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Running head: FINAL PROJECT

Final Project
Trisha Rose
University of Advancing Technology
Federal INFOSEC Standards and Regulations
NTS 435
Kevin McLaughlin
May 5, 2013
Final Project
B.W. (biological weapons) Research Center is a research center that studies biological
weapons. This specific research centers focuses on how best to counteract the effects of
biological weapons such as maybe a shot to cause certain people to be immune to a specific type
of gas or an antidote to save specific people while others die off. For example, if a bomb was
dropped that released a gas and only the attacking militia were the targets, a preventative shot or
curative shot could be given to our troops to keep them alive.

B.W. Research Center has just been built from the ground up. All the equipment is moved
in and the employees have been hired. Everyone has passed their security clearance levels
required to work at this specific facility. The network is setup and running smoothly. All
equipment is set up as well. There are even security guards hired for security. The only left to do
for this facility is to secure access to it.
The biggest problem B.W. Research Center has right now is their physical security. The
work that is going on inside this building requires more extensive protection. The building only
has regular locks with keys. Locks can be picked easily which gives bad guys an easy way to
steal information. The information may contain partially finished antidotes or preventatives. It
could be easily abused in the wrong hands. This is something that needs to be addressed

Proposed Solution based on SP or FIPS

Based on SP 800-73, key cards will be used on all doors. According to SP 800-76,
fingerprint recognition software will be used in conjunction with all keycards. The elevator will
have a guard stationed at it to verify identity and access to the destination floor.
Requisitioned equipment and/or personnel
Key Cards

Machine that makes key cards.

A supply of blank cards for the machine that makes key cards.

Card readers for all doors including the elevator.


Software that allows the company to customize the cards along with linking card
readers to specific doors, naming each door, and being able to limit access on a
card to card basis.

A camera compatible with the program for taking pictures for the key cards
Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanners for all doors including the elevator.

A camera compatible with the fingerprint scanning software in order to tie an

employees picture to their fingerprint.

Software for the fingerprint scanners to link scanners to specific door, naming
each door, and to scan in all employees fingerprints along with being available to
limit access on a fingerprint basis. Each scanned fingerprint should have the name
of the employee, a picture of the employee, work id number, and department.

Tentative Implementation Timeline

Week 1: install all card readers and fingerprint scanners

Week 2: install both software and have software linked to all corresponding

Week 3: Scan all employee fingerprints. Tie the correct information to the correct
fingerprint. Have each employee do a test scan to ensure information is accurate
and edit it if it isnt and check for proper access.

Week 4: Create all ID cards along with proper access. Do a test swipe to ensure
card works properly and comes up with correct information.


The budget is $60,000.
49 doors and 1 elevator need card readers and fingerprint scanners.
Each fingerprint scanner is $250 for a total of $12500.
Each card reader is about $500 for a total of $25000.
The software for the fingerprint scanner is about $1000.
The software for the card readers is about $1500.
The camera that is compatible for both software will be about $1000.
The cost for installing all software and hardware, and entering in all the information will
cost about $10000.
The total cost will be about $51000.
This comes in about $9000 under budget.

Evaluation System
All cards and fingerprints of employees that are fired, laid off or that quit will be de
activated immediately. All cards and fingerprints of future employees will be made but only
activated upon the first day of employment. They will be required to HR for activation. All
unauthorized access attempts or successes will be recorded and immediately alert the director of
the facility. Otherwise, once a week a scan will be made to ensure everyone is using their access
for what they are supposed to be doing. Once a week, the whole system will be checked for bugs
and updated. All errors with cards and fingerprints will be addressed in HR. Once every three
months, the whole system will be checked for effectiveness and measures taken to increase


effectiveness or maintain current effectiveness levels. Once every 6 months, penetration testing
will be used to find all weaknesses and patches to fix anything found will be released as soon as
they are available.
The benefits of this physical security system is to ensure that the building and everyone
entrance, exit and room in the building is as secure as possible to ensure that it is as difficult as
possible for anyone to obtain unauthorized information. This keeps employees contained to the
locations required for their jobs and prevents them from wandering unnecessarily into rooms and
places that they dont belong on. This also holds all employees accountable for their actions and
where they are at all times.

The end result of this is to create a safe and secure environment the employees. It ensures
that employees are contained to only where they should be and holds everyone accountable for
their actions if they decide to misbehave. This system will log the comings and goings of every
employee so that if a breach of security does happen, it will be easier to trace the culprit.