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The Lantern

Dunn Loring Woods Civic Association (DLWCA)

January/February 2015


Happy New Year to all residents of Dunn Loring
The Providence District Council will be holding a
meeting to address I-66 and Providence District
neighborhoods. This is very timely in view of proposals
being discussed to widen I-66 from I-495 to the west.
This could possibly affect Dunn Loring Woods and
A Gift of Love Snoopy & Friends (8224 Bucknell Drive)
Stenwood Elementary School. The meeting is on
Wednesday January 21, 7:30-9:00 PM at Room 108,
We had lots of great decorations this year and it made it
Dunn Loring Center, 2334 Gallows Road, at the
very hard to pick a winner. We did list the winners on
intersection of Gallows Road and Idylwood Road
our website but just in case you missed it there these are
2014 winners.
Stay warm this winter!
Ken Quincy 1st place 8318 Syracuse Circle
2nd place 2635 Wooster Court
3rd place 2635 Bowling Green Drive.
An honorable mention goes to the following homes:
8601 Antioch Circle, 8411 Berea Court, 8304 Colby
Street, 8318 Colby Street, 8412 Cottage Street, 2528
Drexel Street, 8407 Wesleyan Street and, last but not
least, 8224 Bucknell Drive. Please keep these homes in
mind for next years contest!
Thanks to everyone who decorated their homes. Many,
many THANKS to those of you who took time to drive
through the neighborhood and cast your votes.
Pat Stout


Did you know that Fairfax County has a "pooper
scooper" law? Pet owners who violate the Countys
pooper scooper law may incur a fine up to $250.

Shown above (left to right):

Wendi Carroll, Ken Quincy, Ly Lan Bergeron

Pet waste left on the grass makes its way to storm drains
every time it rains. Storm drains lead to lakes or streams
Ken Quincy was a medal winner in Novembers Vienna
that ultimately lead to our drinking water supply. Pet
Turkey Trot. What a great way to celebrate
waste may carry disease-causing organisms, which make
Thanksgiving with other fun faces from the
water unsafe for swimming & costly to treat for drinking.



he worked for Syrian Airways as a radio operator. He

was later hired by the United Nations, parlaying his
knowledge of Morse Code to get a post in New Delhi,

Jean Moore

Dorothy and Pech lived in Geneva where they had their

first child, Gary. They moved to the United States and
Long time former DLW resident Jean Moore passed
settled in Arlington, where they had two more sons,
away January 7, 2014. Jean was 83 and was an original Berge and Ronald. In early 1963, the family moved to
owner in Dunn Loring Woods, living in the same house Cottage Street in Vienna. Their marriage ended in
until 2012 before moving to Georgia to be near her
divorce in 1981.
daughter. Jean served as Editor and Co-Editor for The
Lantern since from its inception in the early 60s until
In 1959, Pech opened an imports store called Le Bazar,
she moved from the area and was active in other
Georgetown, D.C. He spoke seven languages and used
DLWCA activities as well. She was also an active
those skills on his travels overseas to buy gift items for
volunteer for the Shepherd Center in Oakton and as a the store. He closed the store in 1969.
Fairfax County Election Officer for a number of years
as well as with the Girl Scouts for over 50 years. During In 1971, Pech founded the Tobacco Barn, a retail
their earlier residence in Dunn Loring Woods Jean and tobacco store. Within a few years he expanded to seven
her husband were involved with the Dunn Loring
stores in the Washington metro area, building a thriving
Volunteer Fire Dept. Jean built a long reputation of
business, which was later renamed Old Virginia
unselfish volunteering and could be counted on to help Tobacco Company. Pech retired more than 10 years
whenever help was needed, regardless of the task.
ago, passing the business on to his eldest son, Gary.
Details of Jeans funeral arrangements are not known as
of this printing of The Lantern.
He was instrumental in starting the Vienna Youth
Soccer League where he successfully coached a U-12
Boys team to tournament championships in Mexico
and England.
In 1987, Pech met Cathy Merolli. They married in
2000 and lived on Cottage Street until his passing.
Pech is survived by his wife, Cathy; his first wife,
Dorothy, their three sons, and seven grandchildren. He
is also survived by Cathy's three children.

Noubar Pechtimaldjian
Noubar Pechtimaldjian passed away on October 20,
2014, in his home of more than 51 years. He was
surrounded by family members and died from causes
related to Lewey Body dementia.
Pech, as he was known, lived with his wife, Dorothy and
3 children Gary, Berge and Ronald, in Dunn Loring
from early 1963 until he divorced in 1981.
Pech was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on February 24,
1919. He grew up in Beirut and attended a Jesuit
boarding school in Aleppo, Syria. After finishing school

"That we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never

lose, for all that we love
deeply becomes part of us."
- Helen Keller


Fairfax Countys Office of Emergency Management
(OEM) coordinates efforts with different organizations
such as the police and fire departments, public works
and power companies. OEM also provides emergency
mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery
services to the residents of Fairfax County.
OEM recommends a 4-step process for Fairfax
County residents to prepare their communities,
businesses as well as themselves for both man-made
and naturally occurring emergencies.

Assemble a kit
Create a plan
Stay informed
Get involved

1) Assemble a kit
All residents should have supplies on hand sufficient
for at least 3 days following an emergency.
If you already have a kit of emergency preparedness
supplies you are encouraged to check (expiration
dates, for example) and test them periodically.
For a list of recommended emergency kit items and
for additional information about assembling a kit, refer
2) Create a plan
Do you know how to respond if disaster impacts your
home or workplace?
Your family may not be together when disaster strikes,
so its important to plan in advance. How will you
contact one another? How will you get back together?
What will you do in different situations?
There is an online tool that families and businesses
can use to create a plan. was
developed to help residents and business owners in
Northern Virginia to develop a Family Emergency
Plan or a Business Emergency Plan through an easy to
use online tool. The final plan can be saved as a PDF
document and emailed to family, friends and

3) Stay informed
During emergencies, it helps to stay informed. These
days there are various digital formats that make it even
easier to stay informed about things like
power/electricity, road conditions, traffic, weather,
even VDOT snow plow status!
To get more details about how to sign up for alerts and
otherwise stay informed, check
4) Get involved
Would you like to learn more about emergency
preparedness and help your community as well?
Fairfax Countys Citizen Corps has various hands-on
volunteer opportunities such as Community
Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERT trains
people in neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools in
basic disaster response skills, such as fire suppression
and search and rescue, and helps them take a more
active role in emergency preparedness.
Theres also Volunteers in Police Service
(VIPS) which provides support for the police
department by incorporating volunteers so that law
enforcement professionals have more time for
frontline duty. VIPS includes auxiliary police officers,
administrative volunteers and the Citizen's Police
For more information as well as additional ways to get
involved, check out:
All residents should know what to do in case of an
emergency, including how to protect yourself, your
family and property. Disaster can strike quickly and
without warning, requiring you to evacuate your
neighborhood or confine you to your home. Preparing
in advance by learning what hazards may affect your
community and learning how to deal with these
hazards are an important part of emergency
For additional information go

Marie Gerritz


All dogs more than four months old residing in Dunn
Loring Woods must be licensed by January 31, 2015.
The license fee for each dog is $10. A current rabies
vaccination certificate must be shown if the rabies
vaccination expires by January 31, 2015, or for any dog
new to town.
Those who have bought tags in prior years should have
automatically received application forms in the mail in
Dog tags also are available by mail. Call 703-222-8234
for more information.


January 19-25, 2015. Experience Washington, DC's
best restaurants at affordable prices. More than 200 of
Washington, DCs finest restaurants will be offering 3course lunches for $20.15 and 3-course dinners for
$35.15 for this gourmet event.
For a complete listing of restaurants, please visit
Bon Apptit!


January 23-February 1, 2015. Washington Convention
Center, 801 Mount Vernon Place, NW Washington,
DC. This special event features more than 700 new
vehicle makes and models, live entertainment, celebrity
guests and new car giveaways.


February 7-8, 2015. Old Town Fairfax, Virginia. Enjoy a
festival of everything chocolate! See the Chocolate
Challenge, an arts contest featuring breathtaking art
made completely of chocolate, sample chocolates,
historic re-enactments, children's activities, craft show
and more.

February 18-22, 2015. The week-long event highlights
fashion design, clothing merchandising and modeling.


February 27- March 1, 2015. Dulles Expo Center,
Chantilly, VA. Enjoy a one-stop shopping resource with
hundreds of exhibits with the latest remodeling and
decorating products and services.


March 7-8, 2015. Washington Convention Center.
Learn about a wide variety of adventure travel packages
and tours, attend educational seminars, meet leading
travel writers and participate in free hands-on activities.

Landscaper John has snow removal equipment. Please
call him directly for a price quote. 703-499-2636
(mobile) or 571-261-1995 (office) & mention that you
live in Dunn Loring Woods for special pricing.

Feedback? Suggestions? Pictures?

Articles? Please Email
or call 703-786-7763
Dunn Loring Woods Civic
Association Board
President Ken Quincy
1 Vice President Melvin Rose
2nd Vice President Frank Piazza
Treasurer Steve Bergeron
Recording Secretary Wendi Carroll
Corresponding Secretary Wayne Comer
Director (3 year) Kathy Arpa
Director (2 year) Eleanor McCann
Director (1 year) Bill Moffett
Neighborhood Watch Mark S. Hann
Membership Pat Stout
Island Care Committee Neal McKinney
Hospitality JoAnn Donnelly

Editor, The Lantern Kate Anthony

Technology Team Stephen Bates &
Sarah Rasnake