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E-Signatures, Signatures, Contract Management, NDA, and Document ...


Using EchoSign, @Road Eliminates “Personal About EchoSign
Frustration” From Contract Management Articles & Press Releases

@Road Inc. provides companies with hosted Mobile How It Works
Resource Management solutions that integrate
Who’s Using EchoSign
wireless communications, location-based services,
software applications, transaction processing and the Privacy, Security, Confidentiality
Internet, connecting mobile workforces to real-time corporate data. The company’s Management and Investors
630 workers provide services to more than 193,000 subscribers and end-users
world-wide. EchoBlog
Contact Us
Headquartered in Fremont, California, the company maintains a global presence with
offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

@Road contracts were created by headquarters, printed by a sales person, faxed to
the customer, who would fill in information by hand, faxed back to the sales person,
and then, finally, faxed to company headquarters.

“By the time a document reached headquarters, it was often very degraded and hard
to read,” says JD Fay, @Road Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and General
Counsel. “We needed contracts returned faster and in a more legible format.”

Once returned, contracts were then scanned to create a digital archive. “It just
wasn’t efficient or scalable,” says Fay. “We’d end up with illegible documents, wasted
time, and a slow process.”

@Road needed a document delivery and management solution that could handle a
high volume of contracts from remote sales people on three continents, as well as
telesales, quickly.

To begin the transition to a more turnkey solution, @Road’s Legal Department
approved 15 different documents to be used in the contract process. “The sales
person would simply pick the right document which had details locked down with
form fields,” Fay says. “That way, we minimized the risk of unauthorized changes to
the terms and conditions.”

@Road turned to EchoSign for document delivery. “The fact that EchoSign is a
hosted, super thin, intuitive system that can be employed instantly without an ERP
task force is a big plus,” Fay says. “The ability to continue using handwritten
signatures was also essential.”

With EchoSign, the sales person in the field emails the newly created contracts to
customers who fill in their name and address, sign the document, and then EchoSign
a perfect digital copy back to the sales person and headquarters.

“This helps a tremendous amount with legibility,” Fay says. “We want sales people
selling, not answering phone calls from headquarters about hard-to-read contract

Document management was easy too because EchoSign automatically created a
digital copy of every document, eliminating printing and scanning. All @Road needs
to do is drag the digital copy into the company’s document management system.

@Road was so impressed that when it launched its software-as-a-service solutions in
the UK earlier this year, it made EchoSign its central document and contract hub.
“For our new UK team, EchoSign is all they know,” Fay says.

Documents are still reviewed, approved, and signed at @Road’s headquarters. With
the eight hour time difference, speed is essential. EchoSign automatically emails the
document to decision-makers as soon as the customer signs it.

“Everyone on the cc list is kept up-to-date on the contract’s progress,” Fay says. “If
I’m not in the office, I can still see the document on my Blackberry.”

“To put it succinctly, EchoSign eliminates personal frustration,” Fay says. “We’re able
to manage all of our contract needs and at the same time minimize problems and

About EchoSign
EchoSign is the easiest and fastest way to get a document signed.
With EchoSign, you have unlimited document exchange, execution and
tracking accessible anytime from anywhere.

About EchoSign (PDF)
EchoSign Whitepaper (PDF)

Here's what people are saying about us:

Solving an Unsolved Problem
"…a solution to an untapped office problem that isn't online yet:
document management and verification. The company manages digital signatures over
the Web for human resources departments, stock option documents and sales
—, 08/21/2006

EchoSign Wins the IBD Network’s
“Judges’ Choice” for Best Office 2.0
"EchoSign solves a long term problem of handling, tracking

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E-Signatures, Signatures, Contract Management, NDA, and Document ...

and storing company documents that have to get signed
and then manages them once they are signed. It also goes
a step further than the standard Jfax service by automating
the process of emailing a copy of the signed document out to all the parties that need
— Under The Radar, 08/16/2006

EchoSign Solves Signature Page
"EchoSign definitely fixes a big problem for companies trying to keep executed
agreements and other documents organized."
— TechCrunch, 01/02/2006

First Web 2.0 Document
Tracking and Management
"Leverages innovative internet technologies to enable easy and efficient signing,
tracking, archiving and sharing of documents."
— Yahoo! Finance, 03/21/2006

Instantly Sign any Document

"EchoSign has quickly taken off as a way to instantly eliminate the headaches and
environmental impacts of paperwork. With just a web browser, two or more people
anywhere in the world can instantly sign any document at any time."
— TMC Net, 06/29/2006

Ideal Way to Manage the Flow

"[EchoSign] is ideal for the day-to-day flow of documents that need signing."
— ZDNet, 08/15/06

As Easy as Sending Out E-mail
"Getting an agreement signed through EchoSign is as easy as sending out an e-mail.
Users simply send an agreement that needs to be signed through That's
it. Upon receiving the [signed documents], EchoSign automatically e-mails signed copies
of the agreement to all parties by a PDF."
— KVBC TVt, 07/04/2006

Solves a Major Gap

"EchoSign solves a major gap in this world — the signing of agreements. When you
have an agreement for someone to sign, you send it through EchoSign to them, they
print, sign, fax, and viola — a PDF copy is e-mailed to parties. Simple and innovative."
— Rev2.0, 04/29/2006

Dramatically Reduces Costs
"EchoSign dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of
managing signed documents and contracts for small, medium
and large businesses. There is no software to install, no training
required, and there are no new systems to learn."
— ALTA (American Land Title Association), 03/22/2006

Fills a Real Pain Point
"EchoSign fills a real pain point for business
and individuals that are trying to juggle obtaining signatures on multiple contracts."
— Alison Murdock, President, IBDNetwork 8/16/06

Secure and Unalterable
"EchoSign - A website for sending, signing, tracking and storing documents on the
internet. Your signed documents are secure, unalterable, and no one sees them unless
you want them to."
— EHub, 04/27/2006

Super Simple
"While we were midway through a skype call, they fired me the NDA through the online
echosign service. I reviewed it, was happy, so gave my electronic agreement in
echosign, and its done! No faxing (although it will fax or allow you to fax in if required),
just a super simple way of confirming agreement[s] between companies online."
— Decisive Flow, 05/26/2006

Instant Access from Anywhere
"With EchoSign, users have instant access from anywhere to all of their agreements as
well as their status — which documents are still out for signature; which ones have
been signed; and which ones haven't. EchoSign both automatically tracks down written
fax signatures, and also has an optional e-signature feature that makes it even easier to
sign documents from any location."
— Web 2.0 Journal, 03/22/2006

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E-Signatures, Signatures, Contract Management, NDA, and Document ...

Helps Businesses Comply with
"EchoSign helps businesses comply with Sarbanes- Oxley and other federal regulations
by providing third party verification of when documents are delivered, when they are
signed, and who has received copies."
— Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal, 04/25/2006

The Right Tool for the Task

"Does your business struggle to keep track of signed agreements, invoices, approvals
and contracts? . . . Send copies to anyone you've designated: your assistant, the sales
team, HR or anyone else involved in the process. EchoSign also stores a copy of each
document in your account for archiving."
— Small Business Computing, 05/18/2006

Close Customer Contracts
"Need an agreement to be signed by your customer? Simply send it through EchoSign,
your customers can then print, sign, fax, and viola - a PDF copy is e-mailed to all to
whom it may concern."
— NEOBinaries, 07/20/2006

Continually Check Document
"EchoSign has launched a Web 2.0 document management system that automates
signing, tracking and archiving of agreements and contracts ... The service works with
any computer and email system, turning documents into PDFs in transit, and then
archives the files. Functions include alerts, documents sharing, and signature status.
The agreement section can support 1,000 100-page documents withouth latency,
allowing users to continually view and check document status without continually
refreshing web pages."
— IT News, 03/22/2006

Near-Paperless Process
"I think the last time I did something like this was through's fax service—
I had to get some signatures to my old dentist and it was a big hassle to use the clumsy
adware application to paste the document together. I'm sure that Jeff Zwelling and
EchoSign, Inc. will save some trees and take "web-based document management"
— Knowing Art, 03/17/2006

EchoSign Makes Sure it Gets Signed

"Users email out terms of sale or other paperwork through EchoSign, and EchoSign
automatically makes sure it gets signed (by fax or e-signature), and that copies are sent
to all parties. It also stores a copy of the document ... It might be as simple as agreeing
to a standard refund / satisfaction policy in the case of jewelry; or in the case of
merchants who use eBay as an extension of an existing online store, a way to get them
to agree to the T&Cs they would have agreed to if they'd purchased directly via the
online store rather than eBay."
— AuctionBytes, 03/19/2006

Tracks Docs with AJAX
"And EchoSign archives all of its users’ documents in the standard PDF format, with the
signature included."
— AjaxWorld, 04/28/2006

Works with Any Computer

"The service works with any computer and e-mail system, turning documents into PDFs
in transit, and then archives the files. Functions include alerts, documents sharing, and
signature status."
— TechWeb, 03/21/2006

Cross Platform Functionality
"EchoSign you email someone a PDF that needs a signature. They print and sign it,
then fax it to an EchoSign fax number. EchoSign then emails a signed PDF to all
designated recipients. Lots of security, lots of cross platform functionality. Pretty cool.
It's a free service at the level where they store your 20 most recently sent documents.
More features and storage at higher price points. "
— The Social Software Weblog, 04/27/2006

Legally Binding

" A new Web service that facilitates the signing of legally binding
contracts. You can send a contract as an e-mail, which arrives with a bar-coded cover
sheet. After printing and signing it, the recipient faxes the contract back to a toll-free
number. All documents faxed to that number are permanently stored with status
information, telling you, for example, which ones are still awaiting signatures. Storage is
free up to 20 documents."

3 of 5 2/12/2007 12:08 PM
E-Signatures, Signatures, Contract Management, NDA, and Document ...

— IT Business, 03/15/2006

It's a Personal Quest of Mine . . .
"It's a personal quest of mine to eventually run a true paperless office, so so I'm
constantly looking for services to move in that direction. One of the largest obstacles in
doing so would be to circumnavigate the need for signed documents, which would be
impossible (unfortunately) in today's litigious world. EchoSign solves the problem by
allowing you to send documents, have the end-party sign it, and then fax it back to an
account which saves the signed document as a PDF file for archiving. Both parties
receive a copy of the signed PDF. You never have to deal with a single piece of paper.
Sending a test agreement took about 2 minutes total, half of which was spent filling out
the registration form, and the best part is that it's free . . . "
— API Talk, 01/19/2006

Sign Here Please . . .
"For most people, the task of creating and negotiating contracts was transformed some
ten years ago, when email "tipped" and became the preferred mode of business
communication. Drafts are prepared in Word, then emailed back and forth. Most of the
time, changes are marked up (although sometimes not, but that's another story), and
eventually a final version emerges, ready to sign.

"It's at this point that things go decidedly low-tech. Despite much e-signature talk and
buzz over the years, the task of signing contracts still seems to happen with pen, paper,
fedex and fax.

"But where do you look when, 6 months down the road, a dispute is looming, and you
want to check the final terms of the contract you signed? Do you trust the last
electronic copy buried deep in your email archives, or do you go rummaging around for
the signed piece of paper? . . .

"All you do is browse to EchoSign, upload your final contract, tell it who needs to sign,
and the contract is emailed to all relevant parties. They print, sign, and fax it back to
your EchoSign number, and the final signed versions are stored as PDFs for future
reference. Easy."
— Strategize, 01/03/2006

Reduces Headaches
"EchoSign is a great new service that will save a lot of time if you need to get
signatures on documents . . . it’s SSL secured, and pages encrypted and unalterable.
EchoSign can really reduce some of the headaches if you have lots of signed documents
— and you can’t beat the price."
— VerusNova, 05/31/2006

Automatically Organizes
"The novel exchange platform keeps track of all your executed documents, and
automatically organizes them and makes them accessible at anytime. The service works
with any computer and email system, turning documents into PDFs in transit, and then
archives the files. There is no software to install, no training required, and there are no
new systems to learn. Storage is free for up to 20 documents."
— Web2.0 Sites, 05/25/2006

Enabling the Paperless Society
[Translation] "Since the time when the PC first became popular, the idea of actualizing
the paperless society has often been discussed, but has not become a reality. The
problem with the digitization of documents is that the management of the documents is
often analog. EchoSign makes it all digital. EchoSign makes it simple to exchange and
digitize documents via fax, and makes it possible to avoid the problems associated with
fax exchange of documents. All your various documents are now digitized, making
document management work."
— 100Shiki, 01/13/2006

Making the Contract Signature
Process Electronic
"I work with a lot of contracts in my business, so I am especially intrigued by EchoSign.
Essentially EchoSign seeks to make the contract signature process electronic, getting rid
of multiple paper versions of contract."
— Pactum, 01/24/2006

A Favorite
"EchoSign automatically turns the fax into a pdf and emails it to you so you get an
easier-to-manage soft copy."
— Kulveer, 03/29/2006

Safe and Secure
"As simple to use as electronic mail . . . EchoSign works with Word, Excel….even
WordPerfect … all kept safe so your documents will not be accessible by anybody."
— GenBeta, 05/04/2006

EchoSign Goes Further
"Efax helps somewhat [with document management] and I often ask people to send
docs to my efax number so that I have an electronic copy. But EchoSign, besides being
free, goes further. Once a document is finalized, you simply upload it to the site and

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E-Signatures, Signatures, Contract Management, NDA, and Document ...

use their interface to email it out to everyone. The emailed document includes a fax
cover sheet with the fax number pre-filled. The other side simply prints it, signs it, and
sends it to the fax number on the pre-printed form. The original party then receives a
pdf version of the signed document for filing, printing and/or forwarding."
— TechCrunch, 01/02/2006

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