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Berner Food & Beverage talks

private labelling

How visual training tools keep

manufacturers on track

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In Case of
Precautions to mitigate safety risks
and production downtime inside
manufacturing plants Page 30


MARCH 23-26, 2015



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Wearing Its Labels With Pride

Berner Food & Beverage is an Illinois-based contract manufacturer of private label
and store brand beverages, cheese products, and other dairy-based foods.


The Pressing Debate


The upfront cost of pressing may appear to be prohibitive, but there are
several benefits. This is especially true when it comes to larger maintenance facilities.


IMPO Online



Industry News

Operational Excellence Through Training


Plant Practices


New Products


Field Report


Global Trends





When training, the clear and constant presence of visual reinforcement and information is key.

Anaerobic Adhesives for Eliminating Threaded Fastener Failure
In many cases, fasteners that self-loosen during equipment operation may contribute to wear and fatigue, and result in poor
operating tolerances and misalignment.

Material Insights
New products and solutions at ProMat 2015, along with an update on the latest technologies in industrial lifting equipment.


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Manufacturing Into 2015

and Beyond
elcome back, IMPO readers!
to optimize the latest in product
Ifyoure like me, you spent the
technology, as well as harnessing
holidays catching up on sleep,
the resources of industry experts in
family time and perhaps consuming more
operational methodology and best
energy (read = calories) than necessary to
fuel your interests. Yet in the end, a peri Globalization: How to remain
od that should feel like rest and recovery
competitive against lower cost
often results in a sluggish first week back
countries and calculate the total
in the office. Too bad we dont get some
cost of ownership when comparing
time to recover from our
locations. Manufacturers
must also understand
As we kick off 2015,
when to make the case
the biggest change in
for reshoring global facIMPO you might notice is
that our long-running col Economic issues, like
umnist, Mike Collins, has
purchasing trends, taxretired from his monthly
ation, stimulus, raw
contribution FYI: For
material costs, and supply
Your Industry. While
chain issues.
well miss Mikes astute
Training, including
and often controversial
addressing how an aging
insights, weve decidworkforce adopts new
ed to shift gears a little
technologies and soluwith his replacement.
tions. Alternatively,
Check out page 42 for the
manufacturers need to
Anna Wells, Editor
first of IMPOs custom
address how to attract a
infographics; youll see
Millennial workforce to
a fresh one each issue,
fill a worsening skills
examining topics that impact the way
we run our businesses. This issue weve
Safety, such as ensuring employees
assembled some targeted predictions on
make the right decisions to mainwhat will affect manufacturing in 2015,
tain a safer workplace, while keepsourced from some of the industrys most
ing costs manageable.
educated experts.
Regulations & compliance. As the
While its important to focus on varilegal and regulatory environment
ables like fluctuating energy costs and
becomes more complex, manuother timely issues like local and federal
facturers have to contend with
legislation, I think we need to reiterate
regulatory issues surrounding
the issues that continue to impact manueverything from environmental/
facturing on an ongoing basis not just
emissions standards, purchasing
in one year, but likely spanning a decade
requirements, and management of
or more. Here are a few of the critical
Adapting to the surge of data availissues that need to remain top-of-mind,
able through improving technology,
year-over-year, in order to keep busiand how to leverage this new intelnesses on a constant track of continuous
ligence to make business decisions.
Improving operating efficiency
(relative to efficient use of labor,
What did we miss? Id love to hear
production/machinery, energy, and
from you. Email me at Anna.
space/footprint). This includes how

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Wearing its Labels

With Pride
By Jesse Osborne, Editor, Food Manufacturing

roy Grove stands in the lobby of Berner

Food & Beverage on a recent weekday, pointing out to a pair of visitors a
decades-old framed aerial photograph of the
Illinois food manufacturing facility. Grove, the
companys Chief Information Officer, says the
picture offers not only a snapshot of Berners
history, but also illustrates the significant
growth that has taken place in the years since.
Berners since-expanded corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility sits tucked
away in the midst of cornfields, and a gravel
road or two, in Dakota, IL. The company also
now has two warehouses with a combined
200,000 square feet of space in its company
footprint one in Freeport and one in Rock
City with both located within 15 miles
of the manufacturing facility. And although
Berner Food & Beverage remains relatively
hidden in the unassuming northern Illinois
landscape, the products it produces are front
and center on the shelves of grocery stores and
other major retailers across the United States.
As a leading private label and store brand
producer and contract manufacturer of beverages, cheese products and other dairy-based
foods, Berners current product line represents
a significant evolution from a company that

opened in 1941 as a maker of natural cheeses.

The company has been formally in business (for more than) 70 years and a lot of
things have happened. Originally, we were in
natural cheese from 1941 through 2006. And
during that time we made several types of private label cheese, Berner President and CEO
Steve Kneubuehl says. We didnt consider
ourselves a private labeler at that time because
private label didnt really come into being
formally until about the 1980s... but we made
cheese for all kinds of companies, especially
out East. Our biggest one was Alpine Lace, a
Swiss-laced cheese which was a low-sodium,
low-fat cheese that was very popular in the
deli case from the 1980s all the way through
2005. Back in the 1990s, we decided we
needed to diversify our product line so that
we could capture more sales... and also help
with risk by having more products so we were
not reliant on one product like the Alpine Lace
brand. So we went into dairy-based, shelf-stable products. Our first one was the emulation of
Cheese Whiz by Kraft. Once we did that, we got into
the aerosol (cheese) business and did the (products)
for all the private label store brands. So everything
that we are into, were about 85 to 95 percent penetrated as private labelers. We just about do all the

Berner Food & Beverage

is an Illinois-based
contract manufacturer of private label and
store brand beverages,
cheese products, and
other dairy-based foods.
Expansion and evolution
have resulted in success
for this 70+ year-old


Test Products International, Inc.

CBM from TPI

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Food and beverage manufacturing is
sophisticated enterprise, but Berner Food
& Beverage stays on top of nearly every
aspect of its operation through its use of
Apteans Process Manufacturing Suite.
Warehouse, maintenance, operations,
quality, finance, customer services, procurement. Were talking just about every
department. It pretty much touches every
department, Berner Food & Beverage
Chief Information Officer Troy Grove says
of the Process Manufacturing Suite. If it
doesnt, then you arent using it to what
its capabilities are.
The Process Manufacturing suite connects Apteans Ross ERP (Enterprise
Resource Planning), Factory MES
(Manufacturing Execution System) and
Pivotal CRM (Customer Relationship
Management) solutions, enabling all the
products to share operations data and
complement each other when customers are executing process manufacturing decisions. Most importantly, the suite
provides process manufacturers with a
single view of operations, inventory and
financial data.
Process manufacturers need operations and financial visibility at all times,
to quickly execute decisions that can
affect overall production immediately,
says Jennifer Sherman, senior vice president, product management, Aptean.
The new Process Manufacturing Suite
features integrated, best-in-class CRM
and manufacturing capabilities that
enable those crucial, real-time decisions
to be informed by a manufacturers
entire operations process.
private label in the products we participate in, in
the market.
Berners current product line includes aerosol cheese products, jarred cheeses, salsa con
queso, various flavored dips, alfredo sauces,
coffee beverages, protein energy shakes and
ethnic beverages. Berner is the primary producer of aerosol cheese products in the United
States. Were basically the last manufacturer
standing for aerosol (cheese), Kneubuehl
says. Were like the aerosol (cheese) capital
of the world here in the cornfields of northern

Private Label the Priority

Private labels and store brands are nothing
new to the food manufacturing and consumer
landscape. But the prevalence and popularity
of that portion of the marketplace has grown

significantly over the last two decades. Since

Berner was already involved in producing
private label and store brand products in the
natural cheese market, following that path
with other products was a somewhat natural
The real store brand movement probably
began about 1995-96, slow at first, (an) initial penetration of five, six, seven percent,
not really big, not really significant. Not until
the 2000s probably, 2003, 2004, 2005
did they really begin to take off and penetrate
to the 20 percent or more level. So one of
the things I think weve enjoyed, and its
probably just a timing thing, was we enjoyed
riding the wave of the growth of private
brands, says Berner Vice President of Sales
Steve Fay, who noted that the private label
and store label brand products his company
is involved with now have greater than 20
percent market penetration in their respective
product groups.
We always talk in terms of what is the
perfect balance, because there is symbiosis
between the national brand and the store brand
private label. The national brand having sufficient enough shares, efficient enough revenue
generation that they can basically lead the
category and they can bring prominence to
the category and bring attention to the category. Meanwhile, you can view it as (national
brands) are the ski boat, and we are the skier
Through its Make it Yours customer program, Berner is able to take a customers concept for a dairy-based, shelf stable food item or
beverage item and develop a prototype that can
lead to full-scale production. Berners research
and development team has the ability to draw on
national brand equivalent formulas or create a
proprietary formula specifically for the customer.
Berner also offers processing, supply chain management and project management solutions for its
The business model for private label is you
have your own expertise ours is in dairy-based
products and we have just grown up with
that, Kneubuehl says. We have a really good
R&D department that excels in that. Anything
thats got milk, butter, whey protein, concentrated
milk or cheese we can do well, whether it is a
beverage or a shelf-stable product. We can make
those really well.
Berner currently has between 300-400active
labels across its multiple product groups.

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(BDU). 800-line spectrum
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Aworkforce of approximately 300employees keeps product lines running 24 hours a

day, seven days a week. A recent weekday
saw three product lines being produced
an aerosol cheese product, an alfredo sauce
and a protein energy drink.

Branching Into Beverage

While cheese products, dips and sauces
have long been staples of Berners product
portfolio, the companys foray into beverage
products is a relatively recent one.
A beverage initiative was undertaken in
2008 and started with some iced latte and
coffee energy beverages. Berner had been
looking to add a product line that complemented the somewhat seasonal sales cycle of
shelf-stable cheese and dairy-based products
already being manufactured. And the inspiration came from a Berner employee who was
fond of a national coffee chains bottled lattes
and coffee drinks.
We had a business that had September,
October, November, December, January, a little
bit of February to make money, Fay says.
Basically our assets were underutilized for
half the year. The deal was, we knew (the new
product line) was beverage.
We toyed around with a bunch of stuff and
we had an employee that worked for us at the
time, and she kept coming in and she said,
You see that (national chain) stuff? You see
that (national chain) stuff? and I said, Nah,
its not going to work for us. We finally did a
scope an examination and research project
on the (national chain) latte and we decided it was an item that we could make. That
kind of was the birthing of all the milk-based
products we do. Now were branching out
into high-protein drinks and doing some really
good stuff there.
The beverage product line has expanded to
protein energy drinks and ethnic beverages,
and now makes up approximately 50 percent
of Berners business, according to company
officials. Now were making a lot of national brand products and working with these
companies to develop milk-based beverages
like the coffee lattes, high-protein drinks for
companies like Monster, and have been very
successful in those drinks, Kneubuehl says.

Production, People, Process

Berners manufacturing facility is USDA
approved, SQF2000 Level 3, HACCP certified.

According to Berners Quality Manager, James

Humphrey, there are two common production
themes across the companys diverse product
line a hot fill, where the product is cooked at
a high temperature, filled into various containers and then cooled; and via retort, where the
product is cooked, filled into a glass or metal
container that is sealed and then transferred to a
pressurized cooking vessel where it undergoes
a high-heat treatment to make the product shelf
stable for a longer period of time.
Time and temperature is one of the biggest
things we monitor. And its easy to monitor.
But the more complicated item that we make
here is a retort whether it be a latte, beverage, alfredo, dip or what have you. Theres a lot
more involved in that when it comes to monitoring CCP. We do utilize some technology. An
example would be we do x-ray checks to make
sure the (container) head space is monitored
properly. All of our retorts, theres three pieces
of paperwork that get reviewed, Humphrey
says. Those get verified by someone from
quality, usually the quality supervisor or myself.
They verify to make sure its being done properly. They check all the documentation, and
nothing gets released until that is all done and
all the production paperwork is also reviewed.
Humphrey says the growth in Berners product offerings over the past several years has led
to fewer line changeovers and a more simplified
process when a changeover does occur. The
company is now more line-specific, with one
line dedicated to coffee beverages and another
for retort items. We have operators trained on
that (specific) line because its running all the
time, Humphrey says. The learning curve (for
employees) has shortened quite a bit because
they are always running that product.
Like many manufacturers, employee attraction and retention can sometimes be an issue.

And while Berner is no exception, it does

utilize a unique testing program to make sure
the employees it does hire are able to be successful in whatever role they fill. Im really
proud of our diversified workforce. We have
all kinds of people that work on the production
floor and support what we do, Kneubuehl
says. The workforce is always changing
and there are skills gaps out there and were
finding that the biggest skill gap is in the soft
skills of showing up for work, teamwork,
having the right positive attitude, loyalty to
your company. And weve been able to find
good people like that.
Berner employs a specific testing process
developed by ACT for all new employees
regardless of education level in order to gauge
their existing skills and experience, and to also
determine where they might fit best on the production floor. The tests measure reading, math,
information locating skills and teamwork skills.
Were able to get a good viewpoint of what
type of person we have starting out and we try to
match that person up with a job thats available,
Kneubuehl says. Weve been highly successful
doing that.
Berners investment in its workforce is
matched by its reinvestment back into the company.
In 2013, the company revamped its aerosol
production line by adding new equipment. Two
retort vessels were also added to the production
floor, and an automated palletizing system was
introduced. Another retort vessel was added in
2014 giving the company a total of nine
along with an upgrade of the facilitys water
handling and control system. The last two years
have seen significant growth, says Grove, who
noted that more capital improvements are in the
works for 2015. Those plans include adding an
additional boiler and significantly increasing
the plants chiller capacity. Berner also plans to
increase its air capacity in 2015.
Berner adheres to lean practices and tries
to promote lean in whatever it does. That
lean mindset, according to Kneubuehl, allows
Berner to stay on a successful path.
The name of the game today is you need
to be lean. All our processes, everything is
driven by lean and eliminating waste, and
thats what we continuously do. Thats our
best avenue to compete and provide value
and the highest quality, Kneubuehl says.
Its an evolution and a journey every day for
continuous improvement.

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Kaeser Compressors has broken ground
on a new building expansion to their headquarters in Fredericksburg, VA. As Kaeser
grows, our commitment to providing
superior customer service and delivering
exceptional products will not change, says
Kaeser's Company President Frank Mueller.
The additional square footage we are
adding will give us more opportunities to
continue being who we are. The expansion
will add approximately 50,000 square feet,
accommodate more inventory and facilitate
improvements to the company's growing
packaging and shipping operations.

HOLT CAT, the Caterpillar Equipment and

Engine dealer for South, Central, North and
North East Texas, celebrates the completion
of its 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art
heavy equipment service facility. The $11
million expansion is part of a $100 million
HOLT investment plan to upgrade facilities,
open new full-service locations and ensure
technicians are equipped with advanced
tools and technologies in order to provide
outstanding service to customers.

Allied Electronics announced that it has

expanded its portfolio by nearly 35,000
new products from a number of important
suppliers now available through the Allied
website as part of a global initiative. As
part of our extensive Globalize the Offer
initiative, were expanding our offering
by making the product portfolios of both
Allied and our UK-based sister company,
RS Components, available worldwide, said
Frank Cantwell, Vice President of Product
Management for Allied. When complete,
more than 75 percent of our part numbers
will be visible around the world.

Weiss-Rohling USA LLC, global freight forwarder, was officially awarded the highly
prestigious achievement of LEED Silver in
their built-to-suit facility redeveloped and
managed by CenterPoint Properties. This
accomplishment reflects the propertys
stringent faithfulness to solid green design
and practices. Many leading features, such
as energy-efficient HVAC systems, motion
operated light fixtures, warehouse equipped
PowerfoilX2.0 by B.A.F. Co. and construction
waste recycling helped contribute to LEED
certification in Weiss-Rohlings 87,975 square
foot facility.

The Association of Washington Business

[AWB] announced the winners of the 2014
Manufacturing Excellence Awards and
TigerStop, located in Vancouver, WA, has
taken top honors in Innovation. The AWB
Innovation Award highlights significant
progress in designing, developing and
delivering a blockbuster product concept.
TigerStop was founded by Spencer Dick,
who, as the owner of a thriving manufacturing business, became frustrated with the
inherent inefficiencies of his machine operators stopping to reset and recalibrate whenever they were cutting material to various

Standard Textile, a global provider of

end-to-end solutions for the institutional
textile and apparel markets, is expanding
its Union County, SC manufacturing facility. The $5 million capital investment is
expected to create 35 new jobs in Union,
SC. By expanding the facility by 39,000
square-feet, Standard Textile will be able
to accommodate increasing terry towel
finishing capabilities. The expanded plant
will also facilitate new partnerships and
opportunities in Standard Textile's yarn
spinning, yarn preparation and weaving

Chad Smith, vice president, product management and engineering, at Thomas &
Betts (T&B), a member of the ABB Group,
was among those selected for the Memphis
Business Journals 18th annual Top 40
Under 40. The 40 finalists were selected
from more than 250 nominations. Smith
holds a bachelors degree in polymer
chemistry from the Georgia Institute of
Technology and a masters degree in business from the University of Georgia. He
joined Thomas & Betts in 2011 and has held
various roles in product management, marketing and engineering.


w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m

After a successful first year, AMT

The Association For
Manufacturing Technology
will host the second annual
Automation in Manufacturing (AIM) Conference. The
conference will be held June 4, 2015, at the MGM Grand
in Detroit, MI.
This years theme will be Building Our Manufacturing
Future with Automation. The conference will focus on
the future of advanced manufacturing, with an emphasis
on state-of-the-art, innovative automation.
The U.S. faces a significant challenge as we strive to
hold on to our strong manufacturing base; therefore, the
call to automate is greater than ever, says Rick Blake,
President, Edgewater Automation LLC, and AMTs AIM
Group Chairman. The AIM Conference emphasizes
investing in techniques to build the equipment to make
products more accurately, faster and cheaper. I see automation as the foundation for economic revival and as an
opportunity for young people to invest in their futures,
their communities and their country.
For more information on the conference, visit www.

Ingersoll Rand Campbellsville

Facility Achieves 6 Million IncidentFree Hours
Ingersoll Rand, provider of compressed air systems and services,
power tools and fluid and material handling equipment, surpassed
6 million hours of incident-free operations at its Campbellsville, KY
facility in November. The achievement represents 14 years of operations
absent of any operational stoppages due to safety incidents.
This achievement has been 14 years in the making, says David
Johnson, plant manager for the Ingersoll Rand Campbellsville facility.
This is a huge accomplishment that was made possible by the dedication of all our employees. Their teamwork and attention to safety has
made Campbellsville a stellar example of excellence in manufacturing.
The Ingersoll Rand Campbellsville facility is a key production facility
for the companys Compressed Air Systems and Services division, manufacturing rotary
and reciprocating
air compressors
that are shipped
around the world.
The facility has
been operating
since 1969 and
employs 176 people full-time.



Automation in Manufacturing
(AIM) Conference Announced




Improving Production During

Times of Budget Constraints

s a leading science and engineering company saw its

capital improvement and maintenance budgets tighten significantly during the last months of the budget year, production was impacted or slowed due to lack of
repairs and improvements. Other than improvements/repairs
to comply with safety or environmental regulations, no funds
were available for improvements/repairs to aging or ineffective equipment.
Additionally, at this time, the company was gaining a stockpile of old equipment that was taking up valuable space in
the maintenance warehouse. Simply disposing this stockpile
would incur disposal fees.
Jerry Butz was working for the science and engineering
company at the time as an instrument reliability engineer. In
this job, he was charged with improving performance and reliability of instrumentation and control loops. However, Butz
was repeatedly directed to defer costs to the next fiscal year
due to budget restrictions.

An Alternative to Disposal
After being introduced to Automation Service by a colleague, Butz
learned of the companys free-of-charge reclamation program for
old process control equipment. Automation Service would come to
Butz company, pull all of the stockpile equipment and offer credit
to purchase re-manufactured instruments from Automation Service.
Not only had Butz found a way to efficiently clear out the equipment
that had been collecting dust for many years, but he was also able to
earn credit for future purchases. Butz used the $15,000 in credit to
purchase much needed equipment and improved his companys production outputs.
Our reclamation program really is win-win for all parties
involved, says Angie Kamp, sales representative at Automation

Service. Jerry Butz was able to free his company from clutter and
we were able to make that clutter into something new again.

Old Parts Turn Into New Improvements

At the companys morning meetings, Butz was able to tell his production team and fellow engineers of the improvements he was making in the process control loops, control valves and other parts that
fell under his responsibility. Eventually, his manager began to wonder how Butz was able to accomplish all these improvements during
a time when all non-critical spending was restricted.
With all the equipment we recycled from the stockpile, we earned
$15,000 in credit to purchase re-manufactured instrumentation from
Automation Service, says Butz. My boss was puzzled at first, but
later impressed that I was able to continue making improvements
without spending any money from the budget.
Through Automation Services robust recycling program,
Butz was able to treat the stockpile equipment as the
asset it was. Improvements in plant reliability
were made and projects were moved forward
that otherwise wouldnt have. Butz was so
impressed with Automation Service and
how it did business that he now works
for them as Director of Customer
Automation Service is the sole
warrantor of this product and is not
affiliated or endorsed by Fisher,
Rosemount, or any other Emerson
Process Management Company.

w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m

WIX Filters Installs

Automated Equipment
at Master DC

IX Filters, a global manufacturer of filtration products, has

implemented a goods-to-person picking strategy for its
master distribution center (MDC) in Gastonia, NC, based on a
newly installed automated shuttle storage and picking system.
The new system is an expandable, two-aisle Stingray Shuttle System
that uses robotic shuttles to pick products and fulfill orders for WIXs
automotive, agricultural, industrial and specialty filter customers. TGW
Logistics Group, supplier of automated logistics solutions for warehousing, production, order picking and distribution, installed the system.
The new system replaces a manual, labor intensive process that
involved someone physically touching every single order, says Robert
Foy, operations manager for WIXs master distribution center. With this
new technology, we have improved our on-time delivery, reduced fill errors
and added fulfillment capacity to respond to new growth opportunities.
A warehouse management system (WMS) controls the movement and
storage of inventory at WIXs master distribution center. Once the WMS
determines an order has been placed for a quantity less than a case, it
releases the order to the Stingray shuttle and picking system for fulfillment.
The system includes two aisles of Stingray shuttles with Twister load
handlers storing nearly 18,000 cartons and totes. In addition to the new
shuttle system, WIX also installed an automated conveyor sortation system that connects the shuttle system to four ergonomically designed picking work stations that includes replenishment and pack stations.
Greg Dillman, Senior Vice President for North American Operations for
Affinia Group Inc., the parent company for WIX, says the new system is
part of a global strategy to increase WIXs product offerings.
Capacity is the hallmark of the system, says Dillman. We are already
producing more than 12,000 different product numbers and the automated
shuttles will allow WIX to increase its product range in the years ahead.
The new system also allows us to respond to changes in how the industry
is placing orders. As a result, we are more efficient in fulfilling smaller,
more frequent orders to better meet the needs of our customers.
The automated storage and retrieval system increases warehouse efficiency by reducing or eliminating manual warehouse operations, which
enhances labor productivity, improves worker and product safety, and
achieves high inventory and order accuracy. Since installation, WIX has
tripled productivity efficiency, optimized space utilization in the packaging
of parts and improved customer satisfaction on order-fill efficiency.

Solid Science

Nothing Works Like Kroil



w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m



The Pressing Debate

By Bob Solymos, Global Marketing Manager, RIDGID

ne of the most significant recent

technological advances in the arena
of water line maintenance was
the introduction and refinement of press
technology. After being used in Europe for
several decades as an alternative option in
the industry for joining pipe and tubing,
press tools were presented to North America
about 15 years ago.
Efficiency debates immediately began
comparing pressing versus traditional
soldering. Certainly, the upfront cost of
pressing may appear to be prohibitive, but
there are several benefits. This is especially
true when it comes to larger maintenance

Take, for example, a dorm on a University

campus. Unlike office buildings or classroom facilities where there are off-hours
and systems can be shut off for an extended

Certainly, the upfront cost

of pressing may appear to
be prohibitive, but there
are several benefits. This
is especially true when it
comes to larger maintenance facilities.

period, service interruptions in a dorm are

less flexible to manage. This is where the
use of press tools really shines.
Press fittings can be installed on wet
systems, meaning that the entire system
does not need to be shut down and drained.
The servicing plumber can elect to quickly
press in a valve with the system still charged
and then stop the flow of water to the repair
area. Normal routines can continue for the
students undisrupted, regardless of the work
going on in the building.
Stephen Polenski is the Supervisor of
Plumbing for Holy Cross, a liberal arts college in Worcester, MA, with almost 3,000

w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m

in Lakewood, OH. Mramors challenges include working in tight spaces, and

in old buildings with old materials. His
example also illustrates another benefit to
pressing: hot work permits are not necessary and there is no open flame hazard.
During a recent job in Clevelands
Theater District, Mramor and his team
used the same RP 340 tool to replace a
galvanized main line with a new 2-inch
copper line. Faced with working on early
mornings and weekends, when the actors
were working and needed all of the amenities, Mramor was confident about the
water line. They did all the prep work and
the next day made tie-ins and switched
everything on.
It saved us the hassle of soldering and
we got the job done in a timely mater,
which made the theater management
Mramor, in situations such as the theater job as well as others, likes having the
confidence of using the right tools. You
know for sure when you turn that water
on, youre good. Not worrying about that
makes the job much easier.

Misalignment leads to increased vibration, premature seal or bearing

failures, and increased power consumption. Theres no excuse to let
misalignment cost you money. Protect your machines and minimize
costly downtime through precision laser shaft alignment.
Our equipment and support are the industry benchmark to Keep it Running.

305.591.8935 |

Adds Mramor, If Im at a house and I

have to turn the water off, thats usually
no big deal. But when Im working at an
apartment complex and there are 250plus people that rely on the water line
that I would have to shut off if soldering,
thats where it saves the day, he says. I
definitely prefer it to soldering. If someone opens up a faucet, it doesnt matter
because you have the tools to make it
Specifically speaking about the
RIDGID RP 340, Mramor likes the tools
lightweight and versatile design. The
old one was so heavy; you couldnt get
into a crawl space with it.The versatility
is also great. With one machine, you can
press copper, stainless steel and PEX.
Its also nice to have one machine for
different sizes.
Since its North American introduction
15 years ago, pressing has now been
approved for hundreds of applications.
Installers and engineers across the country are discovering what makes press
tools a solid alternative for joining pipe
and tubing.

Laser Alignment, Flatness,
Straightness and more!


In his role, Polenski oversees three

licensed plumbers, while handling the
plumbing and heating for on and off campus houses. He also does sprinkler work,
fire protection and helps out with irrigation. Holy Cross was founded in 1845 and
has continued to grow, so Polenski works
with both old and new buildings.
In the residence halls on campus,
Polenski used the RIDGID RP 340 when
he had a water line break and couldnt
shut it off. They cut the line and water
was pouring out. One of the valves didnt
work in the dorm and instead of shutting
the entire building off, we cut it and did it
on the fly. We put the valve on, pressed it
and saved a lot of damage at a dorm.
There is an initial cost. The fittings are
more money, but you make out in the long
run. I cant afford not going fast. I must
have done a million presses. You never
have to tear open the ceiling and its helpful especially when going inside walls.
Pressing applications cover a wide type
of facilities, not just educational institutions. Corey Mramor, a plumber in his
late 20s, works for AB Plumbing Services



w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m



Leak-free Unibody Back Pressure &

Pressure Relief Valves
Griffco Valve Inc. (Amherst, NY) announces its new leak-free
Unibody valve for use in chemical-feed, metering and dosing
pump systems. Available as a back pressure valve and 2-port
pressure relief valve, Unibody features single-piece construction with union connections machined together with the valve
body to form a solid piece of material. It is engineered to be
the most reliable and universal valve on
the market, virtually eliminating downtime
and extending performance life, according to the company.
Designed for hardto-seal or troublesome pumping systems,
the new
valve is
available in
PVC and CPVC construction. Since there are no connections
or glued joints, Unibody will provide long-term reliability and
lower cost of ownership throughout its operational lifetime,
says the company.

Easy Design Changes for Conveyors

Battery Gun Line
HYTORC (Mahwah, NJ) introduces
the Lithium Series Battery Gun, an
addition to the company's current line
of dynamic bolting equipment. Features
include an industry-leading battery life and
portability. Additionally, with the need for
external wires, pumps and additional handling
parts removed, the HYTORC battery guns
are able to greatly expand jobsite reach.
Other benefits include:
An integral metal frame with a
color graphical user interface.
The capability for both torque
and angle practices.
A product line that includes
numerous output capacities,
comprising of 250-, 700-,
1,000- and 2,000-foot-perpound models.

Smart Jib Crane

Dorner Mfg. (Hartland, WI) has introduced new pallet system

components for use on its 2200 SmartFlex flexible chain conveyor platform that provides accurate positioning and routing
of parts for assembly, robotic and inspection applications. The
components, sold as completed assemblies or as kits, allow
users to implement easy design changes to their conveyor
systems, and offer versatile layout flexibility, says the company. The new pallet systems provide users with greater customization capabilities to benefit assembly and other similar processes. Pallet system components include merge and divert
kits, a lift and locate station and pallet stops.

Air Technical Industries (ATI; Mentor, OH) announces the development of a new Smart Jib Crane. This pedestal mounted crane
is 300 tall with a boom span of 288 and capacity of 4,000 lbs.
Features include:
360 degree powered rotation that starts slow then accelerates
the rotation through travel and comes to a gradual slow to stop.
A wire rope hoist and motorized trolley equipped with a
festooning system; rotation has a collector ring so that the
smart crane can rotate continuously clock-wise or counter
clock-wise without stopping and not reversing to return in
the opposite direction to avoid twisting the wire.
Radio remote controls, with no umbilical cord necessary so that
the operator has freedom of movement and can stand wherever necessary for safety and comfort or monitoring of the load.

Professional Lockout
Services to Help Facilities
Stay Safety Compliant
Master Lock (Milwaukee, WI) has introduced Professional Lockout Services,
a group of dedicated experts who provide customized assessment, development, written procedures and training
for a Lockout program that can be tailored for any specific facility. The team
brings years of experience at developing outstanding Lockout programs for
companies across all industries to help
make any facility fully compliant.



Master Locks Professional Lockout

Services involves integration in several
major areas:
Lockout Program Development:
Master Locks accomplished team
will assess a facilitys existing
equipment and Lockout programs.
Written Lockout Procedure
Development: A five-step process
to develop efficient and accurate
Lockout procedures will address
site-specific needs.
Lockout Compliance Training:
There are three training options
available One-hour onsite sessions for affected personnel; threehour onsite training for authorized
employees; and 24-hour training
that involves both classroom and
hands-on learning activities for
Inspection and Auditing Support:
Master Locks comprehensive
auditing services offer periodic
onsite evaluations of the effectiveness and accuracy of the Lockout





Newark, NJ 07105 / Toledo, OH 43605 / 800-733-4755 /



w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m



New Line of Flashlights for Hazardous

According to Bayco Products
(Wylie, TX), its Nightstick line-up
of Intrinsically Safe Flashlights are
the best performing, highest-rated
flashlights in the world all classes, all divisions (Class I, Division I,
Groups A-D T3, Class II & III, Division
I, Groups E-G). With CETLus, ATEX,
IECEx and MSHA certifications, the
flashlights can be used safely and
reliably in any hazardous environment in the world.
One notable product in the series is the XPP-5422B, an intrinsically safe permissible dual-light flashlight with features
such as:
120 Lumens Flashlight, 120 Lumens Floodlight & 240
Lumens Dual-Light cETLus, ATEX, IECEx and MSHA listed
Intrinsically Safe Permissible for use in both above and
below ground hazardous locations where explosive gases
and dusts may be present.
Beam distance rated at 170 meters.
An engineered polymer housing.

Battery-Powered Welding Helmet

Lincoln Electric (Cleveland, OH) introduces the VIKING PAPR 3350
Welding Helmet. The PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) is
a complete powered system that draws
air from the environment through a HEPA
filter located on the belt, and delivers
filtered air in the breathing zone within
a premium-level VIKING auto-darkening welding helmet. This model, which
offers dual airflow speed, is powered by
a battery that can last a full eighthour shift without interruption.
A patent-pending adjustable baffling system inside the helmet
directs airflow away from the
eyes to avoid dryness. The lightweight design of the helmet and
belt pack allow for unrestricted
movement. The VIKING PAPR
is equipped with a 3350 Series
Welding Helmet that has a perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating

Together, we can simplify your

hydraulic systems from design
through build. And in every one
of your facilities around the world.
You know Parker as the global leader in providing unprecedented performance and value
for hydraulic systems with high-pressure applications. Designed, built and tested to the ISO
18752 specication, GlobalCore reduces engineering and service complexity by providing the
rst comprehensive hose product family across the most commonly used constant working
pressure classes.


Five Hoses. Two Fittings. One Solution. 1 800 C-Parker


ai nt ain s F
loors ffor
or lless
ess tthan
$1. 00 p
er g

Muller Introduces Flexi-Rope



ry t
" Hu



waterbased safe
Industrial strength







For FREE sample call 1-800-528-0334

or visit

... Introducing

GlobalCore Series
y to
" Hu




Made from
100% Renewable Keep Floors Dry & Safe

Oil Eater NATURALS typically ABSORB MORE

& COST LESS than their polypropylene counterparts.








made using
plant by-products



Drip Pans



Parker Hannifin (Cleveland, OH) has introduced the GlobalCore

series, consisting of five hydraulic hoses and two fittings that significantly reduce engineering and service complexity by providing
a comprehensive product family across the most commonly used
constant working pressure classes 3,000psi to 6,000psi in sizes
four through 32. With GlobalCore hoses tested to twice the ISO
18752 standard, high performance in rugged environments and
high-impulse applications is ensured. Benefits include:
A design which enables it to be half the bend radius of conventional hose, which makes installation and routing much
Compatibility with Parkers Parkrimp family of crimpers.
No-skive, premium abrasion-resistant covers, providing users with
less downtime and longer
intervals between



Muller (Chicago, IL), manufacturer of both equipment and

material load containment
solutions, introduces a patented method for providing
improved load containment
and breathability with its FlexiRope system. Ideal for fresh
produce, frozen foods and
hot products, the new option
allows users to automatically
apply spaces between stretch
film rotations creating ventilation throughout the pallet.
The system can be installed
on new or existing Octopus ring wrapping equipment. It works
by taking standard machine film rolls and roping the film from
both sides to create a thinner yet strong band. As the Octopus
machine automatically rotates film around the load, it leaves gaps
between rotations to create air flow through the pallet and keep
product fresh. Users can configure different roping combinations
depending on their load. This wrap pattern flexibility ensures ideal
load containment each time.

FREE sample
sample call
call 1-800-528-0334
or visit








w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m

MOTOTRBO 3L300 Two-Way Radio

Motorola Solutions, Inc. (Schaumburg, IL) has announced
the MOTOTRBO SL300 digital portable radio, a reliable
push-to-talk communication device. This new solution
provides superior audio quality and provides MOTOTRBO
features necessary for essential day-to-day, two-way
radio communications. The ergonomic design allows for
one-handed radio operation, and a versatile accessory
portfolio gives users the freedom to focus on the job at hand. Other key features include:
The Shatterproof Active View display, which uses a matrix of LEDs behind the radio housing
to communicate radio information and shuts off when not in use to conserve battery life.
Excellent shielding, minimizing dust and particle buildup to help keep the radio cleaner for longer.
Quick one-handed access.
Range Max technology, an advanced radio design and patented antenna, which delivers
enhanced range while maintaining a slim profile and long battery life.
Digital and analog radio technology.
A rating for dust and water resistance, providing reliable communications even in harsh
environments, proving it is designed to last.

EDG-trac Knife Advance System


When manufacturing needs
change, crane
needs may
change as
well. Dont
lock in your
decision for
crane location into
a building structure.
Modular NOMAD Free
Standing Crane Systems are also
perfect solutions when overhead
crane installation is either difficult or
impractical. With bolted assembly,
the NOMAD is easily dismantled,
relocated and reassembled.

For lower capacity workstation crane

solutions up to 2,200 lbs, ask about
our nomadic AL SYSTEMS.

Call (330) 220-8600

TriStar, LTD. (Buffalo, NY) announces its new EDG-trac Knife Advance
System for Pre-Coat Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters (RVDF). The Encoded
Digital Guidance (EDG) system is designed to improve filtration performance and reduce energy costs. TriStar states that it will rebuild
or remanufacture existing RVDF units at its facility or retrofit the
EDG-trac system to an RVDF at a customers plant. According to
the company, the EDG-trac system removes as little as 1.4 thousandths of an inch per revolution at a drum speed as low as 0.2
RPM. This extends pre-coat life by not cutting away clean pre-coat
while maintaining acceptable solids separation and improving liquid throughput. EDG-trac also features a highly efficient, single-motor VFD to reduce energy
use and cost. A fully automated PLC controls the advance speed, retract speed and drum
speed, allowing precise control and providing valuable information to operators. An automatic
high-speed retract mode reduces time between cycles and allows the filter to be recycled and
put back online quickly.

Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Walter (Waukesha, WI) has introduced the Walter
Prototyp Supreme TC610 and TC611 solid carbide thread mills, high performance tools that
deliver significant increases in thread quality,
milling productivity and process reliability
while boosting tool life. The TC610 with 1.5xD and the
TC611 with 2xD both offer a new geometry that reduces
vibration, produces superior surface finishes, as well as a
through coolant design that optimizes chip removal and helps prevent fractures, says the
company. The thread mills are offered in grades WB10RD and WJ30RC. WB10RD, with its
exceptional wear resistance, has shown tool life improvements of 40 percent over other
similar thread mills in lab tests. It features TiALN coating with a finishing layer of ZrN. The
ZrN layer has a lower affinity for steel, providing lower temperatures in the cutting zone. The
tough WJ30RC grade, with TiALN coating, delivers exceptional process reliability along with
improved tool life. It can be run with or without coolant, broadening its areas of application.



w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m



One Companys Three Steps

to Training Success
In the industrial park of Hartland, Wisconsin stands one of Heraeus ElectroNites growing facilities. In order to train the growing staff, Heraeus ElectroNite has constructed a system of training that seems to rely on 3 main components visuals; the development of a community and culture; and, finally,
a clear understanding of the product and the company as a whole.
By Maura Falk

eople are the key in achieving operational excellence,

reads one of the manufacturer Heraeus Electro-Nites
guiding principles.
Heraeus Electro-Nite is a global manufacturer in measurement
technology of molten metals, and has been providing steel, iron,
aluminum and copper producers with integrated measurement systems sensors, instrumentation and other hardware since the
1950s. Heraeus Electro-Nite proudly serves as a crucial connection
for many companies through sensor technology and a commitment
to provide high-quality and innovative products. However, this
doesnt happen without a trained and effective staff, and the people
of Heraeus know that, so they have created a culture that is rooted
in constant learning, innovation and teamwork.
In the industrial park of Hartland, WI, stands one of Heraeus
Electro-Nites growing facilities. This particular location will be

creating 60 new positions in addition to its 140 existing positions,

and when it comes to training in the Hartland facility, Heraeus
Electro-Nite relies on certain tried and true methods.
Hartlands Heraeus Electro-Nite has constructed a system of
training that seems to rely on 3 main components clear simple
visuals; the development of a community and culture; and, finally,
aclear understanding of the product and the company as awhole.

When training, the clear and constant presence of visual reinforcement and information is key. Through visuals, employees have access
to instructions, guides and tools to improve their performance constantly, giving employees access to training tools constantly.
One visual training tool specifically implemented in the Heraeus
Hartland facility is the training matrix. The matrix is designed to



w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m

The culture of a facility is extremely important to the training process as it can directly shape their approach. For example, Heraeus
promotes a culture of learning throughout all levels of business.
In their guiding principles, they describe their culture as a true
learning culture: where change is welcomed as an opportunity to
improve, where challenging goals are developed and realized in
partnership, and where the performance of the team exceeds the performance of the individuals.
It is important that the process of training reflects the value of the
company and the desired plant environment, as training is the first
glimpse into the company an employee will see.
Heraeus Electro-Nite shows its dedication to its teaching and
learning values during the training process in a few ways. The first
is through mentorship. Each new employee is assigned a mentor
who helps to train the employee on the floor through real-time
examples, experiences and demonstrations.
Luer explains, Normally [the mentors] are assigned by the direct
supervisors of the department. So they start off with lesser or easier
tasks to be performed until they start working in different areas and
departments, and understand the quality plan. These are all parts that
are signed off by the supervisor week to week, month to month.
Training then becomes a communal effort that is continuous and
never ending, sustaining the learning values of the company.
The visual training matrix has another element that is also used
in the process to develop a community training environment it
is color coded. As an employee moves from a beginner to mastery
level, their color on the matrix changes, providing a clear visual for
other employees to see.
Green dots indicate the people who have been thoroughly trained
in the entire department. Because it is a visual, it means you can
actually go to one of the other employees named on this sheet, and
talk and ask them questions. The green tells you loud and clear who
to talk to, explains Luer.

Thus, training and learning becomes an effort of fellow employees as well as supervisors, giving employees a community of teachers instead of just one.

When asked to identify one piece of advice crucial to the training process in manufacturing, Luer suggests explaining what the
device does, and having them understand why the end customer
needs this device because it is critical to their process.
Heraeus Electro-Nite is somewhat of a niche business, he
explains, so the development of an understanding of the company as
a whole is crucial during the training process.
By training new employees in not only the physical aspect of their
job, but also positioning them within the greater context of the company and customer, the worker is able to place importance and value on
their work, which is extremely important in any manufacturing job.
Solid training practices and programs are crucial to the success
of any manufacturer; without them a plant or facility simply cannot
function as efficiently or smoothly as competitors. When explaining
the benefits of a well-trained staff, Luer specifically lists on time
deliveries, and zero defects, and there are so many more. However,
reaching the point of a well-trained staff is the difficult part. For
Heraeus Electro-Nite, its a three step process, but the most important part is creating a plan that works.


keep track of employees from the time they are hired and on, giving
visual representation of competency levels and areas of improvement. It is highly specific, unique to each site and individualized to
each department and each employees level of competency within
each unique skill sets.
For example, at this specific facility, if someone were to be hired
in shipping, they would be presented with a clear sequence of tasks
from pallet mastery to forklift operations and as they improved in
each skill, their progress would be charted in the training matrix.
Hartland Plant Manager Todd Luer explains that the training
matrix offers a systematic approach to get [an employee] fully
trained. This allows training to occur naturally and in a progression, bolstered by on-site experience and advice.
Another important visual component of training is the introduction to key training manuals and providing access to them at all
times. Not only do these manuals serve as tools of reference for
employees, but they also help to reinforce certain quality standards
expected overall. Luer explains that each employee in the Heraeus
Hartland facility has access to manuals at all times, which provide
detailed instructions and descriptions of company processes.



w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m



Anaerobic Adhesives Eliminate

Threaded Fastener Failure
By Adam Lyman, Application Engineer, Henkel Corporation

hreaded fasteners set and hold tolerances on assemblies ranging from light duty equipment to heavy machinery. Loosening
of these fasteners is one of the major causes of industrial
equipment failure, resulting in millions of dollars of unscheduled
downtime costs each year.
In many cases, fasteners that self-loosen during equipment operation may contribute to wear and fatigue, and result in poor operating
tolerances and misalignment. Various types of differential stresses
such as vibration and shock, thermal expansion and contraction, and
micro-movement reduce clamping force on threaded assemblies and
ultimately cause machine failure.

Maintaining Clamp Load to Prevent Loosening

Proactive maintenance of threaded fasteners has helped to
increase equipment reliability and up-time. Two very different
maintenance strategies can counteract self-loosening mechanical
locking methods and chemical threadlocking systems, also called
machinery adhesives. But one method is much less costly and more
reliable than the other.
Mechanical locking devices include spring, star and tab washers;
nuts with nylon inserts; castellated and lock nuts; tooth flanged
bolts; and ramp washers. Some devices are more effective than
others at resisting loosening, but no common mechanical locking
device is also capable of sealing threads. These devices always
leave assemblies vulnerable to rust and corrosion.
Mechanical fasteners with locking devices cannot reliably prevent self-loosening caused by side sliding motion and must be sized


appropriately for the specific fastener, resulting in large and costly

parts inventories. Figure 1, a vibration versus clamp load chart,
shows that many mechanical locking methods loosen over time
even on exposure to minor vibration.
Threadlocking or machinery adhesives have become one of
the most reliable and inexpensive ways to ensure that a threaded
assembly will remain locked and leak proof for its entire service
life. These single-component anaerobic adhesives are applied to
the threads of a bolt as a liquid, gel or stick. The adhesive fills the
grooves of the threads and cures to a hard thermoset plastic when
exposed to active metal ions in the absence of air. Machinery adhesives lock the threaded parts together, ensuring that mating parts
will ultimately act as one conjoined unit that resists failure and
delivers the greatest possible reliability. Figure 1 shows the performance of chemical machinery adhesives over time.
Chemical threadlockers improve threaded fastener performance in
three ways. The approximate metal-to-metal contact within a bolted
system without threadlocking adhesives is just 15 percent.
Threadlockers fill voids 100 percent to lock the threads and maintain consistent clamp load over time (Figure 2). Prior to cure, these
adhesives lubricate the assembly to reduce friction and torque load
during fastener tightening. Post-cure, threadlockers seal the assembly to prevent corrosion and seizure, and ensure that disassembly is
consistent and predictable. With threadlockers, disassembly torque
does not increase over time because no rust develops in the joint.
Contrary to common
belief, threadlockers are
not permanent and can be
removed when required
for disassembly. This is
critical, as most equipment at some point must
be dismantled for repairs,
maintenance or adjustment.
A nut and bolt assembled
with a threadlocker can be
reused by simply brushing
off the cured threadlocker from the disassembled parts, applying
new threadlocker, and reassembling the fastener.
Threadlockers are available in low strength formulations for easy
removal, medium strength grades that can be removed using common hand tools and high strength or permanent grades, suitable
for very demanding assemblies with minimal service requirements.
Even the highest strength threadlockers can be removed with standard hand tools following direct exposure to 450-500 degree F temperatures for about five minutes. Videos illustrating the removability
of threadlockers are available at under the
How To Tips menu.

w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m

Advances in Threadlocking Technology

cesses by eliminating the need to clean and prime the fastener.

For blue medium strength technology, users can choose from three formats liquid, stick and tape for the product that best suits their assembly
process. Red permanent strength threadlockers are available in liquid or
stick format.
While first generation threadlockers were effective at maximum
continuous operating temperatures of 300 degrees F, todays products
generally withstand 20 percent higher temperatures. Select formulations can withstand extreme temperatures up to 650 degrees F without degrading.
Other product innovations are designed to meet specialized application
requirements. Threadlockers with an MSDS health rating of 1 enhance
occupational health and safety by eliminating skin allergens and Prop
65 hazards. Purity certified, low halogen threadlockers meet the requirements of nuclear power generation facilities. Food grade threadlockers
comply with the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulation 21 C.F.R. 175.300. Mil Spec certified threadlockers are available, as
well as threadlockers to lock and seal plastic fasteners.
Threaded fasteners are most commonly designed to be detachable
hardware, used on a wide range of industrial machinery. With more
than 300 billion fasteners used in the U.S. every year, it is critical
that assemblies relying upon them never fail. The latest threadlocking
adhesives defy the root causes of fastener failure and are the most
reliable products available, designed to ensure that threaded fasteners
remain secure for their entire service life.

The operating conditions of the end use environment dictate the

threadlocking formulation needed. The newest threadlocking technologies offer many advantages formerly unavailable, including surface
insensitive, high temperature and chemically resistant formulations,
as well as formulations engineered to withstand extreme vibration.
Once only available as liquids, advances in the stability and reactivity of threadlocking materials have allowed the development of
semi-solid stick and tack-free tape formulations that complement their
liquid counterparts. Semi-solid threadlocking products work well in
overhead or hard to see applications where liquids might be too messy
or may potentially migrate out of the desired location (Figure 3). Tape
formulations remain on the fastener without running or wiping off, and
can be used for immediate assembly or carried in a toolbox and assembled days later (Figure 4). Regardless of the delay between application
and assembly, tapes provide consistent strength and reliability.

You want
clean, dry
air. Our patented
will provide you
clean, dry
compressed air.


The latest generation of anaerobic threadlockers are significantly more robust than earlier formulations. Both blue medium
strength and red high strength threadlockers are available in oil
tolerant and primerless formulations that simplify assembly pro-


The strength and viscosity of the threadlocker required for an

application are directly related to the size of the fastener used:
Low strength threadlockers are used on screws up to 1/4-inch in
diameter, such as calibration screws, meters, gauges and other
fasteners that will need ongoing adjustment.
Medium strength materials work well on fasteners up to 3/4inch in diameter used in machine tools and presses, pumps,
compressors and as mounting bolts.
High strength threadlockers are best used on fasteners up to one
inch in diameter found in permanent assembly applications such
as heavy equipment and a variety of mounts.
Low viscosity penetrating threadlocking formulations are also
available that easily wick into pre-assembled fasteners up to
1/2-inch in diameter.
Threadlocking adhesives should only be applied on the areas where
the nut and bolt will meet when the assembly is fully tightened. This
is because only the adhesive located between the threads of mating
parts will cure. For blind hole assemblies such as studs, threadlockers should be applied both to the bolt and down into the blind hole
threads. If adhesive is applied only to the bolt and not inside the blind
hole, air pressure generated while threading the bolt into the hole
may force all of the threadlocker to escape, eliminating the void filling, bonding and sealing benefits of the threadlocking adhesive.



w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m



ProMat 2015 Preview

Check out some of the latest material handling products and solutions you
can expect to see at this year's ProMat show, March 23-26
V-Type Girder

Heavy-Duty Forks

flexibility and
quality are key
of the Demag
OH) V-type Girder, on display at this years
ProMat show. Its sophistcated design provides for greater load handling efficiency
and greater versatility. Key benefits include:
A weight up to 17 percent less than
comparable box-section profile girders.
An innovative, patent pending, design
which enables a doubled service life
of the crane, to more than 500,000
load cycles.
Oscillation reduced by 30% improved
oscillation enables heavy and sensitive
loads, such as glass panels, fluids or
aluminum aircraft shell sections, to be
positioned more precisely and quickly.
ProMat booth #3819

Manual Extendable KOOI-REACHFORKS, a

trademark of MSE FORKS (St. Jacobiparochie,
The Netherlands) are now available in
heavy-duty versions with capacities up to
11,000 lbs. These innovative forks offer added
value in the form of increased versatility and
reduced safety risks. The new heavy-duty
forks now allow high capacity lift trucks to be
fitted with variable length forks, making them
more adaptable to
s of forks
leng options.
Unli loose
fork extensions,
the Manual KOOI-REACHFORKS are always
available when needed. This means no time
is wasted locating and fitting the forks. The
operator simply releases a fingertip locking mechanism and slides them out to the
extended length. The outer fork sleeve moves
easily with minimal physical effort. Since no
manual lifting is involved, there is reduced
risk of employee injury and costly workers
compensation claims.
ProMat booth #4422

FlexLoader VRC
Wildeck, Inc.
WI) is showcasing its new
Integrated vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) system that
includes the companys patented AutoSenz
VRC overload detection system, and will
launch several other new products, in booth
No. 1252 at ProMat 2015. The FlexLoader is a
safer material lift for automation-duty applications. It is a fully integrated VRC system incorporating automated flush-mounted conveyors
with either a straddle or 4-post VRC and
Wildeck Overhead Safety Gates at each level.
Wildeck will also demonstrate its high-impact
guard rail, stair systems, ladders and access
gates, and unveil a completely new safety
alarm device to protect personnel in multiple
ProMat booth #1252

Reinventing Vehicle
WI) is reinventing the vehicle
restraint category with the
of the Dok-Lok
SHR-5000. This exclusive, new restraint uses
a patented shadow hook design to secure
traditional trailers, as well as intermodal container chassis and trailers with rear-impact
guard obstructions. The universal design of
the Dok-Lok SHR-5000 is intended to meet the
evolving needs of loading dock operators and
the rise in intermodal container traffic, which
is up 8.2 percent this year according to the
Intermodal Association of North America. In
addition to having the most substantial wrap
on rear-impact guards and the widest vertical
engagement range (9-30 inches), the Dok-Lok
SHR-5000 incorporates a shadow hook that
provides an additional layer of safety when
dealing with rear-impact guard obstructions.
ProMat booth #1827

Longer Lifts and Improved Electronic

Hoist Monitoring
Safety and versatility are two important factors to consider when
choosing a wire rope hoist for your material handling application. With that in mind,
Columbus McKinnon Corporation (Amherst, NY) has expanded the capabilities of its Yale Global
King and Shaw-Box World Series wire rope hoists to include longer 60 ft. lifts and an improved electronic hoist monitoring system. According to the company, these best-in-class hoists are designed
for ease of use and long life in even the most heavy-duty applications. Additional details include:
Options for longer lifts, with 60 lift models available in the Global King and World
Series product offering. These new models are available as monorail or top-running
units in capacities up to 15 tons.
The Pulse Monitor Electronic Hoist Data Interface: Standard on all models, the Pulse
Monitor offers electronic monitoring, which records key performance data on the hoist
during normal operation. Recorded with a time and date stamp, documented information includes motor starts, cumulative run time, plug events, overcapacity events,
motor trip events and voltage measurements.
ProMat booth #1912

w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m

Lifting equipment will be heavily represented at ProMat 2015, as usual, with a variety of new technologies
and features targeting safety and reliability. We sat down with Martin Marincic, Product Manager, Cranes
North America, Terex Material Handling and Port Solutions (MHPS), to get a feel for some of the newest
trends in cranes, hoists, and other industrial lifting products.
IMPO: Anything you can tell us about critical issues impacting the
crane market?

IMPO: Can you speak a little about what you have in the works for
ProMat? We find that a lot of trends surface at that show.

MM: The one area that weve focused on and many other companies are
doing the same is safety. People are not just giving it lip service anymore.
Theyre keeping track of safety issues statistically; theyre implementing
policies; theyre spending money on personal safety equipment; theyre
upping the requirements for personal safety in their own issues; training
on these issues and weve done likewise. We see it across the industrial
sector. Weve seen the requests for an addition of lifelines for working on
and off the cranes, for additional tie-off points, for additional access points to
make it easier for maintenance personnel to provide ingress and egress to our
working surfaces, and weve also seen a request for more sophisticated control equipment that provide another step of safety for lifting, positioning, and
emergency stop interlocks for critical areas. Safety certainly is a big driving
factor, and one of the most important trends that we see.

MM: The focus of the show this year is innovation, and that ties in
nicely with the products that well be displaying there. Well have
our brand new rope hoist line, and the innovative factor there is the
critical features that the customers need at a very cost effective price:
innovating towards focusing on what the customers really need.
Were also going to be launching the Aluminum Track at ProMat. The
primary reason behind that product is cost. It provides the exact same
performance as the Steel Track, except its less expensive because,
obviously, aluminum is a less expensive material. Then another product well be showcasing is our new girder design. There are several
benefits; it really takes a new look at the standard V-type girder design
and finds ways to reduce costs. We did a stress analysis on standard
box girders that are available in the industry, and the stress points in
the girder are not necessarily equivalent across the entire length of the
girder. In fact, they form a unique pattern. And we designed our new
girder to support those stress points, while taking material out of the
girder and constructing the girder in such a way that its lighter, it
supports all of the stress points both the ones that are in tension and
the ones that are in stress and it ends up being a stiffer design, so
you can have less deflection for a particular span. Also, the stress on
the material is less. So because the girder flexes less, the life of the
steel structure itself is much longer up to two times longer. So you
wind up with a girder thats much lighter, stronger, stiffer and safer.
And we think thats going to be a unique product for Terex Material
Handling in the marketplace (For more information on the V-Type
Girder Crane, see page 28).

IMPO: We know that reliability is another big area of focus when it comes
to cranes. Any new features or benefits that we should know about?
MM: Reliability is really what Demag and Terex MHPS have been about for a
long time. Demags approach has always been to build the best equipment, and
the best equipment is reliable. While others may be playing catch-up in that area,
its something that weve seen as a requirement for Demag equipment for some
time. Total lifecycle cost goes hand in hand with reliability. Thats something that
differentiates our business and were not just looking to provide the best initial
price to the customer, were looking at breakdowns and how it impacts the customer and providing a solution that ties in with training as well, so its a lower
lifecycle cost for the overall crane, rather than just focusing on the initial price.

Lifting Magnets
Neodymium Lifting Magnets
from Master Magnetics
(Castle Rock, CO) provide
extraordinary strength in
a compact size, ensuring safety and speed
for lifting heavy
loads. Designed
to lift both flat
and round ferrous metal items,
Master Magnetics
Heavy Duty Lifting Magnets are ideal
for handling steel plate, forgings, die
castings, round bar and similar items in
machine shops, warehouses and industrial processing plants.
ProMat booth #1921

High Performance Doors

Join the Rytec (Jackson, WI) High Performance
Door experts at Booth 5123 and learn about the
impact of door speed on sustainability. With
an opening speed of 60 inches per second, the
Rytec Spiral Door maximizes traffic flow, while
minimizing energy loss through the doorway,
particularly on exterior walls. If the doorway is
used frequently, as is the case in many distribution/industrial operations, high-speed doors like
the Rytec Spiral can be more effective at saving energy
than doors with heavily insulated panels. In addition:
The Spiral doors high-speed operation minimizes air exchange, resulting in buildings
needing less energy to maintain room temperature and comfort.
Roll up aluminum slats have a durable rubber membrane covering their connecting
hinges to contain heating/cooling energy to

prevent air infiltration. This tight seal

protects against dust
pollution, drafts and
inclement weather.
This same design
also provides an
effective barrier
against unauthorized
personnel. The doors
fast speed confines access to traffic that
belongs in the building.
The intelligent processor and variable frequency drive generate an energy efficient
speed curve for smooth motion, soft starting
and soft stopping. Electronics replace high
maintenance mechanical parts for reliable
operation, less downtime and greater control.
ProMat booth #5123


Technology Lifts Material Handling Industry




w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m



Before Disaster Strikes

How manufacturers can take precautions to mitigate safety risks and
production downtime inside their plants.
By Anna Wells

or a manufacturing plant, the word

disaster can be applied to any number of scenarios. While plants are
subject to the same weather-related risks as
the rest of us, there is more to be cautious
of on a typical manufacturing floor. Even
seemingly small events like spills can create
significant safety, compliance or production
impacts if not handled correctly. And many
experts will tell you that, in the event of a
disaster, the preparation is perhaps more
important than the response.

In Case of Emergency
For many businesses, preparation means
integrating back-up plans that account for
natural or man-made disasters. And when
planning for emergency situations, its
important to take into consideration what
is needed to mitigate risk to your business and employees, says Paul Schacht,
Duracell Professional Team Lead.
According to Schacht, key considerations
how to keep the business in operation,
how to keep employees safe,
how you will communicate with
employees, customers, and suppliers,
how to protect data, information technology, and operating systems.
For many, the first step in mitigating risk
to personnel is visibility. Having the right
safety signage throughout your facility is
essential to maintaining a safe and compliant workplace. In the event of an emergency, signage is there to tell employees how to
respond, says Tom Smith, product marketing specialist for Brady Corp., a manufacturer of solutions that identify and protect
premises, products and people. For example,
says Smith, in the event of a fire that leads
to a power outage, there could be a lot of
panic within a facility. With things like photoluminescent markings and signs in place,
employees are able to see how to quickly

exit the building and get to safety.

Lighting cant be taken for granted, and
Duracells Schacht stresses the importance
of having backup solutions for lighting
and communication in case of a power
outage. Install emergency lighting and
equip employees with flashlights, he
says. The use of cell phones and twoway radios will allow you to communicate
with employees. Ensure you have the
proper batteries on hand in order to power
the devices.
When planning for blackout or loss of
power, Schacht also recommends you con-

sider purchasing portable generators that

can be hooked up to your most critical
devices. Its important to ensure that the
generator is in open air to eliminate the
build-up of carbon monoxide gas inside
the building, Schacht says. Train your
employees to use the generator and test
it periodically to ensure your business is
ready for its use in the case of an emergency.

Addressing Common Risk Areas

In October, OSHA released its top ten
most frequently cited standards violations

Visibility in the Community

Since 2011, Duracell Power Forward has been on-the-ground providing
batteries, power and comfort to those in need. According to Duracell, its trailers, trucks and stationary units allow victims of natural disasters to recharge,
reconnect and recover by providing the power they need to stay safe and
connected with whats most important to them. Our fleet has deployed to 14
disaster locations and helped communities by distributing over 350,000 batteries, charging over 7,000 devices, and providing computer access to over
5,000 people. The new Duracell Power Forward fleet has expanded to include
5 custom-made vehicles designed for the specific needs of each region and
types of disasters it will service, says Paul Schacht, Duracell Professional
Team Lead. Duracells partnerships educate communities and businesses on
the importance of disaster preparedness. It is a humbling experience to assist
communities in the wake of a disaster, Schacht adds. We see courage and
resilience in the faces of so many citizens, despite the enormous challenges
that lay ahead for them. They are our inspiration and we are honored to play a
small role in helping them recover.
And as the underpinnings of the local economy, its also important to focus on
helping businesses both prepare for, and recover from, natural disasters. Forty
percent of businesses without an
emergency plan do not re-open
after an emergency event,
says Schacht. Duracell Power
Forward works in conjunction with
FEMAs disaster-awareness initiative,, to help communities prepare for potential disasters. provides resources for businesses to ensure they
are prepared for any potential
disaster that may occur.

w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m


for the calendar year 2014. The number

two area for violations related to proper
Hazcom, an area Courtney Bohman, product marketing specialist for Brady, sees as
a critical way to proactively address the
biggest risks in a factory. These include:
Spill Containment/Slips, Trips and Falls:
Drips, leaks and spills can lead to dangerous
conditions for workers or visitors. By placing
the correct signs and cones around any spills,
employees will be aware of the hazard and use
caution to stay safe, says Bohman. Also, says
Bohman, establishing a spill containment program within your facility is critical for reaching compliance, protecting the environment
and keeping employees safe. To do this most
efficiently, facilities should establish two programs one focused on general maintenance
and everyday leaks, and the other focused on
emergency spill control.
Confined Spaces: Employees might not
even realize an area is considered a confined space (such as sewers, man holes,
commercial dryers, large vats, etc). These

are dangerous spaces where only properly

trained, permitted employees are allowed
to enter. According to Brady, signage is
required to inform workers of potential hazards and permit requirements.
Lockout/Tagout: Signs and visual lockout procedures (VLOP) should be in place
to prevent injuries and accidents during
equipment maintenance and cleaning, says
Bohman. Electrical disconnect labels and
procedures for shutting down and de-energizing electrical disconnects help employees
follow the necessary steps to stay safe and
Arc Flash: According to Bradys Smith,
one area that is frequently overlooked in
the workplace is arc flash, a rapid release
of energy due to an arcing fault that can
lead to serious injury. Because electricity
is such a common part of everyday life,
the dangers associated with it can often be
misunderstood. Regulations have been put
in place, such as NFPA 70E, to help avoid
workplace injuries. However, the dangers

associated with an arc flash occurrence

arent always realized by workers, Smith
explains. In many workplaces, employees inadvertently walk through arc flash
areas. While an electrical panel may seem
innocent, it is energized and a blast could
severely injure a passing employee if they
arent wearing the correct personal protective equipment. To keep employees safe,
labels and signs should be used to indicate
any arc flash hazards, floor-marking tape
should be applied around the restricted
area and nothing should be stored there.
Finally, its important to remember the
digital component. Once its been established
that employees are safe and risks are contained, dont forget to look at the technology
that drives the business. Duracells Schacht
stresses that you need to create a solution
to restore technology during or after an
emergency. Data is critical to business
operations, so its important that it can be



By Bart Fischer, Managing Director with

Accenture Electronics and High Tech

he Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one of

todays biggest business opportunities in the
electronics and high tech industry.
Accenture defines IIoT as the convergence of
intelligent industrial products, processes and services that
communicate with each other and with people, over
global networks. Conservative estimates suggest worldwide
Industrial Internet spending is set to increase from $20
billion in 2012 to $500 billion by 2020*.
There are several ways high tech companies can
capitalize on this burgeoning market. Among the most
important are selling new digital services, introducing
products to market faster and improving customer service
and loyalty.

Sell More Services

The proliferation of IIoT-connected devices is helping
companies rapidly shift from selling only products to selling
products and digital services, thereby generating more
revenue streams. By adding product-service hybrid business
models, companies can sell more types of services using
different types of products. For example, a smartphone
manufacturer could form an alliance with a fitness device
manufacturer to share applications and services offered to
customers. By working together to create more value for
customers, each could gain more revenue opportunities. Both
companies could also collaborate to make customer data that
they store and share on their devices more valuable. With the
same products, they could offer customers new services and
therefore broaden their customer bases.

Introduce Products to Market Faster

As the IIoT becomes more pervasive, companies could
introduce products and services not only faster, but with
lower upfront investments. For instance, a smartphone
manufacturer could create and introduce to consumers
a smart wallet application that offers banking services.
In doing so, they could find out quickly whether those

services are in high

enough demand
to continue
offering them.
The smartphone
producer could learn
quickly that demand
is low, for instance,
and exit that market
fast, which reduces
expenses. In the IIoT
arena, more devices
connect and deliver
more services.
This spawns more
opportunities to
experiment, succeed
and fail fast.
Inexpensive trial and
error market entries
generate swift and
crucial feedback and
are becoming more widespread. These tactics accelerate
decision-making. They lower spending on unpopular
products and services while increasing spending on those
that are popular.
Another promising IIoT opportunity is the potential for
upgrading products and services leveraging intelligent
software. Software upgrades to smart TVs, for example,
will be faster and less expensive than a smart TV
manufacturer needing to invest in building a new product.
These upgrade benefits can be achieved for numerous IIoT
smart TVs and other devices, applications and services
all of which translate, potentially, to increasing revenues.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Trust

With more devices and services connected in more
places, companies will be able to deliver better than

w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m

Final Thoughts
To further capitalize on this IIoT market, these companies
should consider two actions:
First, embrace digital on a much larger scale. One of
the biggest reasons IIoT is taking off is the industrys
inexorable and comprehensive shift towards digital
mindsets on a much broader scale than ever. Every business
is a digital business and every consumer is a digital
consumer. This means digital is becoming the industrys
central driver of all strategic decisions, investments and
performance metrics.
Importantly, IIoT market momentum is marching in
lockstep with digital momentum. As more of these
companies embrace digital mindsets more comprehensively,
they could be taking advantage more expansively of
IIoT business opportunities. Digital growth is fueling IIoT
growth and vice versa. To make smart investment and

strategic IIoT decisions, all strategic planning and investing

needs to be assessed from a digital point of view.
Second, pursue acquisitions and alliances. IIoT
convergence is not one set of technologies, nor one
set of products, nor one set of services, nor one type
of application. Its a collection of all of these and
more. This convergence is a dynamic mix of businesses,
technologies, capabilities, systems and services leveraging
the growing power and versatility of global networks,
systems and processes. It is a multi-dimensional growth
phenomenon. In this arena, no one company can do it
all. Where companies have product, service or technology
gaps, they need to engage in acquisitions and access a
broader ecosystem of alliances and business partners.
The IIoT is here. And it will continue to be one of the
biggest things to impact electronics and high tech for
the next several years.
More insights about the IIoT can be found in a new
Accenture report titled, Industrial Internet of Things
Reimagining the Possibilities.
*David Floyer, Defining and Sizing the Industrial
Internet, Wikibon, June 27, 2013; Peter C. Evans and
Marco Annunziata, General Electric: Industrial Internet,
Pushing the Boundaries of Minds and Machines,
November 2012.

The next evolution of

compressed air piping

Transair powered by

SCOUT Technology

MONITOR your compressed air piping system

 ALERT you to system changes
 Provide DATA that reduces downtime and increases productivity

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ever the right information, at the right time, to the right

people. By connecting more broadly, companies can add
more value. Smartphone manufacturers, for example, will
be able to collect quick feedback about how their products
are being used or not and make swift and informed
decisions based on that information. This feedback will
generate more opportunities to build more sharply focused
products and services, generate more continuous dialogue
with customers and increase their loyalty and trust.



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New GHS Labels App for Brady Workstation

Brakemotors for Quicker Response

Brady (Milwaukee, WI) has

released a new GHS Labels app
as part of its Brady Workstation
label-creation platform. This new
app makes aligning with the
Globally Harmonized System
of Classification and Labelling
of Chemicals (GHS) simpler by
featuring easy uploading and storing of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) information,
and label creation capabilities. The GHS Labels app was designed around
SDS information. That means users can easily set up and maintain a chemical database by importing the SDS content for any chemical. Once this chemical information is set up, users simply pick a chemical, pick a size and print
the needed labels. With the right information stored in Brady Workstations
GHS Labels app, chemical labels can be created and printed whenever
you need them to keep your facility safe and compliant. Once created, the
labels can be printed on Bradys BBP31, BBP33, BBP85 and GlobalMark2
printers. If you dont have a printer, you can send it to for printing.

LEESON Electric (Grafton, WI) announces an expansion of its brakemotor line to include high cycle
brakemotors. The design of the brakemotor allows
for a quicker response than typical brakemotors
can offer. According to the company, high cycle
brakemotors are a perfect fit for applications that
require frequent starting
and stopping such as
conveyors. Product
features include:
An all cast iron
Stearns high cycle
A manual release lever on
UL & CSA recognized construction.
Availability from 1/2 to 2 HP in NEMA 56C
through 145TC enclosures.

Less Vibration
and Noise
Enhanced Belt Tracking and
Material Rejection

Flat lift ratings of
220 to 2,200 lbs.

Belt Cleaning is Optimized

Push, hang and
trailer-type sweepers

Available in Flat Face

or Crowned Face
Offered in Standard Duty, Mine Duty, Quarry Duty and Engineered Class
Also Available as Assembled Unit with
Shaft and Bearings and as Dead Shaft Design

Booth 1921

Patent Pending


New Product




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The new L50 lock is the latest solution

for security management on Rousseau
(St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec) cabinets.
It has been designed for use on all
"R" and "L" cabinets, as well as "R"

multi-drawer cabinets. The existing locks

can simply be replaced by the L50.
Combining simplicity and versatility,
the L50 lock allows users to save valuable time because of its ease of use.
With the keyless L50, losing keys and
lock changes are no longer an issue.
The electronic lock is perfectly suited
to business environments because it

allows users to choose the security

management system that works best.
There are various options to choose
from, somewhat akin to traditional keys
(master codes, different codes, identical codes). For example, managers can
create up to 20 different codes for each
user or, conversely, choose to use a different code per cabinet.

Adjustable Pole Top Slip Fit

Mounted LED Light Fixture
Larson Electronics (Kemp, TX) has
announced the release of a 150 watt
LED explosion proof pole top slip fitter
light. The EPLC2-PT-150LED-RT provides
operators with a powerful and energy efficient alternative to traditional
hazardous location luminaries, says
the company. The EPLC2-PT-150LEDRT Class 2 Division 1 & 2 pole top slip
fit mount explosion proof light fixture
provides 12,000 lumens of high quality light while drawing only 150 watts.
The copper free aluminum alloy body
is powder coated for added durability.
A special heat dissipating design helps
this fixture to
achieve an excellent 60,000 hour
rated lifespan
with 80 percent
lumen retention.
A light weight
and a low profile
make this unit an
attractive alternative to larger
and heavier older fixtures and requires less
hardware to install.
Other features include:
An adjustable swivel bracket.
A slip fit yoke, built to customers
specifications, enabling operators
to mount this explosion proof LED
light to their specific pole size.
Wiring is terminated in flying leads,
held in place with a cord grip.


See the latest manufacturing and supply chain solutions in action,
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At ProMat, you can:
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ProMat Keynotes
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Whole Foods Market
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Founder, Chairman & CEO of Wheels of Zeus

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March 23-26, 2015 |

Collocated with ProMat 2015


L50 Electronic Lock



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Expert Series Infared Cameras

Non-Woven Surface Conditioning

Fluke Corporation (Everett, WA) has

launched its highest resolution
infrared camera series ever: the
Fluke TiX Series Infrared Cameras.
According to the company, the TiX
Expert Series delivers highly detailed
image quality, the most advanced
focusing options available on one infrared camera and the
versatility to capture accurate measurements from targets that
are challenging, dangerous or moving too fast. According to
Fluke, the SuperResolution mode feature on the TiX1000 and
TiX660 cameras increase image resolution, when viewed in
the included SmartView software, four times more than what
you get on camera. This higher resolution helps better identify
potential issues that might have been missed. Some other key
features include:
The ability to sub-window to 240 Hz frame rate to capture
and analyze sudden temperature changes.
Eight lens options.
A combination of high resolution and telephoto lenses,
which captures detailed thermal images from a safe distance.
Advanced focus options available for consistently in-focus

Norton | Saint-Gobain (Watervliet, NY) has launched an expansion of

its Norton Rapid Prep non-woven surface conditioning product line.
This Norton Bear-Tex portfolio now includes a new RF (regular flex)
line of aluminum oxide (A/O) products which are ideal for extremely
demanding belt and quick change disc applications. Features include:
An innovative design that combines premium A/O abrasive grain
with a strong Y-wt. polyester backing, making Norton Rapid Prep
RF A/O highly
durable and
flexible with
extremely low
stretch characteristics.
The Norton |
Clean Bond resin technology for a smear-free finish, eliminating
rework process steps and improving productivity.
A design for use in belt forms where high-tensile machines and/
or operating conditions require a belt with low stretch properties.
Availability in Coarse, Medium, Fine and Very Fine grit sizes
and in all popular portable and off-hand belts sizes, including
special sizes up to 52" wide.

Rotating Unions
for Every
Request the new 56-page catalog featuring
hundreds of rotating unions, along with complete
specication and application information.

Phone: 1-847-689-8600



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Preventive Maintenance of Machine Tools

AutomationDirects (Cumming,
GA) ProSense line of level sensors now includes SLT series
submersible level transmitters
designed for applications such
as lift station monitoring, tank
liquid level, wastewater and
slurry tank liquid level control.
Available in two styles, the
ProSense SLT series submersible level sensors provide liquid
level measurement by continually sensing hydrostatic pressure produced by the height
of liquid above the sensor and
providing a 4-20 mA output
signal compatible with PLCs,
panel meters, data loggers and other electronic equipment. The
SLT1 series features a slim 1" diameter housing and a ported
bullet nose cap for protection of the sensor diaphragm, and is
available in cable lengths ranging from 30 feet to 140 feet and
with sensing ranges of 0-5 psig to 0-50 psig.

The new SKF (Lansdale, PA) Machine Tool Observer MTx serves
as a single device connecting all operating-parameter sensors
to actively monitor, observe and log the performance history
of machine tool spindles, grinding machines or other rotating
equipment. This flexible solution collects information about the
accumulated condition levels of a machine tool via the connected sensors to provide intelligent monitoring with continuous
recording and long-term storage of critical operating data. The
MTx can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into a
control system, whether for OEM or end-user
applications. The technology ultimately
supports preventive maintenance
objectives by helping to
detect operating
they can

First High Cut Resistant

Touchscreen Glove
Wells Lamont Industrial (Niles, IL) introduces its Touchscreen Cut Resistant
Glove. Worn alone or as a liner underneath or on top of nitrile or latex gloves,
it offers high cut resistance while also
enabling users to work on a variety of
touchscreen devices. According to the
company, the ultra-light construction
further provides bare hand dexterity and
superior tactile sensitivity. The MT130
Touchscreen ANSI 4 Cut Resistant Glove
can also be laundered extending the
total cost of ownership. It also meets
Category II using the Helmke Drum Test
referenced in IEST RP-CC003.3, making
the MT130 suitable for certain cleanroom
applications. The touchscreen capability
is made possible by
the patent pending
yarn manufactured
by Wells Lamont
Industrial. Sold
by the dozen
pair, the glove
is ambidextrous
and available in
sizes ranging from
XS to XL.



The other blue pill.

Clean. Disinfect. Protect.
RAM-PRO-XL features
TubeGuard, the revolutionary
blue pill that blasts slime
and protects tubes from
corrosion. Up your chiller
tube cleaning performance.


CALL 888 364-7735


Submersible Level Transmitters



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Z-Axis Depth Measuring Microscope

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. (Buffalo, NY) introduces a new Z-Axis Depth Measuring Microscope
which is designed to measure minute variations in height not easily distinguished by
mechanical means. The microscope has many applications in the electronics industry, including the semiconductor field, where it measures heights of the bonded portion of lead wire,
wafer bump, lead frames and solder. The new microscope also measures the step height of
hybrid integrated circuits and terminal steps on multi-layer PC boards. Other applications
Measuring the depth of minute cracks.
Engraving depth of printing rolls and plastic molds.
Depth grooves of computer diskettes.
Depth of score on beverage cans.

Visual Workplace Catalog

Visual Workplace, Inc's (Byron

Center, MI) comprehensive
catalog details the companys
complete line of 5S, Lean
and Visual Management solutions, highlighting the Mobile
In-House Sign Shop (MIHSS).
According to the company,
the MIHSS is an affordable
tool that gives users the ability to quickly and easily make
their own signs, banners
and other visuals, on-site, at
a savings up to 75 percent.
Additional 5S, Lean and
Visual Management products include:
FLOOR-Mark Tape and Floor-Mark Symbols durable alternative to paint and traditional floor tape needed to mark pathways and provide visual guidance throughout your facility.
Printed custom signs and banners high quality, competitively priced signs and banners needed to deliver the right message and the right image, on time and on budget.
SHADOW-Mark tool shadow tape, Pegboard and accessories
an easy method to make tool shadows needed to designate a
specific location for every item in your workplace.
Pre-Made Safety Signs a wide selection of OSHA safety and
facility signs needed to inform, protect and bring awareness to
facility condition.

GPM Industrial
Cannon's (Lake
Mary, FL) 17K12
GPM industrial
pressure washer features a
Kohler CH750
Electric Start
30HP twin cylinder
gasoline powered
engine; 15 Gallon
Long Run Fuel Tank; Roll Cage
Protection; Poly Chain Drive; TSF
Series General Triplex Plunger Pump; 12.0GPM
- 2800PSI; 3+5+ Lifetime Manufacturer's
Warranty; and 50' Hose, Trigger Gun. With 12
GPM and 2800 PSI, users are blasting grime
with 33,600 Effective Cleaning Units (ECUs).
This series also offers an optional portable
wheel and push handle kit. Water Cannon
Pressure Washers meet or exceed all 2014 EPA
and State of California regulations relating to
fuel tanks, vents and carbon canisters and can
be sold in all 50 States in the U.S.

Duralube Product Series

Diamond Chain Company (Indianapolis,
IN) has announced the launch off
the companys newest roller
chain series, Duralube LIVE,
a self-lubricating chain series
with extended service life. The
Duralube LIVE series is Diamonds
second generation of self-lubricating
roller chain. Built from Diamonds
ds original
Duralube product platform, improvements
rovements include
free-turning rollers and case-hardened
rdened pins, both of

which help to extend servi

service life for wear-based applications. The introduction of the
free-turning roller delivers
important improvements in
i wear performance while still
helping to maintain
a cleaner job site. New to
the Duralube
LIVE portfolio is the
addition of food-grade lubricant.
Featuring plated components
ffor superior corrosion resisttance and cleanability, this
product option is ideal for food
industry applications.



w w w. i m p o m a g . c o m

Power management company Eaton

(Syracuse, NY) has introduced the V-Spring
Telescoping Light Pole from its CrouseHinds business, designed to increase safety
and reduce labor costs associated with
installing and maintaining lights at industrial facilities. The controlled lowering pole
features spring assistance to easily move
the fixture up and down vertically. The
V-Spring system may prevent the need for
workers to work at heights when they need
to clean or repair the light. The V-Spring
Telescoping Light Pole enables work to be
completed on the walkway or platform. It
uses spring assistance to offset the pole
and the lights weight and enables a worker
to safely and easily lower or raise the light
fixture. The innovative system reduces the
necessary number of workers as well as the
time it takes to install, clean or repair the
light fixture. By removing the need to work
at heights, the V-Spring lowering pole can
contribute to decreased regulatory costs.

Hydraulic Hose and Couplings

Kurt Hydraulics (Minneapolis,
MN) introduces its new PushOn Hose and Push-Loc Hose
Couplings for low pressure applications. The product combination
allows the Push-On fittings to be
easily and quickly inserted into
the hose for a tight fit; no special crimping tools are needed.
Specifics include:
The Push-On hose has very
strong coupling retention. A specially designed spiral polyester material inside the hose locks
onto the fitting. The tight grip remains constant under pressure up to 250P PSI for leak-free operation. Flexible and versatile for a wide range of low pressure installations, the hose
operates in temperature ranges from -20 to 180 degrees F.
Designed to integrate with Kurt Hydraulic hose, the PushLoc couplings are precision machined of corrosion resistant brass. They attach to Push-On hose both in the field
and in manufacturing settings without crimping or other
special tools needed. Kurt Hydraulics Push-Loc hose couplings are available in 22 different types and popular sizes.

RotoCube Rotating Whiteboard Towers

Portable Vibration Reference

Meggitt Sensing Systems (Germantown,
MD) is announcing the launch of the New
Handheld Shaker. The ReferenceMate portable vibration reference quickly and easily
checks operation and set-up of accelerometers and velocity sensors in the field. The
REF2500 promotes continuous cost savings
through affordability and steady equipment
performance. Key features of ReferenceMate
3 user selectable frequencies which work
in both peak and RMS mode.
Easy front panel operation.
Compatibility with sensors weighing up
to 250 grams (standard IEPE, triaxial,
Extended battery life.
Multiple elements that ensure accurate
readings and proper operation. LED
indicators activate if battery levels are
low or if the unit is overloaded. A builtin reference accelerometer maintains a
1 g test level for sensors weighing up to
250 grams.

Command attention in the trafc stream.

1800 624 4154


Telescoping Light Pole




Linear Position Transducers

Thin Plate Pure Lead Batteries

EnerSys (Reading, PA) recently introduced NexSys
12NXS120 and 12NXS158 Thin
Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries. Due to the power
dense TPPL construction, NexSys batteries
typically occupy 30
percent less space than
the equivalent lead calcium product. Ideal for
multi-shift operations,
NexSys batteries allow
for rapid charging during
shift breaks, with extended
battery run times well beyond
conventional batteries. Virtually
maintenance-free, they are well suited for small traction
applications including floor care and cleaning machines,
pallet trucks, shuttle personnel carriers and industrial utility vehicles. The robust TPPL construction features compressed Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plate separators with
high electrolyte absorption and stability to enhance cyclic
capability and provide extreme vibration resistance.

GM Data Acquisition System

Yokogawa Electric
Corporation (Sugar
Land, TX) announces the development
of the SMARTDAC+
GM data acquisition system. The
SMARTDAC+ is designed for the acquisition and recording of data such as temperature, voltage, current, flow
rate and pressure for the evaluation testing of products,
monitoring of plant equipment and environmental monitoring. The SMARTDAC+ GM data acquisition system
improves operational efficiency due to its modular design,
which facilitates the mounting and removal of modules. In addition, the SMARTDAC+ GM system supports
Bluetooth wireless communications for use with handheld
mobile devices. Some important enhancements on the
SMARTDAC+ GM data acquistion system include:
A new Module base that eliminates the need for a
base plate and enables the mounting and dismounting
of single modules.
Bluetooth connectivity to tablets running the Android OS.
The SMARTDAC+ GM system, which can be connected with an Ethernet cable to a Yokogawa Meters &
Instruments WT300/500/1800 power analyzer. This is
used to perform the simultaneous measurements of
temperature and power that are often required to test
the performance of certain devices.

Catalog describes both low cost OEM models as

well as rugged environmentally sealed models
for heavy duty industrial measurement applications. Use catalog selection guide to determine
which linear position transducer is most suitable
for the application. Electrical outputs include
voltage divider, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 VDC, 10 VDC
and digital. Thirty measurement ranges from 0
to 2 in. to 0 to 2000 in. are available.
UniMeasure, Inc.
(541) 757-3158
Fax: (541) 757-0858

Replacement Vacuum Cups from Vi-Cas

Full color 16-page catalog from Vi-Cas Manufacturing
details replacement vacuum cups to fit virtually any
type of vacuum equipment-lifters, manipulators, pickand-place systems, packaging, label applicators, and
more. Dimensional data and side-by-side photos help
to ensure accuracy when selecting vacuum cups.
Thousands of styles and sizes available in varied
materials, with accessories to optimize performance.
Low minimum order quantities. Free samples available. Custom cups can be manufactured from supplied
drawings or reverse-engineered from supplied cups.

Vi-Cas Mfg. Company

(513) 791-7741 Fax: (513) 791-6484

For more information contact:
Joe Asplund
(973) 920-7775

Chuck Marin
(973) 920-7174

Danielle Oleston
(973) 920-7776

Eric Wixom
(973) 920-7787



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Digital torque drivers up to 44 lbf-in

Ratchet & adjustable digital torque
wrenches up to 147 lbf-in
High accuracy
Programmable torque presets
Selectable: ozf-in, lbf-in, kgf-cm, N-cm
NIST-Traceable Calibration Cert included

Receptacle Safety Shutter

IMADA, Inc. ISO9001 Registered & ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

 FREE SAMPLES available

 Maximizes Arc Flash Protection

 Minimizes PPE Requirements




Tel: 1-800-645-4174

Oil Skimmers

For Coolants, Parts Wash & Wastewater
1 800 255-5665

Stamp & Tool Co., Inc.
Made in U.S.A. since 1930


Mechanical & digital force gauges
Manual & motorized test stands
Torque screwdrivers & wrenches
Torque calibrators & testers
Data acquisition



IMADA, Inc. ISO9001 Registered & ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited

and Custom Steel Stamps

Multi Character and
Standard Hand Stamps


An industry
leader in
automatic ink

Customized Logos
and Corporate
All Types of Steel Press Dies
See our Complete Product Line at
P.O. Box 187, 1 High St.
Sangerville, Maine 04479
(207) 876-3541 fax (207) 876-3566


1805 Chandlersville Rd. Zanesville, OH 43701

Ph. (740) 453-1000 Fax (740) 453-6750


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4/20/2011 4:12:25 PM




Plug and Play Direct-Replacement
Saves $1,000s And $1,000s In Energy Costs... Simply By Changing Bulbs!





Simply screw it in...Its EZ!

Saves up to 68% in energy costs = $364
per light, per year.
No fixture change or rewiring.
Long LED life technology.
Payback: less than one year (before rebates).
Equals or Exceeds Brand New Metal Halide
Light Output.
No Mercury. No Radiation. No UV. RoHs Compliant.
Rebate Eligible.
5 Year Warranty. 50,000+ hour life.

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Saves 68% = up to $364*, per light, per year


Saves 62% = up to $324*, per light, per year


Saves 50%+ = up to $267*, per light, per year



preference among professional users.1

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including Duracell Quantum, which is up to 35% longer lasting
vs. the next leading competitive brand.2

2013 Kline Study

Next leading alkaline based on Nielsen sales data. AA size.
Results vary by device and usage patterns.

Offer limited to US residents only, 18 years of age or age of majority or older. Limit one refund per name.
OFFER EXPRESSLY EXCLUDES: Purchases made by non-business users and direct buying customers.
Use of multiple addresses or P.O. boxes to obtain additional refunds is fraud and may result in prosecution.
Proof of purchase must be obtained from product purchased by you. Proof of purchase only valid from participating locations.
Additional terms and conditions apply. See for details.