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Fountain Hills, AZ

March 2015

From Pastor Bill Good
What I say to you in the dark, tell in the
light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim from the housetops. (Mt. 10:27)
A Listening
Going through Lent
is a listening.
When we listen
to the word,
we hear
where we are so
If we listen to the word,
and hallow it
into our lives,
we hear
how we can so
live again.
-Ann Weems

Come. Let us listen together in the darkness.
Come. Let us walk together into the light.
Sundays throughout Lent, 9 & 11:15am: We gather in
worship to sing our songs, listen to the Word of God and
share our hope.
Wednesday Evening Vespers, March 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th,
6:30pm: Candlelight, prayer and sacred song prepare us as
we gather for a meal at Christ’s table. Pastor Bill will bring
a brief message each evening focused on the 51st Psalm.
Dinner and fellowship precedes the service from 5:45-6:30
in our Fellowship Center.

Palm Sunday, March 29th, 9 & 11:15am: We follow our
children joyfully waving palm branches as we take our
places amongst the throngs cheering the Messiah’s triumphal entrance into Jerusalem – on the back of a donkey!
Our joy will be multiplied as we baptize Madison Reynolds, Jack & Monique Reynolds’ granddaughter, during
our second service.
Maundy Thursday, April 2nd, 7pm: The word tenabrae
comes from the Latin, meaning “shadows” and describes
a form of Maundy Thursday worship which dates back to
at least the 8th century. This year we will join with that
“great cloud of witnesses” in celebrating the Lord’s Supper in a service which quietly progresses from light into
darkness as we trace the events of that final, fateful evening.
Good Friday, April 3rd, Noon-1:00pm: We join in worship with our Presbyterian family at Mountain View
Church in Scottsdale. During the service, we will hear
the seven last words from the cross, spend time in prayer
and view a special media presentation. Pastors from both
churches will participate. Mt. View PC is located at 8050
E. Mt. View Rd. in Scottsdale – NW corner of Hayden &
Mt. View.
The Great Vigil of Easter, Saturday, April 4th, 7pm: The
world changes before our eyes! A worship journey begun in Good Friday darkness and despair is transformed - beginning with but a single candle -- into Resurrection
light and hope. Our first Easter celebration has begun!
Again, we will share in worship with our friends from
Mt. View PC. This time, we will gather in our sanctuary.
Easter - The Day of Resurrection, April 5th, 9 &
11:15am: Christ the Lord is risen today!! We sing our
alleluias as we share our joy in worship.
May the Lord, be with us in our listening -- and in our
Grace and Peace,

Our Vision:

Living God’s love.
calls us to . . .
Our Mission :

Reach out to all with faith and love.

We must not wish for the disappearance of our
troubles but for the grace to transform them.
-Simone Weil
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

In Touch

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Focus on Finance

Rev. Bill Good
Pastor/Head of Staff

Rev. Stan Jones

Jan Income

$ 37,455


$ 44,625

Parish Associate

Jan Expense

$ 38,926


$ 36,262

Yr to date Income

$ 37,455


$ 44,625

Yr to date Expense $ 38,926


$ 36,262

Pastor Ken Brown
Pastoral Associate

Debby DeBernardi
Director Christian Formation

Marta Ludwig
Administrative Coordinator

Debbie Fisher
Director of Music Ministry

Dorothy Parris

Caryl Bates

Lynn Medley

Linda Lull
Class of 2015
Brooks Benjamin
John Brockelman
Helen Quigley
Terri Schmidt
Chris Young
Class of 2016
Sally Atchinson
Bob Lull
John Skewes
Arlene Stewart
Class of 2017
Mary Alice Bivens
Bonnie Hollabaugh
Aleyne Larsen-Craig
Helen Roesch
Ron Waldo
Moderator: Nancy Wulfmeier
Class of 2015
Ben Fast
Jack Morris
Ruby Pearson
Bev Watters
Class of 2016
Suzie McCready
Dorothy Rudack
Donna Sims
Nancy Wulfmeier
Class of 2017
Michele Hasley
Mary Lee Lehrich
Cynthia Linton
Linda Warren

This January had a slow start compared to January
2014. Pledges last year were significantly higher
than this year. Yet expenses continue to increase, some which we
can't control. It is hopeful that we
will see an increase in income as we
settle into the new year.

Linda Lull, Treasurer

On the Inside:
From the Pastor, Bill Good .. .. .. . . . .. . . . .. .. .. …. ..
Focus on Finance .. .. .. ..… … … … .. . … .. . .. … .
Holy Week Schedule .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . ..
Tribute to Glenn Campbell Concert .. .. .. . .. .. .. . . .. ..
Mission Ministry . . … . . . .. .. .. .. . . . .. . . . . … .. . . .
Presbyterian Women .. .. .. …. .. . . . . .. . … .. . . .. . . ..
Out ’n About... .. .. .. . . . … . … . . . .. .. .. . . . . . . .. .. .
Hooked on Books .. … .. . … .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . .. ..
PW Winter Gathering … .. . . .. .. .. … .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . .
Facebook .. … .. . . .. .. .. .. . . .. .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Sweetheart Brunch .. . .. . . . . . . .. .. . . … .. .. . . . . .. . ..
2nd Annual Foundation Meeting .. .. .. . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .
Christian Formation .. . .. . .. .. .. .. …. .. . . . . .. . .. . . . .. .
From the Director of Christian Formation .. . . . . . . . . .
Wednesday Nights.. .. .. .. . .. . .. .. .. . … . … … .. . . . . .
Concert Series 2015.. .. .. .. .. .. . . . .. . . … . . . .. . . . . ..
FHPC Foundation . . ... …. … . . . . . . … . .. . . . .. .. . .
Library Footnotes.. … .. …. .…. …. …. …. …. …. …
Music Ministry .. … … .. .. .. .. …. . . . . .. . . .. . . . . ..
Member Spotlight...Did you Know? .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . ...
Necrology for 2015… .. … .. . . .. … .. … . .. . . .. . . ….
March Birthdays .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . ..
First Place Winner . . . … . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . … . . .. .. .. ..


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March 2015

Holy Week Schedule

Vespers Services - Wednesdays - March 4-11-18-25 6:30 p.m.
Simple Soup dinner at 5:45 p.m.
Palm Sunday – March 29— 9 a.m. & 11:15 a.m.
Maundy Thursday — April 2 — 7 p.m.
Good Friday, April 3 – Noon – 1:00 p.m.
At Mountain View Presbyterian Church

Easter Saturday, April 4 – 7 p.m.
The Great Vigil of Easter
Easter – April 5 – 9 a.m. & 11:15 a.m.

March 22, 2015
7:00 PM

Tribute to Glen Campbell
Starring Jeff Dayton

Tickets now available
General Admission

Lent is like a long “retreat” during
which we can turn back into
ourselves and listen to the voice of
God….using the arms of faith, prayer,
listening to the word of God and penance. In this way we will be able to
celebrate Easter in truth, ready to renew
the promises of our baptism.
-Pope Benedict XVI
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

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November 2012
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In Touch

Mission Ministry
Hebrews 13:2 (NRSV) “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers;
for by doing so, some have entertained Angels without knowing it.”
How many Angels have we neglected
to help? We need to be constantly
aware of those in need and do all we
can, because we never know who is an
Angel. That is what we strive to do
here in our Mission Ministry. I have
lots of new and old opportunities for
Terri Schmidt, Elder
you this month. Read on and see if
there is something that may interest you.

Blankets Plus
We collected money for Blankets Plus on February
22nd. To date we have collected $2538.00 This money is sent
to an organization called Church World
Services. In last month’s newsletter, I
misspoke and said this was part of Presbyterian Disaster Relief. Church World
Services works in many of the same
places as Presbyterian Disaster Relief
works. But both organizations do wonderful work for those
in need. We will continue to help both organizations. Thank
you to all who contributed.

Souper Bowl Canned Kickoff
It’s official, we picked the winner again!!! For the
last several years we have collected more canned goods for
the winning team. We collected 101 non-perishable or
canned items for the Patriots and 68 for the Seahawks, plus
$95.00 between both teams. These items and money will go
to Extended
F o o d
you to
all who

Extended Hands Food Bank
A big thank you goes out to Penny and Keith
Junk, Susan Lickman, Linda Warren and Vivian Virden
for their help in serving the 241 people at the Friday
Night Fish Fry on February 6th. This was the second
highest amount of people ever served. The next Fish Fry
will be on March 6th, and we will be helping out again.
Thank you to all who continue to bring in canned and
non-perishable food on Sundays. We love to help those
here in town who may need a little extra help.

Food for Kidz
This should be a lot of fun. We (the Mission
Committee) and anyone from the Church who would like
to help can meet at the Community Center on March 12th
at 5:30-8:00pm. We will be packing food for the needy in
less fortunate countries. We will be joining with the New
Journey Lutheran Church, Church of Ascension and the
Interfaith Alliance for this project.
This group will pack bulk food such as; rice,
dried veggies, protein and vitamin powders, and flavoring into plastic bags. Each bag will be enough to feed a
family of 4 for one meal. The recipients can add any
extra vegetables or meat they may have, and water to
cook. For some people this is their main source of protein
and vitamins. If you want to donate money for this project you can donate to New Journey Lutheran Church @
PO Box 19652 Fountain Hills, AZ 85269 or make out to
Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church and put Food for
Kidz on the memo line.

Free the Kids
This organization is an organization that helps
kids in Haiti. It started out as an orphanage and has
grown to a Village of Hope. They have a school that the
orphans attend and live in, as well some of the local kids
whose families can not support them. There are approximately 450 children living and attending school in the
One of our newest members, Jack Reynolds is one of the
men who first started this organization, along with his
brother-in-law Fr. Marc Boisvert. If this is something
you would like to learn more about, you can e-mail Jack
Jack is going down to Haiti for a few days the first part of
May. If you wish to learn more about Free the Kids, you
can go on their web site:

Dress a Girl
This is a fun organization, but a much needed
one. There is a group who makes dresses out of pillowcases for girls in Africa. These are then sent to Africa

In Touch

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March 2015page 4

Mission Ministry
with an emblem on the front of them that tells everyone they
are protected. For whatever reason girls wearing this emblem are not abused or raped. There is a warehouse in
Tempe that makes these and you can take tours or go down
and help make these dresses. If you are interested in making
some dresses or want to tour the facility, contact Susan
Owens who has taken the tour. If you don’t want to leave
Fountain Hills, you can donate items and make them here.
Christ’s Church on Saturday March 7th is hosting a gathering
at the church where several women are making these dresses.
You can take your own sewing machine and sew or you can
cut and pin the fabric. If you want to donate they take all
sizes of new and gently used pillow cases, double sided binding tape, rickrack, buttons, thread, and anything that can be
used for decorations. This sounds like another way to help
and have fun doing so.

National Day of Prayer
The local National Day of Prayer group is wanting
us to remember to pray for our Church this month. As we get
closer to the National Day of Prayer on May 1st, we continue

to pray for another part of our daily lives. So far we have
been asked to pray for our Government, Military, Media,
Business and Education. This month we need to be mindful
of prayer for our Church as we go through these uncertain
times, not just locally but universally. We pray for new zeal
and commitment to the mission of Jesus Christ. For the
unity with and among the Churches to reveal God's love to
the world. We pray for integrity, that God's people look and
act differently than the world. We pray for a return to the
absolute of God's Word.
So as I close this month, I will ask you all to continue to pray not only for our Church, but also for Mission
Ministry. Pray that we can continue to help those in need
and those who are less fortunate than us.
If you would like to join or help us with any of our
Mission Projects, please feel free to contact Mission Elders
Bonnie Hollabaugh or Terri Schmidt. Or you can attend our
meetings the second Monday of the month at 4:00pm. May
God Bless you and thank you all for your continued support of us in our Mission work.

A potluck of people

St. Patrick’s Day trivia

Many congregations enjoy gathering for potluck
dinners—meals largely unplanned, when people bring food to
share. Usually, the main dishes, salads and deserts balance
out. The fun is the variety mixing together on a plate and the
surprise factor of what’s contributed.
Churches and communities—even families—are
potlucks of a sort too. When groups assemble, each person
contributes something unique and sometimes unexpected.
When all is mixed together, the whole is truly greater than the
sum of the parts. A beautiful balance often results: One is a
good singer, the other writes well; some are strong leaders,
others dependable team members; some are traditional, others
innovative. Together, it’s delicious!
Potlucks are sometimes called covered-dish dinners.
But don’t keep your gifts “covered”! Share them because
you’re a valued part of the whole.

You may know that St. Patrick used shamrocks to teach
about the Trinity, but did you
know these other facts about him?
• St. Patrick wasn’t Irish. (His parents were Roman citizens living in either
Scotland or Wales.)
• He was kidnapped and sold as a slave at age 16. After
escaping six years
later, he joined a monastery in England.
• March 17 is the date of St. Patrick’s death, not his
birth. He died in 461 A.D.
• The color originally associated with St. Patrick is blue,
not green.
• The harp, not the shamrock, is the national symbol of

A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation of the blood. Trying to make the matter clearer, she
said, 'Now, class, if I stood on my head, the blood, as you know, would run into it, and I would turn red
in the face.' 'Yes,' the class said.
'Then why is it that while I am standing upright in the ordinary position the blood doesn't run into my
feet?' A little fellow shouted, 'Cause your feet ain't empty'.
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

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December 2011
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In Touch

Presbyterian Women


Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team for 2014-2015
Moderator: Maurene Gerson
Mission Coordinator: Mary Alice Bivens
Vice-Moderator : Linda Capon
Librarian: Barbara Oakeson
Secretary: Bonnie Matty
Membership/Yearbook Coordinator: Linda Warren
Treasurer: Maria Berry
Bible Study Coordinator: Evelyn Hrunek
Publicity: Sally Atchinson
Search Committee: Ilene Berg
Morning Circle Leader: Suzie McCready Evening Circle Leader: Judy Irvin
Afternoon Circle Leader: Martha Baxter
Historian: Office Angels
Hooked on Books Leader: Jan Hoff
Out n’ About Leader: Arlene Olsen

March 3
1:00 p.m.
March 6
9:00 a.m.
March 12
9:00 a.m.
March 15
9:00 a.m./11:15 a.m.
March 16
7:00 p.m.
March 18
9:30 a.m.
March 18
12:00 p.m.

Afternoon Circle at Fountain View Village
Coordinating Team Meeting, Adult Center, FHPC
Morning Circle—Adult Center
Gifts of Women Sunday
Evening Circle, home of Barbara Oakeson
Hooked On Books (see box for details)
Out ‘n About (see box for details)

And coming soon………………
April 11

11:00 a.m.

PW Spring Gathering (see box for details)

The women of our church are involved in many activities and
responsibilities not outlined on the PW
pages and this is pointed out so well in a
letter from our Coordinating Team moderator, Maureen Gerson to all the women
of the church. Of course its also an invitation to be even more involved. We want
YOU to know that you are welcome at all
programs and there are many opportunities
to use your talents for the Lord and enjoy
the friendship of other women that are Sally Atchinson
doing the same.

Ringers (bells), Pearwood Recorders, the Hilltop Band
and of course the choir.
We participate in furnishing cookies and other goodies
for the pleasure of everyone between services, for memorials and other special meetings and events. What
would we do without our Hilltop Hospitality women?
We are dedicated to missions for those in need. We have
book clubs and luncheon groups. We study the Bible
together in morning, afternoon and evening circles and
often have special additional bible studies both morning
and evening.

To FHPC women:
March is going to be a very exciting and special month. We
women are going to contribute even more than we usually do.
What’s usual? Let’s stop and think about that.

In March you will see our smiling faces greeting you at
the door and handling usher duties. If you are willing to
help as a greeter or usher for a Sunday or two, please
let me know. We will especially need help in
ushering and greeting March 15.

We have leadership duties in the governing bodies of the church
such as Elders, Deacons, Trustees of the Foundation, Church
Treasurer, Memorial Fund Committee, and Columbarium Trust
Committee and membership on many service area committees
such as Christian formation, worship and music, Hilltop Hospitality and media minds.
Other leaders are our Music Director, Pianist, and Organist.
We play a variety of instruments and participate in Celebration

MARCH 15 is designated as Gifts of Women Sunday.
We will have all the responsibility of the service, including singing in an all women choir. I am inviting all the
women who love to sing to join us for one practice before we sing March 15. Our director, Debbie Fisher,
will notify everyone of the practice date. A wonderful
program and sermon is planned.

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March 2015
Easter Baskets

Speaking of planning, mark your calendars for Saturday, April
11, at 11 a.m. for the Spring Gathering being planned by Linda
Capron, Donna Yordy, Linda Warren, Dorothy Christie, Gail
Botsford and Ilene Berg. We will enjoy a lovely Tea and Fashion Show including china place settings, flowers, real silverware, men as waiters and music. Mary Carillo (yes our own
Mary) , from the Boulders, has developed an enticing menu of a
variety of tea sandwiches, fruit tarts,
mini quiches and desserts. There will be
no meeting; just a fabulous time for all.
Tickets are ONLY $15 and will benefit
The Phoenix Rescue Mission Changing
Lives Center. They go on sale March
8th. Don’t miss this…..see you there!

See photos of the PW Winter gathering
on the next page

The Presbyterian Women of
FHPC are asking for your assistance in providing Easter baskets for children who are residents at Devereux Arizona, a
group home for children 7-17 years of age with physical
and mental challenging needs.
On March 15 & 22 we will have slips with age and gender of the children receiving the baskets. We will have
more information for you in the Sunday Bulletin. Baskets must be received by Palm Sunday, March 29.
THANK YOU! For more information contact Sandy
Larson, 602-885-1860 or

- Maurene Gerson

Spring Tea and Fashion Show
to Benefit The Changing Lives Center
On April 11
The Presbyterian Women of Fountain Hills Presbyterian
Church will be hosting a High Tea and Spring Fashion Show.

PW Spring Gathering
April 11 at 11am
for ALL the WOMEN of the church
Tickets: $15
to benefit the
Changing Lives Center of Phoenix Rescue Mission
Fashion Show with Kay Kinder
Tea and goodies by our very own
Mary Carillo of the Boulders

The event begins at 11:00 AM in the Fellowship Center. The
lively music of Bill Covault will fill the air upon arrival. Guests
will be seated at tables set by our member hostesses using their
own china place settings.
The elegant food will be prepared by our own Mary Carillo who is
a pastry chef at The Boulders in Carefree, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. Mary has previously worked in that same capacity at The
Phoenician and the Marriott Camelback Resort. She will be preparing a 4 course menu of tea sandwiches, quiche, fruit tarts,
mousse cups, scones, petit fours, cream puffs and of course a tea
selection. Serving the ladies will be those dashing men of FHPC.
Following the tea, Kay Kinder of Fountain Fashions will be providing us with a Fashion Show of Spring to Summer fashions.
Tickets will go on sale beginning March 8 and will be sold each
Continued on page 9...

Out ’n About—Out to Lunch
The Out ‘n About group will be
going to Arrivederci at the Plaza
Fountain on March 18th at
noon. We will be ordering off the
menu and receiving separate
checks. Call Nancy Wulfmeier at
837-3021 for reservations.

The March meeting of Hooked on Books will
be at 9:30 AM on March 18th in the Home of
Lorene Hoover. We will have a guest author:
Elizabeth Lenci-Downs, who will review and
discuss her book " I Heard My People Cry"
which is the true story of one family's escape from Russia
during World War II.
Hooked on Books is open to all women who enjoy reading and
discussing books. For further information contact Jan Hoff

In Touch

page 8

PW Winter Gathering

FACEBOOK PAGE: Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church
Go to our website and click on Facebook on our home page. When you are there also click on the like it
icon. When you do that you will get news feeds directly from our site whenever anything new is added. It is just another way to stay connected.

Not Yet A Member?
*If you are attending our church and don’t have membership in another church, you can join our church by profession
of faith and receiving the Sacrament of Baptism or, if you’ve already been baptized, you can join by reaffirmation of faith in
Jesus Christ.
*If you belong to another church, but would like to transfer your membership to our church, we can arrange for a letter
of transfer from your current membership church to ours.
*If you are a winter visitor and are an active member of another church “back
home”, you can become an affiliate member at our church here and maintain your full
active membership there.
For additional information, please contact Aleyne Larsen-Craig at 602-625-6201, Sally
Atchinson at 480-837-1054 or call the church office at 480-837-1763.

Sally Atchinson

& Aleyne Larsen-Craig

page 9

March 2015

How can you help?

How grandchildren perceive their grandparents
7. I didn't know if my granddaughter had learned her colors
yet, so I decided to test her. I would point out something and
ask what color it was. She would tell me and was always
correct. It was fun for me, so I continued. At last, she headed
for the door, saying, "Grandma, I think you should try to
figure out some of these colors yourself!"
8. When my grandson Billy and I entered our vacation
cabin, we kept the lights off until we were inside to keep
from attracting pesky insects. Still, a few fireflies followed
us in. Noticing them before I did, Billy whispered, "It's no
use Grandpa. Now the mosquitoes are coming after us with
9. When my grandson asked me how old I was, I teasingly
replied, "I'm not sure." "Look in your underwear, Grandpa,"
he advised "Mine says I'm 4 to 6."
10. A second grader came home from school and said to her
grandmother, "Grandma, guess what? We learned how to
make babies today." The grandmother, more than a little surprised, tried to keep her cool. "That's interesting." she said...
"How do you make babies?"
"It's simple," replied the girl. "You just change 'y' to 'i' and
add 'es'."
To be continued….

Fry's Community Rewards Program
The more our church family shops at Fry's, the more monetary support our church will have. Won't you consider registering to allow Fry's to donate a portion of your grocery
expenditures to our church programs?
Register for the Fry's Community Rewards Program
Go to
activePage=community-rewards-2 make sure you enter the
whole address to visit the Fry's web page.

If you already have an account online, select Sign
In at the top right of the page. Enter your email
and password then click Sign In.
If you don't already have an account on line: click
Register at the top right of the page.
- Fill in the required fields, (be sure to write down
your password).
- Enter your zip code to find your preferred store.
From the drop-down menu below Find Store,
select your store. Now click Create an Account.
- You must sign up for a V.I.P. card to sign up for
the Community Rewards Program
- Check your email for a confirmation, click the
hyperlink in your email, and finish creating your
- In your account, enroll for Community Re
wards program, using the new FHPC
organization #84123

PW Spring Gathering... continued...
Sunday through March and during the week may be purchased in the church office. Priced at just $15 each it is truly a
bargain and well worth it for the pampering alone but a
greater benefit is that a portion of each ticket will be donated
to the Changing Lives Center of the Phoenix Rescue Mission.
This center is a faith based organization and requires a one
year commitment of each resident. The center is fully
funded by private donors and receives no Federal or State
funding. It is a residential facility with 170 beds. The residents are women and children in crises.
They live as a family unit in fully furnished apartments on site. The center has a
nursery, day care and school age children
attend a nearby public school. They have
an art room, library, cafeteria and a lovely
chapel. Daily devotions and Bible Study
are mandatory and local Pastors lead the
services as well as bi-annual baptisms.
The women are truly working to get their
lives in order and many are working toward a GED or High School diploma. It is a secure facility
and their privileges are limited. No drugs or alcohol and visitations are must be pre-approved. The women are fully responsible for maintenance of their units as well as the
grounds. It is truly an impressive facility and has a dedicated
staff of counselors and mentors. We are honored to be able to

help women and their families rebuild their lives and enjoy
blessings that
we enjoy.
Their current
need is to
equip a mother
and child room
that is to be a

place where they can interact as a
family unit playing games, doing
puzzles or watching videos together.
The room is bare bones now and they
need toys, puzzles, games, books,
videos, blocks and Lego's so that it
can be used as intended. We hope to
make a generous donation to them to
purchase the needed items and put it to use.
Join us on April 11 and enjoy a lovely day with friends
while doing something worthwhile in giving a hand up to
someone in need of love and support.
Tickets are limited so don't delay.


page 10

Sweetheart Brunch

The Men’s Group did it all from the planning, to the decorating,
to the flowers, to the food, to the entertainment. Thank you!

page 11

March 2015

Sweetheart Brunch

Skit performed by the
Presbyterian Men’s
You had to be there.

FHPC 2nd Annual Foundation Meeting

Trustees: Roy Nickel, Barbara Oakeson, Dawn Lau, Ben Fast, Susan Phillips, and Matt Jefferson.
The Trustees are proud to announce that the Foundation has reached the $500,000 mark!

In Touch

page 12

Christian Formation
Arlene Stewart , Elder
“ And we exhort you,
brothers: warn those
who are irresponsible,
comfort the discouraged, help the weak,
be patient with everyone”. Paul’s letter 1 Thessalonians 5:14

The New Testament believers did not think of
church as someplace to go, they saw it as something they were! It wasn’t about attending, but
attaching! Connecting to and with one another*. We are brothers, sisters, elders, leaders,
workers, teachers…a FHPC Faith Family!
The Sylvia Burke’s, Beth Moore Series continues Monday evening and again on Tuesday
mornings. A true walk with Paul through the
books of Thessalonians provides a greater understanding of how The Holy Spirit is poured
into us. As this series comes to an end, we pray
Sylvia will bless us with another series very
Sunday Bible Study is provided by John
Bivens. Please look for additional information
on the upcoming topic, time and location. John
has also created a study on how the Bible was
translated into English. This is a compelling
story of a man’s faith…and death. A copy is

currently in our Library. Our web-site
will soon have a link to this document.
Presbyterian Women circles and events
are available to all women of the Church.
The PWP Spring Gathering will be held
March 7th. Gifts of Women Sunday (both
services) is March 15th.
Pastor Bill is held at 12 noon on Wednesdays.
LENTEN VESPER Service Wednesday Evenings THE WAY, continues
with a soup and bread supper at 5:45 PM,
service at 6:30PM.
ELEMENTARY KidCommunity continues The Big God Story, Wednesdays
at 5:00 PM
Volunteer for Sunday and or Wednesday Youth Formation programs. The
children are our future.
Staff the Nursery
Men’s Bible Study is offered on Tuesday morning
And always, read your Bible daily!

Food Bank Welcomes
Fresh Fruit!
Do you have fruit trees? Hate
to see fruit wasted when you
know others are hungry?
Art Spalding graciously is offering to pick up fruit to donate to
the Food Bank.
He will even assist you in picking the fruit if needed! Just
give him a call at 480-8371781.

Arlene Stewart, Elder CF
* paraphrased , Beth Moore Series

A churchless Christian
In response to the question “Can I be a Christian
without joining the church?”
Someone once said it’s as possible as being:
A student who will not go to school.
A soldier who will not join an army.
A citizen who does not pay taxes or vote.
A salesman with no customers.
An explorer with no base camp.
A seaman on a ship without a crew.
A business man on a deserted island.
An author without readers.
A tuba player without an orchestra.
A parent without a family.
A football player without a team.
A politician who is a hermit.
A scientist who does not share his findings
A bee without a hive.

Different perspective!
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

page 13

March 2015

From the Director of Christian Formation
Many of the biblical commands can be
summarized as “REMEMBER” and
“DO NOT BE AFRAID”. Along our
Lenten journey we encourage one another to enter the story of Jesus. We
enter his words, deeds, death, dying,
burial, waiting and rising. We are reminded how our lives are enfolded in
the Holy Mystery of the Trinity. Without fear, we remember. We keep company with Jesus in the Gospels.
As we meditate on the scripture, Jesus reveals himself
and a message to us. He reminds us what God is like
and how we can live in partnership with God. I encourage us, in addition to our devotional reading of the gospels, to prayerfully reflect each day on Jesus in the gospels, your personal story and with the guidance of the
Holy Spirit, remember your present day. What might
remembering Jesus, your personal story, and the present day reveal to you? What is your response? My
prayer is that it leads you continued maturing of discernment, to gratefulness and joy in the midst of what
ever is happening and to a desire to bring light and
hope to others.
Many have experienced listening to God in the Scripture through sacred reading like lectio divinas. Below is
a spiritual practice for reviewing your day. The history
and more details about this Christian practice is available on our website under Chrisitan Formations in the
sub-group Spiritual Practices. This will help you develop
spiritual awareness and grow in discernment as you
continue along the spiritual journey.
Blessings as you pray in the scriptures and then in the
evening spend about ten minutes reviewing your day.
This can be done at dinner, with a spouse, in the evening around a candle with a glass of wine or even while
in bed before dosing off to sleep! There is no one way
or place to do this spirit led daily reflection (also called
an examen of consciousness).
Prayer of Examen:
A Spirit-Led Prayerful Reflection of the
Day with God
1. Presence
Get comfortable and quiet your mind to create
space to come into God’s presence. Prayerfully invite
God’s presence into the time.
2. Invitation to HS for Guidance
Pray and ask the HS to guide your time and
lead you into truth. Request discernment during your
time of prayer. (as simple as “guide me to see and hear
what you would have me notice and hear”.)

3. Gratitude
See where you need to be thankful.
Review the day like a movie with Jesus at
your side holding the remote and HE gets to fast forward and pause at any scene. Ask Him to show you
where times of gratitude and grace were given to you.
Just watch and give thanks holding them in your
mind. This is not a spoken prayer… it is a listening
prayer so don’t fill space with words.
4. Review
Review again, without judgment, rationalizing
or justifying. Experience all the range of emotions
you had this day in the Lord’s presence. Reflect on
your moods and if any underlying attitude needs conversion. Ask and receive forgiveness for the moments
you did not respond to Christ’s love.
Consider questions in pairs like these:
Where did I notice God’s

Where did I fall short?
Not noticing His presence?

Where was God’s Spirit
touching me or someone

Where was I insensitive,
unloving, or damaging to
others, creation, or myself?

Where was I most alive?
Living in the flow of the

When did I feel detached
or anxious or bored?

5. Respond
Allow God to invite you to respond in some
way to what you have heard and experienced during
your time of reflective, spirit-led prayer.
Be open to what God has for you. Ask Him for
a word or vision to continue on and to meet the next
day. If you like, journal this before going to bed to review your entries monthly for discerning common
themes and directions in life.

Elementary KidCommunity Reminders:
* Serving with the Lord’s Love raised $837!
Thank You Everyone!
* No Wednesday night Big God Story
* Journey with Jesus at Canaan in the Desert
March 25

In Touch

page 14

Wednesday Nights

Committed Rehearsal, Debbie Fisher Director
Karen Ford with the Pre-school Sunday kids

Pastor Bill looking on with amazement at Chef Arlene’s offerings!

Debbie Fisher connecting with KidCommunities.
They always have a good time.

page 15

March 2015

Tickets for Concert Series 2015
The Pat Covault Memorial Concert Series at the Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church

is now selling single tick-

ets for all shows.
There will be ticket sales at 8:30 a.m. outside the sanctuary and after 9:00 a.m. church
service until 10:15 a.m.. You can also purchase tickets at the church office during the
week, 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m..
NO CREDIT CARDS! Church telephone number is 480-837-1763.

March Concert Series features:
Tuesday, March 10, 2015

“Assisted Living the Musical”
(A Laugh Filled original Play)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

“Todd Oliver & Friends”
(A Unique Ventriloquist)

Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church Foundation
“An Investment Today for the Life of Our Church Tomorrow”

Why should you support the FHPC Foundation?
One of the great opportunities in life is to be part of something that makes a difference in our world.
Support of the Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church (FHPC) Foundation with a charitable gift leaves a
legacy that helps to insure the continued ministries of Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church long after we
are gone. With additional funding, our ministry opportunities can be broadened. Let your gift serve as a
lasting witness to your Christian beliefs and convictions.
Members of the Board of Trustees are available to answer your questions.
Give them a call!
Foundation Board of Trustees
Barbara Oakeson
Matt Jefferson
Roy Nickel
John Skewes


Susan Phillips
Dawn Lau
Ben Fast


In Touch

page 16

Library Footnotes
Love Beyond Reason by John Ortberg
The sub-title for this book is “moving God’s love from
your head to your heart” and it’s accurately named.
The examples of Christ’s love and the way he lived it are
woven with such great personal stories and illustrations.
Here is an excerpt from the chapter on The Lord of the
Second Chance: The church is a place for people who need
do-overs. That is what God does. He comes to old father
Abraham who laughs at God’s promise and lies about his
wife and God says “How about a do-over?”
To a shepherd boy who became king and committed murder and adultery; to a prophet who ran away and was rescued from the belly of a fish and wanted to die because he
had to sit in the hot sun with no wine; to a whole nation of
stiff-necked and idolatrous people; to a persecutor named
Saul who mocked his Son and terrorized his people; to desperate, lonely, sinful people God comes again and
again and again and says, “How about a do-over?”
For redeeming is what God is into. He is the finder of directionally-challenged sheep, the searcher of missing coins,
the embracer of foolish prodigal sons. His favorite
department is Lost and Found.

His love has no limits. His grace has no measure. His
power has no boundaries known unto men.
Through twelve chapters he highlights God’s unlimited
love for us and the way he interacts with us and others in
Another word picture I love is of a small boy standing at
his window watching a violent thunder storm. When his
mother is awakened by the crack of thunder and lightening she runs to his room so that he won’t be frightened.
Instead he is thrilled and says “God
just took a picture of
me”. It’s all in your perspective.
Find this book in the church library.
You’ll not be sorry.

- Sally Atchinson

Day in, day out
In Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering (Dutton), Timothy Keller says many people
think spiritual growth is something akin to high
diving, when really it’s more like walking-nondramatic and rhythmic:
“A walk is day in and day out praying; day
in and day out Bible and Psalms reading; day in
and day out obeying; talking to Christian
friends, and going to corporate worship, committing yourself to and fully participating in the
life of a church. It is rhythmic, on and on and
on. To walk with God is a metaphor that symbolizes slow and steady progress.”

-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc

Two new handicapped parking spaces
have been created in front of the church office.

page 17

March 2015

Music Ministry

Debbie Fisher, Director of Music

This month brings the music
ministry into the depths of the
Lenten Journey, a most meaningful and reflective season. Our
weekly Vespers Services will
have a small vesper choir and
we will hear our Celebration
Ringers play throughout the season, playing music that carefully
touches our souls as we spend
time in this beautiful worship

The Celebration Singers will be performing the Cantata "Come, Touch the Robe" during the 9:00 am
worship Service on March 22. That day will also take
the Celebration Singers to the "Choirfest" at 2:00 pm, held
this year at the Methodist Church. This event is free to the
public, sponsored by the Fountain Hills Cultural Commit-

tee, and is widely attended, hearing all the local choirs as
they perform 2 choral pieces each. It is a great community
gathering, and we look forward to it every year.
The 15th of March will be "Women's Sunday," another
annual worship service when the women of the church
participate in creating a theme, putting together the service
for the day.
Yes...for one Thursday evening, March 12, at 6:30 pm,
there will be a rehearsal of just women. We will practice
the music for Sunday morning, running through the selection again at 8:00 am on Sunday morning before the service. Please come to this rehearsal, and sing to put forth
the women's voice, in the beautiful style that comes when
the women sing together. The men have that evening
It's a wonderful time for the women to come together!
"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the
Lord with gladness;come before His presence with singing. Know that the Lord He is God; It is He that hath
made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the
sheep of His pasture. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise; be thankful unto Him
and bless His name. For the Lord is good; His mercy is
everlasting; and His truth endureth to all generations."
- Psalm 100

Lenten insights
Fasting makes sense if it really chips
away at out security and, as
a consequence, benefits someone else, if
it helps us cultivate the style
of the good Samaritan, who bent down
to his brother in need and took
care of him.
-Pope Francis

We begin to pray, believing that it is
our own initiative that compels us
to do so. Instead, we learn that it is always God’s initiative within us.
Pearwood Recorders: Seated: Caryl Bates, Kris Peluso, Jackie Miles
Standing: Paula Eberspacher and Debbie Fisher, Director

-Pope John Paul II
-The Newsletter Newsletter
by Communication Resources, Inc.

In Touch

page 18

Member Spotlight …. Did you know?
Elder, Deacon, Treasurer, taught Sunday School and sang
in the choir. Carol (in addition to being a stay-at-home
Mom) served on a committee to start a pre-school at their
church in Bernardsville called Robins Nest (which is still
operational today, 50 years later). She also sang in the
church choir. They both sang with a 16 member a cappella group (The Deer Ridge Singers) performing as various venues in the Northeast.
They moved to Fountain Hills and joined the church in
2004. Bud has served as Elder, Clerk of Session, Treasurer, and Deacon. Carol has served as Deacon, Presbyterian Women secretary for three years, and Morning Circle
leader for three years. They both sang in the Celebration
Singers choir for five years, members of the Worship and
Music Committee for three years. Currently, they are on a
team that provides a communion church service at Fountain View Village Assisted Living on Communion Sunday

Bud and Carol Fuls
Carol was born in Metuchen, NJ and Bud was born in
Hammonton, NJ. They met on the tennis court through a
mutual friend. They both worked at Bell Laboratories and
AT&T. Bud has four siblings (one sister still living). Carol
has two sisters.
Carol and Bud married in 1959 (55 years and counting).
They have four children, three daughters—Susan in PA,
Ellen in CT, and Janice in AZ; one son in NJ. They have
eight grandchildren—six boys and two girls. We have been
blessed with being able to take each grandchild when they
turn 11 years old on a trip somewhere in the world. This
summer we will be taking the last grandchild to Italy.

Bud’s hobby is astronomy. Carol is an avid reader. They
both enjoy singing in the Fountain Hills Community Chorus. Bud is a member of the Noon Kiwanis and serves as
its treasurer. Carol is a member of the Friends in the Hills
Welcome Club and its Book Club. She volunteers at the
FH Library Book Store.
Through Compassion International they sponsor a boy,
Marco Antonio Lazaro Quispe who lives in Peru. When
they started their sponsorship he was four years old. Now
he is twelve years old and can write to us himself. It is
wonderful to receive letters from him about his family,
church and school.
They have been members of FHPC for ten years now and
have wonderful friends in this loving and caring church

They have been Presbyterians all their lives. While living
in NJ they belonged to the Bernardsville Presbyterian
church and also the Liberty Corner church. Bud served as

Thoughts As We Age...
- My people skills are just fine. It's my tolerance to idiots that needs work.
- If God wanted me to touch my toes, he would've put them on my knees.
- The kids text me "plz" which is shorter than please. I text back "no" which is shorter than "yes".
- I'm going to retire and live off of my savings. Not sure what I'll do that second week.
- I've lost my mind and I'm pretty sure my wife took it!

page 19

March 2015
Hospitalized? Call the church!
If you are sick, hospitalized or home recovering from illness, we want you to call the church and let us know! In a congregation like ours where people leave in droves for extended
summer months, it is easy for the staff, elders and deacons to
assume, when we don’t see someone, that they are simply
“vacationing away”. The truth is that some of you are sick and
we are not aware of it.
You can help us by simply letting one of the staff know of your
situation. We have an excellent support system in place due to
the diligent efforts of our deacons. Help us serve you by communicating your situation.

With deepest sympathy we list
those members who have passed
away in 2015.
Billy Neal
Sylvester Taylor
ÂjxÄÄ wÉÇx? g{Éâ zÉÉw tÇw yt|à{yâÄ áxÜätÇà‹A

While we are basking in the sun here in Arizona, others
are putting up with cold and snow...look what we are

XÇàxÜ à{Éâ |ÇàÉ à{x }Éç by à{ç _ÉÜwAÊ
Matthew 25:21

Comforting those who mourn
Words aren’t always necessary—or even beneficial when people
are hurting. In Killing Giants, Pulling Thorns (Zondervan),
Charles Swindoll tells of a girl who went to comfort the mother of
a deceased playmate.
“What did you say?” the girl’s parents later asked. “Nothing,” she
replied. “I just climbed up on her lap and cried with her.
Joseph Bayly, who experienced the deaths of three children, shares
a similar experience in The View From a Hearse (David C. Cook):
“I was sitting, torn by grief. Someone came and talked to me of
God’s dealings, of why it happened, of hope beyond the grave. He
talked constantly. He said things I knew were true. I was unmoved, except to wish he’d go away. He finally did.
“Another came and sat beside me. He didn’t talk. He didn’t ask me
leading questions. He just sat beside me for an hour or more, listened when I said something, answered briefly, prayed simply,
left. I was moved. I was comforted. I hated to see him go.”
-The Newsletter Newsletter


Dallas Shuck
Bob Wickes
Cynthia Linton
Pam O’Hara
Dick Craven
George Burke
Charles Humes
Jan Hoff
De Amend


Mary Lou Dresser
Katie Cox
Jan Foster
James Roy
Kay Griffin
Judy Irvin
Len Modder
Jim Bates
Helen Quigley
Phil Katz


Katja Hissler
Virginia Nelson
William Good
Donna Lyons
Terri Schmidt
Kurt Ahrens
Dallas Amend
Matt Jefferson
Cliff Johnson

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Current Resident or

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Jack Morris: First Place Award winner in Mixed Media at the Fountain Hills Civic Center Show
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