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A Research Proposal



Submitted for the partial fulfillment
of the course on Business Research Methodology

Under the supervision of

Prof. R. N. Subudhi
Prof. Sasmita Mishra

Submitted By:






School of Management, KIIT University

As all of us know, there are many fashion trends that are been followed across
youth according to the celebrities preference. In the context of fashion specially the
trend set by the celebrities has been a benchmark for the youth to decide their
adoption to the latest trends.
This research aims to only narrow down only the important factors while selecting
a particular trend. Our Objective is to Study & Analyze that Celebrities Influence
on Youths styling & cloth buying decisions. To study and rank the factors
responsible for the selection of clothes, accessories & hair styles.

Literature Review:
The use of celebrity endorsement as a part of marketing communication strategy
has been gaining popularity over the past years. Monies paid out by firms on
endorsement contracts are estimated to be 10% to 25% of total advertising
expenditures. However, empirical evidences on the effect of endorsement
announcements on the stock prices performance of firms have been mixed at best.
It analyzed the share market perception of celebrity endorsement using a unique
sample of 102 announcements. Stock returns and trading volumes depends upon
the level of press attention. Endorsements that appear in a major newspaper show
higher average return and larger trading volume changes at announcement date
than those announced on the corporate website only The general belief among
advertisers is that messages delivered by celebrities provide a higher degree of
appeal, attention, and possibly message recall than those delivered by noncelebrities. Marketers also claim that celebrities affect the credibility of the claims
made, increase the Memorability of the message, and may provide a positive effect
that could be generalized to the brand Advertising is heavily used in process of
personality creation. This follow logically from the fact that personalities are
particularly important for brand building. They provide unique associations with
the brand and these associations acts as a stimulus for the customer to link their
personality with the brand. The sources that companies use to present their
advertising message typically attempts to project a credible image in terms of
competence, trustworthiness or dynamism. Celebrity endorsers are considered to
be highly dynamic, with attractive and engaging personal qualities. Audience may

also trust the advice given by some famous person, and in certain cases, celebrities
may even be perceived as competent to discuss the product.


1. To Study & Analyze that Celebrities Influence on Youths styling & cloth
buying decisions.
2. To study and rank the factors responsible for the selection of clothes,
accessories & hair styles.

Research Methodology: This study used an empirical survey on a convenience

sample of consumers in the locality of KIIT University.
A questionnaire will be developed to study the consumer behavior in adopting
different fashion trends set by the celebrities. The questionnaire includes the
demographic profile, Internet use and attitude towards shopping. The questionnaire
is based on a five-point. Likert's scale and other methods. The respondents were
asked to rate the options according to their choices. Random sampling technique
has been used for collecting the data. The sample includes the locality of KIIT
University. Data will be collected from students, academicians and job holders.
We intend to distribute a total of 50 questionnaires.

We intend to set three hypothesis:
H1: Consumers have a more positive attitude toward purchasing clothes according
to the celebrities preference.
H2:Among Internet users, men are more predisposed to online shopping than
H3:Young people are more predisposed towards shopping for the latest fashion

Limitations of the Research

The research is intended to be done in the locality of KIIT University and the
sample frame mainly consists of students & teaching & non-teaching staffs. So we
assume that it will show the trends of the internet and their preference towards the
online shopping & interactive marketing.
Young people in the age group of 18-25 years prefer to use Internet.
Any study based on survey through questionnaire suffers from the basic
limitations of the possibility of difference between what is recorded and what is
truth, no matter how carefully the questionnaire is designed and field investigation
will be conducted.


[1] Agrawal, Jagdish and Wagner A. Kamakura,(1995),The Economic Worth of

Celebrity Endorsers: An Event Study Analysis, Journal of Marketing 59, 56-62.

[2] Ahluwalia, Rohina, Robert E. Burnkrant, and H. Rao Unnava, (2000), Consumer
Response to Negative Publicity: The Moderating Role of Commitment, Journal of
Marketing Research, 37, 203-214.

[3] Atkin, Charles and Block, Martin (1983). "Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsers,"
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Journal of Advertising Research; Dec2010, Vol. 50 Issue 4, p416-427, 12p


Name of Respondent: ___________________________________________________
Sex: M

Contact No.:_______________________


Are Celebrities Trend Setters?

1. Expenditure on Clothing, Styling & Accessories per month.

o 1000 to 3000
o 3000 to 6000
o 6000 to 8000
o 8000 and above
2. Do you think Celebrities influence your Adaption of new style & trends?
o Strongly Agree
o Agree
o Sometimes
o Disagree
o Strongly Disagree
3. Do you agree the Role or Act played or put up by Your Favorite Celeb
influence you?
o Strongly Agree
o Agree
o Sometimes
o Disagree
o Strongly Disagree
4. Which kind of Celebrities influences your adaption of new style & trends?
o Film stars
o Sports Personalities
o Social Activists
o Business Tycoons
o Politicians
5. What are the sources from where you adapt Your Favorite Celebs Fashion
o Newspaper/magazines


TV Shows
Others (Please Specify):

6. Do you also buy accessories, shoes and make up & also match up to the Style
of Your Favorite Celeb?
o Yes always
o Quite Often
o Occasionally
o Not much
o Never
7. How likely will you purchase to the new Celeb Trends in the Current Market?
o Most Likely
o Likely
o Sometimes
o Maybe Not
o No Never
8. Where do you prefer Shopping as per your preferred Celeb style & trend?
o Online
o Retail Outlets
o Malls
o Local Markets
o Others, please specify____________________
9. Which Celeb influences Your Style & Trend?


Sharukh Khan

Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan

Kareena Kapoor

Ranbir Singh

Madhuri Dixit

Siddharth Mallya

Jaya Bachhan

Rahul Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi

Others, Please Mention______________


Others, Please

10.Why does Your Favorite Celeb Influence Your Style & Trend?