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AUG S0 1984




H X S S I 0 M

fflli 8S5
^ W. WllairejO. St,.
Sr. Gerald 0. flowll

(Mailing Addrass)

apartjux) posm 350

HEnMosnio, scwora, kehoo

Hlaa Ceney* (7eva)

Tel. ir-3019
fira. Geneva 5. Sowlin

Mies nu&hvth (Becky)

Spring 1984

Dear Loved ones 1n Christ:

To you who have shared, oyr joys_anjCt .s.orrows, our .dts^aopolntments

and our victories, our tears and our laughter thru the years that
we have been on the Mission field, we give thanks, and again share
with you:


About 36 years ago we began work among the Mexicans. Two

years at Coleglo Biblico at Eagle Pass, TX then after

being Invited to Western Mexico by a lay evangelist In

Southern Sonora we came to the border towns of Nogales,

Arlzona-Sonora, where we spent five years, until Gerry

received his Immigration papers. On November IS, 1955

we moved to Hermosiilo, the capltol city of the State of
Shareing the joys and sorrows of the Mexican

people and pointing to Christ In all that we did, and do.

B Is because of you and only you that ws have been able

to stay 1n our adopted country. Because you have upheld
us dally 1n prayer, because you have given of your tithes
and offerings. Because you have been our link to "home",
and have loved us as we have 11 ved and served "our Lord


In this foreign land.

Christ is the reason for It all.
He gave his life for
Christ's love for us and our love for Him caused us to
give ourselves to go and tell others of this Christ.


D 1s for Down downthru the years that we have lived

here we have seen many changes In Mexico.
We have also
seen many accept Christ and go on to other parts of Mexico

spreading the Good News as they went.

Many who first

hear^ this Good News thru one of us have now become


of our Christ.

Elizabeth, ..we call her Becky, who came to

hi? dIJ?
a diir^he
wis ladv
day. She 1s now '561.
studying Psychology with the goal 1n mind of teaching
children who have learning problems. The lord willlnq
Masters degree)r early "L'cencatura"
In 1985. She (equivalent
is now doingto her

required social work as well as her regular claLvwork.

"FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD" do we love those around

about us and do our best to live a 'ilfe that rhri^t ran

be seen 1n us at all times. Afte? a 1 o5r lives aJe

only Bible many will ever read!

- Hermosnio
for two
movod to
on Nov. 18, 1955
Kathy. We have seen Hermoslllo
grow from a steepy intle
town of 60.000 to a bustlinq

city of niors than half a million people.

a '1??'

We now have

have Wecome
Ind go?e

quite a number t-f children.

we could remember who had come and stayed from 3 months



could remember 28! All of

anntK andi many 2*^

In our home,Often
one way
one of

i " twere
us .eel
not n
in k", which makes
How time flies...In the years we have been here we have
become Involved 1n the community In many ways Heloina

start PM schools - K1ndergarden. Primely! sicondirr

Ing. and in many cases - just being
therel nursing, listn"IN SO MUCH AS YOU HAVE DONE IT UNTO THESE"...have
given^fbod and drink, clothes and medicine, time and

love in His-name arid Irave -yeerimy'come't^Hlln'becIuse

they first received loving care when they were In need.

Jesus paid It all...and we love Him for what He did for

favorite name In Mexico,
along with Maria). Jesds Ainaya
is one of our faithful
adorable wife,

youngsters, love and serve the Lord,


' .e proclaimed

K 1$ for Kathry n Ann, a mischevious 6 year old when we

cdine to Mexico, one who could not understand WHY she had
to speak Englls h at home...after all ALL her friends spoke



at 6 became the first American girl ever

Then she was chosen
school when she was 13. Kathy received her

to become queen of her primary school.

queen of her hi
R.N. . B.S.N. f rom the University of Arizona and after

working for a t 1ms In Mexico, worked 1n the Heart institute

in Phoenix, AZ.
Then moved to California where she met a
and married Dal

e Gibson.

They served the Lord for over 5

years In Europe , and are now serving Him In West Linn, OR

Kathy and Dale have given us three adorable grandchi1dren.

t 1s"for love. Love, tT57f...Love for God, love for

another and love for our fellow-men.

love for the lost.

Love for you

God's love that never falls.



MIs for Mexico...our adopted country and home, so corrupt,

so controversial, so much In need of our Lord and Savior. A

Mexico that keeps her dally living so apart from her


N Is for now, for neighbors and for need..the need of


neighbors for- Christ to live In their lives Is great.

Nearly all our neighbors are church going people, but It

s a ritual t.o them. Oh! how they need to know our Savior
as their personal Lord and Master. Pray with us that this
may come to pass.

0 Is for Oscar...Oscar came to live with us when he was

11 years old.


He had Injured his eye and was seeing

His widowed mother "sent him to us for medical


He liked us and stayed.

Oscar Is married to

Susy, and our grandson, Oscar Jr. Is in second grade.

Oscar works for the city of Hermosillo and Susy works

for the Water Kesorce Department. Oscar Jr. Is studying
English... Aunt Veva Is his teachor.

P is for Prayer - for Preaching - for Practicing...without

prayer we cound do nothing. Your orayers for us, our

prayers for you, your prayers together with ours for the
people of our beloved Mexico who need our Lord as their

Lord. Preaching the Gospel wherever and whenever invited,

and practicing what we preach In our daily lives.

Q Is for Quick and for Oulet

Ouirk tn

R Is for Robert - our Bob, who came to Mexico as an A i/?

in ^+h

he oradnstfiH fl!I


ct>Rtsst held state-wide when he was

first place with another boy when


srade.) 8ob mar??ed

They live In Emmett, Idaho.

Stay, for Steadfast and for Serve.


We came to

have stayed. "Se ^ave

longest we have been away froir
We have
stayed steadfast that others minht
go one
on tosummer.)
other field';


in other paru 0?

"To God 8a The Glory"... truly "great things He has dnnn"



and women have come to'

face and fonow H?tn ''

"Untll then my heart will ga on singing.

Until then with joy I'll cary on.

Until the day my eyes behold the city.

Until the day God calls me home..." is the song of our

He does


I'althfully until

us home.

"Uttle" Geneva, who came to briohten

our home and our lives on March 25, 1961. She was a
yoing lady. A dedicated

Christian gnd at present


He?mos1 ^ at ourteaches
pre-prlmary Cultural
and primary
In the-in




teach three adult

W give thanks that we are where we are, telling others

of our Lord and Savior. We give thanks to you for your

part In keeping us where we are.

We give thanks to Ood
that he has promised to give the Increase after the seed

has been sown and watered.


Will you dontlnue to do your

We faithfully oromlse to do our part.

"X" Is for the Christ Of Christmas, the risen Christ of

Easter... times when the world remembers our Lord and Savior
and when followers of Him adore and worship Him. A time
when our fellowmen are more Interested in a livlna Savior

A time when eyes are more easily turned toward the living

Christ who is even now Interceeding for we who believe In

Him and obey Him.


y is for you and yours - as you alve of yourself that God

may be glorified.

Your prayers, your gifts of money and

your gifts of love that you have shown to us and our work
for the Lord In Western Mexico,

2;'-the "A" and the "2" of our work in Mexico.

The "A"

(July 20, 1945), and a few years later for me.

The "Z"

(the beglning) came about for Gerry before we were married,

(the end) only our Lord knows, and we are ready and willing

to s1ng and say ' "Where He Leads Me I Will Follow."

We have come to the end of the alphabet, but we trust not even near
the end of our service for the Lord together with you. Continue to

pray for us..and as always we Invite you to come to see us.

May God bless and keep you in all that you do for Him,


(Gerry, Veva and Becky.)