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Concept Note of MRP

A Study of Supply Chain Management Practices of FMCG and

Consumer Durables in multi Brand retail stores - A Case of

Title: A Study of Supply Chain Management Practices of FMCG and Consumer

Durables in multi Brand retail stores - A Case of Ahmedabad

Group Members:
Jayesh Jayasurian Gr No:- M00158
Hitesh Kalal

Gr No:- M00184

Ankit Thakkar

Gr No:-M00206

Amit Uphadhaya Gr No:- M00170

Faculty Mentor
Prof. Devang Patel
Prof. Vivek Raina

Industry Selected: FMCG Industry & Consumer Durables

Research Purpose:
To understand the logistic operations carried out in Multi brand retail stores
To identify the challenges in transportation of perishable goods like
vegetables & fruits
To understand their procurement process and logistic procedures for
transportation of goods
To understand their warehousing and ERP system on storage and movement
of goods
To identify their inventory management techniques
To identify their distribution management process

Research Questions:

How they maintain relationship with suppliers for the procurement of goods?
Whats the role of 3pl operators in logistics of FMCG goods?
How you coordinate with your distribution center?
What are the Key issues in inventory management and reduce buffer stock?
What are the latest technology used for the tracking of inventory in
Which techniques are used for the shorter lead time in inventory and better
How you forecast the demand?

Research Problem:
How they handle the issues related to damage and lead time in inventory
What are the difficulty they face in tracking of inventory are per the expiry
date of goods
How they plan their distribution management to increase their efficiency
What are the issues faced by them in logistic and inventory management

Detailed Scope of the Project study:

Research methodology

Research Objectives:
To identify the key issues in inbound logistic of FMCG products
To identify how logistic and inventory have been controlled according to the
To study the functions and work activity carried out in logistic of fresh goods

Industry and Region Scope:

FMCG and Consumer Durables in Ahmedabad
Population Definition:
Approx. 50 multi retail stores (Ahmedabad)
Sample definition:
Medium and Large Multi brand retail stores
Sampling method: On- Probability Sampling
Data collection method: Primary and Secondary
Number of firms to be surveyed: 15 Multi retail store
Research design
Type of research:
The type of research that has been adopted is descriptive research. It describes the
study on multi brand retail store in Ahmedabad and challenges faced by then in
logistic and storage

Data collection process:

This study is based on the secondary data in order to identify the challenges faced
by the multi brand retain stores in India. The researcher has collected information
based on the sources such as report, journal articles, magazines, books, website,
previous studies and industry experts. The researcher has also contact some of the
transporter of inland transport of FMCG goods in India.
Research limitations:
The research is done only on multi brand retail stores only
The research will not be done on financial aspect of retail stores
The research will be done on in aspect of Ahmedabad region

Week wise work plan for the MRP


02th Jan - 16th Jan
17th Jan - 24th Jan
25th Jan 31th Jan
1th Feb - 7th Feb
8th Feb - 14th Feb
15th Feb 22th Feb

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