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Dear Friend:

Welcome to the Heritage Baptist Church SPACE program.

S. P. A. C. E.
Spiritual Parents and Children’s Education

This series of study programs, referred to as the S.P.A.C.E. program, was taken from the
study material originally written by Michael J. Smith, Pastor of the Liberty Baptist Temple. We
gratefully acknowledge the fact that we were given permission to reproduce and to customize the
material for Heritage Baptist Church and to make it our study material as well..
This booklet is the beginning of your training to have the strong, stable, mature Christian
family and life you desire. Out of a burdened heart and born through prayer we have developed
the SPACE program for you and your family. Even if you are a single parent or a single adult it
is designed for all.
Read Deut. 6: 4-9. It says for spiritual parents teach their children the word of God.
H.B.C.’s S.P.A.C.E. program is to help you do just that. In the process you will grow by the
sincere milk of God's Word, and learn to feed yourself to become the family and Christian you
want to be.
It is never too early or too late to start building blocks for spiritual education for the
Christian home.
We want to do everything possible to make your family and Christian life a productive
and helpful one. May your family’s talents and love, blended with what is already here,
strengthen God's work. We shall all rejoice together.

Sincerely in Christ

Allen Young, Pastor

Heritage Baptist Church

Heritage Baptist Church S.P.A.C.E. PROGRAM

Stage I

How To Get Started Right

***** Series I "Since I Have Received Christ” *****

***** Series II "Things That Accompany Salvation" *****

***** Series III "Christian Growth" *****

***** Series IV "Basic Christian Beliefs” *****

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Heritage Baptist Church S.P.A.C.E. program.

Spiritual Parents And Children’s Education

The Heritage Baptist Church’s S.P.A.C.E. program was designed for the purpose in mind
to grow strong, mature and spirit-filled Christians and create unity in and among the church

To grow strong, mature and spirit-filled Christians just doesn’t happen by chance, it must
be done with a plan such as the H.B.C. S.P.A.C.E. program. Heritage Baptist Church’s planned
program is to get its people into the Word of God. The Word of God is the only way to grow
mature Christians.

We feel that Heritage Baptist Church needs this kind of people to carry out the will of
God to win the lost to Christ and to build up and equip the saints.

To have unity in and among the church we here at H.B.C. believe that all must follow the
planned program of the church. If a person is unwilling to do or complete the “Stage” that is
required of him to be in the position they desire, then we feel it is a sure sign of unwillingness to
follow the leadership and the church’s plan to help create unity among the brethren. So,
therefore, they will not be permitted to stay in that position.

To accomplish these two goals we request all workers of H.B.C. complete the “Stage”
that is required of them to be in their position.

Below is a chart that will allow you to see how far you can go as a worker in H.B.C. by
the completion of each stage.


New Converts Assistant Teachers Staff

New Members Singer\Choir Teachers
Nursery Church Officers
Ushers Jr. Church
Jr. Church Assistants

Heritage Baptist Church S.P.A.C.E. PROGRAM



***** Series I "Since I Have Received Christ” *****

***** Series II "Things That Accompany Salvation" *****

Welcome to “Stage I” of the H.B.C.’s S.P.A.C.E. program,

You, by now, have selected the schedule that is most suited for you. Now you are ready
to begin the most exciting adventure of all - the Christian life. The Bible (KJV) is your hand
guide book for your journey.

We start you off with the “sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby” (I Peter
2:2) and little by little give you the meat God’s Word so you will be the mature, strong Christian
that Christ intends you to become.

It is our desire, hope and prayer that you will want to finish not only Stage I, but, Stage II
and III as well and become a spiritual mature leader here at Heritage Baptist Church.

We will be praying for you.


For your Benefit

* Always start with prayer and ask God for enlightenment.

* Study one lesson a week with your family.

* Help your children with their lesson and pray with them.

* Read all verses that accompany your answers.

* Fill out the question and answer page.

* Write down any questions you have and ask your teacher or pastor.

* Practice what you study and read.

* End your study with a prayer of thanksgiving.



I. The Miracle

II. Assurance

III. Dealing with Temptation

IV. The Blood of Christ

V. Christian Character

VI. The Word

VII. Prayer

VIII. Witnessing

IX. Walking

X. Friends

XI. The Church and It's Ordinances.

It is not the purpose of the S.P.A.C.E. program to rush through and get it over with to go
on to the next lesson. The purposes are many and eternal. To accomplish these purposes will
take some kind of a schedule to live by. It won't be done by accident.

As parents we have that responsibility to disciple ourselves and our children.

So the purpose of this schedule is to help us to develop a daily relationship with


Adults ONLY pick-up lesson. Go thru the Pastor.


Divide 4 days into the number of questions.
Read all questions.
Do the proper number of questions for this week’s lesson.


Do today’s questions.
"Check children’s progress."

No lesson today.


Do today’s questions.
"Check children's progress.”


"Check children's progress.”


Review lesson and check all answers
Each member of the family pray.
Start with a parent praying and end with a parent praying.
Lesson 1

Since I Received Christ

"Since I received Christ as my Savior, I have changes in my life: I notice a change in

my desire, ambitions and convictions.” This, we trust, is your testimony too. Now what
has happened is that another person has come into your life. (Revelation 3:20). When Christ
came in he performed a miracle in your life. Let us look in the Bible to see about this.
This lesson has been prepared in question form because our desire is for you to see that
these things are in the Bible, God's Word and are not merely the invention of men.


A. 1. What are you or who are you, now that you have received Christ? John 1:12

2. Now that you are in Christ, what has God made out of you? II Corin. 5:17

3. What does the Bible call this change? John 3:3

4. By what other name does the Bible speak of it? Romans 10:9
Lesson 1 (cont’d)


B. 1. Were you saved by good works? Ephesians 2:8-9, Titus 3:5

2. Who paid for your sins? I Peter 2:21-24

3. What was the price he had to pay? I Peter 1:18-19

4. What did you have to do to be saved? Acts 16:31

5. What did you receive when you believed? Acts 10:43.

6. How did you tell God that you believed? Romans 10:13

7. Along with this, what two things did you do? Romans 10:9-10

8. What is the gift that the Father has given you through Christ? Romans 6:23

9. What do you have then? Romans 6:23, John 5:24

10. Since the word "hath" (has) in John 5:24 is present tense, when do you have
everlasting life? John 5:24

Yes, a miracle has happened to you because you have received a Divine Person into your
life. You now have eternal life from God as his gift to you for receiving his Son. As a result, you
are happy, you have found new love, joy and peace. Perhaps you now wonder how long this will
last. Suppose you should lose your joy -- would that mean you had lost your salvation? This
matter we shall study in the next lesson.
Lesson #l
Answer Key

The Miracle

A Miracle

1. Son of God or child of God.

2. New Creature

3. Born again

4. Saved.

A Person

1. No

2. Christ

3. Shed his blood

4. Believe

5. Remission of Sins

6. Called on him - - prayed

7. Believed in and confess Jesus

8. Eternal life

9. Everlasting life -- Eternal security

10. Now.
Lesson 2

Since I Received Christ


At the conclusion of the last lesson we asked the question as to whether you could lose
the joy you experienced when you were saved, and if so, whether this would mean that you had
lost your salvation.

As was stated in the first lesson, you received salvation through a Person, the Lord Jesus

A. 1. Who is Jesus Christ? John 20:31

2. How were you justified? Galatians 2:16

3. a. What kind of life do you now have? John 10:27-28

b. How long is it? John 10:27-28

4. Can you know that you have eternal life? I John 5:13

5. Can God lie? Titus 1:2

6. Who has made God a liar? I John 5:10

7. How has this person made God a liar? I John 5:10

8. What is this record that God has given to us of his Son? I John 5:11

9. What do you have then? I John 5:13

10. Do you, then, truly know that you are saved? I John 5:10-13

You have seen now that your salvation is eternal. But suppose you lose the joy that
accompanied your salvation -- what then? Your salvation is based on Christ’s death, God’s
Word and his faithfulness. These are changeless. The joy of salvation, however, is based upon
your obedience to your Lord and so may fluctuate.
Lesson 2 (cont’d)

B. 1. When you received the Lord Jesus, he gave you a gift. What was the gift? Acts 2:38

2. Where does he abide now? I Corn. 6:19

3. What is the Holy Ghost to be to you? John 14:26

4. What is He to do? John 14:26

5. What else is He to do? John 16:13

6. Whom does He Glorify? John 16:14

7. How can we glorify Christ? John 15:16

8. What is the fruit of the Spirit? Galatians 5:22-23

9. What did Andrew do as soon as he accepted Jesus as Savior? John 1:40-42

10. For what purpose did Jesus come? Luke 19:10

Obedience, then, is what brings joy. Obedience allows the Holy Spirit to produce his
fruits in our lives, and results in the great fruit of souls - the bringing of others unto Jesus for
salvation. Andrew brought his brother Simon to Jesus. Philip brought Nathaniel (John 1:45-51).
Bringing others to Jesus for salvation is our joyous privilege too. Obedience to your Lord is
what will keep the joy bubbling in your soul.

So, for fullness of joy and true peace, we must read our Bibles daily, come daily to the
Lord in prayer and daily witness unto others of what Jesus Christ has done for us.

Suppose I am tempted to do wrong - is this natural? How shall I combat temptation?

What is the solution to this problem? The next lesson will deal with this.
Lesson #2
Answer Key


A. 1. The Christ, Son of God.

2. By faith
3. Eternal -- Forever
4. Yes
5. No
6. Unbelievers
7. By not believing the record that God gave of His Son.
8. Eternal life and life is in his son.
9. Eternal life.
10. Yes.

B. 1. Holy Ghost
2. In our bodies.
3. A comforter
4. Teach all things and bring to remembrance what Christ said to us through his word.
5. Guide into all truth.
6. Christ
7. Bring forth fruit.
8. Love - joy - peace - long suffering - gentleness - goodness - faith - meekness -
9. Brought brother Simon to Christ
10. Seek and to save that which is lost.
Lesson 3
Since I Received Christ

Dealing with Temptation

Since you received Christ you have undoubtedly noticed that temptations have come your
way and questions like these have arisen in your mind: What does this mean? How may I gain

The devil tried but couldn't keep you from coming to Christ. So now he is trying to get
you to be disobedient to Christ.

A. 1. Who is the Tempter? Matthew 4:1

2. Does God ever tempt you? James 1:13
3. When are you tempted? James 1:14
4. Why can you be tempted? Jeremiah 17:9
5. Are your temptations like those of other Christians? I Corin 10:13
6. What has God promised concerning temptations? I Corin 10:13

You cannot resist the devil in your own strength any more than you could be saved by
your own strength. You were saved by a person, the Lord Jesus Christ. You are likewise kept
by that same person. So the way to have victory is through the Lord Jesus Christ.

B. 1. How do you get victory? James 4:7

2. What are we to do in time of need or temptation? Hebrews 4:16

3. How did Jesus overcome temptation? Matthew 4:1-11

4. Jesus arose from the dead and is ever living. What is he doing for us now?
Hebrews 7:25 Every day you should search your heart to see where in you have sinned
and make your failures known to the Lord.

C. 1. What should you do when you sin? I John 1:9

2. How should you walk now that you are saved? I John 1:7

3. Who is the light? John 9:3-5

4. What do we have when we walk in the light? I John 1:7

5. What does the blood of Christ do for us? I John 1:7

Lesson #3
Answer Key

Dealing with Temptation

A. 1. Devil

2. No.

3. When you are drawn away in your own lust and enticed.

4. The heart is deceitful and wicked.

5. Yes

6. He will deliver us from temptation with the same temptation and not tempt us beyond
what we can bear.

B. 1. Submit yourself to God and resist the Devil.

2. Go boldly to the Throne of Grace.

3. By scripture - The Word of God.

4. Making intercession for us.

C. 1. Confess them.

2. In the light.

3. Jesus

4. Fellowship with one another.

5. Cleanse us.
Lesson 4
Since I Received Christ

The Blood of Christ

Since you have received Christ, you need to understand the great importance of the
“Blood of Christ” and why is it so important to our salvation.

l. What one thing separates man and God? Isaiah 59:1-2

2. What does the blood of Christ have to do with sin? Hebrews 9:26

3. All of God’s wrath at the sins of man is fully appeased, satisfied or propitiated by the
____ of Christ and through____________________ . Romans 3:25

NOTE: Propitiation by Christ means that through Christ’s blood, God is satisfied
and appeased toward man and his sins when, through faith, we accept
Christ as savior.

4. What do we have through Christ’s blood? Ephesians 1:7

NOTE: Redemption here means that we are released from our enslavement to sin
and the divine wrath of God, by the blood of Christ, for the forgiveness of

5. There is no forgiveness without what? Hebrews 9:22

6. The blood of Christ gives us cleansing from what? How much sin? I John 1:7

7. We are what by Christ’s Blood? Romans 5:9

NOTE: Justification in simple terms means “Just as if I had not sinned.”

Lesson 4 (cont’d)

8. The Blood of Christ does what according to Hebrew 9:14?

NOTE: Dead works is when man feels the need that he must do something to
please God and atone for his sin. He thinks he must do penances, keep
lent, give away money, join a church, be baptized or do something else to
atone for his sins. But Thanks be to God that, through the blood of Christ,
we can serve the living God without dead works. Read Matthew 7:21-23;
see what Christ says about dead works - they are iniquity.

9. Christ has purchased us unto God to make us God’s own property by what? Acts 20:28
and Revelation 5:9.

10. By the blood of Christ we have what? To enter into the What? Hebrews 10:19

11. According to Isaiah 1:18, your sin is as scarlet and red like crimson and shall be like

12. Again according to Revelation 7:14 what color will the robes of the saints be by the blood
of Christ?

NOTE: A white robe is the righteousness of Christ. If anyone stands in heaven

they will be there only in the righteousness of Christ, by his shed blood.
Lesson #4
Answer Key

The Blood of Christ

1. Iniquities or sin.
2. Puts it away.
3. Blood -- Faith
4. Redemption -- The forgiveness of sins.
5. The Shedding of blood.
6. Sin - All sin.
7. Justified.
8. Cleanse your conscious from dead work to serve the living God.
9. His blood.
10. Boldness, Holy place of God.
11. White as snow and wool.
12. White.
Lesson 5
Since I Received Christ

Christian Character

Since you have received Christ you are a Christian. This means you are Christ's one. Each
Christian should have a Christ-like or Christian character. The secret of this does not lie in
ourselves, however, for we are powerless.

We cannot produce a Christian character in ourselves.

A. 1. How much good is in you? Romans 7:18

2. Who can deliver you? Romans 7:24-25

We must lean on a Person

B. 1. Who strengthens us so we can do all proper things? Phil 4:13

We must surrender to a Person

C. 1. What are you to do with your body? Romans 12:1

2. Why are we to be transformed? Romans 12:2

We should pray to a Person

D. 1. How much concerning ourselves should we take to the Lord? Phil 4:6
2. What will he give you? Phil 4:7
3. Through whom does this come? Phil 4:7
4. To what should you give your thoughts? Phil 4:8
5. To whom should we always look? Hebrews 12:2

We shall give an account to a Person

E. 1. We shall give an account to Whom? Romans 14:12

2. Where shall we stand to give this account? Romans 14:10, II Corin 5:10
Notice carefully that this judgment has to do with the receiving or losing of rewards and
in no way affects one’s salvation. In this regard, read I Corinthians 3:10-15.
Lesson #5
Answer Key

Christian Character

A. We cannot produce a Christian character in ourselves.

1. None - No good thing.

2. By God through Jesus Christ

B. Lean on a Person

1. Christ

C. Surrender to a Person

1. Present our bodies a living sacrifice.

2. To prove what is that good, acceptable, perfect will of God.

D. Pray to a Person

1. Everything.
2. Peace that passeth all understanding.
3. Christ Jesus.
4. To honest, just, pure, lovely and good report.
5. Jesus.

E. We shall give an account to a Person

1. God.
2. Judgement seat of Christ.
Lesson 6
Since I Received Christ

The Word

Since you have received Christ, you have within you a secret longing for the Bible, a
hidden desire to read the Word of God, the Bible. You may not be aware of this, but you will not
be a happy Christian until you satisfy that desire. That can only be done through the reading of
the Word of God, the Bible. This has to be a daily process for this desire is a constant desire and
has to be satisfied daily. You ought to have a definite time each day to read the Bible.

A. 1. Why does God give us a desire to read the Bible? I Peter 2:2

2. How are we to be kept clean for God? Psalms 119:9, John 15:3

3. Why should we hide the Word in our hearts? Psalms 119:11

4. What is the Word of God: Ephesians 6:17

5. What else is the Word? John 6:63

6. Name four other things that the Word is? Hebrews 4:12

7. How can we increase our faith? Romans 10:17

8. What does the Word give us? Psalms 119:105

9. What is the Word to us? Psalms 119:105

10. How long will the Word last? I Peter 1:25

11. Where is the Bible settled? Psalms 119:89

12. What did Jesus preach? Mark 2:2

13. What did the Disciples preach? Acts 8:25

14. What did the early Christians preach? Acts 8:4

Many ask the question, "Where or how should I begin"? First we should begin with the
cry of the Psalmist "Open Thou mine eyes," Psalms 119:18. Prayer should be our starting
point. Always begin the study of the Word with prayer. Psalms 119:33-40.
Lesson 6 (cont’d)


The Bible was written to reveal to us the story of redemption and the main person of
redemption is Jesus Christ. The Bible was thus written around a person. The Old Testament
tells about his coming to bring redemption. It gives prophesies and pictures of his coming
the first time and types. The New Testament tells how he came, died, and how he today is
gathering a group of believers for himself, that he is coming again to take them home to heaven
to be with him, and how he is going to put down all sin. He is portrayed as the King of kings and
Lord of lords.

B. 1. What did Jesus expound unto them from the Scriptures (the Word of God)?
Luke 24:27

2. What did Jesus open to them? Luke 24:25

3. Why did he open their understanding? Luke 24-25

4. Things must be fulfilled in the Bible concerning whom? Luke 24:44

Lesson #6
Answer Key

The Word

A. 1. To grow thereby.

2. By taking heed thereto according to God's Word.

3. That we might not sin against God.

4. The Sword of the Spirit.

5. Spirit and Life

6. a. quick
b. powerful
c. sharp
d. a discerner

7. Hearing the Word of God.

8. Light

9. A lamp for guidance.

10. Forever

11. In Heaven

12. The Word

13. The Word - Gospel

14. The Word

B. 1. The things concerning himself.

2. What the prophets have spoken.
3. Slow of heart to believe what the prophets have spoken.
4. Jesus.
Lesson 7
Since I Received Christ


Since you have received Christ, you have that longing in your heart to pray. You may
not be aware of this but until you spend time in prayer, you will have an empty life with a
longing that can only be filled through prayer. You are now a member of God's family and he
wants to commune with you. Therefore, you must pray. Prayer is talking to God. When we
read our Bible; that is God talking to us. Prayer is when we talk to God. In order to carry on a
conversation with the Lord we must have both. Prayer is to a person, through a person, from a
person, for a person or persons.


A. 1. To whom did Jesus say to pray? Matthew 6:9

2. Where does he abide? Matthew 7:11

B. 1. Who is this person through whom we pray? John 14:13

2. Why will he answer prayer? John 14:13


The very desire in our hearts comes from a person.

C. 1. Who is this Person? Romans 8:26

2. Whom does he make intercession for? Romans 8:27

3. Why does he pray through us? Romans 8:26


Every prayer concerns someone, either yourself or someone else.

D. 1. What do we have to do to please God? Hebrews 11:6

2. What must we do when we pray? Mark 11:24

3. When will things be given us? Matthew 7:7

4. According to what are we to pray? I John 5:14

5. How can we receive of him? I John 3:22

Lesson 7 (cont’d)

6. With what two things did the Apostle Paul pray? I Corin 14:15

7. What must we do with our sin? I John 1:9

8. What should we bring to God in Prayer? Phil. 4:6


E. 1. When did God turn the captivity of Job? Job 42:10

2. What are we to pray for? Matthew 9:38

3. How many are we to pray for? I Timothy 2:1

Lesson #7
Answer Key


A. 1. Father

2. Heaven

B. 1. Christ

2. That the Father be glorified in the Son.

C. 1. The Spirit

2. The saints.

3. We don't know what we should pray for as we should.

D. 1. Have faith.

2. Believe

3. When we ask, seek or knock

4. To or in God's will.

5. Keep his commandments and do the things that pleases him.

6. a. With the Spirit

b. Understanding.

7. Confess them.

8. Your requests with thanksgiving.

F. 1. When Job prayed for his friends.

2. That the Lord will send forth laborers into the harvest.

3. All men.
Lesson 8
Since I Received Christ


Since I received Christ I am a witness. Yes, you are a witness that Christ is in your heart or
that He isn't in your heart. Yes, you are a witness. It isn't a matter of whether you are to witness
or not because you are witnessing to the one or the other.

A. 1. If you have not the Spirit of God then you are none of whose? Romans 8:9

2. What does the Spirit witness to? Romans 8:16

3. Who are the sons of God? Romans 8:14

4. What does the Bible say that we shall be when the Holy Ghost is come upon us? Acts 1:8


B. 1. What does Jesus say we shall witness to? Acts 1:8

2. Who does Jesus say the Spirit shall testify about? John 15:26

3. What is there we cannot help but do? Acts 4:20

4. What did the Apostles witness to? Acts 5:42

5. How often did they witness? Acts 5:42

6. What are we when we are in Christ? II Corin. 5:17

7. What are we for Christ? II Corin. 5:20

8. What has the Son of man come for? Luke 19:10

9. If we want to please Jesus, then what will we endeavor to do? Luke 19:10

10. How many does Jesus want to hear how to be saved? Mark 16:15
Lesson #8
Answer Key


A. 1. God's or Christ

2. With our spirit that we are the children of God.

3. Those that are led by the Spirit or saved.

4. Witness.

B. 1. World.

2. Himself - Jesus

3. Speak the things which we have seen and heard.

4. In the Temple and every house.

5. Daily

6. A new creature.

7. Ambassadors

8. To seek and save the lost.

9. Seek the lost.

10. Every creature or man.

Lesson 9

Since I Received Christ


Since I received Christ, what am I to do with my life?

1. What has our body become since we received Christ? I Corin 6:19

2. Who then dwells in our bodies? I Corin 3:16

3. What are we to do with our bodies? Romans 12:1

4. What are we to be for God? II Timothy 2:21

5. We are a vessel for whose use? II Timothy 2:21

6. What are we to be prepared for? II Timothy 2:21

7. We are to be a soldier for whom? II Timothy 2:3

8. We are to please whom? II Timothy 2:4

9. How are we to live in Christ? II Timothy 3:12

Lesson #9
Answer Key


1. Temple of the Holy Ghost.

2. The spirit of God - The Holy Spirit.

3. Present it a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God.

4. A vessel unto honor, sanctified, meet for the Master's use and prepared.

5. Master's use.

6. unto every good work.

7. Jesus Christ.

8. Jesus Christ.

9. Godly.
Lesson 10
Since I Received Christ


Since I received Christ what will my friends think? How will they receive me?

l. What was Jesus’ prayer for us? John 17:15

2. We are not of what? John 17:16

3. What will the world think of us? John 17:14

4. What will they do to you? John 15:20

5. Jesus said they will do these things for what? John 15:21

6. Why does the world hate us? John 15:19

7. We are not to love what? I John 2:15

8. What if a man loves the world? I John 2:15

9. For all that is in the world is what? I John 2:16

10. What are we to do? I John 2:17

11. How long are we to abide then? I John 2:17

12. Why do some folks make a profession and then leave us? I John 2:19

13. How do we know we can overcome the world? I John 4:4

14. We ought to do what? I John 4:11

15. Who overcomes the world? I John 5:4

16. What give us the victory? I John 5:4

Lesson #10
Answer Key


1. Not to take us out of the world but keep us from the evil.

2. Not of the world.

3. Hate us.

4. Persecute.

5. For his name sake.

6. Because of Jesus - He is in us.

7. The World, nor the things that are in the world.

8. The love of the Father is not in him.

9. Is not of the Father - but is of the world.

10. Do the will of God.

11. Forever.

12. They were not of us - not saved.

13. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

14. Love one another.

15. Whatsoever or whosoever is born of God.

16. Our faith.

Lesson 11
Since I Received Christ

The Church and The Two Ordinances

Since I received Christ I am interested in being with other Christians. God's word says in
Hebrews 10:25 "not_________ the __________ of ourselves _____________ as the manner of
some is; but _____________ day approaching." As you study this lesson, pause again and ask
the Lord to teach you from his word and help you obey with joy as he directs.


A. The Church

1. Meaning of the word "CHURCH" - the called out (those whom God has called out
from a perishing world to belong eternally to himself).

2. The two uses of the word in the New Testament:

a. The universal, mystical body of Christ (Eph. 1:22-23) made up of all
believers of every color, nation, language and denomination.
b. The visible counterpart of this is the local church or assembly, made up of
baptized believers. This is the "church" most frequently referred to in the
New Testament.

3. The ______________ Church

a. A local assembly of believers.
b. Doctrinal statement set forth in Church Manual which has scriptural
references for every doctrine.
c. Method of joining - by giving evidence of having received Christ and
being baptized the Scriptural way.

B. The Ordinance of Baptism

1. Meaning of the New Testament word "Baptize" - to immerse.

2. Its meaning - an outward, visible symbol of an inner spiritual experience which

happened when we received Christ as Savior. It’s the experience which happened
when we received Christ as Savior. It stands for our death, burial and resurrection
into newness of life with our Savior in his death, burial and resurrection. Romans

3. Therefore only for believers and not for children who have not yet received
Christ. The Scriptural order is “believe and be baptized" (Mark 16:16) and we
dare not change this divinely-made order.
Lesson 11 (cont’d)

4. The scriptural method -- immersion

a. Because of meaning of the word, above.
b. Because it alone is true to its symbolic meaning of death, burial, and
resurrection with Christ.
c. Because every New Testament instance where there is any indication of
the method used, it is immersion. Mark 1:9 " the Jordan.." should be
translated into the Jordan, for the Greek word "ois" or "into" is used and
not "en” or "in". John 3:23 "..much water.." is needed only for
immersion. Acts 8:38 "..and they went down both into the water.."
d. Because, historically, the use of sprinkling was introduced in usage among
Christians only as the Romish doctrine that baptism was essential to
salvation crept into the churches. Prior to that, immersion was the only
method used.

5. Baptism in the Scriptures.

a. Where was the Lord Jesus baptized? Matthew 3:13-17
b. In Acts 2:41 "They that __________ ________ ___________
___________ were baptized.”
c. What did Phillip say to the Eunuch in answer to his question? “What doth
hinder me from being baptized?” Acts 8:36-38

NOTE: verse 38 “and they went _________ both _________ the water.”

d. Was the Apostle Paul baptized? Acts 9:18

e. Was Lydia Baptized after the Lord opened her heart? Acts 16: 14 - 15.
f. The Philippians jailor r_______d after he was baptized. Acts 16: 33-34.

6. Every Christian, in order to be obedient to Christ, should be baptized (Matthew 28: 18-19).
Lesson 11 (cont’d)

C. The Ordinance of the Lord's Supper

1. Read I Corinthians 11:23-26.

2. Symbolism of the elements:

a. Broken bread typifies Christ's body broken for us on the cross.
b. Cup stands for his shed blood by which we have remission of sins.

3. Meaning of the ordinance - our "eating" (partaking by faith of) the saving merits of Christ's
broken body and shed blood.

4. Three-fold preparation for participating:

a. Be saved.
b. Confess all known sins to the Lord before taking part in the service.
c. Be baptized.

5. Every Christian, if he would be obedient to his Savior, will take part regularly in the Lord's
Supper. (I Corin 11:24-25 - NOTE the command: "This do").
Lesson #11
Answer Key

The Church and The Two Ordinances


Hebrews 10:25

a. forsaking

b. assembling

c. together

d. exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the

A.3 The Local (Heritage Baptist) Church.

5. a. Jordan River

b. Gladly received his word.

c. "if thou believest with all thine heart"

NOTE: down ----- into

d. Yes.

e. Yes.

f. rejoiced