of the total industry respectively as compared to other segments of their size;
we felt that the investment was not justified.
The strategy adopted in this case is differentiation. A differentiation strategy involves
making products or services different from and more attractive as compared to their
competitors. Golf is using a differentiation strategy which concentrates its efforts on a
features & portability to differentiate from their competitors based on the reach in that
particular segment such as Print, Radio, Television, Internet, Tradeshow and events,
promotions etc.
In this round-1, we have focused on differentiation to gain maximum market share but have
left two market segments. Gradually, our vision is to become market leader by expanding
market share and cater to all the market segments in 10 years by taking various steps
including differentiation and launching new products.