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11.30 a.m. 12.30 p.m.

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Language Arts


World of Knowledge


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Content Standards

4.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to plan, organize and produce
creative works for enjoyment.

February 2013

4.3.1 Able to produce simple creative works with guidance based on:
c) stories
Learning Standards
4.3.2 Able to take part with guidance in a performance based on:
c) stories
By the end of this lesson, pupils should be are able to:

Cross-curricular elements

a) produce a puppet from the Little Red Riding Hood story.

Values and citizenship, Creativity and Innovation

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Teaching aids
Moral values (character

Set induction (5 minutes):
1. Pupils talk about the
picture shown.

Step 1 (20 minutes) reduce

this time. (15mins)
2. Pupils listen to the
Little Red Riding
Hood story.
3. Pupils answer sign
post questions.

a) Little Red Riding Hood reading text. (Appendix 1)

b) Little Red Riding Hood characters puppet.
(Appendix 2)
Do not trust strangers, co-operation

Picture card. (1

Teachers notes
1. What can you see in the picture?
2. (CCTS???- why questions???? )
only 1 sign post question?

(Listening &


1. Who has big eyes?
2. Who has .......big nose?

Big eyes
Big nose

(include phonics- go to you tube

and type how to use phonics to
teach reading)


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Step 2 (15 minutes) increase

time here. Your language
arts class is all about fun
using a text

Creativity and

IL: Write out your instructions to your

1. Colour and decorate your puppet.
You should be teaching them how to
make a simple puppet. Bring the
materials for them. As you teach them,
reinforce the adjectives, vocab that you
discussed in step 1 e.g big nose, big
eyes, long ears...., small head... not too
many though. ask them to repeat after
you or ask them to name them as you all
make the puppets...

4. Pupils look at the

example of a puppet
produced. ( how
teacher makes a
Pupils create make
and decorate their
Describe the steps
1. Pupils glue...
2. Pupils colour
You have to show
them the steps..

Step 3 (15 minutes) This is

one of your activity where
you want to find out whether
your pupils have learned
something.... where is the
learning objective for this?

Listening and

1. I want you to act it out with your

Name in full

5. Pupils act out a

scene from the Little
Red Riding Hood.
(can they read? Can
they memorize?How are you going
to get them to do
this? Show me in a
few steps??)
(here should be
written the activities
that you want them
to do step by step
see your PR1 formpengajaran dibuat
berperingkat... you
have no indications
that your activities
are done in logical
sequence, easy to
difficult, familiar to
unfamiliar etc..)

Write your instructions clearly. Is this the

only thing you will say to them, you
Class, look at the puppets your friends
have made.
Now, can you all read the sentences I
have put up on the board.
Well read them together.... etc....Think o
f what you would say to guide them to
understand your instruction and to
complete the task.

Pupils look at each

others puppets

Name in full

Pupils read with

teacher the
sentences on the
Pupils read aloud
and act out ......
Give them a line or a few lines
which you have written on the
board or cards. Very simple
language like.
Red Riding Hood is.....
She has two big eyes.
She has a big nose.
These sentences are the
language support you are
giving your pupils if they need
them. if they dont, you provide
some other kind of suppor
tthey need.

Name in full

Closure (5 minutes)
6. Pupils and teacher
discuss the moral
values in the story.
You can also include this as
one of your learning

Moral Value:

1. What can we learn from Red
Riding Hood/the story? Ask very
specific questions.
2. Do you think Red Riding Hood is a
brave girl? (can they understand
the word brave???) Think of ways
to get them to respond.

Pupils are able to say the

moral values they have
learned from the text.

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Appendix 1 :
Narrator: When Little Red Riding Hood arrived, she looked at the Wolf.
Little Red Riding Hood: Grandmother, what big eyes you have!
Wolf: So I can see you better.
Little Red Riding Hood: What big ears you have!
Wolf: So I can hear you better.
Little Red Riding Hood: Grandmother, what a big nose you have!
Wolf: So I can smell you better.
Little Red Riding Hood: Grandmother, what a big mouth you have!
Wolf: So I can eat you better!

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Narrator: Little Red Riding Hood screamed and ran out of the house. Luckily, a woodcutter heard her screams. He ran towards the
house. He hit the wolf hard. The wolf ran away. The woodcutter let Granny out of the cupboard.
Little Red Riding Hood: Thank you for saving me and my grandmother.
Grandmother: Yes dear. Thank you.
Woodcutter: Youre welcome.
Narrator: Everybody was happy that Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother escaped the wolf. They lived happily ever after.

(Read with actions... to make it interesting.)

Appendix 2: ( what do you call these things??)
Masks??, ice-cream sticks

Lecturers/Teachers remarks:

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