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Large numbers of Manx Shearwaters & Gannets

South West Marine Ecosystems

Conference 2014
Welcome to the conference and

Thanks for all your support

Photo: Tom Brereton MARINElife

The Southwest Marine Ecosystems Conferences

The objectives of the meetings include:

1. Networking professionals and volunteers

2. To assess the annual events ecological and oceanographic

- of the previous year
3. Ecology of mainly mobile species
4. Management and southwest marine ecosystems

The links between people networking professionals

Events - Observations - Science
Policy - Management - Conservation

Events Observations in 2013 last year

Objective 2.To assess the annual events ecological and oceanographic - of
the previous year that have affected the south west marine ecosystems ...
What stood out for you last year? Please use the following categories at the
start of what you write: Weather - Oceanography (including plankton)
benthos fish birds seals cetaceans Management issues - Events eg. PIB
The winter 2013/14 storms
We will ask you to leave these behind after the event and we will collate the
responses and return these to you.
Your Name___________________________
Category _______________________ Observation _________

Objective 1. Networking ..... Discuss this with to someone you dont


The effects of this winters storms ...........

Photo : Dave Jenkins

Lots of people produce reports

Relative abundance
Interesting stories where to read about these
The whole story .... Seals in the south-west, gannets in the south-west

Relative abundance: Cliff Site observations in 2011 - 24 in total 25 hours

17 in south Devon, 4 in North Devon 3 in Cornwall
Herring gulls
1 /24
Harbour Porpoise
4 / 24
Basking Shark
1 / 24
No other cetaceans
0 /24
6 / 24
2 /24
Fishing boat flocks
2 /24

Virtually always present
Only North Devon
All North Devon with Dave Jenkins
Gwennap Head
South Devon: spring
South Devon and Gwennap head
N.Devon and Gwennap Head
South Devon

The story of the year .....

South-west Marine Ecosystems
What would it look like?
Todays programme with
collective input from delegates
If youd like to get involved
contact me in the break

Observations on the behaviour of marine

birds and mammals on
the North Coast of Devon
Dave Jenkins

Observations ... I have been observing marine life on the North Devon coast for many years, but more systematically for
the last 20 years.
Behaviours ...This series of photographs illustrates some of the interesting behaviours I have observed in that time.
Frequency: I visit headlands in North Devon three or four times a week throughout the year.
Locations: The main locations I watch from are the headlands of Bull Point, Morte Point and Baggy Point, in the Morte
Bay, Woolacombe area.
Most of the photographs were taken with a Nikon 5000 with a 70/300mm telephoto lens.


Phone: 07970 0115542

Ocean sunfish 2-3x a year from the cliff top it can look remarkably like plastic
sheeting except it dives out of sight

Grey seal feeding at the surface with a large conger eel

From head to tail ... And different animals do this at least four
Frequency once a year

This sequence of shots was taken with a motor drive .... Consecutive images ... All over
very quickly and its the only time Ive ever seen it .... Is this mating behaviour?

Evaluation - Key lessons your comments helpful


Outputs: Key points via email Alert

PowerPoint presentations on the CMS server
Valuables / Take things with you including leaflets
Refreshments outside
Thank you to the speakers, chairmen, sponsors and all of you
Feedback forms & Events forms